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RAISE A SUILEN has decided to participate in Advance Rock Festival. Things start becoming even more heated during practice.
And then, CHU²'s mother comes to visit Japan?!

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CORUSCATE-DNA- Event Story Chapter 1

CHU² declares RAS will make history and has her eyes set on their next stage...

CHU²'s Penthouse - Living Room

PAREO: Behold Aya-chan's magnificence! Even while overlooking the entire venue, her attention never strays from Maya-chan's drums!
LOCK: Yes, I can see that... You can really tell how focused she is...
PAREO: And this moment right here! She is not even looking at the drums, but she manages to smile so brightly right as the cymbals go off!
PAREO: This very smile is what draws the entire audience into Pastel✽Palettes' performance!
MASKING: Huh~, you're right. That was perfect timin'.
PAREO: What is more amazing is that the spectacular feat was uncalculated! It is the result of her singular desire to entertain the audience!
PAREO: It truly is a shining example of the A to Z of perfect harmony between two souls...!
LAYER: Interesting. Your explanation makes it clear just how good Pastel✽Palettes is at putting on a show.
PAREO: They are so amazing... so very incredible... Sniff. They truly are the absolute best~.
CHU2: Could you guys keep it down for a bit and at least try watching in peace?
CHU2: And why are you even crying, PAREO? There's been nothing to cry over.
PAREO: The light with which Pastel✽Palettes shines is so wonderful that I found myself naturally moved to tears...
LOCK: I know the feeling! Sometimes your body just reacts when you become emotional!
PAREO: Yes, exactly! But the biggest reason is this precious moment where I get to share what I love with all of you! It magnifies my joy a hundred, no, a thousandfold!
PAREO: Please join us, CHU²-sama! Let us immerse ourselvesin the world of Pastel✽Palettes together!
CHU2: No thanks.
CHU2: How many times have you watched that concert footage anyway? I'm amazed you're still able to scrounge things up to praise.
PAREO: That is because it is so wonderful that it ever grows old~.
LAYER: Are you sure you're one to talk, CHU²? You're always watching Roselia's concert videos.
CHU2: What I do is like studying an enemy. Y entire approach is different from the rest of you.
LOCK: You could say I'm studying and learning so much from Hina-senpai's guitar then.
LOCK: The way she plays is so carefree that it's impossible to figure out where her ideas come form. It's all mighty educational!
MASKING: The kinda music they're goin' for is different from ours, but we could porbably learn a thing or two from their professionalism.
MASKING: That reminds me. Roselia's also now part of an agency, right? What about us?
CHU2: What do you mean by what about us?
MASKING: Y'know, goin' pro.
CHU2: I think you've got the wrong idea. Going pro means making a living out of music, not joining some music agency.
CHU2: As you all know, we've gotten out fair share of offers from agencies too, but we've been turning them down.
CHU2: That's because equating being a professional musician with belonging to an agency is as old-fashioned as it gets.
CHU2: And I refuse to have us go along with such an outdated way of thinking.
CHU2: As the standard-bearers of this girls band age, we should be revolutionizing music and making history...
CHU2: That's what we need to be doing.
LOCK: Revolutionizing music and making history... Th-that's so grand-scale...
CHU2: And as a test, I've got an event lined up for us a month from now.
MASKING: An event? There's a ton this time of the year...
CHU2: We're joining this one. Recognize it?
LAYER: Wait... The Advanced Rock Festival...?!
MASKING: Whoa, seriously?! That's a pretty major event!
LOCK: Isn't it supposed to be a huge indoor music festival featuring lots of musicians from major labels?
PAREO: The other day, CHU²-sama negotiated the deal with the company in charge of organizing it~♪
CHU2: We'll just be the opening act, but it should be enough for us to make an impression.
CHU2: And I'm even working on the song just for the occasion. You can be sure how it's going to blow away the entire music scene.
MASKING: I like where this is goin'. I say we bury the rest of the performers with our openin' act.
LAYER: Yeah. Let's make them disappear without a trace. Fufufu.
LOCK: It looks like we're going to be busy since we also hve a show at dub coming up next weekend!
CHU2: All of you had better be prepared to practice till you drop once we're done with our dub concert because I want our best performance at the festival!
All: Okay!
Got it!
CORUSCATE-DNA- Event Story Chapter 2
Festival Preparations

As RAS practices hard for the festival, a certain individual contacts CHU².

CHU²'s Penthouse - Studio

LOCK: Don't you feel even more fired up now after what CHU²-san said yesterday~?
LOCK: She's thinking so big... I mean, she wants us to make history and revolutionize music!
MASKING: But stuff like that doesn't seem quite so impossible when she's the one sayin' it. There's this confidence behind her words, you know?
LAYER: If you ask me, that's pretty important for a producer.
MASKING: Can't wait to start practicin'. CHU²'s real eager now, so we better be ready for whatever she decides to throw at us.
LOCK: So, where is she anyway?
LAYER: Apparently, she's still asleep. PAREO's gone to wake her up.
MASKING: Bet she was up late workin' on that new song.
My apologies for the wait, everybody~. I have woken up CHU²-sama~♪: {{{2}}}
CHU2: Good morning... Yawn~...
LAYER: That mark on your cheek looks like it's from the carpet... You slept on the floor again, didn't you?
CHU2: But it was worth it. I'm starting to get a clear image of our new song. We should be able to start practicing it after our weekend concert.
LOCK: I'm mighty looking forward to seeing the song!
CHU2: The plan is to perfect our performance of our current songs so that we'll be able to focus entirely on the new one starting next week.
CHU2: Be prepared, people. Practice is going to be even tougher than usual.
MASKING: Heh, I ain't plannin' on holdin' back, so you're the one that I had best be prepared, CHU².
CHU2: Let's get started. Into the booth.
Galaxy Ramen

MASKING: Man~, CHU² wasn't kiddin' when she said it was gonna be tougher than usual~. Can't even lift my damn arms.
LOCK: Thw two of you did go at each other pretty hard. My ears are still ringing from all the angry shouting.
MASKING: Seriously. Don't ya think she could've offered at least a little praise? It's supposed to be the carrot and stick for a reason, but all I got was a beatin' with the stick. Sheesh.
LAYER: You didn't seem to mind all that much, at least based on how much it sounded like you were enjoying letting yourself loose.
MASKING: It was your bass that made me do it, Rei. I was just taggin' along for the ride.
LAYER: Stop trying to pin all the blame of me, fufufu.
Shopkeeper: Hearing you girls talk is brinigng back memories. We'd go on about stuff like that every day back in my Death Galaxy days... Oh, and here's your ramen.
MASKING: Thanks. Let's dig in, guys.
All: Looks delicious~.
Shopkeeper: Every time after practice, we'd go round and round about how the guitar was or how the drum was.
Shopkeeper: And we'd always end up hopping on our bikes to go see the stars and the city lights. You remember all those times with us?
MASKING: You bet.
LOCK: You're talking about the hilltop we went to together a while back, aren't you?
LAYER: Ah, the one in that photo that you showed me before? It looked really nice.
MASKING: You ain't seen nothin' till you've seen the real thing. Right, LOCK?
LOCK: Yes, it definitely has to be seen with your own eyes because it's not something that can be captured on camera.
LAYER: Now you're making me want to go check it out really bad...
MASKING: We should totally do that one of these days! Me and LOCK were talkin' about it!
Shopkeeper: ... It makes me so happy to see you with such great friends.
MASKING: H-hey, what are you gettin' all teary-eyed for?!
Shopkeeper: It's just that I've known you since you were a little girl, and I've seen what you've been through, so...
MASKING: Cut it out, will you? Anyway, we should start eatin' before the noddles get soggy.
CHU²'s Penthouse - Living Room

