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Red Ignition Event Story - Opening
A Fever That Won't Break

Still pumped up from their Girl Jam performance, Tomoe and the others work hard in practice.



Tomoe: Wait... Didn't we sound way better than before?!
Himari: You thought so too, Tomoe? That's what I thought! This time was way better.
Moca: Wow~, to think we've improved this much... We're geniuses~.
Tsugumi: I'm not too sure about that, but I feel like we are one step closer to achieving the perfect performance!
Ran: Same here. What should we play next?
Tomoe: What haven't we practiced today...? "ONE OF US"?
Himari: Ah, wait a minute. Shouldn't we take a break soon?
Tsugumi: That's right... We've been in the studio for two hours, but we haven't taken one yet.
Moca: Okay, so, break time~?
Tomoe: I wanna keep going for a bit. It'd kinda be a waste to stop now~.
Ran: I agree with Tomoe. We're all in good form today. I want to sing a little more.
Moca: No objections from me.
Tsugumi: Than how about we take a break after "ONE OF US"?
Tomoe: Yeah, sounds good! Here we go. One, two, three!
Break Time

Himari: Phew~, I'm exhausted~.
Tsugumi: You sounded good, Himari-chan. Here, have some juice.
Himari: Thanks, Tsugu~. ... Ahh~, that's better~!
Himari: I never thought we'd keep going and do three more songs after "ONE OF US"~.
Moca: Tomo-chin kept on going every time we tried to take a break~.
Tomoe: My bad, my bad. Once I started playing, I couldn't stop.
Ran: You've been practicing a lot lately, Tomoe.
Tsugumi: You were even practicing on your own yesterday before band practice, weren't you?
Himari: Yeah~. You're so fired up~!
Tomoe: I can't explain it very well, but ever since Girl Jam, I just can't sit still~.
Tomoe: When I practice, it's like I just lose control of myself...
Tsugumi: I think I know what you mean. Girl Jam was really something.
Tsugumi: The cheers were sparse at first, but then they got louder and louder, and the audience got more and more excited...
Tomoe: Yeah, yeah! It was like watching the audience becoming one with our sound!
Tomoe: When I think back to Girl Jam, this feeling wells up inside me~. It's like, "I wanna play drums!"
Himari: Even so, practicing for more than two hours is overdoing it~.
Tomoe: Yeah... Sorry about that. I'll be more careful next time.
Tsugumi: Ah, that reminds me... Here it is!
Ran: Tsugumi, what's that magazine?
Tsugumi: It's a music magazine called "Melody Musix." I buy it every month, but there's something I want you to look at on this page...
Himari: Where, where~? ... Ah, it's Pastel * Palettes! It says here they're this month's cover story!
Moca: Ah, the special feature~. Pastel * Palettes sure have gained momentum recently~.
Ran: Ah... Here. Maya-san is talking about us.
Tomoe: She is! She was asked, "What's something memorable you've seen recently?" And she said Afterglow!
Himari: "There's a girl band called Afterglow, and their performance at Girl Jam was just incredible!" Wow!
Moca: Ohh~. I can't believe Maya-senpai talked about Girl Jam in a magazine~.
Tsugumi: Yeah! That's why I wanted to show it to you all!
Tomoe: Maya-senpai even came to our classroom the day after Girl Jam to tell us what she thought, remember?!
Himari: I remember! She was so excited.
Ran: It was a little embarrassing how everyone started looking at us though.
Moca: She raved on and on about Tomo-chin~.
Ran: Tomoe, didn't you go bright red when she said she respected you as a fellow drummer?
Tomoe: What was I supposed to do? I didn't think she was gonna say something so intense.
Himari: Ah, look, look! Maya-senpai even mentioned Tomoe in her interview!
Moca: "You don't hear passionate drumming like that very often! I was mesmerized by Afterglow's enthusiastic drummer!"
Ran: Huh. Well, that's nice.
Tomoe: D-don't read it out loud!
Tsugumi: I'm so glad she enjoyed our performance that much!
Ran: Yeah. It gives us some incentive for our next show too.
Himari: There have been a lot of good comments about us on social media since Girl Jam, so I feel like things might be going our way...!
Tomoe: We better ride this wave then! Let's get back to practice!
Tsugumi & Himari: Yeah~!

Red Ignition Event Story - Chapter 1
Tomoe Getting Interviewed?!

