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Royal Knight Card Story - Episode

Road to the Advanced Class


Hanasakigawa Girl's Academy - Courtyard

Sayo: Shirokane-san, I see that you brought a sandwich for lunch today.
Rinko: Ah, yes... The sandwich I got as a reward in NFO looked tasty... So I made one for myself...
Sayo: Ah, I saw that in the item exchange... Speaking of NFO, I saw you on there the other day.
Rinko: Huh...? You did...? You were more than welcome... to message me...
Sayo: I thought about it, but it was right as I was about to log out.
Sayo: Which leads me to my next question... Did you end up changing classes again?
Rinko: I was likely playing on one of my alternate characters... when you saw me...
Rinko: I stick with a wizard as my main... but I switch to an alternate... when I feel like testing something out...
Sayo: I see. I do not have an alternate character yet, but I do remember there being three character slots
Rinko: Correct... There are a lot of advantages... to having an alternate character...
Rinko: You can change your appearance whenever you like... and most importantly, a well-trained alternate character can help with item farming...
Rinko: Certain items have a limit on how many can be obtained... But that's not a problem with multiple characters.
Sayo: That does sound very efficient.
Rinko: However, training and molding another character... takes a fair amount of time...
Rinko: So there is no reason to make one... if you don't feel the need... it's just another way to play...
Sayo: It's only natural that something so beneficial would take time.
Sayo: Were you farming items when I saw you the other day?
Rinko: I was probably... testing out... how some skills work together...
Rinko: My alternate character finally unlocked their advanced class... so I wanted to get a feel for them...
Sayo: Huh? Is your other character already at that high of a level? That's rather impressive.
Rinko: Thank you very much...
Sayo: I have not upgraded to an advanced class yet, so may I ask how it feels to play one?
Rinko: They are very different from basic classes... The number of skills alone goes up quite a bit...
Rinko: There are buffs that can increase your stats or item drop rates... as well as additional passive skills...
Sayo: The game changes that much...? How very useful.
Rinko: It is... Having so many options in combat... makes the process worthwhile... in my opinion...
Rinko: But still... it does require a lot of time and effort... Then there are the special quests you need to clear...
Sayo: In other words... the path to such useful power is a long one.
Rinko: Right... What's more... while the quest objectives can be only be completed while in a party... the necessary materials can be acquired during solo play...
Rinko: So while the amounts needed can be rather high... As long as you work on it continuously, you'll have them in no time...
Sayo: If that is something you struggle with, Shirokane-san, then it may be a little too difficult for me at the moment.
Rinko: No... I mean... it would be best to have fun... and play at your own pace...

Rogolo Mine

Sayo: ... I know Shirokane-san said I could play at my own pace, but... I see no harm in starting to gather materials. She did say that it can be done solo.
Sayo: However, I am unfamiliar with the dungeons in this area, so I should try not to lose my way...
Sayo: Let's see how many materials of each items I'll need. Hmm... 500 for only this one material?!
Sayo: And there are many materials as well... I am not even one-tenth of the way there. I'll simply need to be patient and keep at it.
Ako: Ah, Sayo-san! You're online~! Want to do some questing together?
Sayo: Oh, Udagawa-san. Sure, I don't see why not.
Ako: Yay~! Hang on, I'll be there in a minute.
Ako: Now what area are you in~...? Hm? I don't see you around those parts very often. Are you farming items?
Sayo: I, um... I'm doing nothing in particular! I will head your way, instead. Please wait at the town entrance!
Ako: ...? Sure, no problem~!

Royal Knight Card Story - Special Episode

Connecting Through Fun


Record Shop

Sayo: Hello, BanG Dreamer-san. Are you doing some shopping?
Sayo: ... I see, so you're here to see if there are any new releases. How very like you to check so regularly.
Sayo: Me? I am... looking for the soundtrack for a certain video game.
Sayo: The other day, Roselia played an online game called NFO together as a group, and I remembered Minato-san praising the background music.
Sayo: I wanted to give it a closer look, which is why I came here.
Sayo: Y-yes, I am still playing. I'm not as good as Shirokane-san or Udagawa-san, though...
Sayo: What do I thin of our game together? Well, it goes without saying that I thoroughly enjoyed playing with everyone.
Sayo: It was refreshing to help out Minato-san and Imai-san, who themselves are still beginners.
Sayo: Playing as a party involves keeping track of many more things than when alone, and it certainly taught me a lot. I would say it was a very interesting experience.
Sayo: Playing becomes second nature for seasoned players, but or the inexperienced, it can be impossible to know what you're lacking.
Sayo: It's at those times that we need to consider the perspectives of others and explain things to them in a way they understand. That point of view has allowed me to reevaluate myself.
Sayo: And with the aid of my fellow party members, I was able to upgrade to an advanced class.
Sayo: I don't think I could have fulfilled the class change requirements on my own.
Sayo: Yes, I would say that I am satisfied. We accomplished our goal, and it was a very relaxing and enjoyable experience from start to finish.
Sayo: True... As a break, that day could not have gone any better.
Sayo: Not everything went according to plan, but that's what also why we were able to have such a wonderful time together.
Sayo: But now, the time for the rest is over. I plan to focus completely on our next performance.
Sayo: I am certain it will be a show worth seeing. Please look forward to it, BanG Dreamer-san.