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Sending You a Sweetheart Valentine♪ Event Story - Opening
Boppidy Boppin' Chocolate?

A Valentine's Day episode is coming up on the Pastel✽Palettes TV show, "All Fun and Games."


All Fun and Games TV Recording

Chisato: ... Now, unfortunately, it's time for us to say goodbye. Thank you for tuning in again to watch the All Fun and Games TV online broadcast♪
Chisato: Everyone, let's say a final message for our viewers.
Maya: Okay! The next episode of All Fun and Games TV will be streamed on February fourteenth!
Aya: And you all know what day that is, right? You guessed it! Next episode's topic will be...
Hina: "Chocolates for Hina-chan♪ Pastel*Palettes' Valentine's Chocolate Dojo"!
Aya: Whaaat?! Wh-what's with the title? That wasn't in the script~.
Maya: The title hasn't been decided yet, but as Hina-san said, it will be a Valentine's Day special.
Eve: And Hina-san will be the MC instead of Chisato-san, is that correct?
Chisato: As Hina-chan mentioned, we are going to combine our efforts to make chocolates♪
Hina: Be sure to tune in! By the way, the theme of the chocolates will be "Boppidy Bop Boppin' Chocolate♪"
Maya: (Boppidy Bop Boppin' Chocolate...?)

After the Recording

Dressing Room

Maya: Good work, everyone! We finished recording without a hitch!
Eve: Our segment went very well! The giant jump rope and gesture game were so much fun♪
Maya: Let's keep it up so we can give our fans another fun variety show next time!
Aya: Sigh~...
Maya: A-Aya-san, what's wrong? That was a big sigh...
Aya: Sorry, everyone... My mind went blank near the end again. Just when I thought I'd finally get through a show without messing up...
Hina: Don't even worry about it. It's almost guaranteed that you'll mess up somehow, right? I bet the fans loved it.
Aya: Well, that's also kind of a problem~. Sigh... I wish I was good at ad-libbing.
Hina: Aya-chan, you always say that. Ad-libbing isn't that hard, you know. It's just saying whatever comes to mind!
Chisato: In your case, Hina-chan, I think it might be more accurate to say that you do things unexpectedly rather than ad-lib.
Chisato: You spontaneously decided on the title of the Valentine's Day special, and you revealed what the theme of the chocolates would be. I really wasn't expecting that.
Hina: Yeah, but I just get the urge to say these things. You all followed my lead, so isn't it fine in the end?
Eve: Yes! Assisting your friends in a pinch is the bushido way!
Maya: Leave it to us to do what we can!
Hina: See, Eve-chan and Maya-chan don't mind.
Chisato: Unbelievable, you are all too soft on Hina-chan.
Maya: About that chocolate theme, erm... Hina-san? I just wanted to check, but you didn't mean "Boppin' Chocolate," did you...?
Hina: No, it's "Boppidy Bop Boppin' Chocolate♪"
Chisato: Yes... I'd understand if it was just "boppin'," but I've never really heard you say "boppidy bop boppin'" before.
Eve: Are they not... the same?
Hina: No. Boppin' is boppin', and boppidy bop boppin' is boppidy bop boppin'♪
Aya: Hina-chan, can I ask you a little more about that? What kind of chocolate is boppidy bop boppin'?
Hina: You can't ask me that. If I know what kind of chocolate I'm gonna get, I wouldn't be able to call them boppidy bop boppin' anymore.
Aya: Ah! R-right...
Maya: Well, that makes one riddle we'll have to figure out. Maybe a more general question would be better.
Eve: How about, what kind of chocolate do you like?
Hina: What do I like? Sweet chocolate is good, but so is bitter chocolate. Ah! I like chocolate cookies and cakes too!
Chisato: In other words, you like anything chocolate.
Hina: Yeah! But this year, my favorite has to be boppidy bop boppin' chocolate♪
Maya: This year?
Hina: I love Valentine's Day so much. I mean, it's like a big festival, you know?
Chisato: Yes. It does get the entire world excited, so you're not wrong there.
Hina: Right? You get chocolates from everyone on that day so it's like a big festival.
Hina: I really want some that are boppidy bop boppin'! I can't wait for our next recording♪
Staff: Excuse me. Hikawa-san, it's almost time to go.
Hina: Huh? Do I have something else on my schedule today?
Staff: Yes... I believe I told you about it last week...
Hina: Right, right. Okay, I'm off then, everyone. Bye-bye!
Chisato: Boppidy bop boppin' chocolate. I wonder what kind of chocolate that is. I can't picture it at all.
Maya: Hina-san's "boppin'" and "boppidy bop boppin'" are more like concepts. So rather than ask her specific questions now, I think it might be quicker to ask once the concepts have taken shape.
Aya: But... I can't even imagine what that shape might be!
Maya: Then how about we start by thinking about what kind of chocolate boppin' chocolate could be?
Aya: What? But she said we're making boppidy bop boppin' chocolate, didn't she?
Maya: Well, yes, but I believe boppidy bop boppin' chocolate is just the next stage of boppin' chocolate. You guys think so too, right?
Eve: Yes! I think that boppidy bop boppin' originates from boppin'!
Maya: In other words, they are going in the same direction. So if we can figure out what boppin' chocolate is, then...
Chisato: Then we might be able to understand what boppidy bop boppin' chocolate is, correct?
Eve: We do hear her say boppin' a lot, so perhaps this is the easiest way to comprehend it!
Aya: Okay, so let's each think about it on our own until our next lesson! We've got to make Hina-chan say "boppidy bop boppin' "~!