Tomoe receives a request for an interview. Tsugumi can't contain her excitement.


The Next Day - Recess
Haneoka Girls' Academy - Hallway

Himari: Okay, we're gonna go and buy some drinks!
Tomoe: Got it. Me and Tsugu will head up to the roof then.
Himari: See you later!
Maya: Ah, Udagawa-san! I'm glad I didn't miss you.
Tomoe: Maya-senpai?
Maya: I have something I want to talk to you about, but do you have time?
Tomoe: To me? Yeah, now's fine...
Maya: So, I actually talked about Afterglow in a magazine interview that came out recently, and-
Tomoe: Ah, you mean "Melody Musix"? I just saw it yesterday!
Tomoe: You praised us a whole lot, so... Thank you!
Maya: If you've already seen it, then that makes this so much easier!
Maya: Yesterday, somebody from Melody Musix contacted me saying they wanted to interview you.
Tomoe: Huh, an interview...?
Tomoe: Whaaat~?!
Tsugumi: M-Maya-senpai, what is this about?
Maya: You know how I talked about Girl Jam and Udagawa-san in my interview?
Maya: Well, it seems like someone at the magazine took an interest in my story about Udagawa-san.
Tomoe: F-for real...?
Maya: And so they said they want to feature Udagawa-san in their column where they introduce band members of up-and-coming girl bands.
Maya: It's a very popular column among their readers.
Tsugumi: I know that column! I always read it. Wait...
Tsugumi: Is Tomoe-chan going to be in that column...? Wow, that's amazing!
Tomoe: But that person didn't actually see me perform, did they? So then why...?
Maya: No, apparently the person who decided to interview you actually saw you play at Girl Jam.
Maya: They said they could feel your passion through your performance, and that they were entranced by the sight of you.
Maya: And they also said they haven't seen a drummer as intense as you in a while!
Tomoe: Y-you sure they weren't just exaggerating...?
Maya: Not at all! After all, I was also one of the people hypnotized by your enthusiasm.
Maya: I watched you stir up your bandmates with your fiery, aggressive performance...
Maya: They say that the drummer is the backbone of the band, but during that performance, you were all that and more!
Tomoe: M-Maya-senpai, could you keep it down? Everybody's looking at us...
Tsugumi: That's right! Tomoe-chan's drumming is really incredible!
Tomoe: Ts-Tsugu?!
Tsugumi: It's like the sound of your drums pushes us forward and raises our spirits...
Tsugumi: Then I really get into playing and start thinking, "I want to sound even better," and, "I want everyone in the audience to hear our music!"
Maya: I could tell~. At Girl Jam, all of your faces were positively glowing!
Tsugumi: Yes! Thanks to Tomoe-chan, we always enjoy ourselves when we play!
Tomoe: O-okay! I get it, so keep your voices down... Everybody's looking at us...!
Tsugumi: Huh...? Ah.
Tsugumi: S-sorry. I got a little carried away after hearing what Maya-senpai had to say...
Maya: I got a bit overexcited too. Sorry...
Maya: So, Udagawa-san... what will you do about the interview?
Tomoe: I honestly have no idea. Hmm~...
Maya: It is a bit difficult to make a decision on the spot. I understand that. I'll tell them you need a little time to think about it.
Maya: Here... This is the business card of the person from Melody Musix. Once you've decided on your answer, send them an email.
Tomoe: Thank you. Sorry I'm being a bit indecisive.
Maya: It was so sudden, so it's only natural. Please think it over before you decide.
Maya: Anyhow, I'd better get going. Thank you for taking the time to hear me out!

Red Ignition Event Story - Chapter 2
The Representative of Afterglow

The group is excited about the upcoming interview, but how does Tomoe feel...?


