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Sakura Blooming Party! Event Story - Opening
Blooming Sakura!

It's springtime. The girls of Poppin'Party are out viewing the sakura when they hear strange shouting from afar...


Rimi: Wow~, look everyone! The sakura are in full bloom!!
Kasumi: I'm so happy we can walk home together and see something beautiful like this~!
Saaya: Right? ... I have to say though, the sakura here are especially nice~.
Rimi: I wonder if it's the power of spring that makes this so exciting? Doesn't spring make you feel like something new is going to happen?
Kasumi: Huh? Is it because of spring? I always feel like something new is gonna happen!
Arisa: That's because you're the only one here without a worry in the world.
Kasumi: I'm the only one? You're the same as me, aren't you O-Tae?
Tae: Spring... makes me think of... bamboo shoots mixed with rice.
Saaya: Ahaha, you always come up with unusual stuff like that, O-Tae.
Rimi: I always think of us when I see a sakura... it's like we're the five petals of the flower nestled next to each other. You know, since the five of us all working hard at the one thing together.
Kasumi: That's so nice! It's kind of romantic too!
Arisa: You're so pure, Rimi.
Tae: That reminds me, Arisa. Is there such thing as a sakura bonsai?
Arisa: Yeah... I mean, why wouldn't there be?
Tae: I don't exactly know much about bonsai.
Arisa: The sakura tree is Japan's most beloved tree, isn't it?! Do you think it's possible that there wouldn't be a bonsai for it? No way~, that'd practically be a crime~.
Rimi: I kind of think you're the purest one here when you start talking about bonsai, Arisa-chan.
Arisa: Sh-shut up!
???: Hyaaah!
Kasumi: ... Hm? Guys, what's that girl doing?
???: Hyah! Hyaaah!
Arisa: Wh-what's up with her...? She's swinging a wooden sword or something at a tree... She's probably crazy. Nobody make eye contact.
Kasumi: Hmm? Wait, isn't that...?
Arisa: H-hey, Kasumi! I said don't make eye contact! These weirdos always come out in spring. I'd stay away from her if I were you.
Arisa: ... Argh! Kasumi!
Kasumi: Hey~. Eve-chan! What are you doing out here?
Eve: Hm? Oh, Kasumi-san! And Rimi-san, Saaya-san, and Tae-san too. Oh, Arisa-san is here as well.
Arisa: H-hi...
Arisa: (I thought it was a crazy person, but it was someone I know! We're in different classes and haven't really spoken before, though... Th-this is awkward.)
Kasumi: What were you just doing, Eve-chan? It looked like you were swinging that sword at a tree.
Eve: The truth is... I was training to be a warrior.
Arisa: Huh?! Training to be a warrior...?!
Arisa: ... S-seriously?
Eve: I have to cut a falling sakura petal in two. The swordsmen in the novel I read all did this training!
Eve: Oh! Don't worry, this sword is made of wood!
Arisa: I don't think that's the problem here... Hey, Kasumi. Am I just imagining that this is completely wrong...? Am I...?
Tae: I think it'd be more impressive if you could cut through the tree with that sword.
Eve: *gasp* I-I think you're right!
Eve: I understand now... I shall attempt it!
Rimi: Wait, wait, wait~! You can't do that, Eve-chan~!
Saaya: There was a fire in her eyes just now, wasn't there...?
???: Hagumi! Sakura parties are so much fun!
???: You're not gonna beat me, Kokoron~!
Kasumi: Isn't that Kokoron and Hagu running around over there? It looks like they're throwing piles of sakura petals at each other... What do you think they're doing?
Kokoro: Phew... That was some good exercise! I didn't know sakura parties could be so exciting!
Hagumi: Kokoron, the party isn't over yet! You're one point ahead of me, but I'm gonna make a comeback!
Misaki: Listen, you two. There aren't any comebacks in sakura parties... It's not a competition where you get a point for every petal you hit each other with, either.
Kokoro: It isn't?! Then how do we decide who the winner is?!
Misaki: Ugh... Sakura parties don't have winners or losers!
Arisa: ... Hey, Kasumi. Another group of weirdos has shown up... Wait, ugh... I know them too...
Arisa: (And again it's people I've met once or twice, but haven't really spoken to...)
Hagumi: Oh, Kaa-kun! Are you guys here for a sakura party as well?
Kasumi: No, we were just walking home together when we bumped into Eve-chan.
Eve: I was practicing to be a warrior!
Kasumi: Isn't this... The first time for a group of us first graders from Hanasakigawa to meet up somewhere that isn't CiRCLE?
Eve: I think you're right! It's nice to see everyone again!
Kokoro: Let's enjoy the sakura!
Arisa: (I-is it just me... or is our school full of weirdos...?)