Sending You a Sweetheart Valentine♪ Event Story - Chapter 1
Enigma! The Boppin' Standard♪

Maya and the others have a boppin' conversation about chocolate♪ That's when Hina comes along and...


Rehearsal Studio

Maya: Alright, how about we discuss what boppin' chocolate is then?
Aya: Okay, I'll go first! I thought about this a lot, but I think it must be cute chocolate!
Eve: I agree! You cannot help but smile when you see something cute! I think that Hina-san often says "boppin'" at times like that.
Chisato: You have a point. But there are different ways in which things can be cute, so it would help if we knew more specifically what makes a chocolate cute.
Aya: Hmm~. In that case, I think it's the wrapping for me. Last year, I wrapped everyone's chocolates in special wrappers, and Hina-chan said they were "boppin'" when she got hers.
Eve: I think it is the shape! I remember Hina-san said that gingerbread men are boppin'!
Maya: In that case, we should be particular about the shape and the wrapping. What do you think, Chisato-san?
Chisato: I think it's... the flavor, I suppose. At recording the other day, she did say she likes both bitter and sweet chocolate, so maybe it would be better to include multiple flavors.
Maya: Great idea! It'd make choosing which one to eat next more enjoyable, and I think Hina-san would really like that.
Maya: I have more or less the same ideas as you guys. I thought we'd all have differing opinions on this, but we think the same way, don't we?
Eve: Fufufu, we are Pastel*Palettes, after all!
Aya: Okay, so if we put all our ideas together... boppin' chocolates are... many-flavored, cutely-shaped, and cutely-wrapped chocolates... I guess?
Eve: They are not just boppin'! They are extremely boppin'♪
Maya: We still have some things to decide on, but I think we have a general direction now.
Aya: Yeah! If we apply all these boppin' things to our chocolates, Hina-chan will surely say they're boppidy bop boppin'♪
Chisato: ... Boppidy bop boppin'. Whoever knew the day would come when my work would revolve around this word.
Maya: I understand how you feel. But Hina-san is looking forward to it, so let's do our best!
Chisato: Yes. I'd like to meet Hina-chan's expectations.
Hina: Knock knock! Ah, you're all here already! Good timing.
Maya: Good timing? What's wrong, Hina-san?
Hina: I found a restaurant online that looks really good. Look at this website!
Aya: Ah, it's a buffet place~. Oh, and it's new too~... Wow, they have so many different dishes.
Hina: Right? A place with this many options is too good to pass up.
Maya: Oh! So you do prefer having lots of flavor options when you eat?
Hina: Yeah, it's boppin'♪
Maya: (It seems like one of our ideas was correct after all!)
Hina: Ah, but you know, it's hard to choose between that and really boomin' foods.
Aya: Boomin' foods?
Hina: Like~... at this restaurant!
Eve: ...! I-Incredible! I have never seen a hamburger this large before!
Maya: Th-the diameter must be at least thirty... no, fifty centimeters...?
Hina: Eating a boomin' burger like this also makes me feel pretty boppin'♪
Hina: Hmm, now that I'm looking at this burger, I can't decide. Which one should I go to?
Hina: ... I know! I'll go to both the buffet and the burger place!
Aya: That sounds nice. Who are you going with?
Hina: Huh? With everyone.
Chisato: Huh. With us...?
Hina: Yeah, that's right! I wanna go with you all!
Eve: That is a wonderful idea! I want to eat with you all too.
Chisato: W-wait a second. Of course, I am for going out to eat, but are we really going to both the buffet and the burger place...?
Hina: Yeah! Wouldn't it be best if we could eat both a variety of things and some boomin' things?
Chisato: Yes, but... that is quite a lot of calories.
Hina: We just have to walk it off! We can spend all day out and about!
Maya: In that case, I'll look up if there are any events or something happening.
Hina: I will too! Let's plan it all out next time we're together!
Eve: I will confirm everyone's days off.
Hina: Thanks!
Hina: I think it's gonna be super boppin'♪ A super-duper boppin' day♪
Maya: Huh? Can't you just say "boppidy bop boppin'" instead of "super-duper boppin'"?
Hina: Nope! Super-duper boppin' is just super-duper boppin'♪
Maya: I... I see...
Maya: (I thought they were the same thing...)
Maya: (Th-this is difficult... What exactly counts as boppidy bop boppin'...?)