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Roof

Ran & Himari: Tomoe's doing an interview?!
Moca: Hoho, what an interesting development~.
Tomoe: This is the business card of the person from Melody Musix...
Moca & Himari: Ooh~.
Ran: What kind of reaction was that?
Himari: W-well, seeing the real thing is kind of exciting...
Tsugumi: I know what you mean. Business cards feel very grown-up.
Himari: So, so?! When is it? I can't wait!
Moca: Hehe, you're so cool, Tomo-chin~.
Tomoe: No, well... I'm actually not too sure about doing it.
Himari: Huh? Why not?!
Himari: It's an interview! A chance like this is super rare!
Ran: Hey, Himari... calm down a bit.
Tsugumi: Tomoe-chan, could you tell us why you're conflicted?
Tomoe: How can I put this...? I get what you're saying, Himari, but...
Tomoe: Honestly, it's not really my thing, you know?
Tsugumi: Huh?
Himari: That's your reason?!
Tomoe: Come on. Me? In an interview?
Tomoe: I'm glad they thought my performance was cool, but... I can't really imagine it~.
Tsugumi: Th-that's nonsense! Tomoe-chan, you should try it out!
Tomoe: ...! Ts-Tsugu?! You're way too close...
Tsugumi: Ah, s-sorry. But I- No, we know exactly how cool you are, Tomoe-chan.
Tsugumi: And we'd be happy if everyone else knew too.
Tsugumi: Of course, it's your decision to make, but if possible, I would like you to do the interview.
Himari: M-me too! I want everyone to know how awesome you are...!
Moca: These two have said all these nice things, so why not just do it for the memories~? By the way, I'm also for it~.
Tomoe: For the memories, huh...?
Ran: Whenever I'm unsure about something, I think it's better to just do it. Isn't it better to do it and regret it later than regret not trying at all?
Tomoe: ... Regret not trying at all... Yeah... You're right about that.
Tsugumi: So will you do it, Tomoe-chan...?!
Tomoe: I won't know if I like interviews until I try one, so I'll give it a go, just like you guys said!
Himari: Really?! Yay!
Tsugumi: Thank you, Tomoe-chan!
Moca: You sure did make up your mind quickly, Tomo-chin~.
Ran: we're counting on you, you know?
Tomoe: Okay! Well, I gotta reply to the magazine first.
Himari: Ah, that's true! Email them now, quickly, Tomoe...
Himari: Sigh~, now that it's been decided, I'm kind of nervous... What sort of things do you think they'll ask~?
Ran: Huh? Why are you nervous, Himari?
Moca: Well, it is a music magazine, so they'll probably ask about music and the band, no? For example~...
Moca: Tomoe Udagawa, it will be my pleasure to interview you today.
Tomoe: ... Huh? Wh-what're you doing?
Moca: We're having a mock interview~. I'm telling you, it's better to do one~. Okay, here we go~.
Moca: All right, first, please tell me about why and how you came to be in a band.
Tomoe: Why I'm in a band? U-umm... We all wanted to stay together, I guess...?
Tomoe: And so we kinda just made a band...
Ran: You left out way too much.
Tsugumi: Yeah, you might need to explain it a little more...
Moca: Is there anything you are particular about when you play the drums...?
Tomoe: When I play the drums...? H-hmm, maybe... force... or something?
Tomoe: It's like, it just feels awesome when you go "bang" into a performance right from the start.
Moca: I see~. What exactly do you mean by "bang"?
Tomoe: It's like... Hmm, bang is just bang... Like, "bang!"
Himari: T-Tomoe... That doesn't help at all...
Tomoe: Oh, really...?
Moca: I think the people who know you well kind of get it, but it might be a bit hard for others~.
Tomoe: Ngh... Interviews are harder than I thought.
Tsugumi: I-it'll be okay, Tomoe-chan! I'm sure the interview will go smoothly!
Ran: It's not like it's first thing tomorrow morning, so why don't you just take some time to think about what you want to say?
Ran: We're counting on you to represent Afterglow, Tomoe.
Tomoe: Represent Afterglow...?
Tsugumi: I know! I'll bring you some old copies of Melody Musix tomorrow! I'm sure looking at past columns will give you some ideas!
Tomoe: For real?! You're a lifesaver~.
Tomoe: (Right. If I say something strange, people might think all of Afterglow is weird...)
Tomoe: (I better figure this out before the interview.)

Red Ignition Event Story - Chapter 3
A Surprise Visitor

Tomoe prepares herself for the interview. Her answers go smoothly, but...