PAREO: If you will excuse me, CHU²-sama! I will be returning home. Please do not overwork yourself!
CHU2: Alright.
PAREO: And since you stayed up so late yesterday, please go to bed early! Oh, if you get hungry, there is a midnight snack in the refrigerator...
CHU2: Okay...
PAREO: Also, please do not forget to brush your teeth before going to bed, and-
CHU2: I get it already! Hurry up and get going! You're going to miss the last train.
PAREO: Oh my! I really must go then! I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow~♪
CHU2: Sigh~... Now I can finally continue where I left off.
CHU2: I need to make up for yesterday since I didn't make much progress...
CHU2: Hmm? I wonder who it could be at this hour. And just when I thought I could finally resume...
CHU2: ... Huh...?
CHU2: Mom...?
CORUSCATE-DNA- Event Story Chapter 3
Miu Tamade

A certain individual is on the concert flyer given to MASKING...

Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 1-A

Ako: Really~?! The Advanced Rock Festival is a super big event, and you're telling me RAS is going to be in it?!
LOCK: We're just the opening act, but CHU²-san's negotiating is what got us the spot.
Ako: She negotiated?! She's so much younger than us, but she can do stuff like that?!
Ako: I can't even convince my mom to raise my allowance...
LOCK: Ahaha. CHU²-san got us this chance to be in the festival, so I really have to do my best!
Ako: I'll invite Asuka and Rin-rin and come see you guys, okay? Ah! I should also invite Mashiro!
LOCK: Okay, thanks!
LOCK: Oh, I didn't realize the time! I need to go to work now!
Ako: Alright, take care~!
Residential Area

LOCK: Hmm? Somebody's texting me... I wonder who it is...
LOCK: It's my friend from back home! Let's see... "Congrats on getting into the Advanced Rock Festival~!" ... Oh, another one just came.
LOCK: "Can't believe you're gonna be in the Advanced Rock Festival~! Good luck!"
LOCK: ...
LOCK: (Even my old friends are wishing me the best...)
LOCK: I really have to give it my all now!

LOCK: Um~, I've finished tidying up the dressing room, so next is the audience's section. Now, where's that mop~?
MASKING: Huh~! Didn't know you'd be here, LOCK.
LOCK: Ah, Mauski-san. Are you done with school already?
MASKING: Left as soon as classes ended/ Still stoked as hell after yesterday's practice, so I really wanna play them drums.
MASKING: Say, you wanna give it a go together?
LOCK: Yes, I'd love to!
MASKING: Then we've gotta get your work stuff outta the way. I'll help! What else you got left?
LOCK: Hmm... I just need to clean up the audience's section and organize the flyers. Some new ones came in that still need to be laid out!
MASKING: Alright. I'll take care of the cleaning, so you take care of the flyers.
MASKING: Ah... Speakin' of flyers, an underclassman gave me this at school... You interested?
LOCK: A classical music concert...?
MASKING: They asked me if I'd be interested in goin' with them, but I don't really get into classical music, so...
LOCK: Um~, I'm not too familiar either... Why don't we ask CHU²-san and the others later?
MASKING: Sounds good. Let's get to work then!
LOCK: Okay!
CHU²'s Penthouse - Living Room

PAREO: This flyer...
MASKING: Hmm? What's up, PAREO...? Somethin' wrong?
Your Mother, Master?!
PAREO: It says Miu Tamade... Tamade... CHU²-sama, is the individual in this photo your...
CHU2: Yes... That's my mom.
All: ...!
CHU2: I spoke with her briefly on the phone yesterday. She's a violin soloist who plays all over the world, and she's making a guest appearance at a concert next month.
PAREO: I see! Given the date, she might even be able to come to see you at the music festival during our opening act!
LAYER: According to the flyer, the concert takes place one day after the festival!
PAREO: Perhaps you could invite her. I would love to be allowed to greet your mother~♪
CHU2: Actually...
CHU2: The concert itself is a month from now, but she's apparently coming to Japan this week to attend a meeting for it.
MASKING: This week?! We've got the weekend gig, so that means...
CHU2: Yes. My mom will be there.
LOCK: Wow! Th-this is mighty amazing! If she's going to be there, we need to be ready to do an even better job!
CHU2: I hope you're prepared to be worked even harder because the kid gloves are about to come off.
MASKING: Cool. Things are finally gettin' interestin'!
LAYER: LOCK, could you give me some time later? I want to talk to you about the "OUTSIDER RODEO" chorus.
LOCK: Of course! You're welcome to bring up anything you'd like!
PAREO: Please wait for me, everyone! I wish to join too~♪
CHU2: Mom... I may not be able to be like you, but I have my own music now...
CHU2: (I'm not who I used to be... I'll give you a taste of our unbeatable music.)
CORUSCATE-DNA- Event Story Chapter 4
I'll Show Her

The girls practice even harder. During a break, CHU²'s mom gets brought up.

CHU²'s Penthouse - Studio

CHU2: LOCK! What was that performance just now?!
LOCK: I-I'm sorry! I just got this sudden urge to try out a different chord for a bit...
CHU2: You ruined everyone's focus. We're the ultimate band, and we have no place for performances like that. Are you trying to become a temporary member again?!
LOCK: Please let me redo that part!
CHU2: Stop asking for the obvious. You're redoing it whether you want to or not. And MASKING!
MASKING: Yeah, I know. No need to explain. The part where I'm supposed to step on the gas after the chorus, right?
CHU2: Then do it.
MASKING: Damn it~, it's a hell of a lot easier said than done...! But fine! I'll show you! Just you see!
LAYER: The outro, right? Sorry, I know I blew it just now...
PAREO: Would you like me to increase the sound of the keyboard slightly? I believe that will be closer to what you envision, CHU²-sama!
CHU2: Okay, try it out that way once.

