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Santa's on his way Event Story - Opening
Let's Party!

Today's Hello, Happy World! band meeting begins with the lively sound of poppers going off.


Tsurumaki Residence - Kokoro's Room
Kokoro: Alrighty, is everyone here? Okay, then let's start the Hello, Happy World! band meeting! Everyone have your poppers?
Hagumi: Mii-kun, here you go. Okay, all ready! Kokoron, everybody's got one~!
Kokoro: Okay, then on three! One, two!
Kokoro: Mmm~, I just love that sound! Anyone that has something they want to say, raise your hand!
Misaki: Then can I start? Can we quit with the party poppers at the beginnings of these meetings? They aren't parties in the first place.
Kokoro: Oh? I don't think parties and meetings are all that different, though. We get to have fun either way!
Kaoru: Indeed, Kokoro. Using party poppers to raise the curtains on meetings is a truly inspired idea! I absolutely must try it at our theater club meetings.
Misaki: Kanon-san, c'mon, back me up here~.
Kanon: Fufufu, I like them. I think they do a good job of setting the mood. Besides, it's almost Christmas, and they're nice and festive.
Misaki: Kanon-san, don't you think those three have been rubbing off on you a little too much lately? This has nothing to do with Christmas.
Hagumi: Oh yeah~. It's almost Christmas! I gotta make sure I write my letter to Santa~.
Kanon: Hagumi-chan, do you write to Santa every year?
Hagumi: Yeah! Santa delivers presents to kids all around the world, right? I gotta thank him for all his hard work!
Kaoru: Ah, you truly are a kind-hearted kitten, Hagumi. I'm sure that Santa must be fueled by such benevolent letters as yours.
Hagumi: Really?! I sure hope so~! I've still got a bunch of stuff to get ready~. There's still the tree and the stockings~...
Misaki: You're really into this, huh...?
Hagumi: Of course I am~! It's Christmas! Mii-kun, don't you do a lotta stuff for Christmas?
Misaki: Me? Not really~. I eat cake and stuff with my family, I guess.
Kanon: Fufufu, Christmas really is fun for all ages, isn't it?
Kokoro: I know! How about we have a Christmas party at my house?!
Kokoro: Christmas only comes around once a year, after all! We should make it a super-duper fun party with Santa!
Hagumi: What?! Is that okay?! Let's do it~ ♪
Kaoru: Fufu, what a delightful idea, Kokoro. I cannot think of any reason under the sun as to why I would be opposed.
Kanon: I think it's a good idea, too. It sounds like a lot of fun to have a party with everyone. What do you think, Misaki-chan?
Misaki: Eh, I guess I'm down. It's not like I've got anything special planned anyway, and at least I can relax around you guys.
Hagumi: Wow, then we're all agreed! Yay~! Alright, if we're gonna do a party with Santa, we've gotta get him something he'll like, too!
Kokoro: Of course! We're Hello, Happy World! Putting a smile on Santa's face is part of our job!
Kokoro: Does anyone know what Santa would like?
Kanon: Ah, at our house, we always put out milk and cookies on Christmas Eve before we go to bed.
Hagumi: Why milk and cookies?
Kanon: We leave them under the tree as thanks for all the presents that he gives us. I heard that Santa really likes milk and cookies.
Hagumi: Oh~, that's awesome! We've never done that at my house~.
Kanon: Apparently, that's a standard tradition overseas.
Misaki: Wait, so do you still do that even now?
Kanon: Y-yeah... We've done it since I was little, so now it feels weirder not to do it...
Kokoro: I've never heard of that before! Then it's settled, let's get a whole bunch of milk and cookies ready for Santa!
Hagumi: Hmm...
Kaoru: A penny for your thoughts, Hagumi. Is there something you find disagreeable with our plan?
Hagumi: No, I think it's a good idea to put out stuff that Santa likes... It's just that a lot of people must put out milk and cookies for him, right...?
Hagumi: Won't Santa get super thirsty from all the cookies he eats? His tummy must get grumbly from all that milk, too...
Kaoru: I see, grumbly and thirsty, you say... That certainly never crossed my mind.
Hagumi: I have a feeling that Santa might be happier if we got him something a little different.
Kokoro: Hagumi, you're right! We're not doing this to meet a grumbly, thirsty Santa. We want to meet a smiley, happy Santa!
Misaki: Jeez... I can't believe how thoughtful you guys are. You're even thinking about Santa's feelings.
Hagumi: Is there anything else that would make Santa happy? Kano-chan-senpai, do you have any ideas?
Kanon: Hm~, I can't think of anything else... Oh!
Kanon: Eve-chan might know something. I've heard Santa's workshop is in Finland, after all.
Hagumi: Oh, yeah! That's right! Then let's ask Eve-chin tomorrow!
Kokoro: Fufufu! It sounds like we're going to have a super-duper fun-tastic party together! I can't wait to spend it with everyone~!
Others: Yeah!