The Weekend - Day of the Interview
Inner City Live House

Himari: Hngh~, I'm so nervous~.
Moca: Hii-chan, keep it down~. I know you haven't had breakfast yet, but you're being too noisy~.
Himari: I ate breakfast!
Ran: You know, I thought this the other day, but why are you nervous, Himari?
Ran: Tomoe's the one being interviewed. We're just here to watch.
Himari: I know, but I can't help it~.
Tsugumi: Our friend is the one being interviewed, so I know how you feel. I've been feeling a bit restless too.
Tomoe: On the other hand, I feel fine. Probably cause you've done all the worrying for me, Himari.
Ran: I guess you could say that watching others panic calms the mind.
Moca: Way to go, leader. You're so inspiring~.
Himari: That didn't sound like a compliment at all!
Moca: But I wonder why they're interviewing you at a live house, Tomo-chin~. I didn't expect them to choose a place like this.
Tomoe: Well, they said something about taking a photo of me on the drums, so maybe that's why?
Tomoe: But man, the Melody Musix person sure is taking their time. It's almost time for us to meet, but I don't se- Oh?
CHUCHU: ...! It's you guys...
Tsugumi: CHU²-chan! What are you doing here?
CHUCHU: I have an appointment. RAS plans on doing a solo show here next month.
Ran: You're not doing it at dub?
CHUCHU: We don't always have to perform at dub. We will play anywhere that is suitable for RAS.
CHUCHU: And what are you all doing here?
Himari: We're here for an interview!
CHUCHU: An interview?
Himari: Yeah! It's for a column in this music magazine called Melody Musix.
CHUCHU: Melody Musix... I've seen it before. So they're gonna feature you in the magazine...
Tsugumi: Ah, but Tomoe-chan is the only one being interviewed! It's not an Afterglow interview.
Himari: Isn't that amazing~? Our Tomoe was chosen out of everyone else~!
Moca: Our drummer is our pride and joy~. Aren't you, Tomo-chin~?
Tomoe: You two, cut it out~. You're embarrassing me~.
CHUCHU: ... I'll come observe your interview later.
Ran: Huh? You will?
CHUCHU: Don't worry, I have no intention of interrupting. I'll see you then.
Himari: Observe your interview...? What's up with her?
Ran: Who knows? Maybe she's just interested?
Interviewer: My apologies for being late. You are Tomoe Udagawa, yes? I am here on behalf of Melody Musix...
Tomoe: Ah, thank you for inviting me today!
Interviewer: Thank you for agreeing to the interview. Now, let's head to the studio. This way.

Interviewer: Now, I'd like to begin the interview.
Interviewer: Udagawa-san, you are the drummer of Afterglow. As a drummer, is there anything you are particular about when you perform?
Tomoe: Something I'm particular about...? Let's see~. Well, the drummer is like the unsung hero of a band, right?
Tomoe: So first, I've gotta be conscious of whether my band members can feel comfortable playing with me!
Interviewer: And what exactly do you mean by this...?
Tomoe: Hmm, well, keeping the rhythm and stuff for starters~. After all, a steady rhythm is what makes a performance come to life! Also...
Himari: Wow, wow! Tomoe's answers are perfect.
Ran: It's going well. Not bad, Tomoe.
Moca: So she was prepared, after all~. Good, good.
Tsugumi: (Just as everyone said, it is going well... but why do I have this strange feeling...?)
Tsugumi: O-oh, CHU²-chan? When did you get here...?
CHUCHU: Just now. I'm taking a quick break from my appointment, I came by to observe.
Himari: CHU²-chan, you've come at a good time~! Tomoe's interview has just begun!
Interviewer: The other day, I watched footage of your performance at Girl Jam. The audience really loved Afterglow's performance.
Tomoe: Thank you!
Interviewer: I felt a certain passion from your drums that appeals to the heart, Udagawa-san. But how did you feel when you stood up on that stage?
Tomoe: Well, you see~... I was thinking, "man, the power of music is impressive~."
Interviewer: In what way?
Tomoe: I could distinctly feel the enthusiasm created by our music spread throughout the whole venue.
Tomoe: I won't ever forget the sensation of the audience merging with our music.
Himari: Oh, Tomoe, you're doing so well~!
CHUCHU: ... I see.
CHUCHU: I'll return to my appointment. Farewell, then.
Himari: Huh, already?! You should stay a little longer~.
Moca: That really was so sudden~.
Ran: Ah, it looks like Tomoe's about to take a break.
Moca: Now, let's go meet Tomo-chin~.
Tsugumi: ...

Red Ignition Event Story - Chapter 4
I'm So Uncool...

CHU² observes the interview and shares her shocking opinion.