Sakura Blooming Party! Event Story - Chapter 1
What is a Sakura Party?

An unexpected gathering of Hanasakigawa's freshmen. Kasumi's plan blossoms...!


Arisa: C'mon, Kasumi... Let's go home already. If we keep hanging out with these weirdos, people will think we're one of them...
Kasumi: Really~? Do we have to go~?! We never meet up like this...
Kasumi: Oh! I know!
Arisa: (W-wait a sec. The way she said that... I've got a super bad feeling about this...)
Kasumi: Hey, everyone! We don't usually bump into each other like this, so why don't we have a sakura party together!
Arisa: (I knew it~!)
Kasumi: Is everyone available next Sunday?
Hagumi: Ooh, nice idea, Kaa-kun! I'm free that day! You are too, right Kokoron?
Kokoro: Me and Misaki will come!
Misaki: Do I get a say in this...? Oh well, I don't actually mind.
Eve: I'd love to have a sakura party with everyone! I always wanted to do it before I even came to Japan!
Kasumi: What about you, Rimi-rin?
Rimi: Of course! We don't get many chances to do things like this!
Saaya: Exactly. You'll come too, right O-Tae?
Tae: I'll bring bamboo shoots mixed with rice. I can't wait~.
Kasumi: Okay, so everyone's in... Cool! Okay, we'd better decide the time and stuff like that.
Kokoro: Let's decide the teams first. If we know our teams, we can plan our strategy in advance!
Misaki: Kokoro... We don't need to make teams for a sakura party.
Kokoro: Okay, so it's a solo event! Got it! I'm gonna aim for first place!
Misaki: How many times do I have to tell you?! There aren't any winners or losers in a sakura party!
Rimi: Sakura parties are about sitting under the cherry trees and looking at the blossoms while eating and chatting, you know?
Kokoro: That's all? I can't really imagine it being like that. What about you, Misaki?
Misaki: That's the only way I can imagine it.
Arisa: (Gimme a break... A sakura party with all these weirdos... I can't do it... I don't even wanna do it!)
Arisa: U-um, Kasumi. I didn't give you an answer before... about if I'll come or not.
Kasumi: Huh? You can't make it to the sakura party?
Arisa: L-look, just come over here for a sec.
Arisa: Are you seriously saying you wanna have a party with this lot?
Kasumi: Of course! It's gonna be so much fun!
Arisa: You've gotta be kidding me. These guys are a few clowns short of a circus! One of them wants to cut petals in two, and another thinks this is going to be some of sakura snowball battle...
Arisa: I really don't think I'll be able to get along with these weirdos...
Kasumi: That's why we're gonna have a party! Trust me, after a bit of chatting and looking at the blossoms, you'll be friends before you know it!
Arisa: Argh, what a pain in the neck. The party is gonna be on Sunday, right? Sooo, u-uh, about that. Sunday, hmm.
Kasumi: Do you have plans or something on Sunday?
Arisa: Well, I wouldn't call it plans, just... you know?
Kokoro: Ooh! I just have a great idea!
Hagumi: Wh-what is it, Kokoron?! If you say you had a good idea, then it has to be something amazing!
Hagumi: Hey~! Everyone, listen to Kokoron! ...Okay, go ahead!
Kokoro: There are sakura trees in my garden! If you like, we can have the party at my house! Everyone's welcome to come!
Hagumi: W-wow, Kokoron... That's an amazing idea~!
Misaki: Exaggerate much? All she did was invite some people over.
Saaya: Sitting on the veranda and looking at the sakura tree in the garden.... I like the sound of that♪
Hagumi: Non non non, Saaya. That's just totally non non non.
Saaya: ... Non non non? Wh-what does that even mean?
Hagumi: Kokoron's garden is so amazing you'll fall over when you see it! I wouldn't be surprised if it has tons of sakura trees!
Rimi: Tons of sakura trees... What kind of garden is it?
Hagumi: You'll just have to wait and see!
Kasumi: Wow~, I can't wait! Okay, so the sakura party is gonna be at Kokoron's place then!
Arisa: ...
Kasumi: ... Oh. What about you, Arisa? We're all going to go to Kokoron's place... I wanna have a sakura party, and I'm sure curious about Kokoron's house.
Kasumi: I wonder what's so special about it. Don't you wanna see it too, Arisa?
Kasumi: Ahh, but you're busy on Sunday, aren't you...?
Arisa: ... Nah, I'm free. Turns out I had the wrong day, so I'll... uh, go too.
Kasumi: Really?! Yay~! That means everyone's going!
Arisa: (O-of course I wanna see her place! Tons of sakura trees? What kind of house has tons of any tree?!)
Arisa: (A-and besides, if everyone is going that means... I'm the only one who isn't.)
Kasumi: Ahaha! I'm already so excited about it!
Kokoro: I am too! I can't wait for Sunday!

