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School of Flowers Away in a Corner Event Story - Opening

Unfamiliar with being part of the student council, Arisa finds herself nervous.
Rinko seems to be feeling the same way...


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy
Class 2-A

Arisa: ... Alright. This should be all the results our class submitted for the survey from the other day.
Arisa: They'll need to be tallied and filed away after school. Up next is reviewing the next meeting's documents... Nah, look at this jumbled mess. It'd be best to organize them first.
Arisa: The student council sure is a lot of work... Sigh.
Misaki: Wow, that's a big sigh.
Misaki: Are those the surveys from the other day? So the student council is in charge of counting them, huh?
Arisa: We're the ones who came up with it, so yeah. Apparently, the idea is to hold an identical survey at both the beginning and end of a school year and compare the results.
Misaki: Whoa. That sounds like a handful.
Arisa: Yeah. Well, all the actual work will be done as a group, so it's not that big of a deal...
Arisa: Honestly, the real problem is... how freaking nervous I get whenever I'm there.
Arisa: All these unfamiliar tasks. Having to keep up appearances. And don't get me started on the tense atmosphere... Sigh...
Misaki: The student-council room does seem like it'd be a stressful place to be, yeah.
Arisa: Right? Ugh, I wish I could adjust to it all more quickly.
Misaki: Hahaha. You can do it, Ichigaya-san.
Arisa: Laughing from the sidelines, huh...?
Misaki: No, no~. That was not my intention whatsoever~.
Arisa: Yeah, right. Get outta here with that.

Class 3-A

2nd Year Council Member: Ms. President, would it be alright if we tally the survey votes without holding an actual meeting?
Rinko: Y-yes... That should be fine.
Council Member: What a relief~! I was a little worried because the meeting materials haven't been prepared yet. Oh, but they'll definitely be ready by next week!
Rinko: Understood... Uhm... K-keep up the good work...
Council Member: Huh?
Rinko: Ah, uhm...! Keep up the good work.
Council Member: I will! See you later!
Rinko: ... Sigh...
Rinko: (Not again... I lost my nerve and went quiet... A student council president... shouldn't act like that...)
Rinko: I need to... get my act together... But how...? Sigh...
Sayo: You sound fairly frustrated.
Kanon: Is something on your mind?
Rinko: Hikawa-san! And Matsubara-san...
Kanon: Sorry for bothering you, but I've been worried about you, Rinko-chan. You've been sighing a lot lately.
Sayo: Now that you mention it, that's true. In the student council room, especially.
Rinko: I-I know... Yes, you're both right...
Rinko: In order to overcome my fear... of interacting with people... I took on the role of student council president... But it's just not going very well...
Rinko: Even during our entrance ceremony... I got really flustered... And my heart starts racing... whenever I'm in the council room...
Sayo: Which is what spurred you to search for a solution.
Kanon: A way to stop being nervous. Hmmm... Easing into it would be the best option, wouldn't it?
Sayo: True. However, coming up with an actual method to do so is the truly difficult part.
Sayo: Holding a social gathering is one method of approach, but due to Shirokane-san's nature, I fear that such an event would have the opposite effect.
Kanon: Yeah, probably. The large number of members in the student council would only make it more stressful.
Kanon: Hmmm... Why not start small and build your way up?
Rinko: Build my way up...?
Kanon: Mhm. At first, you can try interacting with only one or two people. Once you've grown comfortable with that, you can gradually increase the crowd size.
Kanon: It'll take a while, but you'll be able to work on it at your own pace.
Sayo: I do believe you may have stumbled upon the perfect remedy for her.
Rinko: B-but... suddenly being alone... with another person...
Sayo: If that has you concerned, why not choose someone with whom you are already familiar and ask them to assist you?
Sayo: That will allow you to adjust slowly, and worse comes to worst, they will be privy to your intentions and can lend you a hand.
Rinko: ... Okay. I think... I can handle something like that...
Kanon: Really? That's great to hear.
Sayo: Now for candidate selection. This first step is important and should be treated with care.
Rinko: U-uh... I would like to... speak with Ichigaya-san first... if possible.
Kanon: Arisa-chan? Ah, you're both in the student council, so that makes sense.
Sayo: The fact that they both play the keyboard makes it even more appropriate.
Kanon: Oh! In that case, I have a great idea!
Rinko & Sayo: You do...?
Kanon: Yeah! Okay, so during our next lunch break...

