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Rules of Being an Idol Card Story - Episode

A Sign of Value


Hina: Hm~, yeah~. Pawnshops just have so many things!
Hina: From amplifiers to armor... Ah!
Hina: Hey, Chisato-chan. This necklace would look great on you! What do you think? Huh?
Chisato: Fufu, looks like you're having fun.
Hina: Of course I am! Just look at all this stuff! Here, there, everywhere! There's something boppin' ♪
Hina: I'm so glad Eve-chan brought us here~!
Chisato: Don't get too excited now.
Hina: Ahaha, I know, I know~!
Hina: I wonder if there's anything else around here that's boppin'♪.
Hina: Ah! Hey, what's this?
Chisato: Oh, looks like a movie script. It was very popular a long time ago. You've never seen it before?
Hina: Nope. Never!
Chisato: I-I see...
Hina: Oh, hey. There's a signature here too. Do you know this person?
Chisato: Yes, looks like the leading actress for the movie. She won a very large award for her role in this film, then she became famous.
Hina: Whoa, neat!
Hina: Still, an autographed script...? It doesn't really do it. Something like this just isn't very boppin' ♪
Chisato: Hm? Why not? It's a rare piece, and I'm sure it's very valuable.
Hina: Well, yeah, but... Doesn't the fact that this is autographed mean that this actress gave it to someone as a present?
Chisato: Yes, that's true. So?
Hina: Then isn't it kind of sad that it's being sold here?
Chisato: That's certainly one way to look at it.
Chisato: At the same time though, the fact that it's being sold means the autograph has value to it. That would make anyone in the entertainment industry happy.
Chisato: We need to work hard enough so that someday our autographs could be just as valuable.
Hina: Hmm, I don't know how I feel about our stuff ending up like this...
Chisato: If that's the case, then aim to be even more treasurable. That way, your autograph will be so valuable, no one will want to part ways with it.
Hina: Ah, I get it! Then it'll never be sold either!
Hina: Yeah! I was a little bummed out before, but that cheered me right up!
Chisato: Fufu, that's good to hear.
Hina: ... I wonder if they'd let us see this script up close?
Chisato: I don't know... If you asked, they might be willing to show it to you.
Chisato: Although, with such a valuable item, it's best not to touch it too much.
Chisato: Well, that applies to more than just this script.
Hina: Oh yeah, that's true~... If we were to break or damage anything, we'd pay for it, literally.
Chisato: ... Break or damage, huh?
Array: ...
Hina: ... Chisato-chan... Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Chisato: Yes. I wonder if Aya-chan is doing alright? No matter how careful she is, she always manages to mess up...
Hina: No kidding... Ah, there she is!
Chisato: Aya-chan, don't touch that! Don't touch anything!

Rules of Being an Idol Card Story - Special Episode

An Unreachable Place


Chisato: Sigh...
Chisato: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san. Were you calling me? I'm sorry, I didn't notice.
Chisato: Yes, you could say there's something on my mind.
Chisato: No, I wouldn't say I'm worried about anything...
Chisato: Fufu, you're always so willing to listen to my problems. I appreciate it.
Chisato: Then, if it's not too much to ask, would you mind if I told you about something?
Chisato: You see, our fans were fighting during our release event the other day...
Chisato: Ah, no. Everything was resolved, thanks to Eve-chan stepping in and mediating.
Chisato: However, the fact that she would take such actions is just so shocking to me.
Chisato: Of course I believe we should treasure our fans, but getting involved in their affairs brings with it the risk of making things worse. We have to consider that.
Chisato: So I was against Eve-chan's plan at first. We should be avoiding risks at all costs...
Chisato: .. However, considering the outcome, Eve-chan's choice was the right one. Not only are our fans getting along now, but her actions also made the news. She's even more popular now.
Chisato: ... That really made me stop and think.
Chisato: No, it's not that I can't understand her actions. Plus, I don't think I was completely in the wrong either.
Chisato: It's just that this incident made me realize that playing it safe will only get you so far...
Chisato: Eve-chan shone so brightly, the way she just went and walked such an uncertain path...
Chisato: You're right, I probably am jealous. There's no way I could do such a thing...
Chisato: I'm sorry, my problems aren't very interesting, are they? Still, talking to you has helped me organize my thoughts.
Chisato: Thank you for that, BanG Dreamer-san.