Sakura Blooming Party! Event Story - Chapter 2
You Mean... That Tsurumaki?!

It's sakura party time! The girls meet up with the dishes they've prepared and to... the Tsurumaki residence?!


Day of the Sakura Party

Arisa: Am I too early? ... But there's less than 10 minutes until the time we're supposed to meet...
Arisa: ... This makes it look like I'm the one who's most excited abut the party. *sigh*
Rimi: Oh, good morning, Arisa-chan! W-wait?! Did I get the meeting time wrong?
Arisa: Nah, you didn't get it wrong... I just got here too early.
Rimi: Oh, that's a relief~. Saaya-chan and O-Tae-chan said they'll be here soon.
Arisa: Got it.
Saaya: Huh? You two sure are early! Were you so exited you just couldn't wait at home, Arisa?
Arisa: Huh?! A-as if! It's just common courtesy to arrive earlier than the meeting time!
Saaya: Right~, of course it is.
Eve: Good morning! I'm glad it's such a beautiful day today!
Eve: Arisa-san, you're wrinkling your nose! Are you okay?
Eve: Do you feel unwell...?
Arisa: Oh, uh... I'm okay... Thank you for being so thoughtful... Ohohoho...
Eve: I'm glad to hear that!
Eve: You're so graceful, like Japanese beauty captured on a canvas~. I think the sakura suit you!
Rimi: Y-yeah... th-that's our Arisa-chan.
Kasumi: S-sorry~! I'm so late~!
Arisa: K-Kasumi! Y-you dum-
Eve: A-Arisa-san...?
Arisa: ?!
Arisa: ...Dum... dum... dumplings, did you happen to bring the dumplings...?
Kasumi: Dumplings? I don't remember being asked to bring anything like that. I brought some other snacks though!
Arisa: Oh, I see. Thank you. Ohohoho...
Kasumi: Arisa's acting weird today... Oh well... Is it just us? Where's everyone else?
Rimi: Everyone's a little late because they've been cooking food for today. I only just arrived myself. What did you make, Kasumi-chan?
Kasumi: I just brought a lot of munchies! I'm not really a good cook, so I was hoping that'd be enough. Ehehe...
Tae: Oh, everyone's already here.
Kasumi: O-Tae, good morning!
Tae: Look who I ran into on the way here.
Hagumi: Ta-da~! Thanks for waiting everyone! Mii-kun's with me too!
Misaki: Good morning. I'm not the type to show up and say "ta-da!", so I'll just greet everyone normally.
Kasumi: Umm... I think that's everyone... Yeah! Okay then, let's go to Kokoron's house!
Kasumi: I wanna have our sakura party right here~! I can't wait any longer~!
Hagumi: What are you talking about Kaa-kun? Kokoron's place is so much better than this.
Kasumi: So much better...? Is that possible?
Hagumi: C'mon, just wait and see!
Kasumi: ... Hagu are we there yet? We've been walking down this street for ages... I'm getting kinda sleepy...
Hagumi: Okay! The long wait is over! We're finally here! This is Kokoron's house!
Arisa: This? Ahaha, surely you're kidding. This house is famous for being the biggest mansion in the area.
Saaya: Huh, wait a moment. Kokoro's last name is Tsurumaki, right?
Rimi: The name plate says... Tsurumaki...
Arisa: S-so this is really the Tsurumaki residence...?
Hagumi: What did I just tell you? This is Kokoron's house~!
Saaya: I never would've imagined Kokoro was a member of that Tsurumaki family...
Kokoro: Thanks for coming, everyone! Come inside!

