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Proof I'm Here Card Story - Episode

Singing To The Stars


Ran: Mmm... This dark chocolate latte is pretty good.
Tsugumi: So are these fried onions. The outside is crispy, but the inside is sweet.
Kokoro: It's all delicious! I could eat this all day!
Ran: You know, I wouldn't have imagined running into you while shopping with Tsugumi.
Tsugumi: Yeah, that does seem a bit unlikely.
Kokoro: I was surprised too! But it's nice to hang out with people outside of the band every now and then!
Tsugumi: Mhm, this is fun.
Ran: ... Thanks for the food. It was good.
Kokoro: Yeah, thanks!
Tsugumi: Thank you.
Kokoro: Ran, Tsugumi, thanks for the other day! Stargazing was great.
Ran: I can't believe we ran into each other there. I had a good time too.
Tsugumi: No, thank you, Kokoro-chan! I'm glad we all got to see the stars together.
Kokoro: Me too! That night meant a lot to me! I'm ready to go again!
Ran: Looking up at the night sky was nice, but I also liked hearing Kasumi's story about the beating of the stars...
Ran: At first, though, I was like, "What are you saying...?"
Ran: But watching her face as she spoke, I could tell it was an experience she would never forget, and that doesn't happen too often.
Tsugumi: Mhm... I'm sure it's a very precious memory for her.
Tsugumi: The beating of the stars...was it? I'd like to have something like that happen to me.
Ran: Yeah...
Kokoro: Alright, then let's go to outer space!
Ran: ... Excuse me? What are you talking about?
Tsugumi: What do you mean...?
Kokoro: Think about it. We're farther from the stars when we're on earth than if we went into space.
Kokoro: The closer we get to the stars, the more we should be able to feel the beating!
Kokoro: So we should go together! To outer space!
Ran: Hold on, wait.
Ran: You may have a point, but as long as we're not astronauts, we're not going anywhere. Don't you think?
Kokoro: That's okay!
Tsugumi: ... Wh-what's okay?
Kokoro: I mean, I do have the rights to name a star! So all we have to do is find a new star, name it after us, and then we can go!
Ran: N-now that you mention it, I might remember you saying something like that before...
Tsugumi: S-so it's not okay...
Others: (The Tsurumaki's are unreal...)
Kokoro: So, anyway, we should go!
Kokoro: We can feel the vibes of the stars in space, and they'll help us think of ideas for a new song!
Kokoro: A song that we haven't been able to imagine! A song in the image of space that can only be born after becoming one with the stars!
Tsugumi: I-I would love to go, but I don't know if we can right now...
Tsugumi: Right, Ran-chan?
Ran: One with the stars...? A new song...?
Tsugumi: R-Ran-chan?
Ran: ... R-right, sorry.
Ran: Thanks for the offer, but we'll have to put it off for now.
Ran: As we mentioned before, we have to work on leaving a mark on this earth that shows that we were here...
Ran: ... A mark that continues to shine.
Kokoro: Really...? Well, I guess if you have something to take care of, then there's not much we can do about that!
Kokoro: Okay! We'll leave it to our future selves!
Tsugumi: Future... Future, huh?
Ran: Yeah... We have to work on one day creating a song that can reach the stars. I hope that's what the future has in store for us.

Proof I'm Here Card Story - Special Episode

Starry Heartbeat


Ran: Huh...? What are you doing here?
Ran: You have the day off so you're sorta just walking around? ... Not much to do huh?
Ran: Hm? What am I doing?
Ran: I guess... I was kinda just walking around, too...
Ran: Wh-what's so funny?
Ran: You think I'd be busy? ... Oh, please...
Ran: For your information, I am actually doing something. I was looking for a change of pace in hopes of finding some inspiration.
Ran: Basically, I needed to take a breather. Sometimes you just feel stuffy and cramped, you know?
Ran: And when that happens, I step outside to get some fresh air, or I'll read a magazine... Try a few different things.
Ran: Like when it's springtime, I might relax on a bench in the park, or go look at the flowers.
Ran: Hm? What about summer?
Ran: If it's the summer, I'll go drink something cold, or relax in a cool place, like by the river or near a tree in the shade... I guess.
Ran: I'm not really a fan of sweets, so I don't like things like ice cream so much.
Ran: And summer days are too hot, and the heat makes my brain slow down. It's a pretty nasty season.
Ran: The equipment can't handle the high temperatures, and outside concerts come with the possibility of a heat stroke or dehydration...
Ran: Summer's the hardest season to deal with.
Ran: Oh... But it's not all bad.
Ran: The summer's night sky is nice. You can see the summer triangle and the constellations.
Ran: You can drink warm coffee in the cool evening breeze while gazing at the boundless starlit sky...
Ran: ... Heh, sounds like the lyrics to a song.
Ran: ... Ah, speaking of. Hey, have you ever seen a star-filled night sky?
Ran: Only ones where you could count the stars? Yeah, I guess there aren't really many chances to see a sky like that.
Ran: But actually, the other day, Kasumi, Tsugumi and I went stargazing.
Ran: We hiked up a mountain and just so happened to run into Kokoro. We ended up going to her vacation home.
Ran: At that point, we were pretty worn out, but we had to stay awake so we could see the stars.
Ran: Tsugumi's not so good at staying up late, but with a little bit of pushing from the rest of us, she was able to pull through.
Ran: And then... Finally, there it was.
Ran: ... The brightest starlit sky.
Ran: Endless glittering in the night... It was really pretty.
Ran: There were even some shooting stars. I can't really explain it, but my heart kinda felt like it was trembling from excitement... Glad I went.
Ran: Oh, yeah. While we were waiting for the stars to come out, Kasumi told a really interesting story.
Ran: Apparently, when she was a kid, she felt the "beating of the stars", and it gave her this heart-pounding sensation.
Ran: Just thinking about the words she was saying, it doesn't really make sense... But I felt like I knew what she was talking about.
Ran: Why?
Ran: When I played the guitar for the first time, I had a similar heart-pounding experience, and I felt the "beating" she mentioned.
Ran: I'm not really sure, but... maybe, that's the sensation of being alive...
Ran: This pulsing spirit, like a life force, maybe... I don't know, it's kinda hard to put into words.
Ran: But anyway, when I heard her story...
Ran: I thought, with Afterglow, I'd like to leave people with a heart-pounding feeling, like the one you get from the sparkling of the stars.
Ran: ... I guess if I want to do that, I'll have to start working harder during rehearsal.
Ran: What's that? I'm usually laid back?
Ran: ... That's not true. I'm always serious.
Ran: It's just that now, I have the desire to do even more than I've been doing up to this point.
Ran: I'll do my best so that we're able to leave our mark.
Ran: After seeing those stars, I get the feeling I can make a great song. I'll let you hear it once it's done, so you can look forward to that.