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Reconciliation Card Story - Episode

Let's Talk Oshiruko!


After School

Tae: Himari and Ran aren't here yet? Where could they be?
Eve: Fufu. Tae-san, you have asked that several times now. We left school somewhat early, so I believe they will come along shortly.
Tae: Hm. I hope so.
Hagumi: O-Tae, you've been hyped for this all day long!
Tae: Of course. I can't wait to have some of Himari's oshiruko.
Eve: I understand how you feel, Tae-san. I could barely sit still during our lessons today!
Hagumi: Hehehe, I totally get you~. I even held back on today's lunch so I'd have plenty of room for later!
Tae: Me too. I specifically asked my mother to reduce my chicken from eight pieces to seven.
Hagumi: Wow, now that's thinking ahead~! I had my folks cut back on the broccoli and carrots just a tad~!
Tae: Oddie made the final call. When I told him about it, he gave me a purr of approval.
Eve: How reassuring! Oddie seems to love you very much, Tae-san!
Tae: And I love him too. Ah, and Shiroppi, Doro-chan, and all the rest.
Tae: You two should come play with them again sometime soon. I bet you'll become even better friends than before.
Eve: Wow, that does sound like fun! I cannot wait!
Hagumi: Man, Hii-chan and Ran-ran sure are running late. Do you think something happened to them~?
Eve: I'm not sure... I believe they should be here soon, though
Hagumi: Awww, I wish they'd hurry and get here~. My tummy isn't going to last much longer~.
Tae: In that case, we can pass the time by trying to imagine what Himari is going to make for us.
Tae: If we focus on something fun like that, maybe we can forget about how hungry we are.
Eve: That may work! Nice thinking, Tae-san!
Hagumi: Let's get to thinking, then~! What kind of oshiruko would be best~?
Tae: I want some with plenty of actual adzuki packed in.
Hagumi: Ah, me too, me too! It'd be like those corn-stuffed croquettes that I love so much!
Tae: Makes sense to me. They both have a nice full-bodied texture.
Eve: I prefer mine with a lot of added shiratama. That soft, gentle texture is what I crave♪
Hagumi: Shiratama is pretty tasty~. I'd like mine to be as big as a rice ball~.
Hagumi: Then it could fill the whole bowl! Softer and fluffier than anything you've ever eaten~ ♪
Eve: That soft and fluffy...?! Yes, that does sound wonderful! I would love to try some!
Tae: Why not add something inside of it too? If it's as big as a rice ball, then you could easily fill it with anko.
Hagumi: O-Tae, you're blowing my mind here...! I want to cram mine full of anko~!
Eve: Chocolate could make for an excelling filling, as well! Ah, whipped cream would also do nicely♪
Hagumi: Wow, th-that's a tough choice~. There's no way I could pick only one~...
Hagumi: Ngh, my head is spinning just thinking about it...
Tae: Then you should make a batch for each one. That way, the first bite will always be a surprise.
Eve: An excellent idea! You cannot go wrong when each choice is delicious.
Hagumi: Works for me~! Sigh, now I'm even hungrier than before. My tummy is having a fit~.
Eve: Yes... I am also feeling rather hungry now.
Hagumi: I guess I should have eaten more at lunchtime~. Maybe I can find something to nibble on until the others get here~...
Tae: No, try to hold out just a little longer. You've just entered your peak eating form.
Eve: Peak form? What do you mean?
Tae: Himari's oshiruko is bound to be delicious. And as hungry as you are now, you'll definitely have room for seconds.
Eve & Hagumi: Well said! Now I get it~!
Eve: Hagumi-san, we should take Tae-san's advice and endure for as long as possible. Do not give in quite yet!
Hagumi: Alright! Thanks for talking sense into me, O-Tae! You really saved the day!
Tae: Let's all leave room for plenty of second helpings. I think I'll have five bowls.
Hagumi: Five for me too! Maybe even more, if I'm feeling it!
Eve: I will also help myself to five servings!
Eve: ... Ah! Himari-san sent a message in the chat room!
Tae: You're right. "We made it downtown~! Where are you guys~?"
Hagumi: They're finally here! Where could they be~?
Eve: Ah, I see them! Over there!
Hagumi: Hii-chan! Ran-ran~! Hey~!
Tae: Over here, you two~!
Hagumi: Whoa! Wait, O-Tae!
Eve: Ah! Tae-san, Hagumi-san! Wait for me~!

Reconciliation Card Story - Special Episode

Himari-sensei's Lesson



Tae: Ah, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Good afternoon.
Marina: Hello, Tae-chan. Wow, that's a lot of stuff! On your way back from shopping?
Tae: Yes, I bought some ingredients to make oshiruko.
Marina: Huh? Oshiruko...?
Tae: You know, milk, daifuku, and mugwort mochi! Ah, and I grabbed a lot of shiratama, as well.
Tae: This will be my first time adding mugwort mochi, but I'm sure it'll be delicious.
Marina: H-hold on a second. Um, you're going to make oshiruko, right? If so, then where are the azuki?
Tae: The kind we're making uses milk and daifuku!
Marina: Um, milk and daifuku?
Tae: Yeah, Himari taught us the recipe the other day. You just add milk, daifuku, and shiratama, then stir until ready.
Tae: You guys should totally try it for yourselves. You won't believe how tasty it is.
Marina: Wow, that does sound really simple~. How interesting~.
Tae: I know, right? Oh, she also taught us some other freestyle recipes. I plan to make some of those, as well.
Marina: And by freestyle recipes, do you mean those personal at-home recipes people have? Like putting chocolate on popcorn or something?
Tae: Exactly. Himari knows all sorts of freestyle recipes like that.
Marina: You don't say~. It's always nice to be able to take food that's good on its own and find a way to make it better!
Marina: Maybe I'll ask Himari-chan to share some tips with me too.
Tae: Yeah, by all means! She's such a fun person to be around. You can learn so much from her.
Tae: I like seeing all the different expressions her face goes through.
Marina: I think I get what you mean. No matter the situation, Himari-chan's reactions are always genuine and full of life.
Marina: And she'll always answer you with a smile. It's a lot of fun talking with her.
Tae: I agree. That's why I'm looking forward to hearing her impression of my oshiruko lyrics.
Marina: O-oshiruko lyrics?
Tae: Yeah, I want to put my feelings towards her oshiruko recipe into song form.
Tae: I feel like I was able to capture that sweet aroma and thick texture. Himari is going to love it.
Marina: Fufu, I can already imagine her being thrilled.
Marina: Can we have a listen once you're done? We'd love to know how it turns out. Isn't that right, BanG Dreamer-san?
Tae: In that case, I'll make CiRCLE my next stop after I get Himari's opinion.
Marina: Thanks! We're looking forward to it~.
Tae: Alright, time for me to get going. I'm already pretty hungry.
Tae: Bye-bye~!