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Sakuragawa Megu (櫻川 めぐ) was born on October 24, 1988 in Sakuragawa City, Ibaraki, Japan. She is the voice actress of Udagawa Ako and Roselia's drummer. She is currently affiliated with S-Inc, while her singing activities are signed under Lantis.

Her former stage name was 桜川 めぐ (same name and reading but with different kanji).


Megu became interested in singing in elementary school after listening to Morning Musume's songs, which in turn made her dream about being an idol. When she was 14, she played Bell in her middle school's Beauty and the Beast musical and realized that she is interested in both acting and voice acting as well. In high school, Megu went to karaoke 5 times a week in order to become good at singing.[1] Later she entered Pro-Fit's voice actor training school, and became affiliated with them after graduating. Megu debuted as a voice actress in 2009 by voicing an unnamed side character in White Album.

She debuted as a singer while she was still a student with the song "Tsumasaki Movin'on!", which was used as the opening theme for PSP port of the visual novel Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo. She made her major debut with Lantis as a singer on July 25, 2012, with the single "BRAVE BLADE!", which was used as the opening theme for the anime Campione!

Megu is also known for voicing:

  • Tsubasa Kira in Love Live!
  • Ashe R. Sakuragi in Wagamama High Spec
  • Cyan and Lumen in Azure Striker Gunvolt
  • Marie Antoinette in the GHOST CONCERT indie project
  • Komatsuzaki Miyu in Teppen—!!!

Megu was one of the hosts of Roselia's RADIO SHOUT! together with Haruka, and she also has a gaming YouTube channel together with Yuki called YukiMeguTV.

Megu used to be affiliated with Pro-Fit until April 1, 2016 and became a freelancer. In 2017 she changed her stage name and joined S-Inc in March of the same year.

Personality & Hobbies[]

Megu's hobbies include singing, sewing, yoga, playing games, collecting character goods, doing nail art and watching YouTube videos. She is skilled at singing, playing Puyo Puyo and cooking. Her favorite food is sweet chestnuts. She admires both Hamasaki Ayumi and Mizuki Nana. In fourth grade, Megu became a part of her school's brass band and was a trumpeter, before changing into the snare in fifth grade.

She is known for her energetic, positive and fun-loving personality, especially during performances.


  • In July 2017, she was appointed as the Support Ambassador for her hometown, Sakuragawa City.[2] She also performs narrations for museums and buses in her home prefecture.
  • When Megu was in college, she spent time in Hawaii in a homestay. She has also said it is her dream to live in Hawaii when she turns 50 years old.[3]
  • She and Kurachi Reo are part of the same agency.