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Private Nurse Card Story - Episode

Rhythm Games Together!


Udagawa Residence
Living Room
Tomoe: I'm home~.
Ako: Hey, Sis!
Tomoe: Oh, Ako. You're home early today.
Ako: Mhm, Roselia's rehearsal finished ahead of schedule!
Tomoe: I see. By the way, Ako...
Ako: Hm? What's up?
Tomoe: This is what's up. Here. I wanted to thank you for taking care of me while I was sick yesterday.
Tomoe: So, I went and bought your favorite jelly beans and potato chips. I also got ice cream and a bunch of other stuff.
Ako: Wow, really?!
Tomoe: Yeah. Why don't we share later?
Ako: Mhm! Of course I want to share snacks with my sister!
Tomoe: Cool. Alright, I’m gonna go get changed. Be right back.
Ako: Okay! I'll be waiting~ ♪

Tomoe: Ako, all done. Oh, you put the snacks onto some plates.
Ako: Yep! Should be easier to eat them this way I think.
Tomoe: Thanks. But you know, before we eat these, there's something I want to do...
Ako: What's that?
Tomoe: I mentioned it before, but I really am grateful for all of your help. So, to return the favor, I'll do whatever you want me to do.
Tomoe: Is there anything you have in mind? Whatever you'd like.
Ako: Y-You'll do anything?
Tomoe: Of course. Big sisters never go back on their word.
Ako: Uh-Uhm... Okay, then I want you to play video games with me.
Tomoe: Video games?
Ako: M-Mhm. Actually, I really wanted to play with you yesterday...
Ako: But since you were sick, I didn't say anything...
Tomoe: Ako... Alright! Then let's play some games!
Ako: Yeah!!
Tomoe: Okay, which game do you wanna play?
Ako: I wanna play a rhythm game!
Tomoe: Alright. Hmm, rhythm game, rhythm game... Oh, what about this one?!
Ako: Ah, Go Dance! Wow~, I have so many memories of us playing this together!
Tomoe: Yeah, me too. So, which song should we play?
Ako: I really like this one! Can we do versus mode for this song?
Tomoe: That's cool with me. Okay, just gotta choose the song, and... Start!
Ako: Fufufu, I won't be defeated!

Tomoe: Oh man, I lost! I hate to say it, but I didn't stand a chance!
Ako: Yay~! My hidden power... was kinda like "Bam!"... and my true potential was unlocked, leading me to victory~ ♪
Ako: Ehehe, I haven't played the game in forever, but the muscle memory's still there!
Tomoe: Yeah. I mean, I lost, but I didn't think I would be able to dance as well as I did.
Ako: Ahh~, it's been so long since we've been able to play a game together~. That was really fun.
Ako: Sis, you were so full of energy when you were dancing... That must mean you're all better!
Tomoe: All thanks to a certain personal nurse.
Ako: Ehehehe... I'm happy to hear you say that ♪
Ako: You know, seeing you all sick and in pain just like... made me really worried...
Ako: That's why I'm glad to see that you're back to normal! So you better not catch any more colds!
Tomoe: ... You were really that worried? I'm sorry, Ako...
Tomoe: And thank you.
Ako: I-It's no problem! I just did what I'm supposed to do!
Tomoe: But you really helped me out with everything you did.
Tomoe: I didn't think you could handle all of that stuff. You've really grown, Ako.
Ako: Th-That's right! I'm growing up too!
Ako: I don't want you to get sick again, but if you do, just know that you're in good hands! I'll take care of you!
Tomoe: Haha, I can really count on you, huh?
Ako: Okay, Sis! Let's play another round!
Tomoe: Alright, but I'm not gonna lose this time!

One Hour Later
Tomoe: Phew~, that was an intense game! I had a lot of fun. You?
Ako: Mhm, that was awesome! Ehehe, and now that we've around so much, I'm really hungry.
Tomoe: Cool, then why don't we eat some snacks while we take a break?
Ako: Yay! And I'll go get us some drinks! Let's go~!!

Private Nurse Card Story - Special Episode

Taking Care Of Sis


Ako: Mmm~! This black tea is tasty~!
Ako: I'm gonna fill it all~ the way to the top with milk!
Ako: ... Ah, BanG Dreamer-san!
Ako: You could give me a bit more of a warning before you call out to me~. You scared me~.
Ako: BanG Dreamer-san, aren't you working?
Ako: Ah, you're out here on a break? I know exactly how you feel!
Ako: The weather is just so nice today! If you're gonna take a break, it's better to come outside! It feels great!
Ako: ... Oh yeah! BanG Dreamer-san, would you like to hear about something that happened recently?
Ako: Yay~, thanks!
Ako: Okay, okay, so... The other day, my sister caught a cold and she was having a hard time...
Ako: Ah, but don't worry. She's better now!
Ako: That day, I was on my way home from school, and I stopped by the mall.
Ako: That's when I got a message from my sister saying she was sick...
Ako: I couldn't believe it. I ran home right away.
Ako: When I got there, I went to her room, and she looked so out of it...
Ako: In dramas they always say, "I feel like my heart stopped," but that was the first time I ever felt that, so I finally get it.
Ako: I had never seen my sister that way before, so I got really scared.
Ako: But then I thought, "This is no time to be scared, Ako..."
Ako: I mean, my mom wasn't even home that day, so I was the only one who could take care of her!
Ako: So I thought, I have to do something!
Ako: That's when I started running around like crazy, so I don’t remember everything all that well, but...
Ako: I think the next thing I did was help her change into her pajamas because she was still wearing her school uniform.
Ako: Then, since she was looking kinda sad and lonely, I stayed by her side until she fell asleep.
Ako: Once she started snoozing, I moved really quietly and left her room so that I wouldn't wake her up. I also had to think of what else I could do...
Ako: But then Saya-chan, Tsugu-chin and Hagumi all showed up with food and drinks!
Ako: Mhm! They were all worried about my sister!
Ako: Ehehe, they're all really sweet, those three!
Ako: But that made me really happy!
Ako: And then, once they left, I started cooking with the ingredients they gave me!
Ako: You wanna know what I made?
Ako: Ehehe~♪ Okay, I'll tell you!
Ako: I made~... chicken dumpling soup!
Ako: I also had my mom taste the soup I made, and she told me it was super delicious~ ♪
Ako: Of course, my sister said the same thing!
Ako: That reminds me. When all of that was going on... Wait... Was it that day...?
Ako: Hmm... Well, anyway, when I was looking after her, my sister told me that I've really done some growing up.
Ako: You know, when she told me that, I wasn't really sure what she meant...
Ako: BanG Dreamer-san, do you... think I've grown up?
Ako: I think she said that because I was able to help her out, so that I'm happy about, but...
Ako: I just don't get it~.
Ako: ... You think I have? Really? Yay~!!
Ako: Alright, if that's the case, I'm gonna keep maturing, more and more!
Ako: Enough to make my sister even more surprised than last time! And then, she'll be asking me for help all the time!
Ako: BanG Dreamer-san! I hope you'll be cheering me on, okay?!