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Rock and Glow (Mitake Ran) Card Story - Episode

Our New Outfits


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 1-A

Ran: Moca, thanks for waiting. Let's go home.
Moca: Ah, Ran~. Gimme a sec, I'm gonna bookmark this.
Ran: What? Are you reading manga on your phone?
Moca: Nope. Some online shopping. I was looking up some stuff for our band outfits~.
Ran: Oh. Makes sense. We are coming up with new ones.
Moca: Yup~. Tsugu shared a bunch of different sites with me~.
Moca: I saw her being all Tsugurific, so I thought I should be a little more Mocatastic~.
Ran: I checked out a few sites myself. You can find a good number of them with tons of outfits like these once you start looking.
Moca: And it's interesting to just browse, isn't it? I found a giant can of coffee and some mascot costumes too~.
Ran: ... What kinda sites are you looking at, Moca?
Moca: Well, I just stumbled upon a cosplay site~. Oh, but the one I just bookmarked is something different.
Ran: I would hope so. Besides, you can't even hold a guitar wearing one of those costumes.
Moca: I know, I know~. Okay, Ran~. What sorta stuff did you look up?
Ran: I... Hold up, I'll just show you the site... This one.
Moca: Oh~, rock and roll stuff. Nice~, these are cool~.
Ran: As I thought, this kind of thing fits us well. You know, like leather, and silver jewelry...
Ran: It's close to the type of outfit we wear now, and I think the people that have been coming to hear us perform will like it.
Moca: I see, I see~. But you know~, since we're changing our outfits, this could be our chance to create a new image.
Moca: So~, maybe we can be brave and walk a new path~.
Ran: ... Yeah, I get what you mean, but what else could we go with?
Moca: Fufufu~. I shall make an exception and show you the site I was just looking at~.
Moca: Ta-da~. Fluffy Forest Fairy Fashion~.
Ran: H-huh?!
Moca: Let's see... "Create a mysterious vibe using our many tools. You too can be a forest fairy"... is what it says.
Ran: Nope. I will absolutely not wear that.
Moca: Aww~. But look at this dress. Isn't it cute...? No?
Ran: Fluttery sleeves and skirts like that are gonna get in the way when I'm trying to play, so it's a definite no.
Ran: Not to mention, our music doesn't have a soft cuddly vibe like this.
Moca: No good, huh~? That's too bad. It's so adorable. Oh, okay. Why don't you wear it on a regular day then?
Ran: What? That's even worse.
Moca: No, then~? I wanted to see Ran the fluffy fairy~.
Ran: Wait, you do realize if this is our outfit, you'd be wearing it too, right? Do you want to wear that on stage?
Moca: Huh...? Hmm~...
Moca: No way. This isn't gonna work. Alright, let's try going with something else, Ran.
Ran: That's what I was saying. Why would you suggest something you didn't even want to wear?
Moca: Because~, I wanted to see you put on something like that~.
Ran: It's not like I would. And we're supposed to be thinking of an outfit for all five of us.
Ran: Let's wear outfits that show that we're one. Outfits that say "Afterglow" at first glance.
Moca: Yeah. And of course, something we like would be nice~.
Ran: Right, so let's look for something we actually want to wear.

Rock and Glow (Mitake Ran) Card Story - Special Episode

Sound First


CiRCLE Lobby

Ran: ... Ribbons...? I guess it's lighter than jewelry, and it won't get in the way when I'm trying to change chords, but...
Ran: ... Wah! You scared me. You can't just start talking to me out of nowhere. What happened?
Ran: This? It's a fashion magazine. Wanna look at it?
Ran: Makeover? Who...? ... Ah!
Ran: N-no! I just ended up on this page when I opened it! There's no way I would wear something frilly like this!
Ran: Sigh... I shouldn't have started reading in this spot... You know, you're finding this way funnier than you should be.
Ran: Maybe you didn't expect to find me reading something like this, but... this isn't even mine. It was lent to me.
Ran: We ended up deciding that we would make new outfits, so I was just getting some ideas.
Ran: I might think of something by looking at styles I don't usually bother with. That's why I borrowed it from Himari.
Ran: Yeah, we're making new ones. We haven't decided on what they would look like though.
Ran: Ah, but at the very least, we want them to show more of a sense of unity than the outfits we wear now.
Ran: There are also a lot more people who are interested in our music, and I think it would be easier to remember us if we wore outfits that have the same theme.
Ran: ... Though, to be fair, I wouldn't have even realized that if Tsugumi hadn't said anything.
Ran: Yeah, Tsugumi said we should renew our outfits. That we should make outfits that are more Afterglow like.
Ran: Mhm... I think outfits are important too. It's just one of the things that leaves an impression of our band.
Ran: Still... Our sound is our number one priority. We can't let what we're wearing get in the way of that, so it's important we find something that's easy to play in.
Ran: That's why I was looking at something fluttery like this. I figured if the accessories were lighter than jewelry, then it wouldn't affect our performance.
Ran: ... But I don't think this is gonna work. Bracelets might create too many problems. If we're gonna wear anything like that, something like a necklace or a choker could be good...
Ran: I don't know if we'll start with accessories or colors or what... I was serious when I said nothing was decided. Though I will say... I like it when everyone is doing this research together.
Ran: Mhm, it'll definitely look cool. I'll show it to you once we finish, so you can look forward to that.