Santa's on his way Event Story - Chapter 1
Music of a Fleeting Night

At school, Hagumi talks to Eve about the party.
What happens when they ask around to find out what Santa likes...?


The Next Day
Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Class 2E

Hagumi: ... So we all decided to have a Christmas party at Kokoron's house this year♪
Eve: I think that is wonderful! I am sure that a Christmas party with Hello, Happy World! will be very lively and fun!
Hagumi: You're invited too, of course, Eve-chin! I'll invite more people later!
Eve: Thank you very much. I will ask everyone in Pastel*Palettes later!
Hagumi: Oh yeah! I actually wanted to ask you something about the party.
Eve: Yes, what is it? If there is anything I can do, I will be glad to help!
Hagumi: Do you know what Santa likes? We want to prepare something for him for our party...
Eve: Santa likes milk and cookies!
Hagumi: Ah~... Well, there's that, but... can you think of anything else?
Eve: Hm~... I do not think I have heard of anything else... Oh! There is one thing!
Hagumi: Oh! What is it?!
Eve: We put out milk and cookies for Santa, but we also prepared carrots for his reindeer!
Hagumi: Carrots?! Oh, I get it! We can't forget about the reindeer, either!
Hagumi: I was so focused on Santa that I completely forgot about his reindeer! Thanks, Eve-chin!
Eve: Fufufu, I hope you have a very fun party!
After School

Kanon: I see~. I've never thought of preparing something for the reindeer before~.
Misaki: I guess that's the home of Santa for you, huh?
Hagumi: Then we're all settled on the reindeer, right? We still have to think of what we wanna get for Santa, though~...
Misaki: Hm... We don't really do any of that kinda stuff at my place...
Kaoru: Tell me, dear Kokoro, how do you spend this joyous holiday? Christmas at the Tsurumaki household must be a truly glorious spectacle...
Misaki: Yeah. I'm pretty curious about what goes down at Kokoro's place during Christmas, too.
Kokoro: I think we're pretty normal, though.
Kokoro: We decorated a Christmas tree and wrote letters to Santa.
Misaki: Hm, yeah, that's pretty normal. Anything else?
Kokoro: Let's see... Well, there are Christmas carols and instruments, too.
Misaki: Carols and instruments... Wow, it really does sound pretty normal.
Kanon: Fufu, I bet Kokoro must have been very cute playing instruments and singing as a kid.
Kokoro: I think you call them orchestras, right? A bunch of people brought their instruments to play, so it was super fun!
Misaki: Wait, an orchestra? That's a bit bigger than the scale I was picturing...
Kokoro: Oh yeah, and I think I saw the person who came to sing on the news recently! Maybe they came back to Japan to sing at a different party.
Kanon: ... So they're foreign artists, then...
Misaki: I knew it. That's not normal at all...
Hagumi: Kokoron, you're amazing! You've had such amazing Christmas parties since you were little!
Kokoro: You think so? Well, I'm looking forward to this year's party the most! It's going to be with all of you, after all!
Misaki: U-um, by the way... You didn't invite the orchestra this year, right?
Kokoro: I didn't. Should I?
Misaki: No no no, you don't have to!
Kaoru: However...
Hagumi: Hm? What's up, Kaoru-kun?
Kaoru: A dazzling party without any musical accompaniment seems a tad bland, does it not?
Kokoro: That's true.
Hagumi: Oh, then I've got an idea! What if we all put on a concert?
Misaki: ... Huh?
Hagumi: Hello, Happy World! will do a Christmas concert at the Christmas party! Don't you think it's perfect?!
Kokoro: That's it! Hagumi, you're amazing!
Misaki: Wait, hold up... What? Then who's gonna listen to our concert? There's not gonna be anyone else there.
Kanon: Well... There's Santa.
Misaki: Yeah, no...
Hagumi: Of course we'll have Santa listen to our concert, but while we're at it, how about we invite a whole bunch of people? The more the merrier, right?!
Kaoru: Hagumi, as always, you're truly a shining beacon of inspiration in the darkness! Fufu, I believe we've reached a consensus. Let us begin preparations posthaste.
Kokoro: Misaki! Let's write a new song for the concert!
Hagumi: We have to get a venue ready, too!
Kanon: L-looks like things suddenly got a lot harder...
Misaki: This was supposed to be a nice, relaxing party with friends... Why does everything Hello, Happy World! does end up like this~...?

