Satou Masuki is a second-year high school student at Shirayuki Private Academy, which is a catholic all-girls' school with branches for both middle and high school.

She goes by the moniker MASKING and is the drummer for the band RAISE A SUILEN. Despite her sharp gaze and rough, delinquent-like appearance, she likes cute things and is skilled at baking cakes.

Her longing to become such a drummer like her father - who is the owner of Galaxy Live House - made her start playing the drums.[3]


Masuki is 168 cm tall, which is fairly tall for her age. She has short blonde hair which barely reaches her shoulders, with a symmetrical fringe, as well as dark gold eyes.

Masuki wears a high dark gray pleated maxi skirt with a cropped black top, over which she wears a hibiscus red football jacket with white stripes and pictures of Hanyo Usagi on the front. She wears flat boat shoes with no socks. Masuki does not wear any jewelry or accessories.


  • Because of her violent playstyle, she is called a "mad dog" (狂犬).
  • She and LAYER were work colleagues.
  • Her birthday, May 12, is the same date when RAISE A SUILEN (at the time, titled THE THIRD) played as the opening act for Poppin'Party's 5th Live, HAPPY PARTY 2018! during BanG Dream! 5th☆LIVE.


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