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Seizing the Season Card Story - Episode

What Should We Film Next?


Ichigaya Residence

Rimi: Sorry to intrude~...
Kasumi: Home sweet home~! Ah, this place is so relaxing.
Arisa: This isn't your house! ... Unbelievable, you're really making yourself at home.
Kasumi: Don't be so cold~. Come on, you should sit down too, Arisa!
Tae: Yeah, and we have tea.
Saaya: Ahaha... They've taken over... Ah, that's right. Rimi-rin, did your sister reply to your video letter?
Rimi: Yeah! She said that the leaves over there are different from the ones we have here, so it made her really happy.
Arisa: That's good then, Rimi. Did you send her the hand-drawn postcard you made already?
Rimi: No, not yet. I'm going to send it later today.
Kasumi: Cool. I can't wait to see what she sends back! I wonder if I'll get some kind of postcard from Aa-chan~!
Arisa: You guys live together, why would she send you something?!
Tae: I'll send you a postcard then, Kasumi.
Kasumi: Yay! And I'll send you one back!
Arisa: Okay, yeah, you two just do whatever you want. Did she have anything else to say?
Rimi: Yeah! We made a promise to go to that park together when she comes back home.
Kasumi: That's nice! I wanna go with you too!
Saaya: Yeah, I was too busy to go with you this time, but I'd like to go.
Tae: That park seems interesting. I wanna go too.
Rimi: Okay! Let's all go together! Including you, Arisa-chan!
Arisa: I don't mind either way, but are you okay with that, Rimi? You made this plan with your sister, so I feel like it would kind of ruin it if we went...
Rimi: No, it wouldn't at all! Sis said she wants to see all of Poppin'Party too, so I think she would be really happy with it.
Arisa: Oh, okay. I guess that's one thing to look forward to then.
Tae: Oh, Rimi, didn't you have something you wanted to talk to us about?
Kasumi: Ah, that's right! You were the one who suggested we come to the basement, right?
Rimi: Ah, well... About that... I'm not sure how I should say this, but...
Arisa: ...I-is it something serious?
Rimi: The truth is... it's about the video letter.
Arisa: ... Huh?
Rimi: Sis was so happy with it, so I thought I could go somewhere else and film another one.
Arisa: You said you needed to talk to us, so I thought it was gonna be something more serious... Phew.
Rimi: S-sorry. It's nothing like that. I'm just worried and can't stop thinking about it...
Kasumi: I get you, Rimi-rin! If you're gonna send one, you want her to like it, right?!
Rimi: Yes! Exactly! But I'm not sure what kind of video she would like...
Saaya: Hmm, if you sent her one about autumn, why don't you make the next one about winter?
Tae: Winter... So we could make lots of snow rabbits then?
Kasumi: Snow rabbits! Yeah, that's a great idea!
Arisa: Is it? How do we know how she'll react to a video letter about snow rabbits?
Rimi: But I think snow rabbits could work quite well. Sis said she wants to see us all having fun.
Saaya: All of us having fun, huh...?
Kasumi: Heh heh heh~, Rimi-rin. If that's the case, I have an even better idea!
Rimi: Really? What kind of idea? Tell me, Kasumi-chan.
Kasumi: A performance! We can film us performing!
Kasumi: The other day, I was watching a video of one of our shows, and it was so much fun to watch. Like, don't we have the most fun when we're performing together?
Arisa: I knew you were gonna say that, Kasumi. But I agree, it could be a good idea.
Saaya: Yeah! I think so too. It's been a while, so wouldn't she want to see you play?
Tae: Um, I'm a little busy next week... but I'm free the week after.
Arisa: Huh? O-Tae, what're you talking about?
Tae: You said we were gonna film ourselves performing, right? Well, we need to book a show to do that.
Arisa: You skipped all the details and went straight to that...? Slow down a little.
Kasumi: But if we don't book a venue, we can't do a show! Let's check when we're all free and decide on a date! Ooo, this is exciting~!
Rimi: (Fufu, thanks to everyone, I can send another nice video letter. Sis, I hope you like this one too).

Seizing the Season Card Story - Special Episode

Emotions Overcoming Oceans



Marina: This is such a nice time of year. The leaves are colorful wherever you look. Even on our way back from shopping, it feels like we're sightseeing... Hm? Wait a second.
Rimi: Ah, hello Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san.
Marina: Hello! Were you shopping too, Rimi-chan?
Rimi: No, I'm on my way to the post office. I'm going to send my sister the postcard I made for her the other day.
Marina: A hand-drawn postcard~. That's lovely. Did you make it at school?
Rimi: No, the other day, I went to look at the fall foliage with Hagumi-chan and a few others, and there was a postcard workshop there.
Marina: What kind of picture did you draw, Rimi-chan?
Rimi: I know it's basic but... I drew autumn leaves. We also went kayaking, and the view we saw from the water was so beautiful... Ah, I also took a video of it. Let me see... Here it is, this one.
Marina: Wow... This is beyond lovely. If you drew a picture as beautiful as that, I'm sure Yuri-chan will love it.
Rimi: Ehehe, I tried my best, so hopefully she does.
Marina: She definitely will. Did you send this video to her too?
Rimi: Yes, the main reason I went there was to make a video letter to send her. Everyone that came with me helped take the videos, so I think it turned out really well.
Marina: Fufu, I'm sure Yuri-chan will be happy to see her cute little sister enjoying herself so much.
Rimi: Actually, when I talked to Sis on the phone the other day, she said she was sending me a postcard too. I hope it arrives soon~.
Marina: Fufu, I bet Yuri-chan sent you one with a really nice design too.
Rimi: I think so as well. That's why I can't wait for it to arrive! I'll make sure I show it to you both once it gets here.
Marina: Oh, thanks! Even I'm excited for it to arrive now~
Marina: I think it's so nice that you and your sister send letters and such to each other.
Marina: In this age of smartphones, you can contact people anytime you want, so physical things like letters and postcards feel even more special.
Rimi: When Sis comes back, I want to reminisce with her by looking at the things we received from one another together.
Marina: That's a nice idea. You'll definitely have fun doing that! Now that I think about it, I bet you can't wait for Yuri-chan to come back.
Rimi: Yes, I'm really looking forward to it!
Rimi: ... Oh, look at the time! If I don't post this quickly, it won't get sent until tomorrow...!
Marina: Ah, sorry I held you up!
Rimi: No, thank you for stopping to talk with me. I'm gonna go now, see you.