Santa's on his way Event Story - Chapter 2
Hagumi's Feelings

In the following days, the stage is completed in the garden of the Tsurumaki residence.
Everyone gazes at it in awe...


After School
Tsurumaki Residence - Backyard

Misaki: ... Uh, what's this?
Kokoro: It's our concert stage, of course. Is there something weird about it?
Misaki: Hold on, it's not about whether it's weird or not. Why is this here in the first place?
Kokoro: This is, you know, for that. After I said we were gonna do a Christmas party, the suits made it for us.
Misaki: You say that like it's no big deal...
Kaoru: The amount of stage lights we have here far exceeds that of the average live house.
Misaki: Yeah, what's with the scale of everything here? Is this a music festival?
Hagumi: They made us such an amazing stage... Make sure you thank the suits for us, okay?
Misaki: You want her to tell them? Come on, do it yourself!
Kokoro: They made a party space for us over there, too! Once our concert's over, we can have fun with all the guests!
Misaki: ... You know, for starting out as a casual Christmas party, this sure turned into quite the event...
Kokoro: Oh yeah, we've got a Christmas tree over there too! Let's all decorate it later!
Misaki: By Christmas tree, you don't mean that thing over there, right? You could only find a pine tree that big in the mountains of Canada...
Kanon: Ahaha... It seems obvious, but... Kokoro-chan's sense of scale really is different from ours, huh...?
Misaki: What high schoolers hold Christmas parties like this...?
Hagumi: Now all that's left is to find something that will make Santa happy, and our party preparations will be done!
Misaki: Isn't this enough? Look at everything we've prepared already. Surely Santa would be happy with this.
Hagumi: But... we wanna make Santa smile, right? I don't think we should skip out on preparing his favorite things.
Kaoru: Fufu, it seems Hagumi and I are of the same mind. There is still plenty of time left in our hourglass. Let us continue brainstorming until Hagumi is satisfied.
Kaoru: Your worries are our worries, after all.
Hagumi: Thanks, Kaoru-kun! I'll keep thinking until I come up with something good! And I'll need your help!
Kanon: By the way, what's Christmas like at your house, Kaoru-san? I can't really imagine.
Hagumi: Oh, I wanna know too! I might find some sort of hint there!
Kaoru: Christmas at my house, eh...? Hm... Well, there was a time when we invited my friend to partake in a Christmas party with us.
Kokoro: What kind of party?! I'm so curious!
Kaoru: Ah, do not misunderstand. It was as normal a party as you could find. Perhaps the food was a little fancier and the cake a little grander than average, that's all.
Kaoru: After we finished with refreshments, my friend performed the most famous scene from "A Christmas Carol" and was showered in applause.
Kaoru: I still remember her performance from that time. Fufu... Truly breathtaking...
Hagumi: Wow~, that sounds like it was a lot of fun! Aw, I wish I could have a party like that!
Kokoro: What kind of parties do you have, Hagumi?
Hagumi: We usually just celebrate as a family. Plus, I usually want Christmas to come sooner, so I go to bed really early. Our parties always end at around eight o'clock.
Misaki: Eight? Wow, that is early.
Hagumi: Santa only delivers presents when we're sleeping, right? The later I go to bed, the further behind schedule Santa will get! That’s why I try to go to sleep as soon as possible!
Kanon: I see... Fufufu. Hagumi, you've loved Santa ever since you were little, haven't you?
Hagumi: Of course! Santa brings smiles to kids all over the world! Isn't that amazing?
Kokoro: It is! You know, we should have Santa become a member of Hello, Happy World!
Hagumi: Ah! That's a great idea, Kokoron! I agree!
Misaki: Okay, I get it. Let's keep brainstorming things Santa might like until Hagumi's happy.
Kanon: I'll do some research, as well.
Hagumi: Okay! Thanks, everyone!
Misaki: You know, I'm kind of jealous. You're so passionate about Santa.
Hagumi: Hm? What do you mean, Mii-kun?
Misaki: How should I put this...? I was pretty cynical even as a kid, so I never really took Santa that seriously.
Misaki: I never wanted to talk to Santa or wondered what kind of stuff he liked...
Misaki: ... Still, somewhere deep down, a part of me was jealous of those kids that took Santa so seriously...
Misaki: I'd wonder... how I ended up so cynical...
Hagumi: Hm~, I don't really get it... but don't you think it's probably because you've never met him before?
Misaki: Yeah, I guess that's true. If I'd actually met Santa, I never would've had to think about all that complicated stuff.
Hagumi: Exactly!
Hagumi: I mean, after all...
Hagumi: When I was a kid... I actually met Santa!
All: What?!

