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QT Card Story - Episode

Accurate Fortunes


After School
Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 1-B

Himari: We don't have practice today. Might as well go out. I'll look online to see if there are any good stores to check out.
Tsugumi: Himari-chan, let's walk home together~! It's supposed to rain, so we have to hurry...
Himari: What?! She's gonna be in the area?!
Tsugumi: H-Himari-chan?! What happened?
Himari: Ah, Tsugu! Let's go to the station! People are saying that a super famous fortune teller is gonna be there!
Tsugumi: Wow, there is?! Fufu, you're really into that sort of stuff!
Himari: They say her tarot card readings are amazing! The people that have their fortunes told say that she predicted their future perfectly~!
Tsugumi: Interesting! I think I might have to see someone that great myself!
Himari: Right?! C'mon then!

Station Entrance

Himari: Here we are...! But it's raining now. I didn't even bring an umbrella~.
Tsugumi: Ahaha, don't worry! I brought one with me. Wanna share?
Himari: Ts-Tsugu, you're the best~!
Himari: Where's that fortune teller though...? It said that she would be around here...
Tsugumi: Hmm~... Maybe she moved to another spot because of the rain?
Himari: Maybe! I'll check!
Himari: Ahh~... It says she left early because of the weather... Aww man...
Tsugumi: Oh, that's too bad. We'll make sure to go next time we have the chance, okay?
???: Excuse me, young lady... Do you two happen to be looking for a fortune teller...?
Himari & Tsugumi: Wah!
Tsugumi: H-Himari-chan! Is this the person you were talking about...?
Himari: Nuh uh, I don't think so. It said that the person was a young woman...
Fortune Teller: If you are, I could read your fortune for you if you'd like...
Tsugumi: Wh-what do we do, Himari-chan?!
Himari: What do you mean...? You're not gonna get your fortune told?!
Tsugumi: Well, isn't it kind of scary...? I'm not sure how to put this, but I guess it's because she seems like the real thing...
Himari: If that's true, then we gotta do it~...! I've decided! I'm going for it!
Himari: O-okay, read my fortune, please!
Fortune Teller: Let's see... Hmm~... Mhm, mhm... Eek!
Himari: Wh-what happened?!
Fortune Teller: Th-this palm...
Himari: What about it...?
Fortune Teller: You are brimming with blessings today... I've been doing this for decades. I can't believe I've finally met someone with this much luck... I am eternally grateful...
Himari: You're grateful?! ... Actually, this might be my first time being told I have good luck! Could you give me more details, ma'am?!
Fortune Teller: N-no... Someone like me could never read your future... I shall take my leave now...
Himari: Sh-she left...
Tsugumi: I wonder what that was about...
Himari: Still, she said it would be a day filled with blessings! Who knows what'll happen?!
Tsugumi: Fufu, how exciting...! Ah, it's so late! See you tomorrow, Himari-chan!
Himari: Okay! Bye-bye~!

The Next Day, Class 1-B

Himari: Tsugu~!! You won't believe it~!!
Tsugumi: Good morning, Himari-chan! What's wrong?
Himari: Yesterday was such a bad day~!
Tsugumi: Huh? H-how so...?
Himari: Right after we separated, a bolt of lightning struck right next to me, a dog almost bit me, and to top things off, I was this close to getting hit by a car!
Tsugumi: W-wow~... Even though the fortune teller said something great would happen?!
Himari: I know, right?! It was the exact opposite~... That reading was so off!
Himari: I mean, nothing happened to me in the end, so I guess it turned out okay...
Tsugumi: Well, that's good... Ah! Himari-chan... Maybe, just maybe, your good luck stopped all of those bad things from being worse, no?
Himari: Y-you might be right...! Aww~! Why couldn't I have blessings that were more obvious~?!

QT Card Story - Special Episode

Everyone's Special Treasure


CiRCLE Lobby

Himari: Ehehe~. Our treasure~, our treasure~!
Himari: Hey, hey, hoh~!
Marina: H-hey, BanG Dreamer-san. Go ask her what happened.
Marina: What?! Me?! No~, I don't wanna go~! Alright, rock-paper-scissors for it! Rock, paper, scissors, sh-
Himari: Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san! What are you guys talking about?
Marina: Wah! W-we were wondering if something good happened to you recently, Himari-chan.
Himari: Ehehe, how did you know~? You're right! Something good did happen~!
Marina: Ahaha, anyone with eyes could tell...
Himari: So the other day, we decided to play the role of phantom thieves! Like the Phantom Thieves of Hearts!
Marina: Ah, everyone was talking about those guys! What do you mean when you say "like" them?
Himari: Well at first, we wanted to change the world for the better, the way they do... We didn't get any requests though...
Himari: But after Kaoru-senpai sent us a message to challenge us, we went and snuck into Kokoro-chan's house! We all even had code names!
Himari: At first, the others didn't really want to play along, but partway through, even Ran was getting into it~!
Himari: It was like we were in a video game. I had a really good time!
Marina: Fufu, so that's what you've all been up to. It sounds like you girls had a lot of fun.
Himari: Yeah, we did. But the thing that made me the happiest was hearing Ran say that the chant "hey, hey, hoh~" is Afterglow's treasure!
Himari: I never thought I'd hear her say those words... I was so touched! But there's something I've been thinking about...
Himari: I wanted to finish things off that day by going "hey, hey, hoh~!" You know, since it's our treasure and all, but nobody did it with me...
Himari: Why would that be...? Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san, any ideas?
Marina: H-hmm~... I wonder.
Himari: Ah, I know! "Hey, hey, hoh~" has become so valuable to everyone that they don't want to take it lightly, and now, they have to think before saying it!
Himari: Jeez~, they don't have to be that careful~! They really don't know how to be open with their feelings, ehehe~...
Marina: BanG Dreamer-san. That face tells me you really want to say something right now, but Himari-chan seems really happy, so why don't we just let her be?
Himari: ... I know! You two can join me for a "hey, hey, hoh~!"
Marina: Huh...?! Oh, but isn't it Afterglow's treasure? I don't know if we should...
Himari: It's fine, don't worry about it! C'mon, BanG Dreamer-san, Marina-san! Hey, hey, hoh~!