MASKING: Damn~! That was crazy rough, just like she said! It ain't usually easy, but that was somethin' else~.
LOCK: Your words make it sound like you're complaining, Masuki-san, but that huge smile on your face says otherwise...
MASKING: And your point? No need to state the obvious.
LAYER: Here you go. Towel.
MASKING: Thanks.
PAREO: Please enjoy your break~, everybody~. I have prepared drinks~♪
PAREO: There is even some jerky, CHU²-sama. You should use this time to relax!
CHU2: We're resuming practice in fifteen minutes.
PAREO: For you, LAYER-san, I have brought some warm milk with plenty of honey~♪ Incidentally, there is also some cold milk if you would like!
MASKING: Look at that~. There's even some real bitter black coffee~.
LAYER: When I'm with you guys, warm milk suits me just fine.
MASKING: By the way, what would The Pink Bun Bun Empire's LAYER drink? Black coffee or warm milk?
LAYER: Hmm~... Probably hot melon cider.
LOCK: Hot melon cider?! What kind of a unique drink is that?!
LAYER: There was this time back at music school where one of the vendors accidentally made the cider hot. I doubt it's ever coming back again. Fufufu.
PAREO: By the way, CHU²-sama! When your mother comes to Japan, she will be staying here, will she not?
PAREO: What drinks does she favor? I must make sure to prepare them♪
CHU2: No, she'll be staying at a hotel downtown instead because she has a full schedule between the meeting and various interviews.
PAREO: I see... That is such a pity~.
LOCK: I think I'd be nervous if I met her... She seems so dignified in that flyer photo.
MASKING: Yeah. She's definitely got that world-class vionlinist vibe.
LAYER: You haven't met her either, right, PAREO?
PAREO: Unfortunately, I have not had the pleasure. I do not recall CHU²-sama speaking of her very often, so I am quite curious to find out what she is like♪
CHU2: I don't talk about her because there's no need to.
LAYER: But since she's coming to our concert this weekend, it'd be nice to have some information at least.
CHU2: ... Sign. My mom's always been someone who does things at her own pace, and it was no different this time either. She just called out of the blue...
CHU2: ... Huh...?
CHU2: Mom...?
CHU2: Hello.
CHU2's Mom: Hi, Chiyu. I've got some great news today! Remember how I told you I'll be performing as a guest at a concert in Japan a month from now?
CHU2: No... You never told me.
CHU2's Mom: Oh my, I must've forgotten then. Anyway, I have a meeting for that concert this week!
CHU2's Mom: It was originally going to be online, but I happen to be free, so I figured I might as well go to Japan.
CHU2: Really?
CHU2's Mom: You said you have a band, right? I want to use this opportunity to come and see you, so get me a ticket!
CHU2's Mom: Just one ticket will do. I invited your dad, but he seems a bit busy.
CHU2: U-um...
CHU2's Mom: I'll be bringing a bunch of presents, so I hope you're excited! Anyway, I can't wait to see you~!
CHU2: (... You're going to be in for a real surprise, Mom...)
CHU2: Alright, everyone! Break's over! Time to go back to the booth!
CORUSCATE-DNA- Event Story Chapter 5
On Deaf Ears

The day of the concert. RAS brings their A-game as always, but...

The Day of the Weekend Show

dub - Dressing Room

MASKING: Alright~! It's time for our big show, so I baked us some financers. Feel free to dig in.
LOCK: Yay! You make mighty tasty financers, Masuki-san!
LAYER: I'll have one~... Mmm~, this really is good~.
PAREO: I shall as well! Hmm~, it is so difficult to pick one because they are all such a nice golden brown color~♪
PAREO: Which financier would you like, CHU²-sama? Look at the luster of this one! I just know it is going to be an absolute delight!
CHU2: Sigh~. Try not to forget we've got a show in fifteen minutes.
MASKING: I haven't. Why do you think I baked financers? Nothin' like financers when you need to go all out.
CHU2: That makes no sense.
LAYER: So, how's the new song coming, CHU²? You haven't talked about it all. All we've been doing lately is practicing our existing ones.
CHU2: I intend to write it all up once we finish this concert.
LAYER: Another all-nighter?
CHU2: Probably not. Our practice sessions have been going so well that the inspiration should come easily.
LOCK: Ohh~. I can't wait!
CHU2: First things first. We have a concer to take care of.
LOCK: Of course!
PAREO: I must say, I do wonder what is taking your mother so long, CHU²-sama. I had hoped to say hello...
CHU2: She might still be asleep. She just flew in yesterday, and she gets easily jet-lagged.
PAREO: Perhaps she can stay at the penthouse with you~. I am sure it has been a while since the two of you have had some private family time, so-
CHU2: Oh please, no. And enough about my mom! Now focus on the concert!
MASKING: Alright then. Sounds like time to psych ourselves.
LAYER: Yeah! Huddle up, everyone!
LAYER: Let's do this our way! We are...
dub - Stage
LAYER: Thanks, that was "EXPOSE 'Burn out!!!'" You guys weren't bad, but you're not done yet, right?! Our next song is...
CHU2: (Today's show is outstanding... and the crowd's excitement is at its max...)
CHU2: (Now, if only Mom would get here...)
CHU2: (Hmm...? Is that...?)
CHU2: (Hmph... It's about time yoy showed up, Mom...)
CHU2: (This is my time, and you're about to see something you're never going to forget...!)
LAYER: ... "R·I·O·T." Time for all of you here to go wild!
CHU2: Sweet! Excellent! Unstoppable! That was an incredible performance!
MASKING: Huff, huff... My knees... They're so damn wobbly.
LOCK: I'm not surprised, Masuki-san! You were playing even harder than usual! But thanks to what you did, the crowd went mighty wild!
PAREO: My legs are also trembling from all the excitement!
LAYER: It felt like you cranked your DJing up a notch halfway through, CHU². That was some good stuff!
PAREO: ...?! Could it be your mother, CHU²-sama...? Yes, coming!
CHU2's MOm: That was a very nice show, Chiyu~!
CHU2: Mom.
CHU2's Mom: You were great out there! And so were your friends! All of you must've practiced a lot.
LOCK: Th-thank you very much!
CHU2's Mom: You really are incredible, Chiyu! I wish I'd forced your father to come. He would've loved it too.
MASKING: Whoa, that's quite some praise comin' from a world-class violinist...
CHU2: ...
CHU2's Mom: Seeing you standing in front of the crowd so proudly made me very happy. You must've worked very hard, Chiyu!
CHU2: ...
PAREO: ... CHU²-sama?
CHU2's Mom: You're all free now, right? If you'd like, maybe we could go to the restaurant at my hotel and-
CHU2: I should go home...
CHU2's Mom: What's the matter? Are you feeling sick?
MASKING: Yo, CHU²... You alright?
CHU2: Just go without me. I need to work on our new song...
CHU2: Bye.
CORUSCATE-DNA- Event Story Chapter 6
The Hard Worker

CHU² recalls her childhood. Her desperation grows as she works on their song.