Santa's on his way Event Story - Chapter 3
Memories of Santa

Hagumi discusses the time she saw Santa when she was very young...


Tsurumaki Residence - Backyard

Misaki: What... do you mean by that?
Hagumi: I've never told anyone about it because when I told my friends in elementary school, they all laughed at me. I want you guys to hear this though.
Hagumi: One time when I was little, I went to bed early on Christmas after our party ended, just like always... but I woke up in the middle of the night.
Hagumi: And I saw him...
Kanon: You mean, you saw...
Hagumi: It was kinda dark so I couldn't see that well, but I caught Santa leaving my room!
Hagumi: I thought it was just a dream at first, but there was actually a present by my pillow! That had to be Santa, I'm telling you!
Kokoro: That's amazing, Hagumi! You actually got to meet Santa!
Hagumi: Well, I didn't really meet him. I just saw his back.
Kokoro: Even that is wonderful! I want to see him too! What did he look like?
Hagumi: He was wearing all red, just like in all the picture books! And he was... Hmm~, just about as tall as my daddy!
Misaki: Well, yeah. That makes sense...
Hagumi: Oh, and he had a really big bag, and~... Ah! That's right!
Kaoru: Hagumi, whatever is the matter? Have you remembered something important?
Hagumi: Back then... the room smelled like croquettes!
Kaoru: Oho, croquettes, you say?
Hagumi: Yeah! It didn't smell like that before I went to bed, but it did after Santa visited!
Misaki: (Y-yeah, I feel like the identity of this "Santa" is pretty clear at this point...)
Kokoro: What a strange story. Why would Santa smell like croquettes?
Hagumi: I have no clue...
Hagumi: ... Hm? Wait, could it be...?!
Hagumi: Yeah... I get it now... Santa was... So that's what's been going on this whole time...
Misaki: W-well, you know. It's something everybody's gotta learn eventually...
Hagumi: So Santa is actually...
Hagumi: A huge fan of croquettes!
Misaki: That's what you figured out?!
Hagumi: Santa really likes croquettes, so he couldn't resist munching on a few from the store! That's why he smelled like them!
Kokoro: That's it! Fantastic, Hagumi! That's gotta be the answer, no doubt about it!
Hagumi: Right?! It suddenly came to me after talking about it!
Kokoro: We should start calling you Detective Hagumi now!
Kaoru: Truly a brilliant deduction, Hagumi.
Hagumi: So, what we need to prepare for Santa is...
Hagumi, Kokoro & Kaoru: Croquettes!
Hagumi: We did it! We've figured out something Santa likes! Good job, everyone~!