Interview - Break Time
Inner City Live House

Tomoe: Phew. I'm pooped~.
Ran: It's going well, Tomoe. Keep it up.
Himari: Oh~, Tomoe~. I can't believe you're answering so smoothly~.
Moca: I knew you could do it if you put your mind to it, Tomo-chin~.
Tomoe: Ahaha, thanks. So far, so good.
Tsugumi: ...
Ran: Tsugumi? What's wrong?
Tsugumi: Huh? Ah. No, it's nothing!
Tsugumi: Actually, I was thinking of going to buy a drink, but would you like one, Tomoe-chan?
Tomoe: Ah. Then I'll come with you. I wanna get some fresh air.
Himari: We'll be waiting here!
Outside the Live House

Tomoe: Mm~, this breeze feels good~.
Tomoe: The heat was up a bit too high in the studio~. It made my mind go blank halfway through. I wasn't sure what to do.
Tsugumi: (I wonder what felt so strange during the interview before...? I can't stop thinking about it...)
Tomoe: You know, you really saved me, Tsugu~.
Tsugumi: ... Huh? How?
Tomoe: You gave me your copies of Melody Musix! Thanks to that, the interview's going great!
Tomoe: I read a bunch of people's interviews, and I realized there's lots of ways to explain how the audience becomes one with your music.
Tomoe: It really helped!
Tsugumi: So that's why you were using words you don't normally use.
CHUCHU: Oh, it's you two...
Tomoe: Ah, CHU²!
CHUCHU: What are you doing here? What about your interview?
Tomoe: We're on a break right now. How 'bout you?
CHUCHU: My appointment has ended.
CHUCHU: We had the most superb discourse. That live house has some good personnel.
Tomoe: Right. Ah, if you've got time, come watch the rest of my interview. My break's almost over anyway.
CHUCHU: I'm fine. There's no merit in listening to such a boring interview.
Tomoe: Huh...?!
CHUCHU: Am I wrong? Nothing you said in there were your own words.
Tomoe: My own words...? What're you talking about? I said every single one of 'em!
CHUCHU: The drummer is the unsung hero of the band.
Tomoe: Hm?
CHUCHU: A steady rhythm is what makes a performance come to life. "The enthusiasm created by our music spread throughout the whole venue."
CHUCHU: I have read all of these phrases in past interviews with Melody Musix.
Tsugumi: ...!
Tomoe: Huh...?
CHUCHU: It is not a bad thing to study up for an interview.
CHUCHU: But any words you borrow will, of course, be fake. They do not hold enough vigor to touch the hearts of readers.
Tsugumi: ... I see. So that's what that feeling was...
Tomoe: Tsugu...?
Tsugumi: Sorry, Tomoe-chan... To tell you the truth, I felt like something was off that whole time.
Tsugumi: During your interview, it sounded like you were borrowing someone else's words...
Tsugumi: Even though you were the one speaking them, it's like I was hearing someone else say them...
Tomoe: N-no way...
Tsugumi: I'm so sorry... It must be because I told you to look at what other people had said in their interviews... So it's not your fault, Tomoe-chan...
Tomoe: I see... So I've been using someone else's words all this time...
Tomoe: That's so uncool of me...
CHUCHU: Afterglow's performance at Girl Jam was splendid.
Tomoe: Huh... You saw it?
CHUCHU: A performance at an event as big as Girl Jam? Of course I checked it out.
CHUCHU: I could feel the audience's excitement through the screen. I felt my chest swell as I imagined... how far this band could go.
CHUCHU: And yet... one of the band members can't even answer interview questions in her own words...
CHUCHU: It seems like that performance was a one-time-only miracle. I can't believe I couldn't see through such a facade.
Tomoe: ...! A facade? Are you talking about us...?
CHUCHU: Yes. Who else would I be referring to?
Tomoe: D-don't mess with me! Afterglow is not fake! Take it back...!
Tomoe: You can say what you want about me... but I'll never forgive you for making fun of Afterglow!
CHUCHU: That is fine. I don't particularly need your forgiveness.
CHUCHU: Anyhow, I must be taking my leave. Farewell.
Tomoe: W-wait... Argh!
Tsugumi: Tomoe-chan...

Red Ignition Event Story - Chapter 5
Our Pride

Tomoe regathers her thoughts and returns to the interview. What does she say...?