Tsurumaki Residence

Kasumi: ... A-am I dreaming...? Did I get so sleepy that I actually fell asleep? Everything in here is... pink!
Kasumi: ... I'll just give my cheeks a little pinch... Oww! I'm... definitely not dreaming.
Kokoro: Make yourselves at home, everyone! You can run around, you can roll around, you can do backflips! You can do anything you want here!
Kokoro: We'll have a badminton competition out on the tennis court later. It'll be so much fun!
Tae: ...Oh, there's a fountain over there.
Eve: This is amazing...! Houses this big are rare even in Finland...!
Arisa: Seriously, what planet are we on now? How is this possible?! It's not normal!
Arisa: ...?!
Arisa: (O-oops! Everything's just so ridiculous here I couldn't control myself! I hope no one heard me...)
Arisa: ...
Arisa: (... Phew, I'm in the clear... I think everyone was too overwhelmed by the house to hear me...)
Kokoro: Okay, everyone! Could you set up for us?
Rimi: ... Huh? There's people in black suits pouring out the mansion... Wh-what's about to happen~?!

Sakura Blooming Party! Event Story - Chapter 3
Let's Enjoy The Sakura!

One thing after another, Arisa can't believe her eyes or ears. She keeps quiet, but someone's watching her...


Rimi: Wh-who are these people...? They’ve already finished setting up for us...
Kokoro: I’m not really sure, but they do almost anything I ask them!
Kokoro: If anyone needs something, just talk to them!
Arisa: (Wh-what the?! Who are these secret agent people...?!)
Hagumi: They help us out all the time!
Kasumi: Wow, really? In that case, I’ll ask them if I need something!
Arisa: (Are you kidding me?! Kasumi, you don’t think any of this is strange?!
Rimi: ... Kokoro-chan is amazing...
Saaya: Y-yeah...
Kokoro: Everything is set up, so let’s begin the sakura party! Is everyone ready to do the cheer?!
Kasumi: Huh?! Did we decide on a cheer?!
Kokoro: It doesn’t matter if we haven’t! Just shout out the words that are in your heart! To the sakura, and to the sky!
Arisa: (I-is she for real...? I don’t know what's going on anymore.)
Kokoro: Okay, here we go! One, two...!
Kokoro, Hagumi: Let’s enjoy the sakura! Yay!
Arisa: (Wh-whoa~! Did they just say the same thing without even planning it...?!)
Kasumi: Me too! Let's enjoy the sakura! Yay!
Arisa: (... K-Kasumi's getting in on it too... Those three are almost like triplets...)
Kokoro: That was great, everyone! Now that we've let out everything in our hearts, let's start the sakura party!
Arisa: (It's only just started but I’m already beat... Am I gonna make it through the day...?)
Kokoro: Now, there's lots of food for everyone! Let’s eat!
Kokoro: If you want more, feel free to ask! The people in the suits will bring as much as you like!
Kasumi: Look at that meat! I don’t think I’ve ever had anything like this before!
Hagumi: This is A5 beef, no doubt about it! High-quality meat like this is hard to come by~! This is so amazing~!
Kasumi: Oh, that’s right! Your family runs a butchers store, right Hagu?! It’s amazing you can tell what kind of meat it is just by looking!
Tae: You sure know your meats.
Hagumi: Hehe~! I guess I do~!
Arisa: (That's what you're surprised about?! What about the super expensive meat?!)
Rimi: W-with all this amazing food... it's kind of hard to share the stuff I brought...
Saaya: Y-you were thinking the same thing, Rimi-rin? I was just wondering if I should bother or not...
Kokoro: What's the matter, you two? If you're fidgeting because you need help, I can call some people over.
Saaya: N-no, we’re fine... It's just, how should I put it...?
Kokoro: ... Hmm? Is that bag full of buns? I'd like one!
Saaya: S-sure. My family runs a bakery, so I brought some buns for everyone to eat... I'm not sure if you'll like them, but feel free to have some.
Kokoro: Delicious! These buns are delicious! Don’t you think buns are usually so plain?! But these ones are amazing! They make me smile!
Kokoro: Yeah! I bet these are... smiley buns!
Saaya: Th-thanks...!
Arisa: (Smiley buns, seriously?! This is so random!)
Hagumi: I brought something too~!
Kokoro: Wonderful, Hagumi! An eye for an eye! A gift for a gift! That’s the spirit!
Hagumi: Ta-da! Special croquettes, they’ll make your cheeks bigger than your belly!
Arisa: (Cheeks bigger than your belly?! Does she even know what she means?!
Arisa: ?!
Arisa: (... H-huh? Okusawa-san... I think that's her name. She's staring right at me...)
Arisa: (... Ngh?! She's coming over here!)
Misaki: ... Ichigaya-san, is it just me or are you itching to say something?
Arisa: ?!
Misaki: I feel like you and me see this... in the same way.
Misaki: I’m pretty used to it now, but... I can understand why you want to call it out.
Arisa: Huh? Wh-what do you mean? I wouldn't dream of doing that... Oho, ohohoho...
Misaki: ... If you say so.
Eve: I brought some ginger cookies! They're sweets from Finland!
Saaya: Ooh! They look really good!
Rimi: Umm, I brought something too... It’s just bamboo shoots mixed with rice though...
Kasumi: Oh! That's what O-Tae wanted to eat! ... Huh? By the way, where is she?
Hagumi: She wandered off towards the fountain a couple of minutes ago.
Kasumi: Oh, okay. We'd better save that for O-Tae... There's so many different colors today and so many foods! This is the perfect sakura party!
Kasumi: ... Ahh, this just makes me want to shout it out again.
Kasumi: Let's enjoy the sakura! Yay!
Arisa: ...