Sending You a Sweetheart Valentine♪ Event Story - Chapter 2
When Hina Is Boppin'♪

By chance, Maya and the others run into Tsugumi at the shopping mall's Valentine's Day fair...


A Few Days Later

Shopping Mall - Valentine's Day Corner

Eve: Everybody, please look! There are so many chocolates!
Maya: This is amazing~. It's considerably more spectacular than the other places. It's almost blinding.
Aya: This chocolate cake looks delicious~♪ Look at all the strawberries and cherries on top~.
Hina: Look, look! There's a snowman on this one!
Chisato: There are quite a few different boxes too. They really do pull out all the stops for Valentine's Day.
Eve: I am glad we came, just as Aya-san suggested! This will be a good reference for our own chocolates.
Aya: I'm glad you think so~. The chocolate festival I went to last year with Himari-chan and the others gave me a lot of ideas, so I thought this might be useful for us.
Hina: You know, Aya-chan, sometimes you say things that really surprise me. It's great~.
Aya: Ehehe~... Huh? Is that a compliment?
Maya: That reminds me, Hina-san, don't you have plans tonight? Sorry for making you come along with us...
Hina: I was the one who wanted to come, so don't worry about it. I'm actually having a lot of fun!
Hina: You're all working hard to consider what I'd like, and we're all together for the first time in ages!
Chisato: Has it really been that long? I think we're together rather often during lessons and jobs.
Hina: But that's work. I'm talking about during our free time.
Maya: You're right... We eat together after lessons and jobs, but we haven't all been able to do so recently.
Hina: Right? We have more individual jobs lately, so it's been harder to spend time together!
Hina: That's why this is so boppin'. Having everyone in the band do something together makes it feel special!
Maya: Hina-san... Huhehe... You're making me blush. But I'm also happy that we're all finally spending time together!
Hina: Yeah! Ah, it looks like they have all sorts of chocolates in the back there! Let's go have a look!
Maya: Ahh! Hina-san, please don't pull me by the arm like that...!
Chisato: Hina-chan, no running! Unbelievable, she's so hyper...
Aya: She can't help it. Hina-chan is boppin', after all! I also feel kinda boppin' now~♪
Eve: Yes! Me too! I am very happy to have heard Hina-san's feelings!
Chisato: (Perhaps it's all this "boppidy bop boppin'" talk, but these two have started saying boppin' on a regular basis.)
???: Ah, Eve-chan!
Eve: It's Tsugumi-san! What a coincidence! Are you shopping?
Tsugumi: I thought I would make Valentine's chocolates for everyone in Afterglow.
Chisato: So you came to look at the chocolates in the Valentine's Day Corner? We're also here to look at them for work.
Tsugumi: Ah, for your work? Idols are impressive... You even do work during your free time.
Aya: N-no, we're not~. We're just doing what we think we should do~.
Tsugumi: And I think that is wonderful! I always think about this when I look at Hina-senpai.
Tsugumi: She may not show it around the student council, but I am sure she thinks about work a lot in her head!
Eve: Student council...
Eve: Huh?! Oh, that's right! Tsugumi-san and Hina-san are on the student council together!
Tsugumi: What? Y-yes, we are...
Chisato: ... I see what you're getting at, Eve-chan. Tsugumi-chan, we have some things we want to ask you. Could you spare a moment?
Tsugumi: S-sure. If it is something I can answer...
Chisato: Alright, I'll get straight to the point. Have you ever heard Hina-chan say "boppidy bop boppin'"?
Tsugumi: Boppidy bop boppin'...? Erm, I assume you mean "boppin' "?
Aya: No, it's like the next level of boppin', I think~.
Tsugumi: The next level of boppin'...?!
Chisato: Sorry. It is quite a confusing question to ask so suddenly.
Chisato: It has something to do with our next job, so we are looking into it. If you remember anything that might help us, please let us know.
Tsugumi: S-sure... But I don't think I've heard her say that before.
Aya: I see~. Hina-chan hardly ever says it anyway.
Tsugumi: S-sorry I can't be of much help... Although I do hear her say "boppin'" a lot.
Aya: Yeah, you'd think boppin' is like her middle name or something.
Tsugumi: Yes, she says it whenever she thinks of an idea during our student-council meetings.
Chisato: Hina-chan's ideas... That sounds a little scary.
Tsugumi: She does have quite a few wild ones, so it is difficult to follow along sometimes...
Tsugumi: But it's worth doing! It helps me realize how school is becoming more and more enjoyable.
Eve: How do you mean? I am intrigued!
Tsugumi: For example, our school regularly has students fill out surveys, and some people wrote "school has become more fun than before."
Tsugumi: One person even wrote "Every day is fun! I love President Hina!" There were so many words of praise and support for the student council!
Chisato: I understand that feeling well. It feels good to see your efforts come to fruition.
Tsugumi: It does! Hina-senpai was also very pleased!
Tsugumi: On that day, her eyes were sparkling as she read through all of the surveys~.
Tsugumi: Oh, it's my mother. ... Ah, sorry! It seems they need help at the store, so I must go now.
Chisato: Thanks for telling us about the student council. Good luck at work.
Tsugumi: Thank you very much! Good luck with your work too! I hope you find out what "boppidy bop boppin'" means.