Misaki: Hold up, why would Santa like croquettes...? What is this reality we live in? Isn't this too weird?
Kanon: W-well... Having a Santa like that is fine, right...?
Kokoro: Alrighty, in that case, we need to make sure we have lots of croquettes ready for Santa on the day of the party!
Hagumi: I'll ask my daddy for help! This'll definitely put a smile on Santa's face, I'm sure of it!
Kaoru: Hagumi, if by chance you are able to meet Santa, what would you tell him?
Hagumi: Hm~, I guess I'd tell him about the time I saw him back when I was little~.
Kokoro: I'd invite him to become a member of Hello, Happy World! With Santa on our side, we could deliver smiles to the entire world!
Hagumi: Whoa~! You think Santa would agree to join us?
Kaoru: Santa would also have to play a musical instrument were he to join our ranks.
Hagumi: We can have him be our keyboardist! We don't have one of those yet.
Kokoro: Good idea! I'm sure Santa would be great at the keyboard!
Misaki: (... Hm? They're talking about Santa in awfully realistic terms right now...)
Misaki: ... Wait. You guys... Are you actually planning on inviting Santa?
Hagumi: ... Huh? What do you mean? We're gonna have a Christmas party with him, aren't we?
Kokoro: Yeah, that's what we've been saying this whole time, isn't it? Misaki, what are you talking about?
Misaki: ...
Misaki: U-um~... Well, yeah, we did talk about it, but... How do I put this...?
Misaki: I thought we were speaking in a more traditional sense. You know, like inviting him in an abstract, spiritual way...
Kokoro: I don't get what you're saying, but I'm impressed by all the hard words you know, Misaki! That was fantastic!
Hagumi: Mii-kun really is smart! You sure impressed me!
Misaki: (Th-they... They're serious about this!)
Misaki: Ah, but what about his schedule? Santa's really busy around this time of year, so it might be hard for him to fit our party in...
Kokoro: Then he can just stop by for a little bit while he's delivering presents! Just to enjoy our concert!
Hagumi: Right! He can just pop in to say hi when he's got a little extra time during work!
Misaki: This isn't a high school club reunion, you know...
Hagumi: Okay, now we need to write letters to Santa to let him know about the Christmas party!
Misaki: They're actually serious... These guys, they're actually planning on inviting Santa... Now what am I gonna do...?

Santa's on his way Event Story - Chapter 4
Santa Is Real

It's the day of the Christmas Party.
Having Michelle hand out flyers worked, and all the preparations paid off.


