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STAR☆ Card Story - Episode

Lives Are Like Creatures!


Rocking Star Festival - Venue

Kasumi: Hurry up, guys~! Let's go to that booth next!
Arisa: We get it, alright? Just watch where you're going. We don't want any accidents.
Kasumi: But all the booths look so nice~!
Saaya: I don't blame you. All of them are so lively and eye-catching.
Rimi: Just going around makes you smile, doesn't it?
Kasumi: Right~? We should visit all of them! It's decided then!
Tae: Agreed~!
Arisa: Wait, wait, we can't visit all of them.
Arisa: Where's all that energy coming from, anyway? We just put on a show.
Kasumi: That's why~! I got so much energy from performing!
Tae: Me too! Everyone's cheers helped me recharge.
Saaya: People really were fired up~. I could even feel the excitement from the other side of the screen.
Rimi: I so know what you mean~! My left hand slipped more than usual because of the sweat.
Arisa: True, the response to our emceeing was even better than usual, and they really loved our new song.
Kasumi: Yeah! The energy of the venue, our music, everyone's cheering... All of it was sparkling and heart-pounding~!
Kasumi: And the people who aren't here also sent us their energy!
Saaya: I know what you mean! All those posts that appeared on the screen behind the stage really had that effect.
Rimi: Seeing them made me feel connected with the people who were watching us online. I almost teared up when I saw them~.
Tae: It looks like our music did reach the people who aren't at the venue.
Kasumi: And I'm sure it reached the stars too!
Arisa: Well, in any case, I'm just glad everything worked out.
Saaya: We even got to experience doing concerts in a new way.
Tae: I want to try this new style again.
Kasumi: Me too, me too! Oh, and being a part of this festival made me realize something.
Rimi: What did you realize?
Kasumi: That concerts want to grow even more!
Kasumi: Since they're like creatures, they'll keep changing, and they should be able to grow...
Kasumi: And that means infinite possibilities for ways of doing new concerts!
Arisa: ... Sheesh, I know the owner said concerts are like creatures, but you're probably the only one who takes that message so literally, you know?
Kasumi: This is just how I see things~.
Kasumi: The power of music is amazing~. It's connected us to so many people, and it's deepened the relationship we have with concerts!
Kasumi: I bet concerts want to see the same... no, they probably want to see an even more amazing sight!
Saaya: Fufu. Then it's our job as musicians to help them grow.
Kasumi: Actually, I think we should be growing together!
Kasumi: We've always helped each other grow. Now we need to work together with concerts so that all of us can grow!
Tae: I'm starting to get excited again. I want to do a live performance~.
Kasumi: O-Tae, me too! Ah... You guys want to do one here?
Arisa: We can't just do one here! We'll get in everyone's way~!
Kasumi: I-I was just joking, of course~. I can't believe you took what I said so seriously~. Sheesh~.
Kasumi: Anyway! Let's enjoy music even more so that we can keep sharing our sound~!
Poppin'Party: Yeah~!
Kasumi: ... Hm? It's a message from Marina-san.
Kasumi: Let's see~... Uh-oh!
Tae: What is it?
Kasumi: She says the people who saw us play have started coming to CiRCLE's booth! Look...!
Saaya: "Sorry to interrupt your booth tour, but I really need you guys back~!" Uh, I think we shoiuld hurry back.
Arisa: If Marina-san's asking for help, it must be real bad.
Rimi: W-we should hurry...
Kasumi: Alright, guys! To Marina-san's rescue~!

STAR☆ Card Story - Special Episode

Endless Positivity


CiRCLE - Lobby

Kasumi: Hi, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san~!
Marina: Hi! Fufu, you're full of energy as always.
Kasumi: I can't sit still because I still have that heart-pounding feeling from he Rocking Star Festival~.
Kasumi: Ah! Doing a show would be the perfect way to release some of this excitement!
Kasumi: How does the schedule look?!
Marina: Hmm, hold on. According to this...
Kasumi: I should let the others know! "I know you guys want to do a concert, so I'll book us a slot!" There... Sent!
???: ...
???: Exuberant as always, I see.
Kasumi: ...! Th-this voice... Owner?!
Marina: H-hello! I wasn't expecting you at CiRCLE... May I ask what brings you here today?
Owner: I had some business to take care of nearby, so I thought I'd say hello.
Kasumi: U-um, thank you for everything you did for the Rocking Star Festival!
Owner: I'm the one who should be thanking you. After all, the bands are the stars of a festival, and you did well.
Owner: Many of my friends from back in the day contacted me after the festival. In terms of the sheer number of people talking about it, I haven't seen anything this big in recent times.
Kasumi: I can see why! It really was incredible! The audience, the viewers, the staff, the bands...
Kasumi: The festival brought us all together! And that connection gave us strength!
Kasumi: It made me realize that's what the power of music is!
Marina: We were helping our backstage, but even we could tell that everyone involved had come together as one.
Owner: ... True. Even I'll admit the festival was incredible.
Owner: However, I hope you're not satisfied yet. The potential that concerts and music have is infinite.
Owner: You still haven't seen what the power of music is truly capable of.
Kasumi: I know~. But I really did enjoy the festival!
Kasumi: And it's all because music brought us together! I intend to repay the favor, even if it's just bit by bit.
Owner: Is that so...? And how do you intend to do that?
Kasumi: Isn't it obvious? By doing concerts, of course!
Kasumi: They're the best way of sharing the joy of music with everyone!
Kasumi: Ah... Wait, if I do that, I might end up borrowing the power of music again...
Kasumi: Oh, but I can just keep doing more concerts and borrowing more power... I'm hoping doing that will help both of us grow!
Owner: I see... I suppose I can look forward to that, although I won't have too high of expectations.
Owner: Anyhow, I should go now. Tsukishima, if you need me for anything, just let me know.
Marina: I will! Thank you!
Kasumi: Oh, wait! Could I ask you one question before you go?
Owner: What do you want to ask?
Kasumi: When you agreed to let us stream the concert, you said you hadn't given everything you had yet.
Kasumi: Were you able to?
Owner: ... Hmph.
Owner: Don't ask something so obvious.
Kasumi: ...! U-um, just one more thing...!
Kasumi: If you feel like it, please come to our next concert! I look forward to seeing you again!