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Saaya's Confession Card Story - Episode

Saying Exactly What I Feel



Saaya: ... Alright, should we head home?
Kasumi: Yeah. I can cut through downtown to get to the station from here, so I'll walk with you to your place.
Saaya: Thanks. Hey, do you wanna hold hands while we go?
Kasumi: Yeah, great idea! I'm in! Okay, Saaya... Gimme your hand!
Saaya: I just finished squeezing too hard, so... this should be about right.
Kasumi: H-hey, that tickles~. Just hold my hand normally~.
Saaya: Fufu. You're right. Okay... I'll do this.
Kasumi: That's good!
Kasumi: So, Saaya, can I ask you a question? There's something I've been wondering about for a while now.
Saaya: Huh? Sure, I don't mind... What is it?
Kasumi: I've always thought you were so much like a big sister, and it makes me wonder how that came to be.
Saaya: Well, you know. I have a little brother and a little sister. I'm already a big sister when I'm at home, so it makes sense.
Kasumi: But if that's the case... What about me? Aa-chan is my little sister...
Saaya: I mean, that's true, but you and Asuka-chan are only one year apart, right? My siblings are still very young, so I would think that that naturally made me like this.
Kasumi: You're so lucky~. I wish I could be an amazing big sister like you~. You're like the image of a big sister anyone would wanna be like.
Saaya: I'm really not that amazing. And I actually hate that I'm like this sometimes...
Kasumi: Huh? You hate it? Why's that?!
Saaya: I'm always looking after my siblings, so I just instinctively end up thinking that I have to act like a big sister.
Saaya: Instead of saying how I really feel, I end up thinking about what someone in my position is supposed to say...
Kasumi: Saaya...
Saaya: I think I did it just now while we were talking too. I guess you can say I was kinda trying to act a certain way so that I could keep up that ideal-sister image...
Saaya: Then, partway through, I felt uncomfortable with what I was saying... You put yourself out there and fight with all you have, and yet, for some reason, all I can offer are fake words and shallow sentiments...
Saaya: That's why I tried the best I could to just say exactly what was on my mind and communicate my true feelings. Did it work?
Kasumi: Yep, definitely! I could tell exactly how you were feeling!
Saaya: Thanks, Kasumi. It just... made me really happy, being able to say the things I was thinking.
Saaya: I showed you my weak side, and you accepted it... I guess you could say I feel relieved...
Kasumi: Of course I did! Saaya, from here on out, you don't have to hold back! Say exactly what you wanna say!
Saaya: Fufu. Yeah, I think I will.
Kasumi: Wow~... So you were struggling behind that big sister image, huh? I hadn't thought about that before.
Saaya: That's why I really want a relationship like the one you have with Asuka-chan. It's like you two are friends.
Kasumi: Do we actually seem like friends? I don't know about that~. Besides, we were always fighting when we were in elementary school.
Saaya: That's the very thing I'm jealous of. With the age gap between me and my siblings, we could never do that. In fact, I'm the one who stops the fighting.
Saaya: Then, when they're done, they're back to getting along and playing together before you know it. They say people that argue a lot are really close, don't they? And I can tell it's true when I look at those two.
Kasumi: Ohh~. Maybe we should be grateful to have people we can fight with.
Kasumi: ... Ah!
Saaya: Hm? What's wrong, Kasumi?
Kasumi: If you think about it like that, then it's possible to appreciate what's been happening.
Saaya: Huh?
Kasumi: Think about it. It's pretty much like we're fighting with each other, right?
Kasumi: This could be the same idea. That we're all close enough that we can argue.
Saaya: When you put it that way, yeah, it's possible. Maybe we've gotten close enough that we can do that now.
Kasumi: That has to be it!
Kasumi: And now when I think about it, it makes me really happy!
Saaya: Mhm, me too.
Kasumi: Alrighty! Tomorrow, we're gonna put our make-up-with-each-other plan to the test! Let's give it everything we've got!
Saaya: Yeah!

Saaya's Confession Card Story - Special Episode

I'm Glad We Struggled



Marina: Ah, Saaya-chan! Hey there!
Saaya: Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san! Good afternoon.
Saaya: Today I'll be helping out at the store. If you have time, would you mind stopping by for a bit?
Saaya: I wanna show my appreciation for the other day.
Marina: Your appreciation?
Saaya: Yeah, for all the stuff you lent us and everything you helped out with for our show in Arisa's basement.
Saaya: There's no way it would have been a success without the equipment we borrowed from you.
Marina: No way~. The reason you were able to pull it off was that you girls worked so hard.
Marina: All we did was lend you a few things. It's okay to think of yourself a little more highly, you know. You agree, right?
Saaya: BanG Dreamer-san, thank you.
Marina: Everyone was saying that it was a really good performance. I wish we could've been there to see it.
Marina: I'm sure BanG Dreamer-san feels the same way, don't you?
Saaya: Fufu. I'll be sure to invite you two the next time.
Saaya: Arisa said that we wouldn't be doing another show there, but she was having a pretty good time herself, so I have a feeling it'll happen again someday.
Marina: Really?! I'm looking forward to it!
Saaya: Yes! And you should! ... You know, with everything that happened recently, I had this really strong feeling... A feeling that said, "I love Poppin'Party."
Saaya: We were all going through our own thing, but we were able to come together in the end. And I believe it was because we were all thinking about Poppin'Party, and we all faced our problems head-on.
Saaya: Rimi-rin and the song she was making, O-Tae and performances, Arisa and herself. I think everyone had something they dealt with.
Saaya: Looking at them, all I could think was just how cool they are.
Marina: I see... And what exactly did you and Kasumi-chan face head-on?
Saaya: I think Kasumi dealt with the idea of us... The idea of what Poppin'Party actually is. As for me...
Saaya: I believe I was able to face my past self and actions.
Saaya: ... Yeah, I'd never really been able to talk to the others about CHiSPA, among other things, but this time around, I just naturally let it all out.
Saaya: I was glad to be able to have the conversation so easily, and I feel like I was able to make use of that experience... That just made me so happy.
Saaya: I think it's nice that when Poppin'Party starting falling apart, I was able to face things head-on without running away and without relying completely on Kasumi.
Marina: You know... The fact that you're able to say that is pretty cool too.
Saaya: What? I-I wouldn't call it that...
Marina: No, I'm serious... It's like you're growing alongside the band. I'm jealous. You're lucky to be able to have such a valuable experience.
Saaya: Th-thank you! Hey, I really want you guys to come by the store! My dad is trying out some new bread recipes! You should stop by, even if it's just to try them out!
Marina: Alright, I suppose we can go for a bit...
Saaya: Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san! C'mon! Let's head there together!