Sakura Blooming Party! Event Story - Chapter 4
Are They Onto Me?!

Everyone says a little bit about themselves while Arisa's bemusement continues. Can she hold it together...?!


Kasumi: So I think everyone knows that we all play in bands, but we don't really know anything else about each other, do we?
Kasumi: What do you guys get up to?!
Kasumi: For me these days the thing I'm devoted to is the band!
Kokoro: That's great! You're devoted to something, I like it! I think we're going to become good friends! I have something I'm devoted too as well!
Kasumi: You're pretty famous at school, huh? Everyone says you're like a ball of curiosity that wears a uniform and does backflips!
Kokoro: Oh, really? I didn't know that.
Rimi: I always thought you were full of curiosity and like to challenge new things, but... what is it that you're devoted to now?
Kokoro: That's true, I do a lot of different things, but... that's all to put smiles on people's faces! I guess you could say I'm devoted to smiles!
Kokoro: Our band makes music, sing songs and performs to make everyone all over the world smile!
Kasumi: Ooh~, I see! That's just like us!
Arisa: (Making music, singing songs and performing... That's exactly the same as us! It's what a band does, isn't it?! Why is Kasumi being like that?!)
Hagumi: Besides the band, I play softball! I had a match just yesterday!
Kokoro: Oh, that reminds me, Hagumi! There's something I wanted to tell you!
Hagumi: Huh?! What is it?!
Kokoro: Remember you were about how they are no batting cages for softball?
Hagumi: Yeah! There's lots of batting cages for baseball everywhere, but it's really hard to find ones that are just for softball.
Kokoro: Well, I told that to the people in suits and they built one! It's in the back of the garden. Let's try it out later!
Arisa: (What?! They built a batting cage, just like that?! This is ridiculous!
Hagumi: Thanks, Kokoron~! I'm so glad I talked to you about it! Just goes to show that friends are the best thing in the world!
Arisa: (Why isn't anyone saying anything?! C'mon, Saaya...!
Saaya: A-ahaha... Everything in this house is on a different level, huh?
Arisa: (She's just given up and now she's weirded out...!)
Kasumi: Okay, you're next... Saaya!
Saaya: M-me?!
Kokoro: Thanks for the smiley buns! Did you make them yourself?
Arisa: (Stop calling them that...)
Saaya: Well, about the smiley buns...
Arisa: (Saaya! If you go and call them smiley buns then it's gonna be official! Do you really want that?)
Saaya: I baked them myself, actually...
Saaya: I always help out at the shop, but I never actually bake anything... But since we're having a party today, I decided to give it a try.
Kasumi: It's like you're always at the bakery, huh?
Kokoro: Oh, I see. What exactly do you do when you help out?
Saaya: Hmm, I serve customers, open and close the bakery... I do other stuff like cleaning the ovens, too.
Misaki: Just hearing that list makes me want to take a break. That's impressive, Yamabuki-san. I could never do all that.