Himari: Whaaat~?! CHU²-chan really said that to Tomoe~?!
Tsugumi: Yeah...
Moca: Well~, that was a bit extreme~.
Himari: A-and what about Tomoe...? Where is she right now?
Tsugumi: She said she needed to cool off, so she's still outside... She was quite angry, after all.
Ran: I can see how she would be after being told something like that.
Tsugumi: ... When it was just the two of us, Tomoe-chan said something to me.
Himari: What did she say...?
Tsugumi: She said she's sorry for making Afterglow look bad...
Tsugumi: Wh-what?! But you didn't do anything wrong...!
Tomoe: No, I did. Because of me, you all-...
Tomoe: Sorry. I need to cool off. Go back without me.
Moca: ... It really got to her, huh? Tomo-chin looks tough, but she's actually pretty easily influenced~.
Himari: She didn't even do anything wrong though...
Ran: There's no use in getting upset over it. Let's think about what we can do for Tomoe right now.
Moca: Should I ask the person from Melody Musix to extend the break?
Ran: Yeah... I don't imagine it would go too well if she went back to the interview now.
Ran: Anyhow, let's bring it up when Tomoe gets ba-
Tomoe: I'm so sorry! Didn't mean to keep you waiting!
Himari & Tsugumi: Tomoe-chan!
Tomoe: Now, let's continue with the interview! What were we talking about again?
Interviewer: We were discussing Girl Jam. Let us continue...
Himari: ... Ah! The interview's started already?!
Moca: And who would've thought that Tomo-chin would initiate it...? What an unexpected development~.
Ran: Wait, doesn't Tomoe seem a little too eager?
Himari: You don't think... she's feeling desperate, do you?!
Tsugumi: T-Tomoe-chan...
Interviewer: I'm repeating myself here, but your performance at Girl Jam was just excellent.
Interviewer: What kind of meaning did that show have for Afterglow?
Tomoe: Let's see~, hmmm~... Well, Girl Jam is in the past now.
Interviewer: Huh? In the past?
Tomoe: Past achievements tend to hang around inside your head, don't they?
Tomoe: Then you end up trying to chase after them... Even I was doing that just now.
Tomoe: But if you keep doing that, then I don't think you'll ever do better than you did in that moment.
Himari: H-huh? She's actually answering...?
Tsugumi: Y-yeah... And it feels kind of different from before. Her eyes are almost sparkling...
Tomoe: Sure, we gave Girl Jam our all, but that wasn't the end for us. We've gotta keep moving forward if we wanna put on shows even better than that one!
Tomoe: Or else, one day, we really will just become a facade of a band, and then we won't be able to reach our goal of putting on the ultimate show!
Interviewer: The ultimate show? What does Afterglow consider that to entail...?
Tomoe: Honestly, we're not even too sure about that yet... but I think not knowing is okay.
Tomoe: It's like a big serving of ramen! If you keep eating, it'll start disappearing, and eventually you'll get to the bottom of your bowl!
Interviewer: I-I see... So may I ask what brought about this goal, then?
Tomoe: It was Roselia's performance at Future World Fes. That made us feel pretty envious.
Tomoe: Our desire to put on a show as good as that just grew stronger and stronger...
Tomoe: And so we decided to do it, just like Roselia did!
Interviewer: So you mean... Afterglow is aiming to be like Roselia?
Tomoe: No, we aren't aiming to be like anybody else. Ah, but we do have rivals.
Interviewer: Which bands are you referring to?
Tomoe: All the girl bands of the world!
Ran, Tsugumi, Moca & Himari: ...!
Interviewer: All of them...?!
Tomoe: Our music is the coolest... That's what we're proud of, and that's why we're in this band.
Tomoe: No one can tell us any different. And if someone did, no matter who they might be, I'd have to fight 'em!
Interviewer: F-fight...?
Tomoe: Ah, oops~. I mean fight them with music! Like playing against them to set them straight!
Tomoe: Afterglow won't run or hide. We'll step up to the challenge anytime. We'll let everyone know what we're capable of!
Interviewer: A-ahaha... That almost sounded like a declaration of war to all the girl bands of the world.
Tomoe: A declaration of war! I love it!
Tomoe: We're gonna paint our rival bands in the colors of Afterglow, and make everybody recognize our music! How's that sound?!
Interviewer: I'm not sure how to respond to that...
Tomoe: What~? Come on, answer me properly~.
Tsugumi: Ahaha... Tomoe-chan has become the interviewer now.
Moca: You sure said it, Tomo-chin~.
Himari: Ugh~, after saying something like that, everyone is gonna look at us weirdly again~.
Tsugumi: But that was exhilarating! Tomoe-chan's words were so passionate...!
Ran: Make everybody recognize the music of Afterglow, huh? Nice. Not bad at all.
Tsugumi: Tomoe-chan really is so cool~.

