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Put the Camera Away! Card Story - Episode

Worthy Opponents and Advisors


Shopping Mall

Lisa: Ahh, that was fun! I almost never wear that punk type of fashion, so looking at all of that felt totally new to me.
Ran: I also felt like looking at clothing, so it was helpful having you here. I mean, you do have good fashion sense, Lisa-san.
Lisa: Do I? Thanks! Maybe I should've bought something too~.
Lisa: If I had clothes like that, I'd have more options when putting outfits together! What do you think?
Ran: Sounds good to me. Did you see anything you liked?
Lisa: There was one thing that caught my eye. The t-shirt on the right-hand side when we first entered the store.
Ran: Oh, I actually have that shirt, so we'd be matching if you bought it.
Lisa: I see~. That wouldn't be very punk, would it?
Ran: I don't really mind. If you like it, go for it.
Lisa: Hmm, I can't decide~...! Alright, I'll leave it for today.
Ran: Well, you might regret it anyway if you buy it in the heat of the moment.
Lisa: Ah, by the way, you went to look at the autumn leaves with Yukina and the others, right? I was so surprised when I heard.
Ran: I wouldn't exactly say that we went together... It was more like Minato-san was already there when I arrived. It was a shock to me too.
Lisa: Did you guys fight at all?
Ran: No, of course not.
Lisa: Ahaha. I was just kidding! It sounds like Yukina had fun though. She told me all about it. I heard that the reed pipes were difficult. Could you play them, Ran?
Ran: Yeah, eventually... But Minato-san got it before I did.
Ran: Ah, but I think mine made a better sound. And it was more steady.
Lisa: Fufu, is that so? What else was there? You did kayaking or something, right?
Ran: Yes, we did. Minato-san was quick to learn the ropes. I think I had more energy left in the end though.
Lisa: Ahaha, I see, I see. You guys did quite a lot then~. How was it for you, Ran? Did you enjoy it?
Ran: Well... It wasn't bad.
Ran: We also ate some fall foods for lunch.
Lisa: Fall foods, huh? That sounds delicious! I wish I could've gone too~...
Ran: I thought you couldn't come because of your part-time job? It was hard to make time for it since it was so sudden anyway.
Lisa: Yeah, I had to work~... But next time you go somewhere, I definitely wanna go~!
Lisa: Yukina actually said that Hagumi invited her. Did she invite you too, Ran?
Ran: Rimi invited me. I decided to go since the autumn foliage could be a good reference for my flower arrangements.
Lisa: Oh, that's a cool reason! So, how was it?
Ran: It was useful. Aside from the autumn leaves, there were a lot of other plants too.
Ran: It made me realize that I could apply this balance of fall flowers and foliage to my flower arranging too. After all, plants look their best when among nature.
Lisa: I see...!
Ran: ... Oh, sorry. I got a little carried away.
Lisa: What~? Why're you apologizing? Tell me more~! I'm really interested in this.
Ran: Huh...? In flower arranging?
Lisa: I'm more so interested in hearing about your hobbies. But I do like flowers too!
Ran: In that case... Ah, that's right. Can I ask for your opinion on a piece I've been brainstorming?
Ran: I wanna make a piece that's different from all the ones I've made up until now, and I wanted an objective opinion.
Lisa: Okay, leave it to me! ... Although, I don't know anything at all about flower arranging.
Ran: That's fine. I'd rather ask someone who doesn't know much about flower arranging since they could give me a new perspective on things.
Lisa: That makes sense~. I suppose other people's opinions are quite important. They might show you things you wouldn't have realized on your own.
Ran: And when you just think about a piece on your own, it can end up looking too much like your last one.
Lisa: ... Ah, that reminds me! I actually wanted your advice on something too. Is that okay?
Ran: Advice from me, Lisa-san? That's fine... but are you sure you're okay with just me?
Lisa: Yeah, actually, it's something I want to keep secret from Yukina~.
Ran: A secret...? What is this all about exactly?
Lisa: So I've been writing lyrics again recently, and I wanna write some that will really surprise Yukina~!
Lisa: But like you said before, if I think of them on my own, they're just going to sound like the last batch I wrote...
Lisa: I thought I might be able to shock her by getting opinions from people in other bands!
Ran: You wanna shock Minato-san...? That's a good idea, Lisa-san. It sounds like it would be interesting.
Lisa: Oh, so you'll help me out?! Thank you, Ran~!
Ran: Leave it to me. When we're done with those lyrics, you'll have something that'll blow her away.

Put the Camera Away! Card Story - Special Episode

Artistic Autumn



Ran: I hope I find something good... Well, it is that time of year, I'm sure they'll have something.
Ran: Oh? Hi, BanG Dreamer-san. Shopping?
Ran: Yeah, me too. I'm looking for flowers that would match the arrangement I'm working on.
Ran: I want to make a fall-themed piece, but I can't quite picture it yet.
Ran: I got a lot of ideas from when Rimi invited me to look at autumn leaves the other day, but I haven't been able to narrow them down yet.
Ran: How was it? It was fun. Although, I was surprised to see Minato-san there when I arrived.
Ran: What's with the face? It was fine, I actually had a pretty good time.
Ran: Honestly, I was a little worried when we met up at the start;
Ran: Hagumi and Sayo-san were there too, so it was an unusual group.
Ran: But I think it worked out because of Hagumi and Rimi.
Ran: Hagumi is the same no matter who she's with. I guess you could say she's sociable, but mostly, she's just fearless. She even got along well with Minato-san, who we all know can be a bit difficult.
Ran: Rimi was taking videos to make a video letter for her sister, and you know how there's something about her that makes you feel like you can't leave her on her own?
Ran: Well, everyone kind of came together to help her out, which I think brought us all closer too.
Ran: Aside from looking at the foliage, we also went kayaking, and we did workshops where we made reed pipes and postcards.
Ran: I'd never go to that kind of place by myself, so I guess it was good that we went.
Ran: We did a lot of different things, so I made some good memories.
Ran: And since it was such an odd group, I got to see a side of some people that I hadn't seen before. So it wasn't that bad.
Ran: ... Oh, wait. That could be interesting too.
Ran: I just got a clearer idea for my arrangement. This conversation has got me thinking that it might be nice to base my piece on our unusual little group.
Ran: Because even the most eye-catching flowers can blend in when paired with the right company...
Ran: And the most inconspicuous flowers can unexpectedly stand out when placed next to those eye-catchers.
Ran: Yeah, that's right. I've been thinking of everyone as flowers.
Ran: I think it's interesting to put flowers together that don't really match, as they strangely balance each other out.
Ran: ... I'll definitely need that flower then. And that one, yeah, that'll do it.
Ran: Ah, sorry. I was talking to myself...
Ran: I'm gonna go look for flowers that fit this image I have in mind. Thanks for giving me the idea. See ya.