The Day of the Party
Tsurumaki Residence - Backyard

Hagumi: It's finally the day of the Christmas party! I hope lots of people come~!
Kokoro: You don't need to worry there! Michelle handed out a whole bunch of flyers!
Kaoru: Indeed, as expected from the shopping district's superstar. Whether young or old, none could resist Michelle's charm.
Hagumi: Daddy got a flyer too! He said he'd definitely be here, and that he'd come to the party afterwards, too!
Kanon: Fufufu, you worked really hard, huh, Misaki-chan?
Misaki: Making a new song, handing out fliers... It's business as usual, but it's still a real hassle...
Kaoru: Oh, turn your gazes yonder! The Christmas tree truly looks fleeting today.
Misaki: I don't know if I'd say fleeting. It's a little too extreme for that.
Hagumi: Ah, that's right, what time is Michelle going to get here? Mii-kun, have you heard anything?
Misaki: Well... Michelle said that she'll meet up with you guys right before the concert.
Kokoro: I hope Michelle gets here soon! And Santa, too!
Hagumi: Ah, Kokoron, did you get a letter back from Santa?
Kokoro: I didn't, did you?
Hagumi: No~. I wonder if he got the message about our party?
Kanon: I-I think we'll be fine there. Maybe he was just too busy and didn't have time to write an answer.
Hagumi: Oh yeah, you have a point! I was worried he didn't get our letter~.
Kaoru: Fufu, perish the thought. Santa wouldn't be so uncouth as to decline a request from such a cute little kitten as yourself.
Kokoro: Okey-dokey, everybody! Let's go check out the stage! Then we can all start putting decorations up in the party space~!
Hagumi: Okay, this is the last thing we need to do before the party! Let's do this~!
Kaoru: Bear witness as my fleeting decorations bring warmth to the hearts of one and all.
Kanon: Misaki-chan, should we get going too?
Misaki: ...
Kanon: ... Hm? What's wrong?
Misaki: What are we gonna do? They're serious. They're actually expecting Santa to show up!
Kanon: It seems like it, doesn't it...?
Misaki: And he's probably... No, definitely not coming.
Misaki: Don't you think we should set things straight while we still can?
Kanon: Set things straight? What do you mean?
Misaki: What do you mean, what do I mean?! You know, Santa, he's not-
Kanon: No, Santa is real.
Misaki: Huh? K-Kanon-san, not you too...
Kanon: Fufufu, don't worry. I think the Santa I'm referring to is a little different from the Santa that Kokoro-chan and Hagumi-chan are talking about.
Misaki: What do you mean?
Kanon: It sort of came to me when I heard Hagumi-chan's story before... I think there might be a bunch of Santas, all over the world.
Misaki: ... What?
Kanon: All of that love and kindness that we receive on Christmas... Don't you think the people that deliver those feelings to us could be called "Santa?"
Misaki: All the love that we receive on Christmas... Huh.
Kanon: In that case, wouldn't it be fine if Hagumi's Santa smells like croquettes?
Misaki: ...
Kanon: That's why I think Santa is real. Anyone can meet him, and anyone can become him, too.
Misaki: Hagumi's... Santa, huh...?
Kanon: Besides, remember what she said? Her father's coming today...
Misaki: ... Ah.
Kanon: See? Santa really was there that night.
Misaki: Yeah... He was, wasn't he? Oh, that's right, my parents said they're coming, too.
Kanon: Fufu, so did mine.
Kanon: A lot of other people said they'd be bringing their families here too.
Kanon: That's why we need to do our best for today's concert. For all the Santas out there.
Misaki: You know... You've really got a way with words~.
Kokoro: Misaki~! Kanon~! What're you doing? Come on, hurry up~!
Misaki: S-sorry, we'll be right over~! Should we get going?
Kanon: Yeah!

Santa's on his way Event Story - Chapter 5
Unforgettable Christmas Party

A large group has already gathered in the garden,
smiles on their faces as they wait for the show to begin.


