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Relaxing With Friends Card Story - Episode

Impression Of Lisa


Haneoka Girls' Academy
School Gate
Lisa: (I feel lucky getting out of school early today~♪ I didn't get jumped by the teachers either! They usually go after me when I wear jewelry~.)
Lisa: (I still have some time until band practice, but I think I might go to the studio early and do some work on my own. I couldn't make it last time, after all.)

Studio – Front Counter
Lisa: Hi~! I'd like to do some practice on my... huh?
Ako: Oh, Lisa-nee!
Lisa: Hey, Ako. What are you doing here? We aren't meeting up for another hour.
Ako: There was this one bit I just couldn't play properly, so I was gonna practice it on my own!
Lisa: Ohh~, I guess we were thinking the same thing then. Wanna practice together?
Ako: Yeah!

Lisa: Hey, by the way, you did an impersonation of me the other day, right? I wanna see it too!
Ako: Sure! Okay, here I go.
Ako: Hey~! Yukina~! How you doing~?
Lisa: Pff... ahahaha!!! Did you actually do that in front of Yukina?! You've got guts, Ako~! I'm impressed!
Ako: Hehe~, I sounded just like you, right?
Lisa: Yeah, you totally did! ... Fufu, I wish I could've seen the look on Yukina's face when you did that~.
Ako: You laughed, but Yukina didn't even smile... Was it a bad idea to do your impression in front of her?
Lisa: Nah, don't worry about. I'm sure Yukina just didn't know how to react.
Ako: Really?
Lisa: Yeah, really.
Ako: Really~?
Lisa: I said yeah! Believe the word of Queen Lisa~!
Ako: Ahaha! Okay, I'll believe you! I'm so gonna make Yukina-san laugh next time~!
Lisa: Go get her, Ako~!

Relaxing With Friends Card Story - Special Episode

Shadow Leader


Ako: Oh, BanG Dreamer-san! Hi~!
Ako: My abyssal wands... uh, my drumsticks, broke the other day. I'm shopping for some new ones~.
Ako: I wonder which ones I should get~. Help me choose, BanG Dreamer-san! There's so many different kinds of sticks~.
Ako: But I definitely wanna get some cool ones!
Ako: What about these ones? The grip is silver and kinda bumpy, and I think they're made of material a little heavier than my usual ones.
Ako: The rest is black, and the heads are kinda pointy... They look like mini weapons! This is cool~! They're probably a bit hard for me to use though.
Ako: Oh, that reminds me. Lisa-nee had work the other day, and couldn't come to practice.
Ako: She always has a response when I say something cool, but she wasn't there this time, and no one said a thing...
Ako: It just wasn't right, and I felt kinda sad!
Ako: Rin-rin always says nice things, but it's just more fun when Lisa-nee is around~!
Ako: I'm usually still tired when we're having a break, but when I talk to Lisa-nee I always feel motivated again. She just gives me so much energy.
Ako: But when she wasn't at practice that day, it was kinda quiet and it was hard to relax.
Ako: I always speak to Lisa-nee a lot during our breaks, so I guess that refreshes me?
Ako: That's why I felt super relieved when Lisa-nee finally arrived~!
Ako: Roselia just doesn't work without Lisa-nee! You think so too, right BanG Dreamer-san?
Ako: I knew you would! You know, I kinda think that Lisa-nee is the leader in the shadows!
Ako: Don't tell her I said that, but I think it's totally true!
Ako: Oh, you found some nice sticks? Let me see! ... You think they're perfect for me? Really? Okay, I'll get them!
Ako: We're gonna practice at the studio now, do you wanna come watch?
Ako: Okay, I'll buy these sticks, and then let's go to the studio~! Lisa-nee will be there today, so everything will be okay!