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Popular Girl Card Story - Episode



Tsukinomori Girls' Academy - Courtyard

Touko: Hey there! My name's Touko Kirigaya!
Touko: I'm the star of Tsukinomori, and don't you forget it!
Touko: I'm also Morfonica's guitarist, and I also design our outfits!
Touko: Don't you think my designs are super cool? I have to give it to myself for a job well done~!
Touko: I upload all kinds of photos to my social media, so go check them out, and gimme a follow while you're at it! That would rock♪
Touko: Other than that, I'm good at guessing what the next big thing's gonna be.
Touko: I get this feeling, you know~? Like, this is gonna hit it big!
Touko: Hm? You wanna know what the next big thing's gonna be?
Touko: Morfonica, of course! What else could it be?
Touko: I mean, I'm in Morfonica, and the other members are pretty interesting, too. There's no way it's not gonna be us, right?
Touko: So, yeah. Be sure to check us out~♪

Popular Girl Card Story - Special Episode

One Way or Another


Shopping Mall

Touko: Hey there, BanG Dreamer-san!
Touko: I totally didn't expect to see you here!
Touko: Me? I'm waiting for Shiro!
Touko: She wants to check out some clothes, so I'm gonna take her to some of my favorite shops!
Touko: Hm? I look like I might know a lot of good places?
Touko: Well, yeah~. When you get to my level, you make sure to check out any new stores that pop up.
Touko: Ah, not just for clothes either! I check out new sweets, knick-knacks shops, and all sorts of other places, too!
Touko: You could say that being in the know of what's new is my personal policy.
Touko: You never know what's gonna hit it big next!
Touko: ... That's why I joined this band in the first place.
Touko: I mean, girls bands are the thing now. No way I wouldn't get in on the action!
Touko: At least, that used to be my reason. I'm super into it now though!
Touko: Just look at my fingers! I bet you've never seen so many bandages before!
Touko: Ah, don't people say something in these kinds of situations? Like the more injuries you have, the better, or something.
Touko: ... Oh yeah, that's it! Scars are like a badge of honor!
Touko: It sucks to have my hands look like this, but I don't mind if it's because of practice.
Touko: It totally shows how hard I've been practicing, don't you think? Really being into something is new to me, but it's actually not half bad!
Touko: Ah, I bet you're thinking I'm actually pretty amazing, aren't you~?
Touko: Ahaha, no need to be shy! I thrive on praise!
Touko: ... Oh, Shiro's messaging me! Gotta run! See ya!