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Seaside Posing Card Story - Episode

Before Our Beach Trip


Waiting Room
Eve: ...~♪
Chisato: You seem to be a good mood, Eve-chan. Any reason why?
Eve: Hehe, so you noticed! I have made plans to visit the beach in the coming days!
Chisato: Oh, that's nice.
Maya: The ocean! Now that sounds like fun!
Eve: Yes, I am very much looking forward to it!
Hina: The beach is perfect for summer! Are you planning on buying a new swimsuit?
Eve: Indeed, I am! I've decided to peruse many different magazines in search of the perfect one.
Aya: Swimsuits seem to be all the rage in fashion magazines this month! Have you found any interesting ones?
Eve: There are three that have caught my eye! But I must choose one... Would you all be so kind as to assist me in selecting the best one?
Aya: Yeah, show me! Which ones are they?
Eve: Of course! The two on this page, as well as this one in the upper-right corner...
Maya: They all look so cute! Now I understand why you're having trouble deciding...
Aya: Hmmm... If it were me, I'd pick this one! I just know you'd look great in it!
Chisato: That's the same one I had my eye on, Aya-chan. Good choice.
Eve: Hmm, I wonder... Do you not think it is a bit too "mature" for me?
Chisato: What do you mean by 'too mature'? No, not at all. It would suit you perfectly if anything.
Hina: Uh-huh, this one is boppin'♪ What do you think, Maya-chan?
Maya: I agree! It's easily the best and cutest of the three!
Eve: Thank you, everyone...! ... I have decided! I will go with your selection!
Eve: Thanks to you all, my preparations are now complete. All that's left is to wait!
Chisato: Wait, that's it? You don't have anything else you need to do?
Eve: Oh my, do I...?
Chisato: Eve-chan, how careless... Taking the proper steps against sunburn is essential for a summer trip to the beach.
Eve: Ah, but I have already packed my sunscreen! Please see for yourself!
Chisato: Eve-chan... You must be more careful. Don't take this lightly. The sun is quite strong in the summer, and this brand of sunscreen will wash right off if you decide to go swimming.
Chisato: If you'd like, please feel free to take mine. Here. Go ahead and use it whenever necessary.
Eve: Oh! Are you certain that you don't mind?
Chisato: It's fine, this is just a spare bottle. Please use as much as you'd like.
Aya: Trust me, that one works really well! Chisato-chan told me about it, too, and I didn't have a red spot on me!
Eve: That is very reassuring! I'll be careful not to waste it. Thank you!
Chisato: I'm glad to hear that, but what's important is that you apply as much as you need. Don't go missing a spot, okay?
Aya: If we're sharing things, then I have something you might like! Aya's Amazing Selfie Strategy! Can't go to the beach without taking lots of photos, after all!
Eve: You'll share such a secret with me?! Oh yes, please!
Aya: Line of sight is very important, for example. When taking a selfie, looking straight into the camera leaves too strong of an impression, don't you agree?
Eve: Oh my, yes! I had never thought about it until now, but I do believe you are correct!
Aya: Hehe, right? When you're ready to take the picture, stretch your arm like this. Then, try to focus on this finger here...
Eve: O-okay! Divert my line of sight away from the lens...
Aya: Oh yeah, and don't forget about the angle! Shooting from above is an absolute necessity!
Eve: I see! Like... this?
Aya: You're a natural, Eve-chan! You nailed it on your first try!
Eve: Thank you for teaching me, Aya-san! I will be sure to share with you all the beach selfies that I take!
Maya: Staying hydrated is also of extreme importance, Eve-san! Heat stroke is your greatest enemy during the summer!
Eve: U-understood! I will be sure to drink plenty of water!
Maya: And if you ever feel dizzy or nauseous, be sure to stop whatever you're doing and rest. And you'd be better off taking some disinfectant and bandages, as well!
Hina: What, are we taking turns giving Eve-chan advice? I wanna help, too! I can tell you all about my secret swimming technique.
Eve: To learn from the master...! Yes, please teach me, Hina-san!
Hina: It's easy-peasy. Not the least bit difficult. First, kick your feet with a "ton" and flap your arms with a "pi." Then, give it one of those "sui-sui" strokes.
Eve: U-uhmmm...
Chisato: Hina-chan, there's no way Eve-chan can understand that mess of a sentence.
Eve: N-no, please let me try! The order is "ton, pi, sui-sui," correct? ... I will train until I become a worthy pupil!
Hina: It'll be no sweat for someone like you, Eve-chan!
Eve: Thank you, everyone, for sharing with me such insightful information! Hehe!
Hina: You sure are all smiles today, Eve-chan. Why so happy?
Eve: Well, I noticed just how much I am supported by everyone. In turn, it made me remember just how much I love each and every one of you!
Hina: Hahaha, Eve-chan says the funniest stuff! She's so weird sometimes.
Chisato: Oh, leave her alone, Hina-chan.
Aya: I hope you have a lot of fun on your trip, Eve-chan!
Maya: Be careful! But not so careful that you can't enjoy yourself!
Eve: I will! Thank you, everyone! Please look forward to the wonderful souvenirs that I will bring back for you all!

Seaside Posing Card Story - Special Episode

A Strike to Remember


Residential Area
Eve: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san! Good evening!
Eve: Are you also on your way home, perhaps?
Eve: Why, yes! I have just finished my photo shoot, so I, too, am returning home!
Eve: If you do not mind, please feel free to accompany me!

Eve: It is still quite hot, even well after the sun has set! I worry that I may never become accustomed to the summers in Japan...
Eve: Ah, but that is why everyone makes plans to cool off in the ocean, yes? I agree with that decision!
Eve: Yes, I did indeed go to the beach recently! Arisa-san and the others were there, as well!
Eve: I was so thrilled that everyone was somehow able to align their schedules! How fortunate!
Eve: We enjoyed a day of swimming, playing beach volleyball, and general recreation!
Eve: What I remember most fondly is... yes, the watermelon-splitting contest!
Eve: It just so happened that the event was being held at the same location, so we decided to take part!
Eve: And Arisa-san's martial prowess... Her sword nearly split the earth itself...
Eve: Yes, never before had I seen such expertise!
Eve: Actually, Tae-san, Hagumi-san, Kokoro-san, and I instead acted as her support!
Eve: That is right. When we had a practice run for the event, Arisa-san was the most skilled of us all, so we asked that she take the role of striker!
Eve: At that time, it had completely slipped my mind that Arisa-san is not so, shall we say, well-versed in athletics...
Eve: I worried that I may have shouldered her with too much pressure and responsibility. In the end, however, she told me that she had a lot of fun!
Eve: As I thought, making sure that everyone has a good time is what is most important!
Eve: ... Here is an idea! Won't you join me next time, BanG Dreamer-san?!
Eve: The more, the merrier! If we can manage to bring along everyone, it is sure to be even more exciting!
Eve: ... My, have we already walked this far? I lost track of time!
Eve: My apologies. I sometimes prattle on and lose myself in the conversation!
Eve: I enjoyed speaking with you today! Thank you for allowing me to share my story!
Eve: And next time, I will bring the souvenirs I bought to CiRCLE! Okay, until next time!