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Pre-Show Excitement Card Story - Episode

Close-Up Idol♪


Talent Agency

Aya: Hmm, I'm sure there's a lot of stuff we can do, but... Sigh~...
Maya: Good morning! ... Aya-san! What's wrong? You look like you're worried about something.
Aya: Good morning, Maya-chan! Umm~... Could we talk?
Maya: Of course we can! I'd be happy to help!
Aya: Ohh~. Thank you...!
Aya: Um, I went to see some bands at Sparkle Dome with Kasumi-chan and a few others the other day!
Maya: The last event there was... Girls Band Expo, correct? Is that where you went?
Aya: That's right!
Aya: Before the show started, we all had tea and chatted about what we'd do if we were playing a show at a dome.
Maya: Really? That sounds fun!
Aya: Yeah! It was a blast!
Aya: The ones there were Kasumi-chan, Yukina-chan, Ran-chan, and Kokoro-chan... Layer-chan and King-san were also there, along with everyone from Morfonica.
Aya: They all want to do a different kind of show, but each person's idea was so appealing... Just listening to them had me on the edge of my seat.
Maya: We're all bands, but we have such unique perspectives. Even our songs are different! I get excited just talking about this!
Maya: What kind of show did you say you wanted to do, Aya-san?
Aya: I said that no matter how big the venue is, I want to be able to interact with the fans.
Aya: For example, I'd want to do something like selling goods or a meet and greet like we had before. Anything where I'd get to talk to the fans for a short while.
Aya: Doing things like that bring us just a bit closer to our fans.
Maya: Venues like the dome are huge, so there's a lot of physical space between the stage and the audience.
Maya: If we could create a way to shorten the distance between us, I'm sure that would make them happy!
Aya: I think so too... But after hearing what Kasumi-chan and the others thought, I think we could do even more.
Aya: Everyone is aiming for something different, but they all want to show the crowd how much they've grown.
Aya: That's why we can't stick to our usual ways either. We have to try some new things!
Aya: I've been thinking about what we could do, but I just can't seem to come up with anything...
Maya: True, trying something different might be the best way to show that we've grown.
Maya: But... I think the suggestion you made before is fine.
Aya: Huh? Why?!
Aya: That's not different at all...
Maya: And that's fine! Challenging ourselves to do new things is important, but I think it's just as important to treasure what we've been doing up until now.
Maya: You've always made time for everyone in the band, the fans, and every other person connected to Pastel*Palettes, right?
Aya: Yeah... I mean, the only reason we're able to work is because of everyone supporting us.
Maya: I think so too, but I don't feel confident enough to interact with people like you do...
Maya: That's why I think you're incredible. You're a natural at that kind of thing, and I respect you so much for it.
Aya: You respect me...? You're gonna make me blush~. Ehehe...
Maya: No matter what, you always give it your best. I think that's what makes you... and Pastel*Palettes so appealing.
Maya: No matter how popular we get or how big our show's venue is, we still want our fans to feel like they're close to us.
Maya: Don't you think it's important to show our fans that will never change? We'll always be by their side.
Aya: Right... by their side...
Maya: ... Ah, sorry! I didn't mean to sound like I know what's best for you...!
Aya: No, it didn't sound like that at all! I was just thinking you always give such great advice!
Aya: It's easy to say you'll never change, but it's much, much harder to actually do.
Aya: But I think it would be wonderful if I could! Yeah! What you said really helped me out! Thanks, Maya-chan!
Maya: No, I didn't do anything...! Although I'm happy if I helped, even just a little.
Aya: Alright, in order to stay true to myself, I have to keep making the most of every day!
Aya: Even if I don't change the important parts of myself, I still need to work hard so I can grow as an idol...!
Maya: That's right. The first thing you can do is to pour your heart into today's lesson!
Aya: Alright! I'm totally ready!
Aya: I'm going to give my all so we can play at a dome someday!
Maya: Yes! Let's give it everything we've got!

Pre-Show Excitement Card Story - Special Episode

Lovely Colors


Station Entrance

Aya: Ah. Hi, BanG Dreamer-san.
Aya: Are you going somewhere? Fufu, me too.
Aya: Yes. It's been a while since I've had some free time, so I'm going shopping today.
Aya: I'm actually waiting for my sister. I guess I got here a little too early, though...
Aya: Huh? You'll stay and talk with me until you have to go? Are you sure? Thank you!
Aya: Oh! There was something I wanted to talk to you about.
Aya: Recently, Kasumi-chan, Yukina-chan, Ran-chan, Kokoro-chan and I went to an event called Girls Band Expo.
Aya: Yes, that's it! The event at Sparkle Dome!
Aya: We ended up going together by coincidence... And, oh my gosh, it was unbelievable!
Aya: All the bands played great songs and gave amazing performances!
Aya: The show really made me want to work harder.
Aya: And guess what! Before the event started, we all talked a little! I haven't been able to stop thinking about our conversation.
Aya: We all shared ideas about what kind of dome show we would play...
Aya: Some people wanted to have extravagant performances, and others wanted to play how they always do. We all had very different opinions.
Aya: I thought that was kind of neat.
Aya: I know our bands are all pretty unique, but our goals and how we want to reach them also couldn't be more different.
Aya: But it's because we're all so different that we're able to have fun when we get together for concerts at live houses.
Aya: None of us are the same, but we can still laugh together. Isn't that amazing?
Aya: Our bands all have distinct feels to them, and we're moving in all kinds of directions. But I think that's why we influence each other the way we do.
Aya: Maybe that's what gives us the power to support one another... Or maybe that's just what I want to believe.
Aya: Hehe. Hearing you say that is reassuring. Thank you.
Aya: ... Oh, no! I've just been talking your ear off! You need to go now, don't you?
Aya: Thanks for always being such a good listener.
Aya: See you later! Have fun~!