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Sakura Special! Card Story - Episode

Power of The Sun!


Kokoro: Look, Hagumi! The park is full of smiles! This is the perfect place for us!
Hagumi: It sure is, Kokoron! What do you wanna do in the park today?
Kokoro: We're gonna get lots and lots of sun today! We'll absorb all that energy and then run around all day
Hagumi: Ooh! That sounds good! You always have the best ideas, Kokoron!
Kokoro: The sun is where smiles come from, you know?!
Kokoro: And if we keep running around, we'll be able to find more and more things that make us smile!
Hagumi: Yeah, I think so, too! The things you say always give me so much energy!
Kokoro: They're not my words! They're the words of the sun!
Hagumi: Really? You can hear what the sun says? That's amazing~!
Hagumi: That reminds me, the weather was super good like this when we had the sakura party, right?! Everyone was smiling in the sun!
Kokoro: That's right! I looked at the sun all day!
Hagumi: Huh?! You didn't look at the sakura?!
Kokoro: Of course! But I looked at the sun just as much as the flowers!
Kokoro: The sun was talking to all of us, after all!
Hagumi: What~? You should've told me~. I was looking at the sakura the whole time~.
Hagumi: Ugh... I missed out on something special~.
Hagumi: ... Oh! Speaking of special things, we haven't been to the softball batting cage that you told me about at the party!
Hagumi: The people in the black suits went to all that effort to build it too.
Kokoro: Then let's just go there now! We can run to my place!
Hagumi: Yeah! You're right! Yay, let's go~!
Kokoro: Oh, wait! Let's go by your house first!
Hagumi: Huh?! My place?!
Kokoro: That's right! We're going to your house today! I've never been there, after all!
Hagumi: But there's nothing interesting at my place, you know? It's just a butcher shop.
Kokoro: That's amazing! I've never been to a butcher shop!
Hagumi: R-Really?!
Kokoro: Yeah! How exciting! I'm so happy that your house is a butcher shop!
Hagumi: When you say stuff like that... Ehehe, I feel kinda embarrassed!
Kokoro: Let's go, right now!
Hagumi: Okay, sure! Oh, to just let you know, we can't serve any amazing food like at your place, Kokoron.
Hagumi: All we've got is croquettes, like the ones you had at the party. We can serve you lots of those!
Kokoro: That's perfect! They were just like you said! My cheeks were almost bigger than my belly when I ate one!
Hagumi: Really?! I'm so happy!
Hagumi: We put sauce on them last time, but they're really good plain or with mayonnaise, too!
Kokoro: You put mayonnaise on croquettes?! Your ideas are boundless, Hagumi!
Kokoro: What other things do you have in your house?! Could you tell me?!
Hagumi: Umm... we have a kotatsu.
Kokoro: That's amazing! I don't have one of those! Your house is like a jack-in-the-box!
Kokoro: I wanna go there even more now! If only this park was your house! That would be so great!
Hagumi: Thanks~, Kokoron!
Hagumi: ... Ooh! I just had a really good idea!
Hagumi: Why don't we ask the other members of the band to come too! Kaoru-kun, Kano-chan-senpai, Mii-kun and Michelle!
Kokoro: That's exactly what I wanted to say!
Hagumi: We can have a sleepover!
Kokoro: Nothing beats your ideas, Hagumi!
Hagumi: Ehehe... Hearing that from you makes me really happy!
Hagumi: I dunno why, but I'm so smart today!
Kokoro: I know why! It's because of the thing that gives us smiles!
Hagumi: ... Th-the sun?!
Hagumi: O-Oh~! So this is the power of the sun!
Kokoro: That's right, we've both been blessed by the sun today! Mmm~! >We have to tell everyone what the sun told us!
Kokoro: Okay, let's run to your house! Get ready~, go!

Sakura Special! Card Story - Special Episode

Extreme Sakura Party


Kokoro: Oh! There you are! Great timing!
Kokoro: I really feel like talking today!
Kokoro: We had a sakura party the other day!
Kokoro: It was our first time to have a party like that together, so it was a really special experience!
Kokoro: I wasn't so sure about the idea of sitting about chatting and looking at the flowers, but it was actually really fun!
Kokoro: I think it was even more fun because we were all together!
Kokoro: For every person there is a smile, right?
Kokoro: Smiles bring more smiles!
Kokoro: And then before you know it, the world will be full of smiles!
Kokoro: That's why I've decided to spread the word. I'm gonna tell everyone in the world to have sakura parties with their friends!
Kokoro: It was so refreshing and mysterious that just looking at something pretty could make everyone smile like that!
Kokoro: Now I know that's one way to make people smile!
Kokoro: I bet there's still lots of other ways to have fun that I don't know about yet!
Kokoro: I think it would be wonderful if we could do other fun things together!
Kokoro: Nothing says summer and smiles like the seaside! I think I'll invite everyone to my private beach!
Kokoro: Hagumi told me about an event in fall she called "red leaf hunting."
I haven't done it before, but I've been hunting, so I think I'll be good at it!
Kokoro: Snowball fights in winter will be fun too! I bet our band will be the strongest!
Kokoro: Just thinking about it is making me excited!
Kokoro: Would you like to have a snowball fight with me right now?
Kokoro: I'm sure the people in black suits will be able to get some snow for us if I ask them!
Kokoro: Oh! That reminds me, I always thought that sakura parties were similar to snowball fights!
Kokoro: A team battle where you throw flower petals at each other, something like that!
Kokoro: Hagumi and I tried a round before planning the big party with the others, and it was pretty fun!
Kokoro: Misaki said that what we were doing wasn't what people do at sakura parties...
Kokoro: But I think that's one way of enjoying the flowers!
Kokoro: That got me thinking!
Kokoro: If we combined the two types of sakura parties, we could have even more fun!
Kokoro: My idea is to add some more action elements to it!
Kokoro: I'm positive everyone's fun levels would be even higher if the party was a bit more active!
Kokoro: So, here's how my new style sakura party is gonna be!
Kokoro: We enjoy talking just like last time, but we also catch the flower petals as they fall!
Kokoro: Of course, the team who catches the most wins!
Kokoro: But that isn't very interesting by itself, so we'll have a confetti fall too! If you catch it you lose points!
Kokoro: I think it's a wonderful idea! Let's do our sakura party this way next year!
Kokoro: Don't you think it sounds good? It's so exciting just imagining it!
Kokoro: ... I wonder if there's a more fun way to have a sakura party. A way that would put smiles on the faces of everyone in the world...
Kokoro: ... I know! Maybe there are other people that have original ideas too!
Kokoro: It's decided then! I'll call the members of Hello, Happy World! We'll have a sakura party strategy meeting!
Kokoro: After that, I'll talk to Kasumi and the others, and get ideas from them too!
Kokoro: We'll think of a great idea together, and enjoy it together! This is so exciting!
Kokoro: Next year isn't that far away, so we'd better start preparing! Hrm, we're going to be so busy!
Kokoro: ... Ooh! Could you think of a new way to enjoy the sakura too?
Kokoro: If we put our minds together, I'm sure we can come up with something really wonderful!