School of Flowers Away in a Corner Event Story - Chapter 1
A Peaceful Lunch

Kanon suggests having lunch together, so Arisa and Rinko join, but...?


A Few Days Later
Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy

Kanon: It's nice and warm outside today. Perfect weather, I'd say.
Sayo: Indeed. Eating lunch outside on occasion is quite nice.
Misaki: You said it, Sayo-senpai~... Hey, hold the phone!
Misaki: Kanon-san... Sayo-senpai. Could someone please fill me in on what's going on?
Misaki: I did what you asked and invited Ichigaya-san out here because you seemed to have something planned.
Sayo: Shirokane-san is trying to overcoming her fears. The first step is creating a closer relationship with Ichigaya-san. Relatively speaking, they share many common points of interest.
Kanon: They play the same instrument, and since they interact regularly with one another, we figured she won't be so nervous.
Sayo: Creating a scenario that promotes success is vital.
Misaki: Alright, I think I get it now.
Misaki: Ichigaya-san herself mentioned how she gets nervous due to not knowing her fellow council members, so this could be good for both of them...
Rinko & Arisa: ...
Rinko: I-Ichigaya-san.
Arisa: Y-yes...?
Rinko: Say... Th-the weather is quite nice today.
Arisa: It sure is...
Rinko & Arisa: ...
Misaki: Those two are nervous beyond belief.
Kanon: H-huh...?
Rinko: (What should I do...? We can usually talk more easily than this... but when I think about not getting nervous... it has the opposite effect...)
Rinko: (This is my chance to change all that though... so I have to try...!)
Rinko: Th-this lovely weather... has me curious... Ichigaya-san... What... are your hobbies...?
Arisa: Huh? My hobbies?!
Arisa: Ah, well... I like to surf the Internet, I guess?
Rinko: Web browsing...? Uhm... do you perhaps... play any online games...?
Arisa: No, I'm not really into video games...
Rinko: Ah... I see...
Rinko & Arisa: ...
Kanon: They're nervous wrecks.
Sayo: I think they've become too conscious of the scenario. The student council room provides a more natural setting for them to interact.
Misaki: But meeting outside of that and having lunch together probably feels too out of the ordinary.
Sayo: Most likely. And being placed under observation like this is only exasperating the issue.
Sayo: Having fewer people present would have likely been a better choice... In any case, something should be done to help remedy the situation.
Kanon: Fueee, what should we do...? Uhhh, let's see...
Kanon: Uhhh... H-how about your hobbies, Rinko-chan? You've always got your nose buried in books. You like reading, don't you?
Rinko: Ah... yes. I think... I'm an avid reader. I recently finished this book here...
Misaki: "A Flowery Wonderland"? The cover is pretty cute.
Arisa: Ah, I've read that one!
Arisa: I originally picked it up because it was trending online, but it turned out to be really interesting. It was a beautiful read, and the psychological elements had me completely hooked.
Rinko: Y-yes... I agree. The author's word choice is very unique...
Rinko: A sequel was released recently... and it was equally wonderful... I would highly recommend it, if you're interested...
Rinko: And if this book suits your tastes... then I think you would also enjoy another one called "A Dance In Time"...! The tone is somewhat dark, but the characters are very charming...
Rinko: Ah... p-pardon me... I just like so many books...
Arisa: It's okay... I was caught off guard. That's all. Thank you so much.
Arisa: Uhm... would you be willing to share more of your book recommendations with me?
Rinko: O-of course...!
Sayo: ... That seemed to have improved the situation.
Misaki: Phew, that's a relief. At least it wasn't pointless for us to have been here. Good thinking, Kanon-san.
Kanon: I-it was nothing. I'm just glad it worked out.
Kanon: Arisa-chan and Rinko-chan both look like they're having fun now. Maybe this is what'll help them get over their nervousness.
Sayo: Indeed. I believe that is well within the realm of possibility.
Misaki: Looks that way. Ichigaya-san, Rinko-senpai. Good luck~.

School of Flowers Away in a Corner Event Story - Chapter 2
Tell Me!

The conversation goes smoothly between Rinko and Arisa. Could it be?
They plan to go shopping together after school...?