Sending You a Sweetheart Valentine♪ Event Story - Chapter 3
Memories of Childhood

Aya and the others go to talk to the person who knows the most about Hina.
Who would that person be...?


Walking Home from the Shopping Mall

Maya: I see, so Hazawa-san told you that? Now that you mention it, I do recall something like that happening.
Eve: What? You knew about this, Maya-san?
Maya: Yeah. One time when I was heading to Theater-Club practice, I saw Hina-san holding a pile of surveys.
Maya: She showed me each one proudly-
Maya: Oh? That reminds me... I think Hina-san might have said "boppidy bop boppin'" that time...
Aya: What?! Maya-chan, are you serious...?!
Maya: Y-yes, maybe... If my memory serves me...
Eve: We did it! Our first clue about boppidy bop boppin'!
Chisato: We might finally be able to move forward a little. But... We're going to need more information if we want to determine what counts as boppidy bop boppin'.
Aya: Then let's try and remember some other time Hina-chan has said it!
Eve: I think that is a good idea! We may recollect something like Maya-san did!
Aya: Umm, let's see... Boppidy bop boppin'... Hmm...
Chisato: ... It's no use. I have many memories of Hina-chan, but I don't remember her ever saying that.
Eve: Fufufu.
Maya: Huh? Eve-san?
Eve: What?! S-sorry! It was imprudent to laugh while everyone was thinking so seriously.
Maya: I don't think it was rude. I was just wondering what was so funny.
Eve: Well... Looking back on my memories with Hina-san, everyone in
Pastel*Palettes is in so many of them...
Aya: Ah, mine too! We have all sorts of memories together~.
Eve: It just made me happy. It made me feel like we are all in this together.
Maya: You mean in Pastel*Palettes? Huhehe... It's so obvious, but you're right.
Chisato: Hehe, guys? I'm afraid we've gone a bit off-topic.
Aya: Ah... Sorry, Chisato-chan.
Chisato: No need to apologize. I just think since we are doing this together, it wouldn't look very well for us if we were unable to give Hina-chan the chocolate she wants. Don't you agree?
Maya: Yes, you're right. Let's get back on track! If we can't recall any instances, our only other option is to ask some other people about it.
Aya: Other people~. Like who~? ... Ah, I know! The person who knows Hina-chan best!
Chisato: The person who knows her best? Do you mean...?

