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Secret Assistance Card Story - Episode

A Bouquet from the Heart


Shopping Mall

Hina: Alright, we're all good on clothes and accessories! Next is Aya-chan's choice, the knick knacks shop, right?
Hina: It feels like it's been forever since I went shopping with you all! I'm in a really boppin' mood ♪
Chisato: We have all been pretty busy lately...
Eve: I heard that Aya-san and Hina-san were shooting a commercial, and Maya-san was very busy with her magazine column!
Maya: Seriously though, I was worried I wasn't going to make my deadline...
Maya: Chisato-san and Eve-san, you were working at that event over at Hanasakigawa Aurum City, right?
Aya: watched that video of you two showcasing everything that was going on! It was great!
Hina: I saw it, too! Those flowers Ran-chan put together were super cool~.
Maya: The entire space had a really nice atmosphere, too. Everyone was being so friendly and cheerful, and it looked like it was a lot of fun.
Chisato: I'm glad to hear that.
Eve: Me too!
Eve: I was worried that I might have become a little over-excited... so I am very happy to hear you all liked it!
Aya: I thought that was just like you, Eve-chan! It was really nice to see!
Maya: thought so, too. And Chisato-san did a great job backing you up!
Hina: Yeah, that's our Chisato-chan for you, huh?
Aya: Fufu, you're right!
Aya: But the flowers really were pretty! Maybe I'll buy a bouquet or something here before I head home.
Eve: Good idea! Aya-san, I will accompany you!
Chisato: Fufu, then once we've finished getting everything we need, how about we all head to the flower shop together?

Shopping Mall - Florist

Maya: These are the marguerite daisies that Mitake-san was using in her show! And these are... Uh...
Eve: Those are anemone. They are used very often in flower arrangements.
Hina: Huh, is that so? Figures you'd know all about them, Eve-chan.
Eve: I am in the flower arrangement club, after all! Please ask me if you have any questions.
Chisato: Thank you, Eve-chan. I'm glad we came here with you today.
Aya: Hm... Which flowers should I go with? They're all so cute, I can't choose~.
Hina: How about this one? It's perfect for you, don't you think?
Aya: Why?! That's not even a flower. It's a cactus!
Hina: But it's got this sign on it that says, "Only needs water occasionally! Perfect for the forgetful!"
Hina: You forget stuff all the time, right? I mean, you said you bought two copies of the same book the other day, didn't you?
Eve: I have heard that you only need to water them every few days in summer, and once a month in winter.
Eve: And cacti also sprout pretty flowers too, you know.
Aya: Huh? Really?
Maya: If I remember correctly, the flowers are cute little ones.
Aya: Aww, that just makes picking out a plant even harder~!
Chisato: ... Fufu.
Chisato: (This may not be flower arrangement, but... thanks to that event, I think we've all become a little bit more interested in flowers.)
Chisato: (Clearly, there was something about Ran-chan and Toko-chan's performance that had the power to move people's hearts.)
Chisato: It looks like that show was a good experience for us.
Eve: Yes! I think so, too!
Hina: Oh! This flower's totally boppin’♪ I'm going with this one~.
Aya: Chisato-chan~. You're the only one who hasn't picked out a flower yet~.
Chisato: What?
Maya: We were talking about how we'd all pick a flower and put them together in a bouquet.
Chisato: Oh, what a wonderful idea. Then we can put it in the office. That's seems like it'd be the best place for it, don't you think?
Aya: That's a great idea! I'm in!
Maya: I bet the staff would all be really happy too!
Chisato: Then it's settled. Hold on a moment, I'll get mine picked out right away.

Secret Assistance Card Story - Special Episode

Differing Pieces


Station Entrance

Chisato: Hello, BanG Dreamer-san. Are you out buying some supplies for CiRCLE?
Chisato: Fufu, I see. They keep you very busy.
Chisato: Me? I thought I would go see some flowers today.
Chisato: No, not at a flower shop...
Chisato: You see, the other day, Eve-chan and I worked at an event about Japanese culture.
Chisato: There were all sorts of corners there, including a live flower arrangement performance by Ran-chan and Toko-chan. That flower arrangement is still on display now.
Chisato: So I thought I would go there one more time to take a look.
Chisato: Fufu, you're curious what kind of flowers they are? I have a picture, if you'd like to see.
Chisato: It's not quite what you expected from Ran-chan, is it?
Chisato: I suppose it is a little on the flamboyant side. But this is something Ran-chan and Toko-chan created together.
Chisato: Though from what I gather, the road to settling on a direction for their performance wasn't exactly a smooth one.
Chisato: Those two aren't very good at expressing themselves, which led to a bit of a disagreement.
Chisato: Yes, not just Ran-chan, but Toko-chan, too. This is all from my perspective, of course, so I don't know if this is correct, but...
Chisato: Toko-chan does not seem very good at communicating her thoughts in a clear way.
Chisato: If you look at her posts online, they're not very detailed. They just say how she generally feels about something, like how cool it is.
Chisato: ... No, I didn't do much more than simply watch this time.
Chisato: All I really did was listen to Toko-chan's side of the story and tell her a little of what I thought.
Chisato: That's important too, you say...?
Chisato: Fufu, thank you... I would be happy to know my advice helped.
Chisato: If you're interested, I would recommend you go see their work too, BanG Dreamer-san. It really is a sight to behold.
Chisato: Please tell me what you think if you do.
Chisato: Ah... Goodness, look at the time.
Chisato: I should get going. See you.