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Courtyard

Rinko: ... And that's when I asked Ako-chan what I should do... and she told me to just "bam, go for it"... and to "finish it off with a bang"... Fufu...
Arisa: I know exactly what you mean! Er, that is... Kasumi is also the type who often throws herself forward head-first without thinking...
Rinko: Oh... is that so...? It seems like... Toyama-san and Ako-chan... may have quite a bit in common.
Arisa: Most likely. I'm the one put in a rough spot by her antics, though.
Rinko: Fufu...
Kanon: Doesn't it look like they're hitting it off pretty well?
Sayo: Yes, it does. The nervousness they're displaying may instead be attributed to simply treading carefully through the conversation.
Sayo: ... However, I'm afraid our lunch break will soon be over. As much as I would like for this to continue, we should prepare to leave.
Kanon: You're right. Okay, you two~. Let's head back to class.
Rinko: Oh... It's already time to leave? I'd better gather my things...
Arisa: Uh, Rinko-senpai... What was the title of that book you recommended earlier?
Arisa: It sounded very interesting, so I thought I'd maybe stop by the bookstore on the way home...
Rinko: Of course. Uhm... I'll write it down for you later...
Sayo: Shirokane-san. Would this not be a good opportunity to join Ichigaya-san?
Rinko: Huh...? Join her?
Kanon: If I recall, didn't you say that you found a nice store the other day? Why not take Arisa-chan there?
Arisa: I-I can't take up her time like that! Rinko-senpai is probably busy with so many things.
Rinko: (What should I do? I'm nervous... about going shopping together... but I was able to speak with Ichigaya-san... without too much trouble...)
Rinko: ... I... have no plans for today, so I'm free. If you're fine with... me joining, that is...
Arisa: Huh...? Y-you really don't mind...?
Rinko: Not at all... Okay, I'll... see you after school...
Arisa: Huh? Yes, of course!
Arisa: Going shopping together with an upperclassman?! That's just asking for trouble! Man, I'm already back to being nervous...!

After School

Arisa: R-Rinko-senpai. So... where exactly is this bookstore located?
Rinko: It's only... a little farther. There will be a flower shop up ahead... Then, we turn left, and the bookstore should be... Huh...?
Ako: Hm? Hey, it's Rin-rin! And Arisa is with her!
Kasumi: Wow, how about that! Hello, Rinko-senpai! Short time, no see, Arisa~! I've missed you~!
Arisa: Get off of me! So, what're you two doing here, anyway?
Ako: I took Kasumi to the bookstore! But they weren't open today~.
Rinko: Huh? They're closed...?
Kasumi: Yes. So, we both thought it might be nice to go to a restaurant instead.
Rinko: Ah, I see... The two of us... had planned to... go to the bookstore, as well...
Arisa: No way... Well, not much we can do about that. I apologize for taking up your time like this, though.
Rinko: No, no... I'm sorry, too...
Kasumi: Hey! Rinko-senpai, Arisa! Why don't you come with us?
Rinko: Huh...?!
Kasumi: I would love to hear more about what Arisa is like when she's with the student council! And in return, I can tell you all about how Arisa acts in class!
Arisa: Don't you dare! And let us answer before you keep blabbing!
Arisa: Ah, don't feel obligated to go, Rinko-senpai. She's always like this, forcing others into doing things...
Rinko: ... I... I'd like to go!
Arisa: Huh?! Y-you would?!
Rinko: I'm a little nervous, but... Ako-chan will be there, and...
Rinko: Ichigaya-san, you... told me earlier... about how much... Toyama-san and Ako-chan have in common... so I think it'll be alright... Maybe...
Arisa: I-is that so? Well, if you say so...
Arisa: ('Maybe', she says. I don't know if this'll end well.)

1 Hour Later

Kasumi: Man, Roselia is so cool! The show you put on the other day was amazing!
Kasumi: I hit it off with someone else who was there, and it turned out that they were a huge fan of yours, Rinko-senpai! They really admired your ability to sew outfits and whatnot!
Kasumi: And then, and then... Ah, my glass is empty. Rinko-senpai, yours could use a refill, too. Would you like something?
Kasumi: I recommend the Kasumi Special: melon soda with a splash of orange juice! Say, that reminds me of something Arisa drank this one time...
Rinko: Yes... I-I mean... N-no, that's... uh... Well, I... you see...
Rinko: Ngh... Melon... Orange...
Arisa: R-Rinko-senpai?! Oh no, her head is practically spinning...!
Arisa: Please take deep breaths! Deep breaths! Don't worry, Kasumi is not as scary as she seems! Hang in there, Rinko-senpai...!