The Next Day


Sayo: I see, so you are giving Hina some chocolates.
Sayo: I understand your predicament now. I apologize for the inconvenience she is causing. I am always telling her she needs to express her feelings with proper words...
Maya: A-ahaha... But we often realize new things thanks to the way she shares her feelings. It gives us the push we need sometimes too.
Sayo: That is kind of you to say. Now, what would you like to ask me?
Chisato: It's about Hina-chan's "boppidy bop boppin'."
Sayo: B-boppidy bop boppin'?
Eve: Yes! We would like to know when she is most likely to say this!
Sayo: I-I see. When she's most likely...
Aya: Please, Sayo-chan! You're our last hope!
Sayo: ... Sigh. Understood. Frankly speaking, I do not know when or why Hina says boppidy bop boppin'.
Eve & Aya: Huh?!
Sayo: It's true, I have heard her say it several times. However, I do not fully understand what makes her do so.
Chisato: It's the same for us. So even you don't know?
Sayo: Sorry I cannot be of much help. I'm not sure if it will be of use, but this talk of gifts did remind me of one thing.
Eve: What is it?! Please tell us, Sayo-san!
Sayo: Alright. When we were children, our summer homework was to draw a picture of a family member.
Aya: Ah, how nostalgic~! I remember doing stuff like that. I asked my mom to pose for me~.
Sayo: Yes, at first I also asked our mother. However, Hina suggested that we draw each other instead. So I drew a picture of Hina, and she drew one of me.
Aya: Wow~. So you two were that close, even when you were little?
Sayo: Well, perhaps we were. Anyhow, we began to draw, and Hina finished hers very quickly.
Sayo: On the other hand, I struggled to draw something I was satisfied with... I was wondering when Hina would grow tired of posing for me, and I felt rather anxious.
Chisato: I can imagine that Hina-chan would grow impatient and fidget a lot.
Sayo: Yes. But strangely enough, she waited patiently until I was finished.
Sayo: And when I showed her the final product, her eyes lit up and she said "I want to keep it."
Aya: What? But wasn't that your summer homework?
Sayo: Yes, I told her she couldn't, as I had to hand it in at school. Despite this, she kept insisting, so I promised her I would give it to her as a gift once the school returned it to me.
Sayo: Then, when I gave it to her as promised, she happily hung it on her wall.
Sayo: I only thought of it as something that I drew for homework, but... It seems it was something else in Hina's eyes.
Eve: Hina-san was very happy to receive a picture from you then, Sayo-san! Where is that picture now? I would love to see it!
Sayo: I'm not sure... It was a long time ago, so I suppose it's in the back of a closet somewhere?
Sayo: It was a rather long story, but that is what I remembered when you mentioned the word "present."
Maya: ...
Aya: Thank you for your wonderful story, Sayo-chan! We'll do our best to make Hina-chan just as happy with our gift!
Sayo: Fufu, Hina is lucky to have friends who think about her as much as you all do.
Sayo: Please keep taking good care of her.

Sending You a Sweetheart Valentine♪ Event Story - Chapter 4
Filled with Our Sentiments

Maya realizes something while listening to Tsugumi and Sayo talk about Hina...


