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Promised Candy Card Story - Episode

Kasumi's Idea


Kasumi: Arisa, Arisa! I thought of something awesome. Wanna know what it is?
Arisa: Nope!
Kasumi: You don't even know what it is yet!
Arisa: It's probably something stupid, I can tell from the look on your face.
Tae: Wow... It's like you're an old married couple.
Kasumi: Well, I can tell what you're thinking too!
Arisa: I'd be happier if you couldn't!
Kasumi: If Arisa and I are married, then what does that make O-Tae?
Tae: I'll be the person who lives next door.
Arisa: We're not playing house! Anyway, didn't you say you thought of something awesome?
Kasumi: Oh yeah! It was nice of you to ask thank you very much~ ♪
Arisa: Sigh... I really wish I didn't.
Kasumi: So, I was thinking we should make our own sweets!
Arisa: Do what?
Arisa: Have you even made sweets before?
Kasumi: Yes I have!
Kasumi: We all made those star candies at the downtown festival!
Tae: They were pretty good.
Arisa: But you just said sweets...
Kasumi: Candy is a type of sweet! C'mon guys, let's make some candy~!
Arisa: What are we supposed to do with the candy once we make it?
Kasumi: We'll hand them out to the people that come to our concert!
Tae: That's a good idea.
Arisa: No it's not!
Kasumi: What?! It's not?
Arisa: Of course not!
Kasumi: Aww~. Why not? I thought it was such a good idea...
Tae: Hmm... I thought so too. Is it really that bad Arisa?
Arisa: Think about it. If we go along with it, Kasumi will get all crazy and we'll end up getting pulled into some sort of trouble.
Arisa: Whether it has to do with being too spoiled...
Arisa: Or it relates to downtown, whatever the case is, the problem always comes down to the fact that it's Kasumi's idea.
Kasumi: Is that really true, though?
Tae: Hmm, I think it might be.
Kasumi: It might be?!
Arisa: Look, Kasumi.
Arisa: Not only are you a health hazard to others, but you spend money like it grows on trees. If you don't consider these things, your plan will fail.
Kasumi: Hmm... Hehehe.
Arisa: Ugh! What a creepy laugh! What is it now?!
Kasumi: You may be angry, but at the same time you're thinking this over pretty seriously.
Tae: It's as if you really want to help Kasumi with her idea.
Arisa: What?! No... I just...
Kasumi: Aww~. You're too embarrassed to admit it, aren't you?
Tae: How cute.
Arisa: Shut it! If you're going to make jokes, I definitely won't be helping you out.
Kasumi: Sorry~ ♪
Tae: She may cause some trouble here and there...
Tae: But, I dunno. I don't mind it. She's like a force that keeps us all moving.
Kasumi: You're totally right. O-Tae!
Arisa: You're not supposed to agree with her!
Kasumi: Okay! I'll keep that in mind ♪

Promised Candy Card Story - Special Episode

Poppin'Party Star Candy!


Kasumi: Knock knock~ ♪
Kasumi: Are you there, BanG Dreamer-san?
Kasumi: Oh, you are! Good~!
Kasumi: Can I come in? Can I?
Kasumi: Okay, I'm coming in!
Kasumi: Ehehe. Good morning~ ♪
Kasumi: Fufu. Arisa taught me to say this. She said that people in showbiz in Japan always use it as a greeting, no matter what time of day!
Kasumi: So? Did I sound like a celebrity? ... Guess I've gotta work on it a bit more~!
Kasumi: Arisa kinda sounded like a real celebrity when she said it... Oh, can I sit here? Ehehe, thanks!
Kasumi: Phew~. Urgh~.
Kasumi: Ah! I totally groaned just now! I sometimes do that when I sit down~.
Kasumi: Huh? You do it too sometimes? Oh! I'm glad I'm not the only one!
Kasumi: Oh, I think Arisa says it all the time too! "Nrgh, I'm beat!" or something like that.
Kasumi: Hm? Why does everyone sound so tired? Hehehe~, I'm glad you asked...
Kasumi: Look...!
Kasumi: Ta-da!!
Kasumi: Can you guess what these are?
Kasumi: Star Candy? ... So close!
Kasumi: The correct answer is... Poppin'Party Star Candy!!
Kasumi: What do you think? They came out pretty good, right?
Kasumi: Well, these are for you ♪
Kasumi: This is your share ♪
Kasumi: Come on, try them!
Kasumi: ... Do they taste good? I hope they do.
Kasumi: You like them? Really?
Kasumi: I'm so glad!
Kasumi: I made these with the other members of the band.
Kasumi: We decided to give them only to the people we're close to.
Kasumi: Which means you're really high on our list!
Kasumi: The one you just ate was one that I made! Eating it will make you happy! Ehehe! The shape's a little funny, but that doesn't matter now that you've eaten it.
Kasumi: The ones Rimi-rin made were sooo small! But they were really cute ♪
Kasumi: Saya made hers perfectly! I wonder if it was easy for her since she works at a bakery.
Kasumi: O-Tae and I both thought it was difficult to get the shape how we wanted it to be!
Kasumi: But the ones Arisa made... Ah! She made me promise not to tell anyone. Sorry!
Kasumi: It was so much fun making these star candies with everyone~.
Kasumi: Ohh!
Kasumi: Do know why we decided to make them?
Kasumi: ... You don't, do you~?
Kasumi: Fufu~ ♪ Want me to tell you?
Kasumi: It all began with the downtown festival.
Kasumi: There's a really popular craft candy shop, and we asked them to make star-shaped candy for us!
Kasumi: But then we found out the festival was going to be cancelled because of budget problems.
Kasumi: But we just couldn't give up on it, so we put our heads together.
Kasumi: We thought of different ways to save the festival!
Kasumi: And in the end, this is what we came up with! Cute, delicious, star candy~ ♪
Kasumi: It was pretty tough, but we worked together and got to make our star candy!
Kasumi: I'm so happy that we did it!
Kasumi: I wanna do lots of other things with everyone in the future.
Kasumi: We're gonna make lots and lots of special memories together!
Kasumi: We only have a few at the moment, but I'm sure we'll make more and more!
Kasumi: I'm so excited just thinking about it!
Kasumi: I'm gonna do so many sparkling, heart-pounding things!