School of Flowers Away in a Corner Event Story - Chapter 3
One Step Forward, One Step Back

Awkwardness returns for Rinko and Arisa.
They begin organizing the student-council room, but...?


The Next Day - After School
Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Class 3-A

Rinko: ... And that's... what happened...
Sayo: Toyama-san...
Kanon: That... must have been rough...
Rinko: It was... Toyama-san, Ako-chan... Ichigaya-san, too... I was a big inconvenience to them all...
Kanon: That's not true. Maybe a little shocked, sure, but there's no way they saw you as an inconvenience!
Kanon: Besides, didn't it end with you being closer to Arisa-chan than you were before?
Sayo: She has a point. A rather drastic form of therapy, though...
Kanon: Ahhahaha...
Kanon: Things probably didn't go as expected, but challenging yourself by going out to eat with the others is a big accomplishment.
Rinko: Yes... Thank you very much.
Rinko: Still, the first thing I need to do is... apologize for what happened yesterday... Then, I can take things from there...
Rinko: I... need to go organize some materials for the student council... I'll be back later...
Kanon: Okay! Good luck, Rinko-chan!

Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Student Council

Rinko: Ichigaya-san, I... am very sorry for yesterday...!
Arisa: ... N-no, no! I'm the one who should be apologizing to you!
Arisa: I'll be sure to give Kasumi an earful later! I swear, that's the side of her that's always causing me grief... Hahaha...
Arisa: So, yeah... Please don't let what happened bother you.
Rinko: Okay... Thank you... very much...
Rinko: (I managed to apologize... but maybe I ended up making her worry more...)

10 Minutes Later

Arisa & Rinko: ...
Arisa: (This.. is awkward.)
Arisa: (It's pretty obvious that yesterday's ordeal is on her mind. Feels like she's walking on eggshells.)
Arisa: (Alright... Maybe I can lighten the mood with some self-deprecating humor...)
Arisa: ... Y-you'll never believe what happened, Rinko-senpai. During class today, I started nodding off, and I ended up writing my notes on my desk instead of in my notebook.
Rinko: Huh...? On your desk...?
Arisa: Uh-huh. Not only that, but I didn't notice until after lunch break started. Man, I was in a total panic.
Rinko: That... must have been troublesome...
Rinko: It's not easy... to make out what's written on a desk... And you put in all that effort, too...
Rinko: Were you able... to copy it into your notebook...?
Arisa: Huh?! Oh, yes. I managed to get it all down.
Rinko: Ah, I see. That's good to hear...
Arisa: (Great, all I did was make her worry. She is far too caring!)
Arisa: Ah, say, Rinko-senpai... Have you ever accidentally fallen asleep in class?
Rinko: I've never actually slept during a lesson, no... but I am fairly certain I've felt the need to rest my eyes more than once...
Rinko: When the warm sun hits your face... you know...
Arisa: I completely understand. It's hard to stay awake after that.
Rinko: It is...
Arisa & Rinko: ...
Arisa: (This conversation... is going nowhere...)
Arisa: (I didn't have this much trouble when Lisa-san was helping me... Looks like I can't quite put what I learned into practice yet...)
Arisa: Sigh...
Rinko: (Ichigaya-san... is being very considerate of me...)
Rinko: (But here I am... unable to properly respond... The air... has gotten really heavy... hasn't it...?)
Rinko: (I'll never improve myself... at this rate... Everyone took their time to help me... I can't let that go to waste...!)
Rinko: I-Ichigaya-san.
Arisa: Yes?!
Arisa & Rinko: ...
Arisa & Rinko: ... Sigh...

School of Flowers Away in a Corner Event Story - Chapter 4
Whoa, Whoa, Whoa

Rinko decides to call out to Arisa. However, things start to get wild in the student council room...