Chiyu Tamade: Mom...
Chiyu Tamade: I couldn't place again...
Miu Tamade: Don't worry! You didn't place, but your practice showed. And Mommy knows you practiced harder than anyone at today's contest.
Chiyu Tamade: Um... Mom...
Chiyu Tamade: I... I want to try another instrument...
Miu Tamade: Oh, that's a wonderful idea. What would you like to play? There's nothing I wouldn't do to help grow your potential.
Chyiu Tamade: My... potential...
Miu Tamade: You're so hardworking, Chiyu. I'm very proud of you.
Miu Tamade: You'll always have my support!
Chiyu Tamade: ...
CHU2: (Not even yesterday's performance was enough to get to Mom...)
CHU2: (RAS' music... My unbeatable music... They weren't enough...)
CHU2: (Then everything I've done with RAS is...)
CHU²'s Penthouse - Studio

LOCK: Now we just have to wait for CHU²-san to wake up, and we'll all be here.
MASKING: You know, here we are already gettin' ready to practice even after goin' all out at yesterday's gig. This here is dedication, alright... Hehe.
LAYER: I'm a bit sleep-deprived. I had trouble going to bed because of al the excitement that still remained.
MASKING: And speakin' of sleep-deprived, here's the other one in the same boat.
PAREO: CHU²-sama has arrived~♪
CHU2: Morning...
LOCK: CH-CHU²-san, your eyes are so red...
CHU2: Well...
PAREO: Is it because you were working all night on the new song?! You really must sleep properly!
CHU2: I-I don't need you to tell me that...
LAYER: Were you alright yesterday? You had us worried because you left so suddenly even though your mom came.
CHU2: I said I had business to take care of, didn't I? I don't have time to waste eating at some restaurant.
CHU2: So... How did it go after I left?
PAREO: We parted ways immediately. Your mother was very disappointed.
CHU2: I see. You should've just gone without me...
LAYER: It didn't feel right.
LOCK: Anyway, can you believe how much she praised our performance? It made me so happy!
MASKING: Yeah, and it was praise from a world-class violinist too! Bet you're pretty pleased with yourself, Choo-choo~♪
CHU2: ...
???: ... You're so hardworking, Chiyu. I'm vry proud of you.
CHU2: ...
MASKING: Hmm? You okay? You'd normally tell me to stop callin' you that.
CHU2: I-I'm fine.
LAYER: Ah, by the way, your mother said she's looking forward to our opening act at the festival!
LOCK: Let's work even harder than we did yesterday!
MASKING: We're supposed to start practicin' the new song today, right? So, is it done?
CHU2: ... It still needs a bit more fine-tuning. I know I had all of you come, but I can't hand it out just yet. Sorry.
LAYER: No problem. It's totally understandable, especially after yesterday.
LOCK: Yes! I'll be looking forward to seeing what kind of a masterpiece the new song will be!
PAREO: Please work on it as much as you like until you are satisfied, CHU²-sama!
MASKING: Well, ain't nobody here who'd give you hard time just 'cause of a little delay.
CHU2: Th-this is me you're talking about. It's not going to be late, okay? I can probably give you the scores tomorrow.
MASKING: Sounds good! Let's get to practicin' then, shall we?
After Practice

CHU2: I want this part of our new song to be like-
???: ... You're so hardworking, Chiyu. I'm very proud of you.
CHU2: ...?!
CHU2: Argh!
CORUSCATE-DNA- Event Story Chapter 7

The new song is done, but something feels off...

The Next Day

CHU²'s Penthouse - Studio

CHU2: Good, you're all here. I'll be handing out your scores just like I promised yesterday.
LOCK: Oh~, you really did finish it like you said you would!
PAREO: But CHU²-sama, are you certain you are alright...? You barely even touched your meal...
LAYER: CHU²... Don't push yourself too hard.
CHU2: I'm not, okay?
CHU2: Anyway, I'm sending you the file. The lyrics aren't included, but I already have an idea.
MASKING: Got the file.
CHU2: I know it still needs to be refined, but I will say it has the potential to be my best work ever.
LOCK: Wow~, it must be really amazing to make you say that...! I'm so excited!
CHU2: Alright, review the score, everyone. Practice begins in half an hour.
30 Minutes Later

CHU2: I assume all of you have been able to familiarize yourselves with the score somewhat. But before we start playing together, I want to hear your thoughts.
LOCK: It's a very RAS song!
PAREO: I am quite eager to see what kind of chemical reactions will occur when we play together! I cannot wait to get started~♪
CHU2: LAYER, MASKING... What about you two?
MASKING: Hmm~, can't say much 'cause we haven't played it together yet... Seems like a RAS enough song, though.
LAYER: I... feel the same way.
CHU2: ...!
CHU2: A-anyhow, let's play through it once. Just keep going even if you make mistakes. I won't interrupt.
MASKING: Let's do this then! One, two, three, four...
CHU2: Okay! Considering it was our first time, that was a pretty good performance!
CHU2: How does it feel after playing it?
LOCK: It's definitely a very RAS song! Now I just need to practice it a lot more to make it a part of me!
PAREO: I feel it combines the strength of "R·I·O·T" and the stylishness of "EXPOSE 'Burn out!!!'"
MASKING: Thoughts, huh...? Hmm, thoughts, thoughts, thoughts...
MASKING: Uh~, gimme some more time to think. Can't quite put it into words just yet 'cause we've only played it once.
CHU2: Wh-what about you then, LAYER?
LAYER: I... Yeah, I think I need more time too...
CHU2: ...
PAREO: I am sure it is because we only just started practicing!
LOCK: Yes! Let's keep playing it together so that we can turn it into our band's greatest song!
CHU2: ...
After Practice


MASKING: Hey, Rei... How you feel about the song?
LAYER: Hmm~, you don't pull any punches, do you...?
MASKING: Not tryin' to put ya on the spot or anythin'. It's just that I can't figure it out myself. CHU² was tootin' her own horn, so I was wonderin' what it'd be like, but...
LAYER: It didn't live up to the hype?
Inexplicable Irritation
MASKING: I guess? Nah, I think it's a plenty good song. It's just, I dunno...
MASKING: ... Man, this is frustratin'. Can't find the damn words!
LAYER: I know what you mean. I can't figure out how to explain it either... But something feels a little off.
MASKING: Off... Yeah, think that might be it.
LAYER: The thing is... I'm not sure what's causing it.
MASKING: Well, as PAREO said, we just started practicin'. Maybe we'll see once we've played it some more.
LAYER: Maybe... Yeah, that's probably it...
MASKING: Thanks. Feel a bit better after talkin' with ya.
LAYER: Same here. Thanks, Masuki. Let's see what we can do tomorrow!
LAYER: (CHU²...)
CORUSCATE-DNA- Event Story Chapter 8
It's Not a RAS Song

When the girls express their confusion over the song, a fissure begins to grow.