Before the Christmas Concert
Tsurumaki Residence - Backyard

Kanon: Look at all the people...
Misaki: It's even fuller than a full house...
Kaoru: Not only that, but we've been blessed with snowfall. Even the weather itself wishes to participate in our performance tonight!
Hagumi: Wow, look at that! There's a lot of people that came here with their kids! I wonder if Daddy's here yet? I'm so excited!
Kokoro: Mmm~! Everyone's got such great smiles on their faces!
Hagumi: Once our concert starts, I bet their smiles will get even bigger and bigger!
Kokoro: Christmas really is mysterious, isn't it?! I wonder why it makes everything so much fun!
Hagumi: I thought the same thing! You get all bubbly around Christmas, don't you? It's such a strange feeling!
Misaki: H-hey guys...
Kaoru: Misaki, what ails you? It seems as though there are words you wish to spill, judging from your countenance.
Misaki: Well, I was just thinking about how I don't have any real special Christmas memories.
Hagumi: Huh? You don't?
Misaki: Ah, don't get me wrong. I look forward to Christmas just like everyone else, and I get excited for parties with my family.
Misaki: But that's kinda it. Nothing more, nothing less. I've never had anything like those unforgettable Christmas parties that you've all had.
Kokoro: Fufufu, there you go again with that fancy talking!
Misaki: Well, I guess you might not understand, Kokoro. Christmas to me just means eating cake and fried chicken, watching TV with my family... and then sleeping.
Misaki: Thinking back on them, they were about as average as you could get, as far as Christmas goes.
Misaki: But you know...
Misaki: Santa really exists.
Misaki: It feels weird to say that as a high schooler, but... Yeah, Santa is real.
Misaki: And I think that the fact that I can say that now might be the best Christmas present I've ever gotten.
Misaki: Christmas really is great, huh? I'm glad we got to spend the day together…
Kokoro: So Misaki's unforgettable Christmas party is today! How stupend-erific!
Kokoro: In that case, we need to have as much fun as possible! After all, today only lasts for today!
Hagumi: I agree~! Let's make today the best day ever!
Kanon: I'll never forget today either. It'll stay with me for the rest of my life.
Kaoru: Fufu, Kanon. Are we not getting a little ahead of ourselves? It is not over yet. The day's only just begun!
Misaki: Haha, hahaha... You guys... You really are a riot, you know that?
Misaki: Well then...! Let's get ready for the concert! Oh, I think I'm getting a call from Michelle. I'll go grab her~.
10 Minutes Before The Concert

Michelle: We're up in ten minutes~. Everyone ready~?
Kokoro: Of course we are! You sure were late, Michelle. What took you so long?
Michelle: I-I'm sorry. All the snow made it harder for me to get here. I'm ready when you are, though~.
Kanon: Okay. Should we start getting ready then?
Hagumi: Kano-chan-senpai, wait a second!
Kanon: Hm? Is something wrong?
Hagumi: I've been watching the crowd for a while now, but it doesn't look like Santa's here yet...
Kokoro: Now that you mention it, that’s true. I haven't seen Santa either. I wonder where he is.
Kaoru: So our guest of honor is absent... I do not think Santa is the type to betray your expectations. However...
Hagumi: What do we do...? We can't start the show without Santa...
Kokoro: Maybe he's lost?
Hagumi: What?!
Kokoro: I drew a map for Santa on the letter I sent just in case, but maybe he didn't know how to read it.
Kaoru: There is also the snow to consider. If it caused even Michelle to falter, it wouldn't be preposterous to assume that Santa might be caught up in it as well.
Hagumi: That's it! It's gotta be!
Hagumi: Okay, I'm gonna go look for him!
Michelle: Ah, Hagumi! Wait a second!
Michelle: Argh, she's already gone!
Michelle: (She said she was gonna look for Santa... How the heck is she gonna do that?!)
Michelle: (And we can't start the show without her...)
Michelle: Oh~... I guess I have no choice...
Michelle: Kanon-san, I'm going to get Hagumi. We'll be back soon, so make sure everyone's all ready for the show!
Kanon: M-Misaki-chan...?!

Santa's on his way Event Story - Ending
Best Memories for Santa

Misaki follows Hagumi, but she can't stay in the suit any longer...


Residential Area

Michelle: Huff... Puff... Huff...
Michelle: Hagumi~! Where are you~? C'mon, Hagumi~!
Michelle: Huff... Puff... Huff... I can't run in this outfit much longer... I need a break...
Michelle: I'll just pop into this alley for a second...
Residential Area - Back Alley

