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Sakura Season Returns Card Story - Episode



Hansakigawa Girls' Acadmeny - Class 1-A

Saaya: Kasumi, why don't you take a break~?
Kasumi: No, no. Just a little more until I finish. I'll be fine!
Rimi: She's been sitting there writing like this every day.
Arisa: Well, if she is giving a speech in front of the entire student body, so it's not surprising that she'd give it her all.
Tae: Says the girl who didn't come to her entrance ceremony.
Arisa: A-are you still on that...?
Kasumi: Ngh~... And~... finished! It's done~!
Rimi: Wow! Really?! Congrats, Kasumi-chan!
Saaya: Nice work! I'm proud of you, Kasumi!
Kasumi: Hehehe~. Thank you, Rimi-rin! Saaya!
Arisa: A little early for celebrating, wouldn't you say? Isn't the important part checking how well it's written? There's always a chance it'll sound like the last "speech" you wrote.
Saaya: Kasumi? How confident are you about this?
Kasumi: Very! ... I think! Definitely! ... It should be fine... Yeah. Probably... This'll do... Maybe.
Arisa: Th-that's not a good sign...
Tae: That confidence slowly disappeared, didn't it?
Kasumi: Being the writer, I can't say how well it came out... but I think it covers what I want to say.
Kasumi: And I think that it's perfect for... the message that I want to deliver!
Kasumi: I hope...
Rimi: If that's how you feel, Kasumi-chan, then it'll be fine. Believe in yourself!
Kasumi: Yeah, y-you're right!
Kasumi: But...
Arisa: But what?
Kasumi: I'm still a little unsure, so could I get your opinions on it?
Arisa: Huh?
Kasumi: I'm going to read my draft aloud, so tell me if you hear anything that sounds strange!
Rimi: Practicing for the First-Year Representative's Speech? Sure, I'd love to hear it.
Saaya: I'd also like to hear how you choose to talk about our first year at this school.
Tae: Arisa, I bet you're also interested, aren't you?
Arisa: Nah, I'm good.
Kasumi: Huh~? It'll be fun! Come on, have a little listen~.
Arisa: I refuse to listen to a single word.
Kasumi: Don't be like that~. Let's go over it together~. It'll be embarrassing if the message I have doesn't make sense.
Arisa: All you need to do is make sure your feelings get across! Any mistakes along the way would be part of what makes it your writing, so just let it be.
Kasumi: Huh~? But still~...
Arisa: I-in any case! I refuse to listen to a single word!
Tae: Arisa, you're looking forward to the speech so much that you don't want it to be spoiled beforehand. Am I right?
Arisa: H-huh?! N-nobody said-
Saaya: Ah, I see. If we listen to it now, then the real thing won't be as interesting.
Arisa: I-I never said that!
Rimi: Y-you know, I think I'd like to wait for the real speech, too!
Arisa: Th-that's not what I meant at all! I-I just... well, uhm...
Kasumi: Ohhh~. It all makes sense now. You should've told me that's how you felt~.
Arisa: Sh-shut up! Get away from me with that stupid grin!
Kasumi: Fufufu~. In that case, look forward to the real speech tomorrow!
Kasumi: I doubt the actual writing is any good, but I'll make sure our feelings from this past year are felt by everyone!

Sakura Season Returns Card Story - Special Episode

Words from Everyone



Kasumi: Ah, Marina-san! BanG Dreamer-san! Hello!
Marina: Hello, Kasumi-chan. Huh? Wait, today is a weekday, right...? What about school...? Ah, right. Spring vacation.
Kasumi: That's right! We had our closing ceremony the other day, so I'm kicking back during the break!
Marina: Wow, I envy you~.
Kasumi: Oh, and listen to this, Marina-san! I gave the First-Year Representative's Speech at the very same ceremony!
Marina: Yeah, someone told me, actually. You came up with the entire thing by yourself, right? That's impressive!
Kasumi: Hehehe... At first, I was wondering why I, of all people, was chosen. My writing stinks, so I was worried that I couldn't do it.
Kasumi: But I was somehow able to deliver the message that I wanted and pulled it off at the end!
Kasumi: Everyone had so many nice things to say, too! I'm really glad that I went through with it!
Marina: How nice~. I would've liked to hear your speech for myself. Wouldn't you agree, BanG Dreamer-san?
Marina: I wonder if you could maybe give us our own private showing...
Kasumi: Huh?! R-right now?! That'd be pretty embarrassing, I think...
Kasumi: The script is saved on my smartphone. I guess it'd be alright if you read it for yourselves...
Marina: Really?! Alright~! Let me see, let me see!
Marina: Kasumi-chan... That was beautiful... I loved it!
Marina: It really showed how wonderful and exciting every day was for you!
Kasumi: Wow, thank you so much! To be honest, it's not my message as much as it is one made by everyone.
Kasumi: I had trouble writing it, so I went around and talked to other people. After we discussed the past and all the memories we shared, the words just sort of came to me...
Kasumi: Entering high school, forming our band... Trying new sparkling, heart-pounding experiences...
Kasumi: So it wasn't something that I could've done alone! Everyone helped dig up all those old memories!
Marina: Now I see what you meant about it being written not only by you but by everyone.
Kasumi: Marina-san, thank you very much for this past year!
Marina: Hubh? Wh-where'd that come from...?
Kasumi: Thanks to CiRCLE, I was able to meet so many people, and I believe that the shows held here helped to bring our bands together!
Kasumi: That's why I feel so grateful to you both! Thank you very much for creating this place that has become so precious to us!
Marina: Fufufu. Yours and everyone else's presence and kind words are what keep us motivated. I hope to see more of you during your second year!
Kasumi: Of course! We'll brush up our skills and bring more and more sparkling, heart-pounding performances to your studio!