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Queen of Hearts Card Story - Episode

It's A Compliment


Chisato: Fufu, what a beautiful day.
Chisato: It's perfect for a nice stroll.
Chisato: ... Oh? Is that...
Chisato: ... Arisa-chan?
Arisa: Hm? Ah, Shirasagi-senpai.
Chisato: Hey. What a coincidence, seeing you here.
Arisa: Good afternoon. Yeah. Are you out for a walk too?
Chisato: Mhm. It's been a while since I've had the day off, and the weather is lovely.
Chisato: When you say "too", that means you're out for a walk as well?
Arisa: Yes, I am.
Chisato: Alright, since we're both here, while don't we walk together and talk?
Arisa: Uh, okay. Uhm... Thank you for your time.
Chisato: Fufu. You too.
Chisato: So how's Poppin'Party been doing lately?
Arisa: Everyone is working really hard. I think they're giving it their all...
Chisato: I see. That means you are too, huh?
Arisa: Uhh... I do my best when I can.
Arisa: How about you?
Chisato: Pastel✽Palettes is... Huh? That balloon that's stuck over there...
Arisa: Where? ... Ahh, the one that looks like a bunny?
Chisato: Yep, when I saw that, it made me think of the other day when we were all trying to catch those rabbits.
Arisa: Ahh, that day.
Arisa: That was really rough. If we're being honest, I never want to go through that again.
Chisato: Yeah, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I had no idea rabbits could run so fast.
Arisa: I know, me neither... I realized while I was running that even at my fastest, I'd never catch them. I felt like giving up at that point.
Chisato: You know, Arisa-chan, you were complaining a lot, but you continued helping until the end anyway.
Arisa: I-is that what happened? I don't really remember...
Chisato: Yep. You're the one who came up with the most realistic idea for catching them, too.
Arisa: Idea? ... Oh, you mean using food as bait?
Chisato: Mhm. I think that was the best idea we had, and it worked very well.
Chisato: It was because of that plan we were able to gather them all.
Arisa: ...
Arisa: Shirasagi-senpai... Why are you mocking me?
Chisato: Mocking you? I'm just saying what's on my mind...
Arisa: Yeah, yeah. I-I got it. That's enough! No more of that.
Chisato: Fufu, if you say. Okay, let's change the subject...
Chisato: How did you feel when you were petting them?
Arisa: Let's see... They were much lighter and softer than I was expecting... I thought it was nice.
Arisa: What did you think?
Chisato: The same as you.
Chisato: I haven't had a lot of experience with petting rabbits, so I was happy to be able to play with those fluffy little guys.
Chisato: It was nice enough that I would want to go again.
Arisa: Yeah, I guess so... If I had a lot of free time, I might want to do that.
Chisato: Fufu, okay then. Why don't we go together when that time comes? ♪
Arisa: (There's something about Shirasagi-senpai that's kinda scary...)

Queen of Hearts Card Story - Special Episode

My Inspiration


Shopping Mall
Chisato: Hmm... I only have to choose one, but there are so many different types of soft materials.
Chisato: ... Ah, BanG Dreamer-san. Good afternoon.
Chisato: I was looking at different kinds of cloths so I could know exactly which material to tell the designers to put into our new costumes.
Chisato: We want it in the image of a rabbit, like cuddly looking, so I was browsing for that kind of thing, but... I can't believe how many there are.
Chisato: Still, I know just what I need. I have this new idea in my head.
Chisato: ... There's really no telling where you'll get inspiration from.
Chisato: I came up with this because the other day, I was at school helping Tae-chan and a few others catch rabbits that escaped...
Chisato: You're making a face as if to say, "It's rare to see you lending a hand." Fufu, you think I wouldn't help a younger student in need?
Chisato: It sure was a struggle. Rabbits are pretty quick, so we had a hard time getting a hold of them...
Chisato: But in the end, I was able to come up with a new costume idea, so it's a good thing I helped.
Chisato: It made me realize that for me to come up with new things I could never think of before, I have to have new experiences.
Chisato: It might even be a good idea to do like Eve-chan and study more about the spirit of bushido, right? Fufu.
Chisato: You'd like to help too if you can...? Fufu, thank you.
Chisato: I'll be counting on you the next time rabbits are running loose.
Chisato: ... Alright, it's about time for me to go. I have to meet up with the costume staff.
Chisato: I hope I'll be able to get some inspiration from you next time ♪
Chisato: ... See ya later ♪