Misaki: Phew~... That feels so much better~...
Misaki: It's pretty dark here. Taking Michelle off should be okay, right...?
Misaki: But seriously, where on earth did Hagumi run off to? She really is fast. I thought I was right on her tail...
Misaki: ... No, this isn't the time to be complaining. If I don't find Hagumi, we can't start the show.
Misaki: Ack! Someone's coming...!
Hagumi: Hm? I thought I saw something move over there... Hmm, it's so dark that I can't see anything... Hey, is someone there?
Misaki: ...?!
Hagumi: Hm? I think I caught a glimpse of something red... Oh! Wait, could it be, are you...
Hagumi: Santa?!
Misaki: (Huh...? ... What?!)
Hagumi: Santa, that's you, isn't it?
Misaki: (W-wait.... She thinks I'm Santa...!)
Misaki: (What am I gonna do now? What's the right move here?!)
Misaki: Ah... Huh? Um...
Hagumi: Hey, Santa! We're about to hold our concert, so please come watch! This snow's only going to get worse, so if we don't start soon, everyone's gonna have to go home!
Misaki: (I mean, she's not wrong, but... I'm not Santa...)
Misaki: (Do I just come out as Michelle...? No, that's not right... Then Hagumi will just go back to looking...)
Hagumi: C'mon, if you're Santa, say something!
Misaki: (Wh-what am I supposed to do...?)
Kanon: All of that love and kindness that we receive on Christmas... Don't you think the people that deliver those feelings to us could be called "Santa?"
Misaki: (That's right... Then that means...)
Misaki: (Even I... can be Santa!)
Misaki: Ahem! Th-that's right, I'm Santa.
Hagumi: Wow! I knew it, it's actually you! Come on, our concert's gonna start soon!
Misaki: M-my apologies for holding things up... Just got a little lost, you see...
Hagumi: But you still made it, and that's what matters! We're all going to play music now, so I hope you enjoy the show, Santa! Oh, and we got you a bunch of those croquettes you like too!
Misaki: Ho, ho, ho... Why, thank you so much. Hagumi-chan, you really are a good girl~.
Hagumi: It wasn't just me, Santa! Everyone in Hello, Happy World! pitched in too! They're all my precious friends that I love a lot! Santa, have the best day ever!
Misaki: I-I...
Misaki: I... I love you and all your friends too.
Misaki: This Christmas party... I think it'll the best one I've ever been to. One that I'll never forget.
Hagumi: Really?! Yay~!
Misaki: Alright then, it's about time you head along to the concert. Your friends and fans are waiting. I'll be listening, don't you worry.
Hagumi: Okay! Got it! Thanks so much for coming today, Santa! Make sure you follow right behind me so you don't get lost!
Hagumi: Okay, let's go!
Michelle: ... Sigh~, thank goodness... Who would've thought I'd end up having to play Santa...
Michelle: ... Oh, shoot! I need to hurry too!
Tsurumaki Residence - Christmas Concert Stage

Kanon: Hagumi's awfully late... We can't keep the guests waiting like this... We need to start soon...
Kokoro: Kanon, what are you worried about? Hagumi must be on her way back by now.
Kanon: I think so too, but Michelle still hasn't returned, either...
Kaoru: ... Hm? Fufu, it appears Kokoro's words hold true. Turn your gaze over yonder.
Hagumi: I'm back~! Just as I thought, Santa got lost! Don't worry, I guided him here!
Kokoro: Fantastic! So you found Santa after all!
Hagumi: He said that he'd be sure to watch our concert, too!
Kanon: Huh? Hagumi-chan, you actually talked to Santa?
Hagumi: Hehehe~♪ I'll tell you all about it after the concert!
Kaoru: Which still leaves us with...
Michelle: Huff... Puff... Huff... I-I'm back...
Hagumi: Whoa! Michelle?! Where did you come from?
Kaoru: Michelle was concerned for your safety and ventured out in search of you.
Hagumi: What?! Really?! Thanks, Michelle! Don't worry, I found Santa and brought him back!
Michelle: Yeah, I know. C'mon, isn't it about time we get started? Let's get onstage.
Kokoro: Everyone, it's Christmas today! Are you all having the best day ever?!
Kaoru: Fufu, our sincerest apologies for the delay. We'll be sure to deliver unto you a show so intense that even the snow will melt from our fiery passion!
Hagumi: Santa, We know you're out there~! I hope you smile lots and lots with our concert tonight! Thanks so much for Christmas every year~!
Michelle: Now, let the Hello, Happy World! Christmas Concert begin! Ho, ho, ho!
Kanon: ... Ho, ho, ho?
Kokoro: Come on, everyone! Get up and out of your seats! Happy! Lucky! Smile!
All: Merry Christmas~!!

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