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Ragtime of the Wind and Sea Worldwide Event Banner
Ragtime of the Wind and Sea
Event Attribute: Pure Pure
Event Type: Versus Live
Parameter Bonus: Visual 
Event Start
Event End
June 30, 2021 15:00 JST July 9, 2021 20:59 JST 9 days
November 30, 2021 15:00 CST December 7, 2021 20:59 CST 7 days
May 26, 2022 15:00 KST June 5, 2022 21:59 KST 10 days
May 27, 2022 01:00 UTC June 2, 2022 06:59 UTC 6 days
May 24, 2022 13:00 CST May 29, 2022 22:59 CST 5 days
Bonus Members
Moca (icon)Kokoro (icon)Rimi (icon)Sayo (icon)Saaya (icon)
Versus Live Song
Humanoid by Afterglow
Event Cards
Event Exclusive Rewards
Event Costume Set

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Suggested Team

VS Live
  • Cards suggested above are based from JP server's released cards as of date of event.
  • If you need help in building your band for any lives, you can use the Team Builder tool by Bestdori!.


  • Initially, a maintenance was held on the Japanese server after Craftegg revealed they had displayed the wrong image for Kokoro in the gacha screen (her transparent image being darker than it actually is, and her eyes looking different). However, another maintenance was shortly held afterwards due to Multi and VS-Live connection problems. Players who had pulled in the gacha were later refunded all of the Stars and gacha tickets they had spent.[1][2][3]