Red Ignition Event Story - Ending
Resolute Sunset

On the way home from the interview, the sunset lights the group's path.


After the Interview
Station Entrance

Tomoe: Mm~, it's finally over! That actually went by pretty quickly~.
Himari: Ugh~, I can't believe you answered so recklessly~. The interviewer was at a loss halfway through, you know?
Moca: The next issue of Melody Musix comes out next month, right? I can't wait to see what people say about it online~.
Tomoe: Ahaha, my bad. I just kinda lost it.
Tomoe: I'm guessing you heard from Tsugu, but I made Afterglow look bad, right?
Tomoe: That really got to me. It was all my fault, and it's not fair to you guys...
Tsugumi: Tomoe-chan...
Tomoe: CHU² called my interview boring.
Tomoe: She said I was trying to be someone I'm not... So I thought I'd just say everything in my own words instead.
Tomoe: So I said all of my feelings that were welling up inside me. It didn't matter if they didn't make sense, as long as I got them out.
Ran: It worked out though, didn't it? I think you did the right thing.
Moca: Ahaha, you've gotta be yourself, Tomo-chin~.
Tsugumi: Yeah! You were so cool! My heart is still pounding... It's like I'm full of energy!
Moca: Oh~, you've flicked Tsugu's Tsugurific Switch~.
Himari: What will you do if some other band reads your interview and actually wants to battle us?
Tomoe: Why, we'll accept, of course! It's pretty uncool to take back something once you've said it.
Ran: Right... I feel like we'd have no choice since Tomoe declared war like that.
Himari: Exactly~... But I guess that can't be helped. Tomoe's interview even got me all excited!
Tsugumi: Fufu, it seems we're going to be quite busy!
Tomoe: Yeah! Maybe battling it out with our pride on the line will become another "same as always" type of thing for us!
Moca: Ooh, that sounds like something cool you'd see in a manga~. Are we going to become experienced warriors~?
Moca: I can totally see it~. Hii-chan would hurl away any enemies standing in our way with a loud thud~.
Himari: I would not do that~!
Ran: Well, whoever we may face, all we need to do is play our music. That part won't change... right?
Tomoe: Yeah! And then we'll eventually get to do our ultimate show!
Tsugumi: Yeah!
Himari: Ooh~! I'm getting kinda fired up~!
Tsugumi: Me too! I want to put on a show right now!
Moca: Oh~, Tsugu's Tsugurific Switch was just turned up a notch~.
Ran: You say that, Moca, but you're getting pretty into this, aren't you?
Moca: Indubitably~. The Legend of Moca is about to begin~.
Himari: Ah! Look at that building!
Tsugumi: Whoa, it's beautiful~. It's like the city is being painted by the sunset...
Ran: We always see this view, but it feels kind of special today.
Moca: Well, we are called Afterglow, so maybe this is some sort of message to us~.
Tomoe: Ah, maybe it's something like this? "Just like this city, we'll paint the world in the colors of Afterglow."
Tsugumi, Moca, Ran & Himari: ...
Tomoe: A-at least give me some sorta reaction!
Himari: But what are we even supposed to say to that...?
Ran: Hey, you said something like that in the interview too. Do you like that phrase? Honestly, it's a little cheesy.
Tomoe: It is not! I'm telling you, it's cool!
Tsugumi: I-I think it sounded good! It sums up what we are trying to do quite nicely!
Tomoe: Yeah, exactly! I knew you'd get it, Tsugu!
Himari: I guess if you put it like that... I'm starting to feel like it's a really impressive phrase.
Tomoe: Right~? Ah, then how's this? "We'll paint the world in the our own colors!"
Tomoe: Don't you think that's even cooler?
Ran: Yeah, yeah. sure.
Moca: Hey, more importantly, I'm hungry~.
Himari: In that case, let's eat something together before we go home!
Tomoe: I want ramen~. We haven't gone out for ramen together in ages!
Moca: Agreed! And I want to stop by Yamabuki Bakery afterwards.
Himari: I wanna go to the convenience store! Rimi told me they have some new seasonal sweets~♪
Ran: Wait, are we going to have bread and sweets after ramen?
Tsugumi: I better tell Mom I won't be needing dinner tonight.
Tomoe: Alright~, let's go!

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