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Rough Measurements Card Story - Episode

Big Sis-Sensei


Hikawa Residence
Living Room

Sayo: Alright Hina, we're starting.
Hina: Okay! Take it away!
Hina: (Ehehe, baking cookies with my sister~♪ Not only am I happy that she remembered her promise, I'm super happy that I get to learn something from her!)
Hina: Hey, hey, Sis! What should I do first~?
Sayo: Let's see. To start, maybe I should explain the process you'll need to follow in order to make them.
Sayo: I have it written here, so I'll read it to you.
Hina: Okay~!

Sayo: It seems like there are a lot of steps in the process, but if you carefully follow them one by one, you should have no problem. I mean, I was able to do it, so...
Sayo: Oh, but no need to always be expending all of your effort. When it comes to baking treats, there are steps where you need to be extremely careful and steps where you can take things easy.
Hina: Wow, Sis! You're just like a teacher!
Sayo: ... Fufu. I was simply repeating what Hazawa-san said to me.
Hina: Alrighty~, I think it's about time to get to work~!
Hina: First is the dough, right ♪
Hina: (Uhm~, pretty sure she said to sift the flour... and mix butter, sugar and eggs.)
Sayo: There should be 120 grams of flour...
Hina: (Wow~, she's taking exact measurements. You're always trying to be precise, aren't you~?)
Hina: (She said 40 grams of sugar, so... Hmm~, that'd be about this size, I guess?)
Sayo: Hina, everything okay? Is there anything you didn't understand up to this point?
Hina: Everything is A-OK, Sis!
Sayo: I see. In that case, let's move on to the next step.
Hina: Okay~♪

Hina: Cutting the dough was fun~♪
Sayo: Yeah. Alright, the next step is the last.
Hina: Yay~! That means we'll finally be able to eat, right~?!
Sayo: That's right. It's time to bake them.
Hina: I wonder how they'll turn out. I can't wait~♪

20 Minutes Later

Sayo: Alright, all done.
Hina: Yay~, awesome ♪
Sayo: They seem to have baked well. Why don't you go ahead and give it a taste?
Hina: No way~, the first bite goes to you, of course! Go ahead, eat up ♪
Sayo: Oh, okay. If you don't mind, then I will... Hm?
Hina: ... How is it? Sis? Is it good?
Sayo: ... It's hard.
Hina: What?! Let me see... Nom! ... It is hard~!
Hina: C-can I try one of yours?
Sayo: Yeah, go ahead.
Hina: Thank you~! Nom nom... Yummy!
Hina: Aww~, why~?! I made them just like you told me to~...
Sayo: ... Hina. Did you really measure the amounts and follow the steps exactly how I explained them?
Hina: Ngh... I-I pretty much did the same thing you said...
Sayo: Pretty much...? In other words, you didn't take precise measurements?
Hina: Ungh, uhh... Well, there were parts where I kinda sorta just estimated...
Sayo: Sigh... That's why I said...
Sayo: Taking it easy is important, but there are parts where you have to be extremely careful.
Hina: I'm sorry...
Hina: (And after she went through all the trouble of teaching me... I wonder if I let her down...)
Sayo: Sigh... Guess I have no choice. This time I'll watch over you while you make them. Let's start again from the top.
Hina: Sis...! Okay! This time I'll do my best and make yummy cookies!

Rough Measurements Card Story - Special Episode

Very Good Balance


Edogawa Music

Hina: Hmhmm~♪ Oh, this pick! It's totally boppin'♪
Hina: Maybe I should buy it~♪
Hina: Ah, while I'm at it, I could buy one for my sister and then we'd have matching picks...
Hina: I wonder if that would make her happy~.
Hina: ... Wait, huh? BanG Dreamer-san!
Hina: What a coincidence, running into you here. Did you come to look at instruments?
Hina: Oh, you're here to pick up some equipment~. What about me?
Hina: I was on my way home when I got this boppin' feeling ♪ So I decided to stop by!
Hina: It seems it was this cute pick that was calling out to me ♪
Hina: Ah, oh yeah! BanG Dreamer-san, put out your hand!
Hina: It's nothing scary, don't worry~. Come on, come on! Put out your hand!
Hina: There you go! A homemade cookie!
Hina: You always make sure we're doing okay, so I wanted to give you one ♪
Hina: Aren't you lucky, getting one of my homemade cookies ♪
Hina: Ah, by the way, no need to worry about the taste. Today at rehearsal, when the other Pastel✽Palettes members tried them, they said the cookies were really good♪
Hina: Huh? So this cookie is from...
Hina: The other day, when my sister was teaching me how to make them. We did some baking together~♪
Hina: I made a bit of a boo-boo with the first batch, but my sister was nice enough to do it with me the second time, and they came out well!
Hina: Huh? Y-you want to know why the first one didn't come out right? W-well, it's just that...
Hina: I-it's really complicated! Yep! You shouldn't get too bogged down with the details!
Hina: Ngh... Don't tell me you figured it out from what I just said...
Hina: I kinda, sorta, might have done a little too much eyeballing... Ahaha...
Hina: It's because I can do a lot of things by simply approximating and it always turns out okay... Sis must have been doing it so perfectly.
Hina: I mean, she was properly measuring every ingredient, one by one.
Hina: If you think about it, my sister and I have a good balance.
Hina: Approximation and precision... Mhm! Very good balance ♪
Hina: She was saying that moderation is important, so if we put our strengths together, we might make the best team ever!
Hina: What do you think?
Hina: A relationship where we make up for each other's weaknesses...
Hina: Ah, yeah! I'm really happy you think we could have a relationship like that♪
Hina: Hey, BanG Dreamer-san...
Hina: I'm not sure what my sister thinks about this, but...
Hina: I'd like for her to help me out with my weak points, and for her weak points...
Hina: I want to be the one to support her... Not anyone else! Me!
Hina: Just 'cause, I... I love her so much ♪
Hina: I wonder when we'll be able to have a relationship like that.
Hina: Fufu, you're so nice. Thank you ♪
Hina: Maybe it's because you said we could, but now I get the sense that we'll be able to have that ♪
Hina: Hmm, but does she actually have any weaknesses?
Hina: To me, there's no one more perfect than my sister!
Hina: I see, I see... You can see some areas where she's lacking?
Hina: Okay, then I just have to find those and help her out with them, right?!
Hina: Okay! Cheer me on, got it?
Hina: Ah, it's time already?! Alright, see ya, BanG Dreamer-san!
Hina: Enjoy the cookies my sister and I made~!