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Rainy Day Picnic♪ Card Story - Episode

Three Heads Are Better Than Two!


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Hallway

Saaya: I hope Eve's okay. I wonder if there's anything I can do to help her feel better.
Saaya: Maybe I can do something at the café... No, maybe at the hydrangea park... Hmm...
Hagumi: Huh? Isn't that Saaya over there?
Tae: You're right. Hey~, Saaya.
Saaya: Oh, Hagumi and O-Tae. Good morning.
Hagumi & Tae: Morning.
Saaya: Great timing. I was just about to head over to Class E.
Hagumi: Oh? Is something going on?
Saaya: Not really. I was just wondering if either of you are free this weekend.
Hagumi: Umm... This weekend, huh~...? I'm supposed to look after the shop since my mom has errands to run.
Saaya: I see... How about you, O-Tae?
Tae: I have a shift at work.
Saaya: Gotcha... Well, that's a shame...
Tae: Hm? Is something happening this weekend?
Saaya: A group of us are going to a hydrangea park, and I thought it'd be nice if you two joined us.
Saaya: I figured having more people would help cheer Eve up.
Hagumi: Huh? Is something... wrong with Eve-chin?
Saaya: Ah~, well, yesterday, after class...

Hagumi: I see... So that's what happened...
Saaya: That's why I'm thinking of ways to cheer Eve up.
Tae: By the way... What exactly is zanshin, anyway?
Saaya: I tried looking it up, but I'm not really sure myself.
Saaya: Evidently it's made up of the characters for "heart" and "keep."
Hagumi: It's a kendo word, right...? So maybe it's like this...
Hagumi: "Zanshin!" ... Is that it?
Saaya: Err~... What does that mean?
Tae: I disagree... I think it's more like... "Zanshin!"
Saaya: ...
Saaya: ... Umm~, to tell you the truth, I can't tell the difference between the two...
Tae: Hmm, this zanshin stuff is very complex.
Saaya: A-apparently it's got something to do with the stance you take in kendo after making your move.
Hagumi: After making your move~... Ah! That reminds me!
Hagumi: In softball, my dad said it's important to follow through after your bat hits the ball!
Hagumi: It's probably something like that!
Tae: Ah, right! That makes sense!
Saaya: I don't really understand the softball analogy either...
Hagumi: Then how about this? Dad told me that after you deep-fry a croquette, you gotta let them rest and let the residual heat finish the cooking.
Hagumi: I bet it's related to that!
Tae: That's it! It has to be!
Saaya: Croquettes... I... don't think that's right either.
Saaya: Well, even if I don't know the answer to her zanshin problem, I want to do something to lift Eve's spirits.
Tae: Right. If only we could join you this weekend...
Hagumi: Ah, maybe my shop's croquettes will do the trick! You should take them for lunch! Stuff your face with those, and you'll feel better for sure!
Tae: Uh-huh. When I feel down, I like to fill up on food.
Saaya: Food, huh...? I see. There may be some truth to that...
Saaya: Okay then... Maybe I'll try making something for everyone.
Hagumi: Yeah, that's a great idea! It'll be like a picnic!
Tae: What will you make? I want to eat one too!
Saaya: I haven't decided yet. I'm going to ask my dad for advice.
Saaya: Fufu! Thanks for your help, O-Tae, Hagumi!

Rainy Day Picnic♪ Card Story - Special Episode

Limited-Edition Bread


Yamabuki Bakery

Saaya: Welcome~. Ah, Marina-san and BanG Dreamer-san.
Marina: Hello. I see you're looking after the shop today, Saaya-chan.
Saaya: Yep. Are you two out shopping?
Marina: Yeah, we came to buy lunch.
Saaya: Great, we just put out a batch of freshly-baked bread, so please take a look around!
Marina: Thank you! Hmm, what should I choose...? Ah, you're getting that one? What is it...?
Marina: A limited-edition hydrangea bun? Wow~, it looks just like a hydrangea flower. Very cute!
Saaya: Oh, that bread is actually my own creation.
Marina: You made this, Saaya-chan? That's impressive!
Saaya: It was something I originally made as a personal project, but Dad said we could sell them in-store as well.
Marina: Wow~! That must have made you happy. Was there a special reason behind making them?
Saaya: A little while ago, Eve was feeling down, so a group of us invited her to the hydrangea park to unwind.
Saaya: I wanted to do something to help, so I tried making these buns.
Marina: I see! So you made hydrangea buns for the hydrangea park.
Saaya: Exactly! Dad taught me how to make them.
Saaya: By the way, it was O_Tae and Hagumi who gave me the idea in the first place.
Marina: Sounds like an idea filled with love for Eve-chan.
Marina: Now that would cheer anybody up! Were Eve-chan and the others happy?
Saaya: Yes. I brought them as snacks, and they went over great. Everyone loved them!
Saaya: You know, it's really nice when people appreciate something you put your heart into.
Marina: I'm sure your feelings reached them.
Saaya: Fufu, I think so too.
Saaya: Eve cheered up, and we all had an amazing time. It was the perfect day.
Saaya: Oh yeah, and with Himari's help, I took lots of photos!
Marina: You don't say! You'll have to show me everyone's pictures next time you come to CiRCLE.
Saaya: Sure! I'll make sure to bring them!
Marina: Well then, I think I'll follow BanG Dreamer-san's example and get a hydrangea bun.
Saaya: Thank you! Please let me know what you think.