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Pouncing Rabbit Card Story - Episode

With All My Might!


Hagumi: Sigh, I can't believe it's already over~. Hey, Kano-chan-senpai. Why do fun times always end so quickly?
Kanon: Well, my guess is that all that fun we're having makes us lose track of time.
Hagumi: Oh yeah! I mean, I was really having a ball today! So that's why today went by so fast~.
Kanon: You were so focused during our practice. I can only imagine that means you'll do great in the tournament tomorrow.
Hagumi: You're right! Today, I may have lost to Aya-senpai by only one card, but tomorrow is going to be a different story!
Hagumi: Kano-chan-senpai, don't tell anyone, but... I've been practicing One Hundred Poems non-stop to prepare for the big day!
Hagumi: I had my dad and big brother help out with my card-snatching and with memorizing all the old poems!
Kanon: That explains it! I was shocked to see how quickly you snatched up those cards... All that training really paid off.
Hagumi: Right? That's why it was so painful to lose like that... especially after all that studying and practicing I went through.
Hagumi: But now my heart is on fire, like whoosh~! That tournament is as good as mine~!
Kanon: You're really getting into the spirit of things, Hagumi-chan.
Hagumi: Sure am! This game's just so much fun!
Hagumi: I mean, losing like that was so, so frustrating! But that's not all I felt.
Hagumi: Aya-senpai and I were both really going at it. We were both giving it our all... I may have lost, but I had a lot of fun doing it!
Hagumi: When the competition is fierce, it feels both bad and good at the same time. I know that better than anyone!
Kanon: Both bad and good... That sounds very lovely in its own way.
Hagumi: Uh-huh! I'm not sure how else to phrase it, but it's such a cool feeling!
Hagumi: It's just like when I'm playing in Hello, Happy World! Before I know it, my heart is filled with all sorts of exciting feelings!
Kanon: The same as performing, huh...? Having seen how you two played earlier, I think I see what you mean.
Kanon: That tense feeling before the passage is read is similar to how nervous I get before we go onstage.
Kanon: The focus required to reach out for the card just as the poem's being read is just like playing at an actual show...
Kanon: And the huge sense of relief that washed over you when you snatch the card is no different from when the show finally ends.
Hagumi: Totally! Leave it to Kano-chan-senpai to know exactly what I'm trying to say!
Hagumi: Hehehe. Talking with you has got me wanting to play again~!
Hagumi: Once I get back home, I'll have my family help me practice some more! After all, I'm sure Aya-senpai is going to be even better by this time tomorrow!
Kanon: You're certainly motivated. This tournament is looking to be even more intense than today's matches were.
Hagumi: You bet! I can't afford to make a single mistake!
Hagumi: I mean, O-Tae and Eve-chin are going to be there too, so we're looking at one super intense competition!
Hagumi: Oh man, I've gotten myself way hyped up~! I wish tomorrow would hurry up and get here.
Kanon: Yeah, the wait is going to be rough.
Kanon: So let's try to make the most of the event, Hagumi-chan!
Hagumi: You got it! I'll be sure to practice extra hard tonight~!
Hagumi: Eyes on the prize! I'm gonna win this tournament for sure~!

Pouncing Rabbit Card Story - Special Episode

Hagumi's Secret Weapon


Hagumi: Whoosh, whoosh... Hmmm... I think I should try bending down a little more...
Hagumi: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san! Over here~!
Hagumi: Hey there~! What are you doing out here? I'm training my arms for One Hundred Poems!
Hagumi: Ah! That face you just made! You don't think that game requires training, do you~?! It totally does! I heard everyone who takes part in tournaments needs to train.
Hagumi: We had a One Hundred Poems tournament at school the other day. Aya-senpai, Kano-chan-senpai, Sayo-senpai, and I helped with the planning!
Hagumi: I also took part in the tournament, and boy, did I have a good time! I'm totally hooked now!
Hagumi: That's why I'm out here practicing! Not just my arm movements, but also studying up on the poems!
Hagumi: I'm not so good at studying, but I've got a secret weapon this time~!
Hagumi: Ta-dah~! This is the super easy-to-understand guidebooks that Aya-senpai and Kano-chan-senpai made!
Hagumi: Check them out! Not only do they have easy explanations of the material, but they're covered in cute drawings! Reading through each one is so much fun~.
Hagumi: You see, I was so focused on the game that I didn't get to help make the guidebooks...
Hagumi: So I want to put it to good use and have fun learning about the One Hundred Poems!
Hagumi: The best way for me to help out now is to take all the effort that went into making the guidebook and using it to study.
Hagumi: Do you think that's a good idea, BanG Dreamer-san? It is? Awesome~!
Hagumi: Hey, I have an idea! We should play One Hundred Poems together sometime!
Hagumi: Don't worry! I'll get a guidebook for you from Kano-chan-senpai and Aya-senpai!
Hagumi: Alright~! In that case, I'd better go ask them right away!
Hagumi: Once I've got the guidebook, I'll come drop it off! You're gonna love it!
Hagumi: I can't wait to play with you! Okay, see you later~!