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Roselia Instrumental Collection 1 is a collection of 30 instrumentals for original Roselia songs.

It was released digitally on January 15, 2022.


Track Listing[]

1."BLACK SHOUT -instrumental-"Agematsu NoriyasuFujinaga Ryutaro4:06
2."LOUDER -instrumental-"Fujinaga RyutaroFujinaga Ryutaro3:35
3."Re:birth day -instrumental-"Fujinaga RyutaroFujinaga Ryutaro4:25
4."Hidamari Rhodonite -instrumental-" (陽だまりロードナイト)Fujinaga RyutaroFujinaga Ryutaro4:50
5."Nesshoku Starmine -instrumental-" (熱色スターマイン)Agematsu NoriyasuFujinaga Ryutaro4:40
6."-HEROIC ADVENT- -instrumental-"Fujita JunpeiSuemasu Ryota3:43
7."ONENESS -instrumental-"Agematsu NoriyasuFujinaga Ryutaro3:58
8."Determination Symphony -instrumental-"Fujinaga RyutaroFujinaga Ryutaro4:39
9."Opera of the wasteland -instrumental-"Fujinaga RyutaroFujinaga Ryutaro4:46
10."Kiseki -instrumental-" (軌跡)Fujinaga RyutaroFujinaga Ryutaro5:10
11."Neo-Aspect -instrumental-"Fujinaga RyutaroFujinaga Ryutaro5:08
12."Legendary -instrumental-"Agematsu NoriyasuFujinaga Ryutaro4:53
13."R -instrumental-"Agematsu NoriyasuFujinaga Ryutaro4:44
14."BRAVE JEWEL -instrumental-"Agematsu NoriyasuFujinaga Ryutaro4:08
15."Sanctuary -instrumental-"Fujinaga RyutaroFujinaga Ryutaro5:10
16."Safe and Sound -instrumental-"Fujita JunpeiFujinaga Ryutaro4:18
17."PASSIONATE ANTHEM -instrumental-"Fujinaga RyutaroFujinaga Ryutaro4:01
18."FIRE BIRD -instrumental-"Agematsu NoriyasuFujinaga Ryutaro5:23
19."Ringing Bloom -instrumental-"Fujinaga RyutaroFujinaga Ryutaro5:35
20."Yakusoku -instrumental-" (約束)Takeda YusukeTakeda Yusuke5:04
21.""UNIONS" Road -instrumental-"Fujinaga RyutaroFujinaga Ryutaro5:09
22."Avant-garde HISTORY -instrumental-"Fujita JunpeiFujita Junpei5:05
23."Break your desire -instrumental-"Agematsu NoriyasuFujinaga Ryutaro4:20
24."Song I am. -instrumental-"Fujinaga RyutaroFujinaga Ryutaro3:59
25."ZEAL of proud -instrumental-"Fujinaga RyutaroFujinaga Ryutaro4:39
26."Blessing Chord -instrumental-"Takeda YusukeTakeda Yusuke4:37
27."Proud of oneself -instrumental-"Agematsu NoriyasuFujinaga Ryutaro3:55
28."overtuRe -instrumental-"Tomaru RyotaTomaru Ryota4:04
29."Sing Alive -instrumental-"Fujinaga RyutaroFujinaga Ryutaro5:15
30."Singing "OURS" -instrumental-"Takeda YusukeTakeda Yusuke5:16
Total length:2:18:35


  • The remastered version of "BLACK SHOUT" from the "R" single, which notably features added guitar during the intro, is absent from this collection.
  • The instrumental versions of "Neo-Aspect", "Legendary", "Avant-garde HISTORY", "Break your desire", "Song I am.", "Proud of oneself", "overtuRe", "Sing Alive", and "Singing "OURS" were previously unreleased.


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