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Reignited! Card Story - Episode

Moca's Dilemma



Moca: ...
Moca: (Everyone was so on edge at the studio~. I didn't expect Tsugu to be brooding over our songs so much.)
Moca: (But I guess it's hard not to be bothered after seeing a show like Roselia's. They really were incredible.)
Moca: (I wish we could do something like that, but it's hard to bring up given everyone's mood~.)
Moca: Sigh~... All this thinking about serious stuff has made me hungry~.
Moca: ... Oh, perfect. Yamabuki Bakery's right here. Guess I'll go check them out.

Saaya: Welcome... Ah, Moca.
Moca: Hey, hey~. The drop-dead gorgeous Moca-chan has arrived~.
Saaya: Fufu, what's with that introduction? Anyway, you came at the perfect time. We have a new item starting today.
Saaya: It's this cherry Danish right here! We're really proud of it. It tastes good whether it's warm or cold! Sounds like a great deal, don't you think?
Moca: Ooo~, it does indeed~...
Saaya: ... Moca, are you okay? You'd usually get much more excited.
Moca: Hmm? I'm fine~. I was just taking the time to appreciate how wonderful a bun that's delicious even when it's cold is~.
Saaya: Okay, if you say so... My dad had to really wrack his brain to make this one.
Saaya: It wasn't easy to figure out how to use the best ingredients while still making it something in our style.
Moca: I see~.
Moca: (In our style, huh...?)
Moca: Okay, then I'll take this cherry Danish, an egg sandwich, and a melon bun~.
Saaya: All right. Just these three, right? Thanks for always shopping with us.
Moca: No problem~. Here's your money~.
Saaya: ... Moca? What about your point card?
Moca: ... Hm? O-oh~, I almost forgot. Don't worry, I have it right here~.
Saaya: ... Hey, are you sure you're okay? You've never forgotten to take out your point card before, Moca.
Moca: Umm, well~... This is about a drop-dead gorgeous musician friend of mine who's in a band~.
Saaya: Ahaha, this friend sounds awfully familiar... So, what about this friend?
Moca: You see, her bandmates are struggling~. They're no longer happy with the way they're playing their music.
Moca: They seem to be remembering this amazing show they saw recently~. And the show was done by a band that is kinda like their rival.
Moca: They know they're playing well... But they can't help feeling inferior to their rival~.
Saaya: ... I see. It must've been quite an incredible show...
Saaya: ... Incredible enough to change what they consider normal for themselves.
Moca: Yeah, that's it~. My friend kinda knows that their band's struggling to come to terms with it all~.
Moca: She knows that it'll be easy once they realize that what they really want is to be able to do an intense show like that~.
Moca: But the members of her band are so competitive~. What's more, they love their band so much that they can't see the real reason behind their feelings.
Saaya: I see... Since they haven't noticed that yet, that makes it difficult for your friend to talk to them. After all, they're only struggling because they love the band so much.
Moca: Exactly~. And my friend isn't sure what she should do either~.
Saaya: She's not sure, huh...? Does that mean she has some ideas?
Moca: Sure. One is to tell everyone that she knows the answer to their worries and get them all to work towards giving an amazing show.
Moca: ... And the other is to say nothing.
Saaya: Hm? Say nothing? Why?
Moca: Because if nobody wants to talk about it, maybe that's okay too~.
Moca: There's no need to force everyone to change. Their band is cool enough as it is.
Saaya: ... Well, that's one way of looking at it. She probably feels that way because she loves her band, too.
Saaya: Setting aside the band, how does this friend of yours feel?
Moca: Hmm... Let's see... She probably thinks it would be fun to do a super cool show~.
Saaya: ... Okay, then maybe she can keep that thought to herself while she watches over the other members.
Moca: What do you mean~?
Saaya: She can practice and improve on her own. That way, she can help the others and the band do better shows while still treasuring her bandmates.
Saaya: This is just a hunch... But I get the feeling that your friend is the type who's good at secretly helping everyone from the shadows!
Moca: ... I see~. Sayo-san said the same thing about me once~.
Saaya: Fufu. I thought this was about your friend?
Moca: Oops, yes, that's what I meant to say~.
Moca: Nothing like having a favorite bakery when you need advice~. I'm sure your words will be of great help to my friend~.
Moca: Thanks, Saya~.
Saaya: Glad I could be of service. And here are your buns, Moca. Give my regards to your friend.
Moca: Yup, will do~.

Reignited! Card Story - Special Episode

Where I Stand



Moca: ...
Marina: Ah, Moca-chan. Hello.
Moca: ...
Marina: M-Moca-chan?
Moca: ... Oh. Marina-san and BanG Dreamer-san~. Hi there~.
Marina: Were you thinking about something? I hope we didn't interrupt.
Moca: Not at all~. I was just reminiscing and feeling all sorts of deep emotions~.
Moca: I know we're going to be busy, so I decided to take the time to reflect while I still could~.
Marina: I see. Why are you going to be busy? Because of exams?
Moca: Nope~. Mere tests wouldn't get in our way~.
Moca: We've just set our first big goal as a band~. We're going to do a show that will get the audience going~.
Marina: Oh~, a new challenge, huh?
Moca: Yep~. Looking to the future and what will happen to us made me realize how far the five of us have come since we met here~.
Marina: I see. All of you have been friends since you were little, after all.
Moca: That's right~. At first, we used to play pretend and run stores. Then we ended up going to the same school and being in the same class every year~.
Moca: But then Ran ended up in a different class one year. That's when we formed a band so that we could always be together~...
Marina: Fufu, all of you are really close.
Moca: You'd think so, right~? But we've had our fair share of fights. No holds barred~.
Moca: It'd be over stuff like Ran's family or a new "same as always." We fought a lot, but we made up just as much~.
Marina: So each trial that you overcame made your bonds stronger. Is that it?
Moca: You bet~. I'm sure there will be more trials ahead... But now I know we'll be okay~.
Moca: We know where we stand... And we can already see what our future holds.
Moca: So I hope you'll sit back and enjoy the show~.