A Few Days Later

CHU²'s Penthouse - Studio
CHU2: Get it together, people! You're all out of sync!
CHU2: LOCK! Stop going at it like you're just playing solo! Pay more attention to everyone else's music!
LOCK: I-I'm sorry!
CHU2: And PAREO! What's with the hesitation? Are you trying to enhance the music, or are you trying to take the lead?! Make up your mind!
PAREO: M-my apologies, master...
MASKING: I just don't get it, alright?
CHU2: Huh?
MASKING: Like that phrase just now. What damn emotion am I suposed to be puttin' in it?! I don't know what I should be feelin' when I play that part!
CHU2: ...
MASKING: We've been at it for a few days, and I still can't figure the song out... I'm not gettin' any sorta image...
MASKING: Probably my lack of understandin', but the whole thing keeps stayin' out of my damn reach!
CHU2: W-well...
CHU2: A-alright... Then what don't you like about it? Just come out and say it if you have any problems.
CHU2: I'm still working on it, so I might even consider your opinion if it has any value.
MASKING: It's not that I don't like it...
LAYER: ...
PAREO: N-now, now... We just started practicing♪ I am sure it will get better!
LOCK: Yes! I should try harder too~!
LAYER: Hey, CHU²... Do you mind?
CHU2: What is it?
LAYER: This song... I've had this feeling for a while that there's something off...
CHU2: Something off...? What's that supposed to mean?!
LAYER: Just like Masuki, I've been having trouble getting a feel for the song.
LAYER: I thought maybe the feeling would go away once I got to know it, but the feeling's only gotten stronger.
LAYER: And I think I've finally figured out why...
CHU2: What's your point?! If you have something to say, then say it!
LAYER: Okay, I will.
LAYER: This song has all the signature elements of our music, and it's a good song.
LAYER: But...
CHU2: ...
LAYER: It doesn't surpass my expectations.
CHU2: ... What did you just say?
LAYER: Every piece of music you've ever written has always managed to amaze me. There's always been a sense of wonder over how you get your ideas.
LAYER: ... But it's not just about the ideas. The passion you put into your music has always made my blood surge with excitement.
LAYER: None of that's happening with this song though. My body isn't reacting.
LAYER: It's not a bad song by any means. And if I had to put it into words, I'd say it's a good song that delivers exactly what I would expect.
CHU2: ...
LAYER: You know it too, don't you, CHU²? That's why you're asking for our opinions more than you usually do.
MASKING: HHuh... Now that I think about it, you pretty much never ask us what we think about your songs.
LAYER: CHU²... The time I've spent with RAS has been engraved into my body, and it's my body that's telling me this.
LAYER: This song...
LAYER: It's not a RAS song.
CHU2: ...
PAREO: U-um...
CHU2: Get out...
PAREO: CHU²-sama...
CHU2: Get out of here right now!! All of you!!
CORUSCATE-DNA- Event Story Chapter 9
What We Can Do

CHU² retreats to her closet. What do LAYER and the others decide to do...?

LAYER: This song...
LAYER: It's not a RAS song.
CHU2: (I didn't need you to tell me...)
CHU2: (I know better than anyone that all I did was copy my own style out of desparation...)
CHU2: (But...)
???: ... You're so hardworking, Chiyu. I'm very proud of you.
CHU2: What am I supposed to do...?!
CHU2: I just don't know... what to do...

LOCK: I know practice ended like that, but do you think CHU²-san is okay...?
PAREO: Sigh~... It is as I feared. CHU²-sama has turned off her phone...
LAYER: I might've been a bit too harsh...
MASKING: Nah, don't think so. Hearin' you say all that stuff made me feel a whole lot better.
LOCK: To be honest, I was getting a little worried because I couldn't get into the song either.
MASKING: Lookin' back, CHU² might've done all that boastin' 'cause she wasn't so sure about the song.
PAREO: CHU²-sama...
MASKING: Can't believe she'd do somethin' like this, though. She may not be the most reasonable person on the planet, but she's always been sincere when it comes to music.
LOCK: Then why...?
PAREO: I think I know the cause...
MASKING: What is it?
PAREO: I feel CHU²-sama started behaving strangely after her mother came to our concert...
The Other Three: ...!
LOCK: N-now that you mention it, it did seem like she wasn't her usual self after the show...
MASKING: Yeah... She left so suddenly to go work on the song too.
PAREO: There is also the fact that she did not even smile slightly despite all the praise from her mother.
MASKING: That doesn't make any sense...
PAREO: Perhaps there is something bothering CHU²-sama that we are unaware of...
LOCK: I-if that's the case, do you think there's anything we can do for CHU²-san? I want to help her.
LOCK: She's the reason I'm in RAS now!
LOCK: I came to Tokyo alone, but here I am in a band with the people I can't see myself being without, and it's all thanks to her!
MASKING: You ain't the only one. CHU² invited me into RAS even though I was called the Mag Dog.
MASKING: And 'cause she made RAS, I now have a place where I finally belong after all that time of never fittin' in anywhere...
PAREO: It is the same for me! I kept my true self hidden out of fear of how others would see me, but CHU²-sama gave me a reason to exist as PAREO.
PAREO: She helped me find dear friends who will accept me even when I show who I really am!
LOCK: Everyone... let's do something for CHU²-san! We're the only ones who can help her with what she's struggling with!
LAYER: ... No, LOCK, we're not.
LOCK: We're not? What do you mean by that...?
LAYER: The only one who can help CHU² with what she's going through is CHU² herself. All we can do is watch.
LAYER: We're no strangers to trials either, but all of us overcame on our own in the end. And I think it's CHU²'s turn now.
LOCK: ... B-but then what can we do...?
LAYER: There's only one thing we can do now, isn't there?
LAYER: ... Music.
The Other Three: ...?!
MASKING: Haha, you certainly ain't wrong about that. Music's about all we're good at. Not bad, Rei.
LAYER: If CHU² can't write our music, we'll just have to do it on our own.
LOCK: Wait, you want us to do it ourselves...? But-
LAYER: Think back. We did it with "Beautiful Birthday."
PAREO: Even that song still required CHU²-sama's assistance in the end, however. Do yuo really think we are capable of seeing this through without her...?
LAYER: Don't worry. It's not going to be just us. Our time with RAS has been engraved into our bodies.
LAYER: All those countless times where CHU² said we weren't being good enough... They're what tells us what she wants to say and is trying to say.
LAYER: So... CHU²'s going to be with us too...
CORUSCATE-DNA- Event Story Chapter 10
A Song That Exceeds Expectations

CHU² remains trapped by her past. Meanwhile, the others begin work on the song.

CHU²'s Penthouse - Studio

CHU2: No! Nothing's going to be conveyed by a cheap melody like this!
CHU2: ...
CHU2: It's always been so easy...! Why can't I come up with anything now?!
CHU2: Why...?
???: ... You're so hardworking, Chiyu. I'm very proud of you.
CHU2: ... Sniff...

