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SURVIVOR Never Give Up! (SURVIVOR ねばーぎぶあっぷ!) is a song by Pastel*Palettes.

It is the coupling track for their 3rd single, Mou Ichido Luminous, which was released on August 8, 2018.

It is the gift song for the event Pastel*Palettes! Deserted Island Idols, and also was one of the challenge songs for the event Hopeful Session.

It was used as the ending song for the 8th episode of BanG Dream! GARUPA☆PICO Fever!

It was written by Oda Asuka, and arranged and composed by Fujita Junpei.

Game Info[]

Server availability JpTwKrEnCn
Bpm Beats per minute 200 BPM
Easy Song Level 10 220 notes
Normal Song Level 15 343 notes
Hard Song Level 22 559 notes
Expert Song Level 26 868 notes
Special Song Level 27 936 notes


The song starts from 02:00.


# Songs Duration Audio
02 SURVIVOR Never Give Up! 04:09
04 SURVIVOR Never Give Up! -instrumental- 04:07
00 SURVIVOR Never Give Up! (Game Version) 01:48

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