Roselia is an all-girl band in the BanG Dream! franchise. The group consists of five members, namely Minato Yukina on vocals, Hikawa Sayo on guitar, Udagawa Ako on drums, Shirokane Rinko on the keyboard, and Imai Lisa on bass. They debuted with the song BLACK SHOUT.

Their band name was coined from combining the words Rose and Camellia.[1]

They're a popular gothic J-Rock band that is recognized at a near-professional level and is catching the eyes of the music industry and scouters.


A highly talented band. With their skilled performances and pro-level vocals, they are a highly praised group. Vocalist Yukina started the band with a special certain goal in mind. The other members are the like-minded Sayo (Gt.), childhood friend Lisa (Ba.), youngest and most talented Ako (Dr.), and the award-winning Rinko (Key.). They play at a well-known live house and hope someday to make it to the big time.


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Each girl wears a purple and black gothic dress with the skirt in four ruffled layers, coming in purple, dark purple, black, and white. Their tops are in various styles, but each girl wears black frilly sleeves and a ribbon at her neck; each coming in a unique color. Yukina has violet, Sayo's is turquoise, Ako has neon pink, Rinko has white, and Lisa has red. Each girl also wears the same gothic hat and has a lace ribbon sewn to the side of their skirt. While Sayo, Yukina, and Lisa share the same diagonal cut skirt design, Ako's resembles a mini-skirt, and Rinko's skirt reaches all the way down to her ankles. They also wear rose hair clips on their heads with purple and black feathers hanging down, with a light teal rose beside a big black rose with black and white accents. Each girl also wears black knee-high boots with gray soles and light gold accents with dark gold lines on top. 



  1. Roselia 1st Live Rosenlied
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  3. Roselia -Ewigkeit-
  4. Roselia Fan Meeting 2018
  5. Roselia Live Vier
  6. Roselia Hitze
  7. Roselia Live Flamme/Wasser
  8. Rausch und/and Craziness
  9. Einheit


  • They are the only band members who call each other with the honorific "-san," except for Lisa and Yukina.
  • According to Yukina, the band members practice together 8 times a week and possibly even more during their free time.
  • On March 8, 2020, the real-life Roselia won the Singing Award at the 14th Seiyuu Awards[2].

4★ Band

Private Nurse T iconPrivate Nurse
Dark Walker T iconDark Walker

Leave Sweet Making to Me T iconLeave Sweet Making to Me
Lantern-lit Smile T iconLantern-lit Smile
Cheers Behind Me T iconCheers Behind Me

Toward Greater Heights T iconToward Greater Heights
Bridge of Emotions T iconBridge of Emotions
Satisfying Triumphal Return T iconSatisfying Triumphal Return

An Alluring Hand T iconAn Alluring Hand
Headed the Same Way T iconHeaded the Same Way
Number One Supporter T iconNumber One Supporter

Costume Designer T iconCostume Designer
Incoming Future T iconIncoming Future

Number One Fan T iconNumber One Fan
Awakened Demon Princess T iconAwakened Demon Princess

Dazzling Sunlight T iconDazzling Sunlight
Our First Jam Session T iconOur First Jam Session

Birdcage Diva T iconBirdcage Diva
In the Glistening Waters T iconIn the Glistening Waters
Wanted To Borrow Cat's Hand T iconWanted To Borrow Cat's Hand

Sparkling Sea Magic T iconSparkling Sea Magic
Our Promise T iconOur Promise

Phone-Shy T iconPhone-Shy
Grabbing Glory T iconGrabbing Glory

I Want to Be Like You T iconI Want to Be Like You
For My Sister's Sake T iconFor My Sister's Sake

Serious Business T iconSerious Business
Communication Level MAX T iconCommunication Level MAX
Feeling The Breeze Of Another World T iconFeeling The Breeze Of Another World

Beyond Clear Autumn Skies T iconBeyond Clear Autumn Skies
Bouquet for a Friend T iconBouquet for a Friend
Assembling Words T iconAssembling Words

Perfect Form, Perfect Shot T iconPerfect Form, Perfect Shot
The Stars I Saw with You T iconThe Stars I Saw with You
Stunning Composer T iconStunning Composer

Temporary Club Member T iconTemporary Club Member
Me and the Piano T iconMe and the Piano
Bride On The Battlefield T iconBride On The Battlefield

Necromancer of the Abyss T iconNecromancer of the Abyss
What I Believe In T iconWhat I Believe In

Making Cookies Once More T iconMaking Cookies Once More
Our Feelings As One T iconOur Feelings As One
Closing Distance T iconClosing Distance

Tears Overflowing T iconTears Overflowing
A Place We Will Reach Someday T iconA Place We Will Reach Someday

Tanabata Pair T iconTanabata Pair

The Solo Wizard T iconThe Solo Wizard
Into a Great President T iconInto a Great President
Pleasantly Overlapping Tunes T iconPleasantly Overlapping Tunes

Anniversary Videos



【1st Anniversary Movie】 Part 4 ~ Roselia Version~

【1st Anniversary Movie】 Part 4 ~ Roselia Version~



【2nd Anniversary Movie】 Part 4 ~ Roselia Version~

【2nd Anniversary Movie】 Part 4 ~ Roselia Version~

【3周年記念 振り返りムービー】第4弾〜Roselia編〜

【3周年記念 振り返りムービー】第4弾〜Roselia編〜

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Roselia Discography
2nd Single Re:birth day - Hidamari Rhodonite
3rd Single Nesshoku Starmine - -HEROIC ADVENT-
4th Single ONENESS - Determination Symphony
5th Single Opera of the wasteland - Kiseki
6th Single R - BLACK SHOUT (Remastered) - Neo-Aspect (Remastered)
7th Single BRAVE JEWEL - Sanctuary
8th Single Safe and Sound - PASSIONATE ANTHEM
9th Single FIRE BIRD - Ringing Bloom
10th Single Yakusoku - "UNIONS" Road
Non-Album Songs Blessing Chord
Other Songs Quintuple☆Smile - Picotto! Papitto!! GARUPA☆PICO!!! - Hitori Janain Dakara - TWiNKLE CiRCLE - Ohmori Icchou! Garupa☆Pico
Anfang (Neo-AspectLegendary)

Wahl (Avant-garde HISTORYBreak your desireSong I am.)

Roselia 2017-2018 LIVE BEST -Soweit- - Hitze
Rosenlied - Zeit--Ewigkeit- - Vier - Hitze - Flamme/Wasser - Rausch und/and Craziness - Einheit
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