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Secret Arrangement Card Story - Episode

Give Them a Good Show


Tanuki Restaurant

Tomoe: Man, that was such an intense event!
Himari: Yeah! The crowd was super into it too!
Tsugumi: I'm glad that was our set list. I feel like we were able to put on a show that fits our image!
Ran: Yeah, it wasn't bad.
Moca: Ohhh, got another "not bad" from Ran today~.
Ran: Moca, that's your new thing, huh?
Moca: Heh heh heh, so you figured it out~.
Moca: Either way, everyone was more fired up than usual.
Others: Gasp...!
Tomoe: R-really? You sure we weren't the same as always?
Moca: Oh, come on~. Since when do you twirl your drumstick that much during the interlude?
Tomoe: M-Moca! Don't say that!
Ran: I didn't know about that, Tomoe.
Tomoe: It's just! We heard about all those kids who look up to us, right? Doesn't that make you wanna show off a little bit?
Himari: Ahaha, you were a little too into it, Tomoe~!
Moca: You sure you wanna go down this road, Hii-chan~?
Himari: Huh?
Moca: I've never seen you jump like that on stage before~.
Moca: And what a jump it was~. I thought the whole venue would shake.
Himari: Hey~, stop~! You can't single us about and talk about what we do when we get serious! That's embarrassing!
Himari: I just thought the crowd would become more excited if I jumped like that~...
Himari: ... Hey! Wait a second! What did you mean when you said you thought the venue would shake?!
Moca: C'mon~, it was just a figure of speech, that's all~.
Tsugumi: Fufu, I understand how you two feel, though. I think I was more into it than usual as well.
Moca: Ohhh, your performance was the most incredible, Tsugu~. Remember?
Tsugumi: Stick with us to the end!
Moca: You remember. Yeah~, that line sent shivers down my spine~.
Tsugumi: Moca-chan! Don't talk about it~!
Tsugumi: Hearing that some of those girls want to be like us creates a sense of urgency! You didn't feel that, Ran-chan?
Ran: Not really. I just kept it the same as always. I told you guys when we were making the set list. We're just showing them what's cool.
Tsugumi: Th-that's Ran-chan for you...
Tomoe: Yeah, it seemed like she just performed as usual.
Himari: Grrr~! That's not right~! Hey, Moca! Did Ran get into it?!
Moca: Oh, you know Ran was super into it? Right, Ran~?
Ran: I have no idea what you're talking about. I didn't do anything special during the performance.
Moca: Come now, don't be shy~. Weren't you practicing until really late yesterday by yourself~?
Ran: ...?! How did you know that?!
Moca: Heh heh heh~. Nothing can escape the great Moca-chan~.
Moca: But... I also just asked your dad when he came to bring us treats~.
Ran: The worst...
Tomoe: Wow~, so she kept it cool, but really, she was taking things super seriously.
Tsugumi: Fufu, it's actually settling to hear that you were feeling the same way, Ran-chan.
Ran: I wasn't "too" into it! I was just making sure I would be able to perform my best during the show...
Ran: Besides, Moca's doing a lot of pointing fingers, but she was doing the same thing she's accusing us of!
Ran: You wrote a different arrangement for the guitar part of COMIC PANIC!!!, didn't you?
Moca: Ohhh, you noticed~? I thought I'd just casually slip it in there~.
Himari: Is that what happened?! I thought something was off.
Moca: Well~, I saw that everyone was taking things so seriously. I figured I should show off a little myself~.
Moca: And the deepness of my guitar playing just naturally deepened~.
Tomoe: Hahaha! "Naturally" my butt!
Tsugumi: Fufu, so everyone was trying a lot harder than usual.
Ran: No, I told you, I wasn't doing anything differently!
Moca: Okay, okay, let's just say that everyone was though. Look, the drinks are here. Let's have a toast~.
Ran: Yeah, yeah, whatever. That's fine. Alright, here's to a job well done. Cheers.
Others: Cheers~!

Secret Arrangement Card Story - Special Episode

I Love It All



Marina: They said the bread I got today is extra fresh! Fufu, I feel like I got a special deal or something. What did you get?
Moca: Oh~? Do I spy with my little eye Marina-san and BanG Dreamer-san~?
Marina: Hello. On a lunch break too, Moca-chan?
Moca: That's right~. With how beautiful the day is, I thought there would be nothing like having buns outside.
Moca: Well played, going to Yamabuki Bakery around this time. Yes, of course you would know to go. You two get it.
Marina: Ahaha, we were lucky! We just happened to go! Oh, right, thanks for taking part in our concert the other day!
Moca: Don't mention it~. We enjoyed ourselves as well.
Marina: The performance really had that Afterglow feeling to it. The crowd was so into it. Even I was having a good time listening backstage.
Marina: There was something different about the set list, wasn't there? Or was that just my imagination?
Moca: Wow, that's Marina-san for you. I knew you would notice. You're right. We made that set list as a group.
Moca: We all talked about the songs we wanted to perform and decided together.
Marina: So that's what it was! Which song did you choose, Moca-chan?
Moca: I voted for COMIC PANIC!!! It's just so good, isn't it~?
Moca: It's fun to sing it with the others, and I think the crowd was pleased to hear it too~.
Moca: Oh, you get what I'm saying, huh, BanG Dreamer-san? I knew it. You have this aura that says you would like it.
Marina: Fufu, yes, that song does tend to put you in a good mood, doesn't it? I'm a fan as well.
Moca: Of course, you know good music when you hear it. Classic Marina-san.
Moca: Coming up with a set list is hard though, huh? You have an attachment to every song for different reasons.
Moca: Sure, I went with COMIC PANIC!!!, but I love all of our music. I wanted to perform all of it.
Marina: All of them, huh...? Okay, so instead of taking part in an event, why don't you hold a one-band show?
Moca: Ooo~, that hadn't crossed my mind.
Marina: At the stage Afterglow is at, I think you'd be able to do all of your songs in one concert.
Moca: You might be right about that~. Man~, a one-band show. That really has some punch to it~.
Marina: Fufu, and if you plan to do it, make sure you do it at CiRCLE, okay?!
Marina: BanG Dreamer-san and I are looking forward to it!
Moca: Of course~. Fufufu, an Afterglow-only concert. We might just have our objective for the year~.
Moca: Thanks, you guys~. I think it's time to get Mocatastic.