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Recruiting a Guitarist! Card Story - Episode

Proof of Invincibility


CHU²'s Penthouse - Living Room

PAREO: Fufufu~, and with that, preparations are complete~! Now to show everyone what I can do~♪
MASKING: Mornin'... Hm? It's just you, PAREO. Where's the rest of the gang?
PAREO: LAYER-san and LOCK-san have yet to arrive.
PAREO: As for CHU²-sama, she is resting until it is time for practice. Her sleeping face is very cute indeed ♪
MASKING: You never change, do you?
PAREO: Now, now, that's not true ♪ ... Hm? Massu-san, you have a mark on your face.
MASKING: A mark? ... Ah, that's probably from my pillow. I woke up not too long ago.
PAREO: Huh?! Unacceptable! You must use a sheet mask later!
MASKING: Wh-what's the big deal...? Wait, is that... a makeup kit? It's huge.
PAREO: CHU²-sama has appointed me as the makeup artist for our music video, so I prepared this kit for that very purpose ♪
PAREO: On the day of filming, I'll be sure to make you all adorable!
MASKING: Hmph, gotcha. 'Kay, whatever.
PAREO: What's this? Do I detect a teensy bit of resistance in your tone?
MASKING: I mean, it's just... Do I have to get a makeover?
PAREO: Of course you do! You're going to be on camera, so you need to be your most adorable self...!
MASKING: Urgh... I don't like people starin' at me, though.
PAREO: Sigh... Understood. I shall now explain to you the importance of being cute when filming!
MASKING: O-okay. Sorry about that...
PAREO: Not at all. This is part of my job as the keyboardist maid of RAS!
PAREO: Now then, picture Pastel✽Palettes in your mind... Well? Aren't they adorable?
MASKING: Yeah. No matter how many shows I see, those smiles are the best.
PAREO: Exactly~! I'm so glad you understand~♪
PAREO: No one on Earth could look at their smiles and not be filled with joy.
PAREO: However, I must offer one correction... You said they're the best, but that is not true!
MASKING: Huh? Meaning?
PAREO: Pastel✽Palettes isn't the best... They're invincible!
MASKING: I-invincible...?
PAREO: If you must ask why, it is because they all shine in their own unique ways...
PAREO: That uniqueness improves upon their natural cuteness and elevates them to an invincible status!
PAREO: For example, when Aya Maruyama introduces herself as the fluffy, pink member of Pastel✽Palettes, what do you think of that?
MASKING: It's pretty cute.
PAREO: No, there's more to it than that! That unique pose takes Aya-chan's natural cuteness to the extreme...!
PAREO: The angle of her legs suggests a refreshing yet energetic adorableness... After captivating her fans with that smile, she pierces their hearts with a wink and her double pistol pose...
PAREO: Is there anyone on this planet that could stay calm and collected after seeing a pose like that? I think not!
MASKING: Y-you really are somethin' else... Who examines a single pose like that...?
PAREO: What are you talking about?! This much dissection is perfectly normal!
PAREO: Now then, let's move on to the Maya-san Quiz!
MASKING: The what?
PAREO: As long as you've been paying attention, I have no doubt that you will pass! Here we go~...
PAREO: First question! Maya-san is most well-known for her drumming skills... How would you describe her in one word?
MASKING: ... Cool?
PAREO: Correct! And how would you describe the cool Maya-san's natural state?
PAREO: That's right. She's both cool and cute... If we take those two elements and combine them, what does that make Maya-san?
MASKING: ... Invincible?
PAREO: You got every question right, Massu-san! I knew you could do it~!
MASKING: Well, you know... It just came to me. Heh ♪
PAREO: You are on a roll! Now then, moving on to Chisato-san...
LAYER & LOCK: Hey. Hello.
PAREO: Ah, LAYER-san and LOCK-san! Welcome ♪
PAREO: It looks like everyone's here. I shall go wake CHU²-sama. Massu-san, our discussion will have to continue later.
LAYER: ... PAREO seems to be in a good mood.
LOCK: I thought so, too. What were you talking about, Masuki-san?
MASKING: She was tellin' me how Pastel✽Palettes is invincible... Huh? Wait, that wasn't how the conversation started...
LAYER: Masuki?
MASKING: Hmm... Whatever.
MASKING: Let's just get in the studio already! I wanna kick some butt on the drums!

Recruiting a Guitarist! Card Story - Special Episode

RAS Live



Marina: Thanks for all your help today. I really appreciated it.
PAREO: Ah, Marina-san and BanG Dreamer-san! Good afternoon! Are you in the middle of work?
Marina: Nope, we're done for today. Are you out running errands, PAREO-chan?
PAREO: Indeed I am! I am out buying jerky on CHU²-sama's orders.
PAREO: I am on the hunt for a truly delectable jerky that will make CHU²-sama growl with delight!
PAREO: Certainly CHU²-sama will praise me after that. Fufu ♪
Marina: You're chipper as ever, I see.
PAREO: Is it that obvious? I can't really tell myself...
Marina: By the way, your showdown with Roselia was amazing.
PAREO: I believe having LOCK-san join the band was crucial to that concert's success.
Marina: That's true! You can't replicate the depth of real guitar-playing with computers.
PAREO: My master has been searching for people to help bring her musical vision to life for a long time now.
PAREO: Not only was she constantly attending shows, but she'd also stay up late scouring video sites... And it seems her efforts are finally paying off!
PAREO: Just imagining her joy right now... Sigh~, it fills my heart with happiness.
Marina: Fufu, you really love CHU²-chan, don't you, PAREO-chan?
PAREO: But of course ♪ CHU²-sama means everything to me!
PAREO: Ah, but do not misunderstand. CHU²-sama is not the only one overjoyed by LOCK-san's addition to the band.
PAREO: LAYER-san, Massu-san, and myself are equally as excited to have her with us ♪
PAREO: Thanks to LOCK-san, we were finally able to give a real RAS concert.
Marina: What does that mean...?
PAREO: Up until now, RAS has always used programs to recreate the sound of a guitar.
PAREO: While sound effects like that are reliable and always on beat... There's no variation. You end up with the same sound every time.
PAREO: But now, LOCK-san gives us a different guitar performance every single show ♪
Marina: True, musicians tend to adjust their sound based on the venue, so every performance is a little bit different.
PAREO: Exactly! Which makes it so much fun ♪ We finally felt like a real band playing together!
Marina: I see~. No wonder you're so happy! I can't wait to see what kind of concerts you play in the future~.
PAREO: I hope you'll look forward to it ♪ I assure you that we will present you with the strongest music possible!
PAREO: ... Oh dear! It's so late.
PAREO: My apologies, Marina-san, but I am sure that the adorable CHU²-sama is ever so patiently awaiting my return, so I must take my leave.
Marina: For sure! Thank you for chatting with us!
PAREO: nd thank you for listening! Now then, I will see you later ♪