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Round and Round We Go! Card Story - Episode

Summer Ends & Fall Begins


Udagawa Residence

Ako: Dum, dum, da-da-dum... Yippee! I got a full combo!
Rinko: Amazing... That's your third one in a row...
Ako: Ehehe~. I really like this rhythm game, so I've been playing it a lot lately~.
Ako: But I have yet to show you my true powers... Fufufu... Wait, your score's really high too, Rin-rin!
Rinko: Huh...? Y-you think so...?
Ako: That was your first time playing this song, right? You have hardly any misses! You’re a rhythm-game master!
Rinko: J-just with this game, though... You and I... always play this together... so I've gotten used to it...
Ako: I don't care how well you know the controls, it's still amazing that you did so well on your first try!
Ako: Grrr... I can't let you show me up... One more time! Let's do another round!
Ako: O-okay...

One Hour Later

Ako: Phew... I got really fired up... Why don't we take a break?!
Rinko: Sure... Ah... I brought snacks... if you'd like some...
Ako: Wow, cookies! Let's dig in!
Rinko: It's almost evening, so... make sure you don't ruin your dinner...
Ako: Huh?! It's that late already?! Oh no, why does time have to go faster when we're having fun...?
Rinko: Yes... It certainly does... Same goes for summer break... It starts...and then it ends... just like that.
Ako: Ooo, don't say that... Why can't it be summer vacation every day~? There's so much stuff I still wanna do.
Rinko: Really...? Like what...?
Ako: Like~, go camping in the mountains! We could have a barbeque on the riverbank. And go stargazing at night! It'd be the kind of starry sky we could never see in the city!
Ako: And then, and then~! I wanna wear my swimsuit one more time~! I wanna play all day in the pool~!
Rinko: We had a lot of fun... at Toconut Park, didn't we...?
Rinko: Picking out Yukina-san's swimsuit... Taking on the water slide...
Rinko: I could never... make memories like that... by myself... I'm glad... Roselia was there... to make them with me...
Ako: Me too! I'd love to go there one more tim- No, every day until summer vacation ends!
Rinko: If we did that... Yukina-san and Hikawa-san would... definitely tell us... to practice...
Rinko: Still... I know... what you mean...
Ako: What about you, Rin-rin? Do you have anything you still wanna do?
Rinko: I can't... think of anything... We already made... so many memories together...
Rinko: I'm also... looking forward... to fall.
Rinko: The sun's rays cool down... and it's easier to relax... You can read books in the park too...
Rinko: And when the leaves change colors... you can enjoy... just walking down the street...
Ako: Now that I think about it, you're right... Fall has a lot of fun stuff too!
Ako: You can go hiking and see all the bright red leaves, or go shopping for autumn clothes!
Rinko: And it has... so many delicious... seasonal foods...
Ako: Totally! There are tons of tasty snacks, like chestnuts, and sweet potatoes~... Ah, and squash!
Ako: Ooo, just imagining it is making me hungry~!
Rinko: Fufu, you're already eating though...
Ako: Hang out with Rin-rin, and eat all the yummy foods...
Ako: There are all sorts of things I wanna do during fall!
Rinko: Instead of focusing on... what you haven't done... thinking about... what you want to do next... can make for a much better time...
Ako: Totally! You know what you're talking about, Rin-rin! I'm sad summer vacation's almost over, but now I can't wait for fall!
Ako: Ah~, c'mon season~! Hurry up and change~! Chestnuts, squash and sweet potatoes are waiting for me~♪
Rinko: I thought you said... you wanted every day... to be summer vacation... Ako-chan...

Round and Round We Go! Card Story - Special Episode

To Make More Memories



Ako: Hi, BanG Dreamer-san~! What are you doing here?
Ako: I'm melting in this heat, so I'm here to get some ice cream~.
Ako: Sis has been complaining about how hot it is, so I'm gonna buy something for her too!
Ako: The weather's been like this every single day. I'm burning up~. Make sure you keep yourself cool, okay?
Ako: ... Huh? It makes you want to go to the pool?
Ako: I totally agree! Going swimming on a day like today would feel amazing for sure!
Ako: Ah, actually, Roselia and I went to a water park the other day! Have you ever heard of Toconut Park?
Ako: They've got tons of pools, and even a gigantic water slide!
Ako: Imagine, like... starting on the school rooftop, and zooming down like this... Whoosh! And then you're spinning and spinning~... until you hit the end with a great big splash!
Ako: Sounds cool, right?! And I got to ride with everyone, so it was even better!
Ako: Even Rin-rin went down with us, and she hates that kind of ride!
Ako: Although, I can't say she enjoyed it. After we got off, she was frozen in shock...
Ako: And surprisingly, Sayo-san didn't like it either! She got really mad afterwards! I think she was scared!
Ako: I'd never seen her like that before, so it was kinda funny~... Ah, but don't tell her I said that, okay? This will be our little secret.
Ako: Anyway, I never thought I'd get to hang out with everyone like that~!
Ako: ... What can't you imagine? Us going out together? I was pretty stunned when we decided to go too.
Ako: I mean, even Yukina-san said it was a good idea.
Ako: At first, I thought maybe she was sick or something. Sometimes you'll zone out and say some weird stuff if you've got a fever, you know?
Ako: That didn't end up being the case though. I wonder why she agreed to go with us...
Ako: Ah, maybe she actually likes going to pools and things like that! Or she likes theme parks and other fun places!
Ako: Now that I think about it, maybe Sayo-san does too...
Ako: Sure, she said she doesn't, but she made that awesome schedule that helped us get the most out of the park!
Ako: Thanks to her, we got to check out all sorts of attractions, and we didn't even have to wait to eat at lunchtime! Maybe she really does like that kind of stuff!
Ako: I'd love it if we could go more places together. Like the zoo, or an aquarium... or even a cake buffet!
Ako: I wonder if they'd go if I asked. I wanna make lots of fun memories with everyone.
Ako: ... Yeah, that's for sure! We'll definitely have lots of chances to do so!
Ako: If I keep thinking about that, maybe it'll take my mind off this heat-... Ah! I forgot! I was on my way to get some ice cream! If I don't hurry, Sis is gonna dry up and shrivel like a mummy!
Ako: I-I better get going! See you later! Thanks for talking with me!
Ako: If we go anywhere else, I'll be sure to tell you all about it! Okay, bye-bye!