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Relaxing Sakura Party Card Story - Episode

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Ran: ... Ah.
Arisa: Ah, Ran-chan.
Arisa: Uh~, uhm... Are you here for practice too...?
Ran: Yeah, I am. I'm guessing that's what you're here for as well.
Arisa: Yeah! We have practice after this, but—
Ran: Gotcha, then I guess I'll see you—
Arisa: But I got here a little too early, so I'm actually trying to kill some time...!
Arisa: So... We could chat for a while... if you'd like.
Ran: ... Yeah, why not?
Arisa: Really?! Great, then...! Uhm...
Ran: Actually, remember how you showed me those sakura bonsai the other day?
Arisa: O-oh, that? Yeah! Weren't they so cute~? You said it gave you some inspiration for flower arranging. Did you end up making something?
Ran: Ah, yeah. Seeing the way you arranged them turned out to be a great inspira—
Ran: ... Ah, sorry. This is actually about something else. After I left that day, I got a message out of nowhere from Lisa-san, inviting me to go see the sakura with her.
Arisa: From Lisa-san?
Ran: Yeah. I replied right away, but then once I thought about it, I realized that I'd never really hung out with this group before, which was a little nerve-wracking.
Ran: It was Aya-san, Matsubara-san, Maya-san, Lisa-san, and me. It did turn out to be a fun time, though.
Arisa: That is quite the lineup, isn't it?
Ran: You think so too, huh?
Arisa: Still, a sakura party, huh? Ah~, I bet that was rough.
Ran: Not really... Aya-san and Matsubara-san were the ones who planned everything, so I didn't have to do anything.
Ran: ... Although I guess we were worried for a second there.
Arisa: Huh? But aren't sakura parties—... No, never mind... You're right... Usually those kind of events aren't that bad...!
Ran: Was seeing the sakura rough for you this year?
Arisa: I don't know about that, but it was certainly lively...
Arisa: Poppin'Party and I had our own sakura party, but Kasumi spent the entire time playing guitar and singing.
Arisa: Then people started gathering around to listen, and the crowd got louder and louder, until everything got out of hand...
Ran: ... That does sound like a handful.
Arisa: Right?! There were all these people, and Kasumi refused to stop! It was terrible...!
Ran: I don't know, you look pretty happy to me.
Arisa: What?! I-I am not!
Arisa: ... A-anyway, that's how our sakura party went!
Ran: Gotcha. It really does depend on who you go with, doesn't it? Although I guess that's kinda obvious.
Arisa: What was your party like?
Ran: ... We ate our bentos and snacks while relaxing under the sakura trees.
Arisa: Snacks and bentos, huh? Pretty simple stuff, but that really is the best for those kind of parties.
Ran: Ah, but the sandwiches Aya-san and Matsubara-san were really complex. They were cute.
Arisa: Really? I've never heard of a sandwich being complex or cute.
Ran: Yeah, they were cut into different shapes, like bunnies, and some of them were kinda round, like a roll cake. It was pretty amazing.
Arisa: Seriously?! What cutesy bentos...
Ran: Other than that, we had a lot of the veggie sticks Maya-san brought.
Arisa: Veggie sticks?! I'm sure they were delicious, but isn't that kind of a strange choice to bring to a sakura party...?
Ran: I was a little surprised too. Once I started eating them though, I couldn't stop. We actually had to go to the convenience store to buy more.
Ran: ... But yeah, it was a pretty calm and relaxing time. I guess going to events like tha—
Arisa: ... isn't so bad?
Ran: ... Hey! Arisa!
Arisa: Ahaha! Sorry, sorry!
Arisa: Anyway, that's cool. Sounds like you had a good time.
Ran: Yeah, I'm glad I went. Maybe next time I'll invite them myself. That might not be so bad...
Arisa: Whoa, you're really gonna do that...?
Ran: ... No, never mind. There's no way I can keep up with someone like Aya-san...
Arisa: Ahaha, same~...

Relaxing Sakura Party Card Story - Special Episode

Befitting Me


CiRCLE - Lobby

Ran: Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san, hello.
Marina: Hey, Ran-chan! You're here early.
Ran: Yeah. My plans ended sooner than expected.
Marina: Gotcha. Ah, that reminds me, I heard something I want to ask you about~. Do you have time right now?
Ran: Yeah, I guess...
Marina: I heard you went to a sakura party with Aya-chan and a few others. How was it? Tell me all about it.
Ran: All I did was get invited... I don't really have anything exciting to say.
Ran: Although Lisa-san's invitation kinda made me laugh. It was less of an invitation, and more of a statement. She just assumed I'd go.
Marina: Ahaha! I can definitely see that!
Marina: I'm sure it was fun once you got there though, right?
Ran: Well... Yeah, I guess so.
Marina: Fufu, then that's all that matters. Was picking out a spot and all that difficult? With that many people, it can be hard to get everyone to agree.
Ran: Aya-san and Matsubara-san are the ones who handled all of that.
Ran: They did a lot actually. Everything from picking out the location to prepping bentos for everyone. All I did was show up...
Marina: Gotcha! Those two really are something, aren't they~?
Ran: Yeah, but still... I probably should have done more...
Ran: Even if they were in charge, I should have offered to help... I could have bought something nice or cooked something light and brought it along.
Marina: So you didn't bring anything?
Ran: Ah, well... I did buy some snacks beforehand...
Marina: Then you've got nothing to worry about. You can't have a sakura party without snacks!
Ran: You sure about that?
Marina: Absolutely.
Marina: Let me guess. You thought long and hard about what to bring before finally deciding to go with snacks, right?
Ran: Well, yeah...
Marina: Then it's fine! You were thinking of them, and that's what matters. The others probably understood that.
Marina: Ah, you think so too, BanG Dreamer-san? Then that's gotta be it!
Ran: So they understood, huh...? Then it's fine...
Marina: Fufu, anyway, it's almost time for your reservation to start.
Ran: Oh yeah. I better get to practice then.
Marina: Alright! Sorry to bother you. Have fun at rehearsal!
Ran: I will.