Marina: I have to say, I'm surprised to see you girls here. Don't you usually practice at CHU²-chan's studio?
PAREO: We do, but it is currently somewhat unavailable...
Marina: Oh. Well, this studio hasn't been booked at all, so you're welcome to make use of it. Good luck with practice.
PAREO: Thank you very much~♪
LAYER: Alright, let's get started.
LOCK: It feels so strange to have the four of us writing a song...
MASKING: Where do ya wanna get started, Rei? We ain't got all day.
LAYER: I know, and I think starting from scratch isn't going to practical.
LAYER: That's why I figure our best bet will be polishing the song CHU² wrote. We've had practice doing that with all our other songs, at least.
LAYER: And she did there's room for improvement. I want us to see what we can do...
LAYER: What a great idea! CHU²-san's song has a lot of things that I like, so I want to build on those pieces as much as possible!
PAREO: I am in agreement as well!
MASKING: Sounds good to me! Let's go with your plan!
LAYER: Alright. Let's turn this into a song that goes beyond expectations!
LAYER: How about we start with the intro?
MASKING: Ah, I've got an idea then. I want all the pent-up energy to be released in a bigger explosion.
MASKING: Y'know, like that song CHU²'s always saying' about sharpenin' the emotion of the moment.
LOCK: There's also something I'd like to try out. It's about the interlude-
LAYER: S-slow down, guys! We just started...!
LAYER: Sigh~, why don't we take a break now?
MASKING: It's goin' pretty smoothly, huh? Been a while since I've felt this good playin' the drums. Anyway, I'm gonna go grab a drink.
PAREO: A moment, please. I would like to accompany you~♪
LAYER: Masuki really seems to be enjoying herself today, fufufu. Ah, don't you want anything to drink, LOCK?
LOCK: I actually brought my own.
LAYER: Hey. If it's alright with you, I have a bit of a favor to ask...
LOCK: Sure, please ask away! I'll gladly listen if you think it's something I can help with!
LAYER: I tried writing the lyrics for our new song... And I was wondering if maybe you could take a look.
LOCK: Really?! You wrote the lyrics?! I'd love to see them!
LAYER: It's my first time, so I'm not too sure how they turned out, but... here...
LOCK: Alright, I'll take a look...! Huh... Ah...
LAYER: ...
LOCK: ... What have we here? Hmm...
LAYER: Oh... Uh... That bad...?
LOCK: This is mighty amazing!
LAYER: L-LOCK~! Do you have any idea how nervous you just made me~?
LOCK: These lyrics are incredible. How did you come up with these phrases...?!
LAYER: To be honest... I'm not really sure myself. They just sort of came to me when I was thinking of CHU².
Time Engraved
LOCK: I see~. That must be because of what's been engraved, right?
LAYER: Sorry?
LOCK: What you said before. About how our time in RAS has been engraved into us.
LOCK: Hearing you say that made me so happy...
LOCK: It's like we'll never be alone even when we're apart. It really made me feel how close we are.
PAREO: I know exactly what you mean! I, too, was very moved!
MASKING: Same here.
LAYER: Whoa... You guys were listening?
PAREO: How could you even think to have such a wonderful conversation without us~?
MASKING: Hey. There's no way it hasn't been engraved into her either then, is there?
MASKING: ... Into CHU² that is.
LAYER: Mm-hmm... Without a doubt.

LAYER: I think this is about all we can do today. Thanks for sticking around, everyone.
MASKING: Where do we go from here, Rei? We really gonna finish this without CHU²?
LOCK: The music festival is almost here, and we don't have much time...
LAYER: Let's go see her tomorrow and have her give the song a listen.
PAREO: I am in agreement! We cannot afford to stand still!
LAYER: Yeah. I say it's about time we have CHU² go crazy wild.
CORUSCATE-DNA- Event Story Chapter 11
It's Your Turn Now

There is a knock on the closet. LAYER and the others bring their finished song.

The Next Day

CHU2: Sigh...
CHU2: (The more I panic, the louder Mom's voice becomes...)
CHU2: (And nothing came to me because of it...)
CHU2: What good is a producer that can't create anything...?
CHU2: I'm the one who should be a temporary member...
CHU2: ... Hmm? It sounds like visitors.
MASKING: You there, CHU²~?
LOCK: She wasn't in the studio, so I think she should be somewhere here...
PAREO: If that is the case, I believe I know where...
PAREO: CHU²-sama... Are you inside?
CHU2: What do you want...?
LOCK: There's a song we want you to listen to!
PAREO: ... It is not solely our work, however. We merely arranged the piece you erote and expanded upon it.
CHU2: Go away!
MASKING: Yo, stop actin' like such a kid! Open up!
LAYER: We're all worried about you-
CHU2: I don't need your worrying! Just leave me alone!
LOCK: There's no way we can leave you alone! We're a band!
PAREO: Just as you came for me that day, I refuse to leave until you come out, CHU²-sama!
LOCK: If something's bothering you, let's work through it together! That's what bands do!
CHU2: Shut up!
CHU2: Stop acting like you know what I'm going through! None of you have any idea!
CHU2: Do you really think you can understand how I'm feeling?!
CHU2: I wanted to change the world! Through music! Through RAS! I wanted to change the world I live in!
CHU2: But in the end...
CHU2: Nothing changed! Nothing at all changed!
CHU2: I'm still just Chiyu Tamade!
MASKING: You... You turnin' your back on our time in RAS...?
MASKING: You sayin' all our time together means nothin'?!
MASKING: ... The hell with that! I ain't gonna take that!
MASKING: Yeah, I don't know what's got you down, but I ain't gonna let you reject our band!
MASKING: RAS changed our world! The band you made changed our world!
MASKING: So take back what you just said! Take those damn words back...! D-dammit...!
CHU2: ...
LAYER: CHU²... I want you to listen to this. Will you?
CHU2: Wh-what is this?!
LAYER: We made this song together yesterday.
LAYER: ... Although, all we really did was tweak and build on what you gave us.
LAYER: But that still wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for our time in RAS.
LAYER: The fact that this song exists is proof that RAS changed our world!
CHU2: ...!
LAYER: We don't know why you're in so much pain. But...
LAYER: You're the reason all of us are here in the greatest band called RAS.
CHU2: ...
LAYER: The whole time I kept playing in backup bands, all I wanted to do, was be in a band with Hana-chan.
LAYER: I was stuck in the past, dreaming of the future that could've been...
LAYER: But you know what, CHU²? You set me free...
CHU2: ...
LAYER: If you hadn't been there, I never would've been able to join a band!
LAYER: If you hadn't been there, I would've been living in the past forever!
LAYER: You changed the paths of the worlds we each lived in, CHU²...!
LAYER: ... Sniff.
LAYER: Sorry... You're probably wondering why I'm crying, but I don't really know either... My body's just telling me this is what it wants to do...
LAYER: So, CHU²...
The Other Three: CHU²!
LOCK: Let's keep going wild together!
PAREO: It is your turn this time to raise the curtain, CHU²-sama!
MASKING: We ain't gonna let you stay all alone on the other side of that curtain!
Take My Hand (LAYER)
LAYER: CHU²! It's your turn now!
LAYER: Change the world!!
CORUSCATE-DNA- Event Story Chapter 12
Unstoppable Tears

Overcome with emotion, CHU²'s tears flow. It is the same for the others.

CHU²'s Penthouse - Living Room

Uncontrollable Feelings
CHU2: What's with you...?
CHU2: What's with all you people?!
CHU2: ... Sniff...
CHU2: I never asked any of you to barge into my heart!
CHU2: Why won't you leave me alone?!
CHU2: Why does it hurt so bad to hear your words?!
CHU2: Why...?
CHU2: Why won't the tears stop...?
The Other Three: CHU²-sama!
LAYER: I guess your body can't lie either.
LAYER: Those tears are the biggest proof of our time together in RAS.
LAYER: I never doubted it, but I'm still so glad to see it... Our time in RAS is a part of you too, CHU².
CHU2: Sob~.
PAREO: CHU²-sama~.
CHU2: ... Sniff.
PAREO: Would you like me to fetch you another box of tissues, CHU²-sama?
CHU2: No, I'm fine now...
CHU2: LAYER, could I listen to that song again? The one all of you wrote.
LAYER: Sure. We did get a bit sidetracked after all.
LAYER: Alright, playing it now.
CHU2: ...
CHU2: This is a good arrangement... And this image is what I was going for...
CHU2: These lyrics... They're yours, aren't they, LAYER?
LAYER: Um, yes... But I've never written lyrics before, so all I really did ws copy what I've seen you do.
LAYER: ... What do you think? If you have any thoughts, there's no need to hold back.
CHU2: ...
CHU2: I think they're great.
LAYER: Really...?
CHU2: They surpassed my expectations.
LAYER: ...?!
CHU2: When I heard the song, my heart skipped a beat, and I felt the emotions behind the words.
CHU2: This what RAS's music is supposed to be like.
LAYER: ... Sniff...
MASKING: You cryin' again, Rei...?
LAYER: I-it's not my fault... I didn't expect words like that...
MASKING: ... You're such a crybaby, y'know?
LAYER: Real funny, Masuki. You were crying earlier too.
LAYER: ... Sigh~. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Is it alright if I step out for some air?
MASKING: Huh, it's startin' to look pretty good outside. Mind if I come with? Actually, let's all go!
LOCK: Ah~, this feels mighty nice~.
MASKING: Been a while since we've looked at the view from here at night.
PAREO: Please come to my side, CHU²-sama...! We could even hold hands if you would like.
CHU2: No, we're not holding hands!
LAYER: Looks like the whole army's here...
All: ...
CHU2: ... Hey. Can I have a moment?
PAREO: What is it, CHU²-sama?
CHU2: There's something I want to tell all of you.
CHU2: It's about me and my mom...
CORUSCATE-DNA- Story Chapter 13