Saaya: Ahaha, thanks. It sounds kinda tough, but a lot of it is pretty easy once you get used to it.
Kokoro: No, it's amazing that you can help out everyday! If you need some extra help, I can send out some people in suits!
Saaya: Huh? You don't have to do that! I actually really enjoy helping out at the shop anyway.
Kokoro: Really? Well, if you ever need help, let me know!
Saaya: ... S-sure. Thanks.
Kasumi: Okay, let's hear about Rimi-rin next!
Rimi: ... Uh, I-I used to live in Kansai until recently... I only just came here...
Kokoro: You lived in Kansai?! So, that means you moved here?! That's amazing! I’ve always wanted to move houses! I'm envious!
Arisa: (I'm pretty sure this mansion is way more envy-inspiring!)
Misaki: ...
Arisa: (...?! Sh-she’s looking at me again! C'mon me... Control your urges...!)
Tae: My hobby besides the band is...
Arisa: (O-Tae?! When did you get back?!)
Tae: ...
Tae: ... The guitar.
Arisa: (What's with the dramatic pause?! And then she just says the guitar? That's part of a band!)
Arisa: (Ahh, but then again she can play it on her own, so... Ugh, why am I even thinking deeply about something O-Tae says?!
Misaki: ... My situation is rather complicated, so I think I’ll steer away from the band topic. Everything else about me is extremely normal.
Kasumi: Okay, all we have left is... Eve-chan and Arisa! Could you go first, Eve-chan?
Eve: Um, I came to Japan just recently... I've always wanted to have a sakura party like this!
Arisa: (Parties on a scale like this don't happen everyday...)
Misaki: This sakura party is quite unique, mind you. It's probably not a good idea to think this is the standard in Japan.
Misaki: ... Don't you agree, Ichigaya-san?
Arisa: Huh?! A-ahaha~. I suppose it's not often that we get to enjoy a sakura party in such a nice big garden~! I-it's so lovely here~!
Arisa: (Argh... Okusawa-san is totally on to me and my need to say something...!)
Eve: Oh, and bushido! I think bushido is really special!
Kokoro: Bushido? That reminds me, we have this sword called something or other, that was used by some person!
Arisa: (Wow, so much information!)
Eve: Wh-what was the sword called, and who was it used by?
Kokoro: Hmm, what was it? Anyway, it's a sword with a complicate name and it was owned by a person with a name that's complicated!
Eve: If it's okay, would I be able to see that sword?
Kokoro: I don't think it would be very fun to look at a sword with such a complicated name! Why don't we have a sword fight or something instead?
Arisa: (Wh-what... is going on with this conversation...? It barely makes sense... Man, it's not everyday you get a conversation with so many holes in it.)
Kasumi: Okay, the only last person left is... Arisa! Lucky last!
Arisa: U-umm, I... uh...

Sakura Blooming Party! Event Story - Chapter 5
Japanese Beauty Personified

Kasumi notices that Arisa is not being her usual self, as she becomes the new topic of conversation...


