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Schoolroom Slumber Card Story - Episode

Run, Tomoe Part 1


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 2-A

Tomoe: Yawn~...
Ran: Now that was a big yawn...
Moca: Not enough sleep, Tomo-chin~?
Tomoe: No, nothing like that... I just get sleepy in the afternoon~.
Tsugumi: Hahaha. The only lessons we have left today is Modern Japanese, so hang in there a little longer, okay?
Himari: We've got Modern Japanese next...?! Awww, I'm done for~... Whenever they get into the hard stuff, I can't keep my eyes open.
Tomoe: With the way our teacher reads aloud, it might as well be a lullaby~.
Ran: You think so? I have no trouble focusing in Modern Japanese because the words they throw around give me ideas for lyrics.
Moca: My undeniable Japanese language skills help keep me awake~.
Himari: Aw, I envy you~...
Tomoe: Ah, but that story we've been reading is intense. Running all that way to save a friend is pretty cool.
Moca: It does sound right up your alley, Tomo-chin~. Even with manga, those scenes about the power of friendship and whatnot tend to get to you~.
Tsugumi: Come to think of it, the manga that Tomoe-chan recommends to me are usually about friendship.
Tomoe: Yeah, I could read that kind of stuff forever and never get bored~.
Himari: I love those emotional scenes about friendship! They're a lot like what we go through~.
Ran: Yeah, yeah...
Tsugumi: Ah, I almost forgot! Didn't we talk about stopping somewhere together on the way home since we don't have practice today?
Himari: Oh, right! We still haven't decided where to go~!
Tomoe: Oh well, we can come up with something after school lets out.
Ran: Pretty much. Let's decide later, then.
Himari: Hmmm, I wonder where we should go~.
Ran: Ah, there's the bell.
Moca: Okay, take your seats~. And no sleeping during class, Tomo-chin~.
Tomoe: Y-you don't have to tell me!
Teacher: ... I will now continue reading. Starting on the third line of page eighty-seven...
Tomoe: Yawn~...
Tomoe: (Dude... Even after Moca got on my case, I'm still getting sleepy...)
Tomoe: (Only fifteen more minutes to go... You can do it... Stay awake...)
Teacher: ... This character's state of mind as he gave this line was...
Tomoe: (Stay awake... Stay... awake...)
Tomoe: ...

Tomoe: ... Ah!
Tomoe: H-huh? Downtown...? I could have sworn we were just at school.
Woman: Tomoe-chan! Perfect timing. Stop by our store later. We have a new side dish I want you to try.
Tomoe: It's the bento shop lady! Thank you... Oh, a text from Himari.
Tomoe: Hmmm, let's see... Whaaat?! Th-this is serious!