Once the tears stop, CHU² begins talking about her mother.

PAREO: You wish to talk about your mother and yourself, CHU²-sama...?
CHU2: Yeah... It's something I never intended to share with anyone...
CHU2: But I want all of you to know.
LAYER: If you're okay with talking about it... we'll listen, of course.
CHU2: Thanks...
CHU2: Remember that time my mom came? That's when it hit me...
CHU2: I realized my world hadn't changed at all.
CHU2: And then I stopped being able to come up with ideas while writing music.
CHU2: Morning came, and I still hadn't made any progress because my mom's words had been playing in my head over and over.
CHU2: So I resorted to giving you a half-baked song...
MASKING: HUh? That makes no sense. She was praisin' our show.
LOCK: Yes. She seemed like a very nice mother to me...
CHU2: Mom's always praised me.
CHU2: Ever since I was little...
CHU2: There wasn't a single time she didn't. She praised me for anything and everything.
CHU2: No matter how poorly I did at violin or piano competition, there was always her praise...
CHU2: And each time she praised me, it made me realize...
CHU2: I had no talent.
PAREO: Hmm? But why...?
CHU2: Because her praise was never about how I played, it was always about how much effort I put in...
CHu2: And for her, seeing her own child desparately trying was enough...
CHU2: But I...
CHU2: I wanted to play music like her... I wanted to be taken seriously and taught by her. I wanted to be taught by the great violin soloist that I respected more than anyone!
CHU2: I didn't want an A for effort!
CHU2: ...
CHU2: It's why I've always wanted to make her look at me and properly acknowledge what I do...
CHU2: And if it couldn't be for how I played, I wanted it to be for music I created...! I've felt this way all my life.
CHU2: And I thought the moment had finally arrived.
CHU2: But in the end...
CHU2: My world hadn't changed at all... and all I got was another A for effort...
CHU2: ...
PAREO: I did not know...
MASKING: Hey, CHU². I'm just gonna come right out and say what's on my mind, okay...?
CHU2: What?
MASKING: The five of us, we're all alike, you know...?
CHU2: ... Alike?
MASKING: Findin' out you've got baggage just like the rest of us is kind of a relief, honestly.
CHU2: ... I don't get it.
MASKING: Each of us has stuff we can't tell other people, but I also think it's what brought us together...
MASKING: I doubt we would've even met otherwise.
CHU2: ...
CHU2: ... I think you're actually right, MASKING.
PAREO: CHU²-sama...?
CHU2: RAS was born because the things we're struggling with brought us here...
LAYER: Fufu... That does sounds like us, alright.
LOCK: Yes. It makes so much sense.
MASKING: Basically, we're just a bunch of guys whose only savin' grace is music.
LAYER: We may not be good at living in peace, but nobody can beat us when it comes to music...
LAYER: ...
LAYER: And you know what, CHU²...? Staying beaten stinks...
CHU2: Huh?
LAYER: If RAS's music didn't reach your mom, it means our performance didn't reach her either.
LAYER: There's no way we can let it end like this, right?
LAYER: It's not our style to stay face down in the dirt!
LAYER: Aren't we supposed to be the ultimate band that's going to revolutionize music?!
MASKING: You got that right. Our music did get disrespected hard.
MASKING: We ain't gonna let her get away with doin' that now, are we?
LOCK: I don't care if she's a world-famous violinist! I want to give her a proper taste of our unbeatable music!
PAREO: Yes, PAREO~♪ This is certainly getting exciting, is it not, CHU²-sama?
CHU2: ...
CHU2: You're all crazy, you know that...?
CHU2: Talk about easily surpassing my expecations... Sigh...
CHU2: But you've also reminded me of something...
CHU2: I've always liked that way of thinking.
CHU2: OK...
CHU2: We're crushing my mom at the music festival... No matter what!
CORUSCATE-DNA- Event Story Chapter 14

CHU² is herself again and practice resumes. What name is given to their song?

CHU²'s Penthouse - Studio

MASKING: Huh?! You pickin' on me again?!
CHU2: You call that thrashing? How many times do I have to tell you to play that part more intensely?!
MASKING: What?! I already am! How the hell can I play any harder?!
CHU2: Try growing a third arm! You're our drummer. I'm sure you can do that much.
MASKING: Why you little... You're on! I'll show ya!
CHU2: LAYER! I'm changing the bridge a bit and giving you the score now. Try this version next time.
LAYER: Alright. But I'd like to make a suggestion too...
LOCK: Y-yes?!
LAYER: Could you try to stand out a bit more during the interlude? Just let your music loose instead of worrying about the rest of us.
LOCK: My music...
CHU2: Yes. Sharpen the emotion of that moment.
LOCK: O-okay! I'll make it extra sharp 'n pointy!
PAREO: This is so incredible... It has only been a day, but the song we arranged has already become even better and better!
MASKING: You feelin' it too, huh, PAREO? Looks like CHU²'s finally snapped out of what's been botherin' her.
PAREO: This is how CHU²-sama should be, and I would not have it any other way. I shall play with even greater vigor~♪
CHU2: Alright, let's try this again from the top.
CHU2: (The flashes of inspiration just keep coming...)
CHU2: (Hearing everyone play fills my mind with one idea after another...)
CHu2: (Mom, you've always given me so much support as your child...)
CHU2: (But the person I am now...)
CHU2: (... Is the producer of RAISE A SUILEN, the greatest band in existence!)
CHU2: Hit it, people!