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Student Council

Arisa: ... E-everyone is rather late! They said they'd be back after they're done in the reference room, ...
Rinko: They said they would... be putting in a small bookshelf... and organizing afterward... It may take a while...
Arisa: R-right! Sure sounds like a lot of work~... Ahaha...
Rinko: (I knew it... Everything is so awkward now...)
Rinko: (But I don't want it... to stay this way...)
Rinko: ... U-uhm...!
Teacher: Excuse me, but do you have a moment?
Arisa: Sensei! How can we help you?
Teacher: Regarding the surveys from the other day, the table that categorizes the results by grade level is missing. I hate to be a bother, but could you try hunting them down?
Rinko: My apologies... I think they may have been misplaced somehow.
Arisa: They'd probably be somewhere in this area, if anywhere. Uhhh, not here... or here, either... Ah, found it!
Arisa: They seem to have been mixed in with some other documents. Please accept my sincerest apologies.
Teacher: No, I'm sorry to have disturbed you. Thanks for the help.
Rinko: It was nothing... Please stop by again... if you need anything...
Teacher: Thank you. Okay, I'll let you get back to what you were doing.
Arisa: ... Talk about timing. Startled me a bit.
Rinko: Yes... And that just proves... that we must... get these documents in order.
Arisa: You're right. I doubt we can finish by today, but we can at least make a little progress.
Arisa: But anyway, Rinko-senpai. What was it you wanted to tell me earlier?
Rinko: Huh? Ah... About that...
Rinko: I, uh-
Newspaper Student: Excuse me~.
Rinko: ... Y-yes...?!
Newspaper Student: Ah, Shirokane-san. Just who I wanted to see. Our club would like to hold a survey like the one from the other day, but how should we go about applying for permission?
Rinko: A survey... For that, you will need to... turn in a new club-agenda form.
Rinko: Please fill out the bolded areas on this document... Make sure to check with your club advisor... Then, submit it to the student council.
Volleyball Student: Pardon me~! A moment of your time~?
Arisa: S-sure! ... H-how can I help you?
Volleyball Student: Sorry for barging in. Volleyball Club would like to make an additional version of our welcome poster. We already submitted the form though. Is it still possible to change it?
Arisa: Huh?! I-I'm not...
Rinko: Ichigaya-san... In this case, they simply need to fill out a new form... and everything should be fine...
Arisa: Ah, th-that's right. Now I remember. Uh... Okay, now to find a new application...
3rd Year Committee Member: Excuse me~. I have a question about an upcoming volunteer function~.
Gardening Student: I'm here to submit Gardening Club's schedule.
Arisa: J-just a moment, pl-
Clean Up Committee Member: Is the Clean-Up-Committee president here~? Hm. Doesn't seem to be.
Broadcasting Student: Excuse me. I'm a Broadcasting-Club member, and-
Arisa: H-hang on... Just a... E-everyone needs to wait their turn!
Arisa: Now, where's that application form...? This... isn't it. Let's see... Application forms... Application forms... Th-they're gone? That's weird, they were right here before...
Arisa: That's right, they were put in a separate folder earlier! Okay, now where did that folder get off to? Uhhh... Argh, I'll never find this thing!
Rinko: (Ichigaya-san is getting frustrated...)
Rinko: (I'm feeling dizzy, myself... but... now's not the time to fall apart...! Because... I'm the student-council president...!)
Rinko: Stay calm. Take deep breaths... Alright.
Rinko: Ichigaya-san. First, please have that Volleyball-Club student fill out her application form. While you do that... I'll go over the volunteer situation.
Arisa: Huh?! ... O-okay! Uhhh, application forms... H-here they are!
Rinko: Please take your time... No need to rush.
Rinko: Gardening Club... I'll need to review your documents, so... please wait a moment... Broadcasting Club... Same goes for you...
Rinko: As for the Clean-Up-Committee president... She's not here today... Please come back another day.
Clean Up Committee Member: Okay~.
Arisa: (Thanks to Rinko-senpai taking charge, things have calmed down a bit. Okay, maybe this'll work...)
Volleyball Student: Finished. Does this look alright?
Arisa: Let's see... Yes, this should be okay. We will handle everything from here.
Arisa: Okay, what's next? Gardening Club, then Broadcasting Club. Rinko-senpai, you'd be better at dealing with the explanation part... so I'll handle the Gardening-Club documents.
Rinko: Okay... Thank you very much.
Rinko: (What a relief. It seems like... we'll be able to handle this...)

School of Flowers Away in a Corner Event Story - Chapter 5
Me and My Reason

The two girls can catch their breath now that the student-council work is done.
And at some point, their nervousness had already subsided...