Kasumi: You've been kinda quiet today, Arisa.
Kasumi: Are you okay? You're not unwell, are you?
Arisa: ... I-I'm fine.
Saaya: You do look kinda pale... not to mention tired.
Arisa: I-I'm okay, really.
Arisa: (Guys, I'm dying over here! Don't you have any idea how long I've been shooting down this ridiculous conversation inside my head?!)
Kasumi: Really? That's a relief! Okay, it's your turn to say something! Arisa is so interesting everyone~! This is gonna be great!
Arisa: (K-Kasumi, you moron! You're the worst M.C. ever! Why up the bar for me like this?!)
Arisa: (... Oh well, guess I'll just go with harmless and simple. If I say something boring, the conversation should naturally move on, anyway...)
Arisa: Uh... besides playing in the band, I like to do... bonsai. That's all.
Eve: Really?! You’re into bonsai?! That's amazing! I've always been interested in trying it!
Arisa: (Y-you're not supposed to take the bait!)
Eve: You're so lovely, Arisa-san! I think bonsai is a wonderful hobby!
Eve: You're refined, cheerful, but not outspoken... You're the definition of Japanese beauty!
Kokoro: Speaking of bonsai, we used to have a tree here! I think someone told me it was a 400-year-old pine or something!
Eve: I-it's 400 years old?! I would love to see it!
Kokoro: Hmm, I wonder where it went...?
Eve: 400 years ago is the beginning of the Edo period! Which means that bonsai tree lived with the samurai! This is so amazing~!
Arisa: (... Phew, I'm glad I'm no longer the topic of the conversation... I can't deny I'm curious about this 400-year-old pine though...)
Kokoro: I remember now! I felt sorry for it being stuck in such a tiny pot, so I replanted it somewhere over there!
Arisa: Wha...?! If you do that, it'll...
Arisa: (Oh man, I almost let loose... Argh... I don’t think I can take this anymore...!)
Misaki: ... Fufufufu.
Arisa: ?!
Kasumi: Wh-what's up, Misaki-chan? Did something funny happen?
Misaki: ... Oh, it's nothing. I was just thinking that Ichigaya-san is just so... reserved.
Kasumi: No way! She's usually a lot more interesting than this! She's actually really sarcastic too! Isn't that right, Arisa?
Arisa: Oh, Kasumi~! I-I'd never dream of being sarcastic~!
Arisa: (I'm gonna get you for this, Kasumi!~)
Kasumi: Ooh! Arisa's house is really cool, too! I mean it's not as amazing as Kokoron's place, but it has a basement! A basement, guys!
Kokoro: Really? That's amazing! My house doesn't have a basement! I'm so curious! I wanna see it!
Arisa: O-oh no, it's nothing special... My family has been running a simple pawnshop business for some time...
Eve: Your family runs a pawnshop...?! That means you have lots of antiques and that kind of thing, doesn't it?! I would love to see them!
Hagumi: That basement is where you guys practice, isn't it? I wanna go there sometime!
Arisa: Uh, yeah... I mean, it's spacious and it keeps the sound in, so...
Eve: Arisa-san, tell us more about yourself!
Arisa: A-about me...?
Kasumi: Arisa actually has super good grades at school too!
Arisa: ... D-don't say that in front of everyone. I-it's embarrassing...
Kasumi: The fact that I'm playing in a band now is all thanks to Arisa, too! If she hadn't given me my guitar, this wouldn't be happening!
Hagumi: Wow, really?! That's so nice~!
Arisa: Th-that's because you came into my house without permission and introduced yourself to my grandma...
Kasumi: The whole reason I ended up at Arisa's house in the first place was because there were star stickers on the street...
Rimi: Kasumi-chan is doing her best to tell everyone about why she likes Arisa-chan, huh?
Saaya: Ahaha, she sure is. But I guess it wouldn’t be fair for us to keep Arisa all to ourselves, right?
Rimi: Yeah, you're right.
Kasumi: ... That's what happened, right?!
Kokoro: That’s wonderful! Your band was brought together through Arisa's star stickers!
Kokoro: It’s destiny! If our band is guided by people’s smiles, then your band is guided by star stickers!
Arisa: (... What’s with that ridiculous way she summed it up?! Who even puts stickers and smiles in the same group?!)
Kokoro: Hagumi! We should do the same! Let’s build a basement! I think we should be practicing in a basement too!
Hagumi: Yep! I was just gonna say the same thing!
Arisa: (What?! That's the conclusion you came to?! How does that even happen?!)
Misaki: I can't help but wonder... How does that conversation end up with that conclusion?
Arisa: Huh?! Wh-why are you asking me?
Misaki: Ohn c'mon, you were totally thinking the same thing just now, right?
Arisa: ... Me? N-never.
Arisa: (... I hate this sakura party...)
Kasumi: Okay, now that we've all gotten to know each other, let's party!
Kokoro, Hagumi: Yeah~!
Rimi, Saaya: Yeah~!
Tae, Eve: Yeah~!
Arisa, Misaki: ...

Sakura Blooming Party! Event Story - Ending
Farewell, Japanese Beauty

The sakura party is coming to a close. Will Arisa be able to contain herself right to the end...?


