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Rock and Glow (Hazawa Tsugumi) Card Story - Episode

Fill It with Emotion...


After School
Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 1-B

Tsugumi: Sorry to make you wait, Tomoe-chan. I'm almost done with the class journal entry.
Tomoe: No need to rush. I'm about to start cleaning the board.
Tsugumi: Fufu, thank you. That blackboard is almost completely white... Think you'll be okay?
Tomoe: It might put up a good fight... Ahaha, I kid. I'll be done in no time.
Tomoe: Man, imagine getting classroom duties the same day as having rehearsal. Talk about bad luck.
Tsugumi: And it's not only one, but both of us. I got a message a little earlier saying Ran and the others would go on ahead.
Tsugumi: They said they'd start practicing, and we can all talk about how to improve our performances when we get there.
Tomoe: Ahh, I guess we'll be talking about that last show, huh? The crowd was crazy huge. That was a lot of fun!
Tsugumi: And with all those people excited to take part, you could feel how lively the place was. I made some mistakes though, so I should probably figure out how to fix that.
Tomoe: I also had some spots where I was playing ahead of tempo. That happens when I get caught up in the excitement.
Tsugumi: I understand that feeling, Tomoe-chan. You know what they say about live performances. The fans can have a real impact on your playing.
Tomoe: I know, right?! And yeah, you could say it was mostly because of their influence, but I can't let my drumming be dragged down by that.
Tsugumi: I have to be careful of that too. Let's do our best to keep tempo next time!
Tsugumi: ... You know, having this conversation makes me feel like we've really gotten familiar with performing live.
Tomoe: You might be right on that one. Kinda like we're finally decent musicians.
Tsugumi: Fufu, I think we still have a long way to go~. We have done a lot more performances than when we were in middle school though
Tomoe: Yeah. Not to mention how used to our stage outfits we are now.
Tsugumi: ... Ah! That's right! I've been borrowing mine this whole. Those clothes actually belong to you...
Tomoe: Oh, did something happen? Did you put a hole in it or something?
Tsugumi: No! No way, I've been taking good care of it! But... it might be kind of worn out... And it doesn't fit the same way it used to... I-I'm sorry...
Tomoe: Oh, that's it? Don't sweat it! There's nothing you could've done about that. Think about how many times you've had to put it on.
Tomoe: I can't even wear it anymore, so you can do whatever you want with it.
Tsugumi: ... Thank you, Tomoe-chan! J-just so you know, I'm going to keep taking care of it!
Tomoe: Ahaha, it's not like you have to... But man, it might be about that time for us to make some new stage outfits.
Tsugumi: Ah... A-alright, let's go with something that matches!
Tomoe: Matching? Like we'd all wear a t-shirt?
Tsugumi: No, that's not what I mean... Uhh, I was thinking we'd all wear something with a little more in common!
Tsugumi: I want us to make something where even the people who are hearing us play for the first time would be able to remember the kind of band we are!
Tomoe: I see. So for the new fans... Haha, it's just like I said. We've become real musicians!
Tomoe: Wearing that kind of thing while playing might even help our sound come together!
Tsugumi: Mhm! I agree! I think we can create more of a sense of unity as a band!
Tomoe: Okay, so what do you want us to wear, Tsugu?
Tsugumi: Huh?! Uhm... Sorry. I hadn't actually thought of anything yet...
Tomoe: Ahaha, sorry. My bad. That's a hard one for me to just spring on you!
Tomoe: Outfits, huh...? Cool, I'll give it a bit of thought too!
Tsugumi: You will, Tomoe-chan...?! Oh, I know! We should have all of us think about what we would like to go with!
Tsugumi: We can have everyone try to come up with the concept, style and the kind of image that'd be fitting for us!
Tomoe: Nice. Yeah, if we all think about it, I'm sure we'll come up with something awesome!
Tsugumi: Mhm! Let's try to make it something we'll remember forever!
Tsugumi: We have to ask the others about this once we get to the studio!
Tomoe: Alright, then let's get these classroom duties over with already...! Done, the blackboard is clean!
Tsugumi: And I finished writing in the class journal! Okay, now to head to the studio!

Rock and Glow (Hazawa Tsugumi) Card Story - Special Episode

Yearning for Unity


CiRCLE - Lobby

Tsugumi: Huh?! BanG Dreamer-san, Marina-san, you two already know about our plan to make new outfits?!
Tsugumi: Ran-chan and Himari-chan, huh...? Okay, so that's why.
Marina: Himari-chan was sitting out there at the café, drinking tea and thinking really hard~.
Tsugumi: I see... And Ran-chan was here reading those magazines... Fufu, it sounds like those two are giving this a lot of thought.
Tsugumi: Who, me? Yep! I've been doing a lot of research, like where stores are, what sites we can use, things like that.
Tsugumi: It's a lot of fun to try and come up with good outfits for us because we decided that we wanted them all to have something in common with what we normally wear!
Marina: Oh, okay. I hope you girls come up with something cool.
Tsugumi: Thank you!
Tsugumi: Of course, I still love the one I wear now...
Tsugumi: But I figured there must be something that can match the way we are now much better.
Tsugumi: We should all be closer to being one at this point, even more than when we first started this band...
Tsugumi: A-also, I want to make sure that people who come to hear us for the first time understand that the five of us make Afterglow!
Marina: And the one who said that and suggested that you should all have new outfits to create a sense of unity was you, right? Fufu, that's amazing!
Tsugumi: What...?! Well, yes. I was the one who said that, but I don't think it's amazing or anything... It's just...
Tsugumi: ... I'd actually kind of wanted us to do something like wearing the same accessories...
Tsugumi: Ah, of course, we have done the whole matching thing before, but...
Tsugumi: No matter how many things we have to match, I'm happy to have more.
Tsugumi: You know what I mean, right BanG Dreamer-san? Fufu, you do, right? Especially since doing that makes for great memories with your friend.
Tsugumi: And so, now we're talking about going to different stores and looking around together.
Tsugumi: Yes! I'm excited for this! I hope you two are looking forward to our new outfits!