Schoolroom Slumber Card Story - Special Episode

Run, Tomoe Part 2



Himari: "Help, Tomoe~. I need to go to my part-time job, but I'm starving... My stomach is going to rumble all through my shift~."
Tomoe: N-no way! Himari is gonna starve at work...!
Tomoe: I want to bring her something, but I don't think I brought any snacks with me...
Woman: Tomoe-chan, I've been meaning to ask, but why are you holding that bowl of ramen in your hand?
Tomoe: Exactly, all I've got one on me is one bowl of bone pork rame- Wait, pork bone ramen?!
Tomoe: Not sure where that came from, but I'm glad it's here! This should be more than enough to fill up Himari!
Tomoe: Thank you for speaking with me, miss!I'll stop by later on my way home! Alright. Hang on, Himari!
Woman: Tomoe-chan, you'll spill your bowl if you run like that~!
Tomoe: Mmm, this ramen smells good...! Better get it to Himari while it's still warm!
Moca: Oh-hoh~? Tomo-chin, where are you going in such a hurry~?
Tomoe: Moca?!
Moca: Come with me to buy some manga~. I finished reading everything I have, so now I want to find something new~.
Tomoe: (I'm dying to go with her, but Himari isn't going to make it if I don't get this ramen to her...!)
Tomoe: Sorry, Moca! Let's hit up the bookstore together some other time!
Moca: You sure? They've got the latest volume of that series you're collecting~. You know, that intense basketball one~.
Tomoe: "Slam Dunks at Sunset"?! Right, I think I remember now...!
Moca: Uh-huh. So yeah, come join me~.
Tomoe: ... Well, maybe if I pop in and out really quick...
Himari: Ugh, I'll have to go through my shift on am empty stomach~. What am I gonna do, Tomoe~?!
Tomoe: No, I can't...! If I don't get this ramen to Himari, she's going to waste away!
Tomoe: Sorry, Moca! It'll have to wait until next time!
Moca: Alright, then~. See you, Tomo-chin~.
Tomoe: Huff, puff... Hang in there, Himari...!
Ran: Tomoe. Perfect timing.
Tomoe: Ran, you too?!
Ran: ... What?
Tomoe: N-nothing, never mind. Hate to say this, but I've got something to do, so-
Ran: To tell the truth, I'm stuck on the lyrics for our new song. I was hoping you could help.
Tomoe: Huh...?! I-I see. That is pretty important. Where are you so far?
Ran: It's like I'm stuck in a fog and can't see what I need... I feel like it'll come to me if I can get some sort of inspiration.
Tomoe: Hmmm... I'm not sure if I can be much help, but I'm always down for lyrics about friendship!
Ran: Tomoe, you always say that... Hm? Why are you carrying that ramen through town? Isn't that a little weird?
Tomoe: Oh, this. Did you just notice? I was starting to think you wouldn't...
Ran: And it's still steaming hot... with a rich white broth...
Tomoe: Wh-what's wrong? Why are you staring into the bowl like that...?
Ran: Uncontrollable heat... Deep, richly colored clouds... Not bad.
Tomoe: Hold on, did you just come up with some lyrics?!
Ran: Yeah. Thanks to you, I can finally move forward.
Tomoe: W-well, that's a relief! Alright, contact me if you run into any more trouble!
Tomoe: Huff, puff...! Get ready to chow down on this pork bone ramen, Himari...!
Tsugumi: I thought fall had already set in, but it's unusually hot today. I'd better hurry and water these so I can get back to helping Mom...
Tomoe: Whoa, that's cold!
Tsugumi: Tomoe-chan?! Sorry, I didn't see you coming...! Did you get wet? Are you okay?
Tomoe: Is the ramen okay?!
Tsugumi: Huh?! Do you mean that bowl you're holding...? It's still steaming hot, and I don't think you spilled any.
Tomoe: Phew, that's a relief~...
Tsugumi: Tomoe-chan, I think I got your feet wet. Let me go get a towel...
Tomoe: No, it's okay! So long as Himari's ramen is safe and sound!
Tomoe: Alright, I've gotta run! Himari is starving and needs my help!
Tsugumi: Himari-chan?! Oh no...! Go get it to her right away, Tomoe-chan!
Tomoe: I will! Thanks~!
Station Entrance

Himari: Aaah, I'm so hungry~... Help me, Tomoe~!
Tomoe: Huff, puff, huff...! Over here~, Himari~!
Himari: Tomoe, that was fast...! Wait, is that bowl what I think it is...?!
Tomoe: Huff, puff... I made it before your shift started...! Here, eat up. Piping hot pork bone ramen!
Himari: Awww, for me...?! Thank you, Tomoe~!
Tomoe: Haha, you're too much, Himari! Hahahaha...
Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 2-A

Tomoe: Haha... Himari...
Himari: Tomoe~! I said~... Wake up!
Tomoe: Ah, Himari... How was the ramen...?
Himari: Huh? What are you talking about?
Tomoe: ... Huh? We're at school...? Wait, was it all a dream...?!
Moca: What? Do you want some ramen, Tomo-chin~?
Ran: Sounds good. Let's get some after this.
Tsugumi: Works for me. I'm feeling kind of hungry.
Himari: Yay~! I've been wanting some ramen since this morning!
Tomoe: ... Oh well, whatever.
Himari: Hey, what are you getting, Tomoe?
Tomoe: Hm? Pork bone ramen for me, of course!