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Student Council

Arisa: It's finally over...
Rinko: Yes...
Arisa: The work kept piling up more and more to the point where we couldn't even finish organizing those documents.
Arisa: I never expected it to get that hectic. Being part of the student council sure isn't easy...
Arisa: You know, Rinko-senpai, I can't believe you agreed to be the student-council president. Isn't it hard to do all this while also juggling your duties with Roselia?
Rinko: It's quite challenging, to be honest.
Rinko: But... you see, I...
Rinko: ... Ichigaya-san, why did you initially join the student council?
Arisa: Me?! I just, you know... I thought that joining the student council would look good on my academic record.
Arisa: Not the most altruistic of motives, I suppose. How about you...?
Rinko: I became the president... in order to... overcome my fears.
Rinko: Being in front of large crowds... or people I don't know well... makes me nervous... to the point where my mind goes completely blank...
Rinko: I want to change that part of myself... so I decided to take on the role of... student-council president.
Arisa: Overcoming fears. Wow, you really threw yourself in at the deep end.
Rinko: Fufu, yes. However... were I to take the easy route... I would always feel tempted to give up...
Rinko: That being said... I have other reasons for the decision that I made.
Arisa: Other reasons?
Rinko: Yes. Saying them out loud is somewhat embarrassing, but...
Rinko: If I could somehow... improve the lives of our fellow students... through my efforts... That's what was going through my head... when I accepted the role.
Arisa: The lives of our fellow students. That's pretty admirable.
Rinko: Not really...
Rinko: I also... did this for myself, in a way.
Arisa: For yourself?
Rinko: Correct. While it's true that I'm bad with crowds... I am also... equally terrible at getting myself to try new things...
Rinko: Despite that, I've received... encouragement from so many people... that I continue to be motivated... to step out of my comfort zone.
Rinko: Going to the beach, trying out club activities... Attending the piano recital I was running from for so long...
Arisa: Ah, I remember that competition! You received a lot of recognition for how well you performed.
Rinko: ... Y-yes. I never expected it to carry all the way over to school... It was kind of embarrassing...
Rinko: And so... with each successful attempt... I would decide to challenge myself further... To take one more step forward...
Rinko: Well... It'd be more accurate... to say that... I've come to want to take another step forward...
Rinko: And I believe that next step this time around... was becoming student-council president...
Arisa: So challenging yourself with that position... was your next step forward...
Rinko: Yes. A rather small step... unfortunately.
Rinko: Not to mention that... I'm still not certain... if it will be a misstep... or not...
Rinko: It's possible I may be taking the longest route possible as well...
Arisa: ...
Rinko: Had this been my past self... those thoughts would have discouraged me... to the point of giving up...
Rinko: I would pity myself, thinking about how I'm causing trouble for others and not accomplishing anything... Rather than allow that, I thought it would be better to do nothing at all...
Arisa: But... you don't think that anymore, do you?
Rinko: I do not.
Rinko: It's strange. Now... that feeling of having moved a step forward makes me happier than anything else.
Rinko: Should I fail... I would be a little shaken up, of course. But in that case... I would simply need to take another step forward...
Rinko: One step after another... until I've learned to walk... That's how I move forward... That... is how I think now.
Rinko: Ah... M-my apologies. I've been rambling on for far too long...! I'm sure that... you didn't want to hear such a boring story.
Arisa: It wasn't boring!
Arisa: It wasn't... in any way whatsoever!
Rinko: ... Ichigaya-san...

School of Flowers Away in a Corner Event Story - Ending
Awkward Duo

As the student-council room is dyed by the rays of the sunset, what will the two girls say to each other...?