Kasumi: The sakura party was so much fun, wasn’t it?
Kasumi: It was actually my first time to have this kind of party. I had no idea it'd be so much fun!
Hagumi: I'm so full~! I can't eat another bite~.
Kokoro: I wanna keep going! We're only just getting started!
Saaya: I'm sorry, Kokoro. We'd love to stay too, but we’ve got school tomorrow so we need to get going.
Kokoro: Then, let's continue the sakura party at school tomorrow!
Hagumi: Sounds good!
Arisa: (... I don't even have the energy to comment anymore.)
Eve: Today was truly so much fun! Thank you for inviting me!
Eve: I'm so happy that I could finally have a sakura party! Sitting under these trees felt so mysteriously comfortable. It was so easy to chat so much with everyone today!
Hagumi: Right~! It was awesome talking to everyone! Let's have another sakura party next month with the same Hanasakigawa group!
Arisa: (Next month...?)
Misaki: Umm~... Won't the flowers be gone by next month?
Arisa: ... Th-that's true. Ohohoho.
Kasumi: But you know, I'm really happy to have so many friends at the same school that are into music, even if we're in different bands!
Saaya: I hope we can have a fun, friendly rivalry.
Tae: ... The bamboo shoots with rice was so good♪
Arisa: (Right now, really?! That's what you choose to say when everyone is wrapping up?!)
Rimi: ... I know everyone wants to stay, but... shall we get going?
Kokoro: If you want to stay, then we should just keep going! Sakura party, round two!
Arisa: (... In the end, the only thing running through your head is fighting, isn't it?
Kasumi: Okay! Why don't we do this instead?!
Arisa: (Here we go! That tone she uses when she has an idea! I've got another super bad feeling about this!)
Kasumi: Why don't we have another party somewhere else?
Hagumi: Nice idea! But where though? Where should we do it?!
Kasumi: How about... the embankment near Hanasakigawa? The sakura are pretty there.
Rimi: Oh! What about the CiRCLE cafe?
Saaya: We might be a nuisance if we're too noisy there.
Rimi: O-oh, right...
Hagumi: Actually, didn't you say just before that A-chan’s basement keeps the sound in?!
Arisa: Gah...!
Kokoro: Good memory! I want to see the basement too, so it's two birds with one stone!
Kasumi: I like it! Let’s go to Arisa's place!
Arisa: ...
Eve: I want to see all the antiques♪ Perhaps there's even a famous samurai's suit of armor...
Kasumi: Oh, why don’t we go on a treasure hunt at Arisa's place then?! It'll be so much fun!
Kokoro: What a wonderful idea! You're so smart, Kasumi!
Arisa: ...
Hagumi: I'm not gonna miss this! So when should we do it?
Arisa: You guys...
Arisa: Why the hell aren’t you asking me first?! A treasure hunt in my basement, really?! You're not just gonna be noisy, but you wanna mess my place up too?! And what happened to the sakura?! You can't even see them from the basement!
Arisa: Somebody say something about this stupid idea! It doesn't even make sense! Argh!
Eve, Misaki: ...
Kasumi, Tae: ...
Rimi, Saaya: ...
Kokoro, Hagumi: ...
Eve: ... A-Arisa... san...?
Arisa: ... Oops.
Kasumi: You're good old Arisa again!
Arisa: ... Umm, I'd prefer it if... we didn’t go to... my place... Ohohoho...
Misaki: ... Ichigaya-san. Just give in to the dark side.
Arisa: Argh, screw this! There’s no point hiding it anymore! I’m gonna let loose! I've been holding this in all day!
Arisa: First of all, Kasumi! That sakura cheer! Why the hell did you jump on board like that?! You're not a lemming!
Arisa: And then there's the people in black suits. I’m surprised you just accepted the whole thing in the blink of an eye! You didn't think it was even just a little bit strange?! You have no idea how hard I worked to stay quiet!
Arisa: And I'm just getting started...!
Eve: Wh-what's happening? I think Arisa-san has been possessed by a demon!
Rimi: ... No, this is just the real Arisa-chan.
Eve: Oh... so everything else up until now was just a disguise!
Eve: I guess that means the sakura were so great that even Arisa-san had to show her true self!
Arisa: Argh, now you're pushing it! I can't take this anymore~!

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