CHU²'s Penthouse - Living Room

MASKING: Aw~, crud~. Still don't have enough arms~.
LOCK: I need a lot more practice if I'm going to make that part my own...
PAREO: I still found your performances to be very lovely. Just listening makes my heart race♪
MASKING: Y'know, CHU²'s really somethin'. Seriously, where does she get those damn ideas?
LOCK: Thanks to her adjustments, there is even more emotion behind each note.
MASKING: Hmm? Hey, where are Rei and CHU²?
PAREO: They are still in the studio. Last I saw, they were talking...
CHU²'s Penthouse - Studio

LAYER: ... There. This arrangement should do it! Mmm~, I can't wait to play with everyone again.
LAYER: This really has become our greatest song. I'm so excited.
CHU2: Hmph, stop wasting your time stating the obvious.
LAYER: Are you sure the lyrics don't need to be changed though? I feel it'd make it better because the music's changed a bit.
CHU2: No... I want to keep the lyrics as they are.
CHU2: However, there is one section I'd like to change to fit the title. Do you mind?
LAYER: Huh? You've come up with a title?
CHU2: Yes.
CHU2: The title is...
CHU2: Coruscate means to give off light...
LAYER: Give off... light...
CHU2: That's how you appeared that time... At least to me...
Take My Hand (LAYER)
LAYER: CHU²! It's your turn now!
LAYER: Change the world!
LAYER: ... Thanks, CHU².
CHU2: What are you thanking me for? We haven't accomplished anything yet.
CHU2: Eeverything depends on the performance we give at the festival, so I'm going to work all of you even harder. Enjoy.
LAYER: Fufu, I wouldn't have it any other way... Let's go wild!
CORUSCATE-DNA- Event Story Chapter 15
We are...

Ready to change the world? The rock festival is about to begin!

Advanced Rock Festival - Dressing Room

LOCK: We're finally here... The Advanced Rock Festival...
PAREO: With this being the kind of festival with mutliple major-label performers, the venue's atmosphere feels different from what we are used to, does it not?
LOCK: I noticed the same thing! Some of the dressing rooms even have bodyguards at the entrance.
CHU2: Hmph, big deal. That has nothing to do with music.
MASKING: All is I was doin' was standin' by the entrance, and people were freakin' out for some reason...
PAREO: Perhaps they thought you were a bodyguard, Massu-san...
LAYER: I'm guessing it's because you had that scary look on your face again.
MASKING: Huh?! I wasn't makin' a scary face!
All: Hahahaha.
PAREO: By the way, CHU²-sama! Is your mother here already?
CHU2: I got word that she arrived just now.
LOCK: That's great~. It means she won't be late this time!
CHU2: She may like to do things in her own time, but at least she's not jetlagged anymore, so there's that.
LAYER: I'm sure the call you made yesterday helped.
CHU2: Only because we can't do any crushing if there's nobody to crush.
PAREO: The results of our practice could not be any better~♪ Let us show your mother what our unbeatable music is like, CHU²-sama!
LOCK: We're going up against a world-famous violinist. She'll be a truly worthy opponent!
MASKING: Might as well bury the other performers while we're at it!
LAYER: Time to show everyone here how hard we rock!
CHU2: If we're going to do all that...
CHU2: We need to go out there and surpass some expectations!
All: Yes!
You bet!
Of course!
LAYER: Let's go!
Advanced Rock Festival - Stage

LAYER: Thank you for having us here today. We are RAISE A SUILEN.
LAYER: We hope you'll enjoy our song. It's called...
LAYER: ...
LAYER: All you people out there... It's time to go wild!
Time Engraved T
LOCK: (I can't believe I'm playing like this! I can feel the crowd's energy rising...)
LOCK: (This moment is also going to be engraved into me as proof of my time with RAS. With such an intense concert burned into me... I'll be invincible!)
Your Mother, Master?! T
PAREO: (This is amazing... Every fiber of my being is tingling... Everyone's music is coursing through my veins...!)
PAREO: (The Reona Nyubara who was alone and lonely no longer exists! Even if the world turns against me... I have nothing to fear because everyone is a part of me now!)
Inexplicable Irritation T
MASKING: (I finally get why you pretty much never offer any praise, CHU². It's 'cause you're always givin' your all and more dedicated than anyone when it comes to music.)
MASKING: (Then keep demandin' more from me...! I'll become better than you want! So long as you keep wantin'... I'll go way past your expectations no matter what they are!)
Uncontrollable Feelings T
CHU2: (Mom... Until this very moment, I never imagined I'd ever feel this way about you...)
CHU2: (But if it weren't for you, I never would've gotten to be a part of the best band ever, so... Thanks, Mom...)
CHU2: (And someday, I swear I'll make it to your side, and it's going to be RAS's unbeatable music that brings me there!)
Take My Hand (LAYER) T
LAYER: (Each breath and each heartbeat makes time accelerate even more...)
LAYER: (The more things we're engraved with, the faster and stronger we become!)
Bandori Opening Screen RAS Band Story 2
LAYER: (That's who we are! That's what RAISE A SUILEN is!)
LAYER: (From now on, we won't let anyone's expectations catch up to us!)
Advanced Rock Festival - Dressing Room

MASKING: Damn, what's this feelin'...? I'm still all giddy...
LOCK: Th-that was amazing... I've never felt anything like this before... It's like I'm being overwhelmed with emotions...
PAREO: I know exactly what you mean! I cried while performing!
LAYER: The crowd's energy was really something, but the intensity of our music was even greater!
CHU2: I can't believe I felt that way... I never even imagined it would be possible...
MASKING: Huh...? Feel what way?
CHU2: It's nothing, alright?
PAREO: ...?! It might be your mother, CHU²-sama! Yes! A moment, please!
PAREO: Is it okay, CHU²-sama...?
CHU2: Yes...
MASKING: Damn... I'm gettin' real nervous for some reason...
LOCK: Th-the big moment is finally here... Hang in there, CHU²-san!
LAYER: You've got nothing to worry about. There's no way the way we played didn't affect her. Not after how we went beyond expectations!
PAREO: Indeed! I shall open the door now!
CHU2'S Mom: That was such a nice performance, Chiyu~!
CHU2: Hello, Mom.
CHU2's Mom: You did absolutely wonderfully! Just listening to your music made my heart race. I can still feel the excitement!
CHU2: ... I see.
All: ...
PAREO: If I may~, do you happen to have any other thoughts you would like to share? We would love to hear them!
CHU2's Mom: All of you did very nicely too! I'm sure you must've practiced a lot!
CHU2: ...
MASKING: That's not what CHU²'s waitin' to hear...
LOCK: I-it can be anything, no matter how small! If you have anything else you'd like to-
CHU2: Stop. It's okay.
CHU2: Thanks, Mom... I'm glad you came.
CHU2's Mom: Anyway, I should go now. I'd love to take all of you to a restaurant, but I have rehearsals for tomorrow's concert.
CHU2: I understand...
CHU2's Mom: ... Oh, by the way.
CHU2's Mom: For some reason, watching you on stag reminded me of when I was little, Chiyu.
CHU2's Mom: All there was back then was the simple joy of music... I wonder why your concert reminded me of those days.
CHU2's Mom: And I know the music we play is different, but I found your music today to be very stimulating! I have a good feeling about tomorrow's concert because of all of you!
CHU2's Mom: So thank you, RAISE A SUILEN!
CHU2: Our music... had an effect on Mom...?
CHU2's Mom: Good luck! I can't wait to see what you're all going to do next!
CHU2: ... Mom.
CHU2: There's something I've always wanted to tell you...
CHU2: I love the way you play the violin.
CHU2: But...
CHU2: That makes me the producer of the ultimate band, and we're going to make history by revolutionizing music...
CHU2: Alright, everyone... It's time to go change the world.
All: Yes!
You bet!

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