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Student Council

Arisa: Rinko-senpai, your story wasn't the least bit boring.
Arisa: I was just so absorbed in what you were saying... So impressed that I couldn't think of anything to say.
Rinko: Y-you don't need to flatter me...
Arisa: Honestly, if it had been me, I don't think I would've taken on the role of student-council president.
Arisa: I'm the type who, well... actively avoids doing anything difficult. I suppose I try to cover for my weaknesses by focusing on my strengths.
Arisa: Which is why I think it's so impressive how you... approach your problems head-on, Rinko-senpai.
Rinko: In that case... you are also quite impressive yourself... Ichigaya-san.
Arisa: Huh?! Why in the world would you think that?!
Rinko: We handle our issues differently, yes... but the way you 'cover for your weaknesses with your strengths'... is an admirable way of making progress...
Rinko: When I fail at one thing... it carries over... into everything else I do... so I don't think I could ever accomplish what you have...
Rinko: For me, all I can do... is attempt to overcome each problem... one at a time... until I get the desired result...
Arisa: I guess this means... we're both awkward in our own way, huh?
Rinko: I think... that you are absolutely right.
Rinko: Ichigaya-san... I still have to disagree... about being impressive...
Rinko: Even now, I get terrified and freeze up... Unless I'm pulled along by people who take action... such as Ako-chan or Toyama-san... it's rare for me to have any initiative of my own.
Arisa: Rinko-senpai... To be fair, Kasumi has way more energy than any one person needs.
Rinko: Fufu... And even once I get going... I have people like Hikawa-san and Matsubara-san supporting me...
Rinko: Unless I have someone there with me... someone like you, Ichigaya-san... to help me along... I can't help feeling the need to run away...
Arisa: S-someone like me?!
Rinko: Yes. What happened earlier... is a good example... I never could have handled all those inquires... on my own...
Rinko: And then, I saw you in need of assistance... and just knew I had to act... That's the only reason I managed to pull through.
Rinko: Had I gone it alone... I definitely would have panicked... and that would have been the end of it...
Arisa: I-I suppose that's true... When you see someone who is freaking out more than you are, it can have a calming effect. It helps you keep a clear head or whatnot.
Arisa: ... Wait, did I really look that bad?! Ugh, how lame of me...
Rinko: Th-that wasn't what I meant...!
Arisa: Ah, excuse me! Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that you did...!
Rinko: ... Look at us... We're acting rather silly, I think...
Arisa: That we are. Saying all sorts of weird stuff to each other.
Rinko: Fufu...
Rinko: The reason I can work so hard... is because of everyone who's there for me.
Rinko: I should apologize... for being such a sorry president who relies on others. But at the same time... I want to say thank you.
Rinko: I will endeavor to become a reliable student-council president... no matter how long it takes. So I hope that we can... continue working together.
Arisa: Huh?! Th-there's no need to be so apologetic...!
Arisa: I feel like... I should be the one saying that, Rinko-senpai.
Arisa: Just look at how I acted, freaking out when things got rough, pretending to have my act together while running around in a panic... I still can't get over my overwhelming shyness.
Rinko: Shyness? Ichigaya-san, are you... a shy person?
Arisa: Absolutely! That's why I act so weird and turn into a nervous wreck around you all during student-council meetings and activities!
Arisa: And I don't think that's going to change any time soon... but even so, I want to offer you my full support in whatever way possible.
Arisa: Please rest assured that I will try my hardest... And that I would also love for us to continue working together!
Arisa: Ah, crap! The papers!
Rinko: ... D-don't worry. If we clean them up quickly, there shouldn't be... Ah! I-I'm so sorry. I got flustered... and spilled even more papers...!
Arisa: L-let's focus on cleaning this up for now!
Rinko: Good idea...!
Arisa: Sigh~... We started anew by immediately messing things up.
Rinko: Becoming a reliable president... might be a pipe dream... at this rate...
Arisa: And I'm light years away from giving any kind of reliable support.
Rinko: ... Fufu.
Rinko: Ichigaya-san. Let's... keep working toward our goals. Together.
Arisa: Alright. And it looks like our first task is paper collection.
Rinko: Apparently so... Fufu.

A Few Days Later
Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Hallway

Rinko: Ichigaya-san. Good timing... I was actually... on my way to your classroom...
Arisa: Rinko-senpai? What's wrong?
Rinko: Regarding the upcoming volunteer clean-up function... The assigned locations for each grade level... have been changed... so I was hoping to have these sheets handed out...
Arisa: Ah, thanks for letting me know. I can take care of the ones for the second-year students.
Rinko: You don't mind? Thank you very much...
Arisa: Something like this is no trouble at all. Thank you very much for bringing the materials.
Rinko: You're welcome. Okay, I'd better be going...
Kasumi: Ooo~! Arisa, Miss Reliable~!
Misaki: She certainly is~. Oh boy, what a happy ending~.
Arisa: St-stop making a big deal out of it!
Arisa: Ugh, and wipe those dumb grins off your faces~!

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