Walking Home from the Restaurant

Aya: Sayo-chan told us to look after Hina-chan!
Eve: She did! I am very happy that she trusts us enough to do so!
Chisato: We have to make sure we don't lose that trust.
Aya: Yeah!
Maya: ...
Eve: Maya-san, what is wrong? You have been deep in thought ever since the restaurant...
Maya: Huh? ... Ah, s-sorry!
Chisato: You have been awfully quiet since hearing Sayo-chan's story. What's the matter?
Maya: Nothing, I just... I had a thought about our Valentine's chocolates for Hina-san.
Aya: What? Tell us, Maya-chan!
Maya: A-actually, it kind of goes back on our original plan, but...
Maya: We might not need to make the perfect boppidy bop boppin' chocolate for Hina-san.
Eve: What?! B-but, Hina-san said the theme was boppidy bop boppin' chocolate, didn't she?
Maya: Y-yeah, she did, but... Ngh, how do I explain this...?
Chisato: There's no need to rush. Take your time, and please tell us what you're thinking.
Maya: O-Okay. ... Well, I thought about what Hazawa-san and Sayo-san told us except from Hina-san's perspective.
Maya: And it got me thinking, perhaps the most important thing here is that we put all of our feelings into making the chocolates.
Eve: All of our feelings...
Maya: Hazawa-san said Hina-san's eyes lit up when she read the comments in the surveys, right?
Chisato: Yes, she said she read through every single one.
Maya: So I think that they made her happy because they were basically the feelings of her classmates.
Aya: Yeah, yeah! When people thank me, it always makes my day~.
Maya: There's that too. And doesn't it also feel good when others enjoy something just as much as you do?
Chisato: In other words... She was happy to be understood. Is that what you mean?
Maya: Bingo! The surveys showed people's understanding and gratitude for Hina-san, so I think that's why her eyes lit up!
Chisato: I suppose since Hina-chan is aware that she's different from most people, seeing others share the same feelings as her own could be quite moving.
Maya: It's the same with Sayo-san's drawing. Hina-san was surely moved by Sayo-san's feelings.
Maya: The feeling of not wanting to draw a half-hearted picture of Hina-san. Not to mention the feeling of wanting to draw Hina-san properly to show everyone.
Maya: Because Sayo-san conveyed these feelings, Hina-san might have seen their summer homework as a sort of special gift for her.
Eve: I see! Hina-san did say something like that when we went to the Valentine's Day Corner at the shopping mall! She said she was happy we were all working hard for her.
Eve: Perhaps at that time, she was pleased with the feelings that we all showed by thinking about her so seriously!
Chisato: We may have been overthinking this whole thing. Putting all of our feelings into making chocolates for someone... It's so simple that we overlooked it.
Eve: How about we go back to our starting point?!
Aya: Starting point?
Eve: Our first idea, the "many-flavored, cutely-shaped and cutely-wrapped chocolate"!
Maya: That sounds like a good idea. Hina-san did say she prefers eating a variety of things like you do at a buffet. I don't think there'll be any problems if we go in this direction.
Eve: Let us put all of our feelings into making chocolates that Hina-san will love!
Chisato: Then we should decide on what each of us is going to make.
Eve: I will make chocolate gingerbread men!
Maya: I will attempt to make bite-sized chocolates. I aim to make them into perfect little squares!
Aya: I wanna make bite-sized chocolates too! If you're making square ones, I'll make round ones... Ah, I'll make each one a different flavor too♪
Chisato: Alright, then I will make a chocolate-flavored snack like Eve-chan to balance it all out.
Aya: So it's decided then. Let's meet up before the recording and practice!
Eve: I agree! We must train ourselves so we can give Hina-san the best chocolates ever during the show!
Chisato: I'll look up everyone's schedules. This week... we all seem to be free on Saturday afternoon.
Maya: Then Saturday it is! Let's do this, guys!

One Week Later

All Fun and Games TV Dressing Room

Hina: I'm so excited♪ Hey, hey, what kind of chocolates are you making for me today?
Aya: It's a secret~! You should look forward to them though, I think you'll be really happy with them!
Hina: Ohh, you're confident. But Aya-chan's overconfidence actually makes me uneasy.
Aya: What?! H-Hina-chan, you're so mean~.
Eve: Hina-san, do not worry! We did everything we could to prepare for today!
Chisato: Yes, we did practice quite a lot.
Hina: Huh...? You guys practiced making chocolates?
Maya: We did! I can't say we'll succeed for sure, but we will try our best to meet your expectations!
Hina: I see... Okay! I can't wait!

Sending You a Sweetheart Valentine♪ Event Story - Chapter 5
Let's Make Valentine Chocolates!

The Valentine's Day episode begins. Maya and the others begin making chocolate.


All Fun and Games TV Recording

Hina: Welcome to the All Fun and Games TV Valentine's Day Special,
"Chocolates for Hina-chan♪ Pastel*Palettes' Valentine's Chocolate
Hina: Hey there! I'm Hina Hikawa, guitarist of Pastel*Palettes! I'll be your
host for this episode!
Hina: Let's... get... this... party... started... Hey, everyone! Are you ready to make me some Valentine's chocolates?!
Maya, Chisato, Eve & Aya: Yeah!
Hina: That's the spirit. This is so boppin'♪ Let's get straight to business; it's baking time!
Chisato: W-wait a minute. Wouldn't it be better if you explained what we're going to do today, and asked us how we're feeling?
Hina: Awww, but we explained it last time. Why should I do it again? And I know how you are, we just had a chat in the dressing room.
Chisato: But our viewers don't know that. And besides, some of our viewers may not have tuned in to our last broadcast...
Hina: Yeah, yeah, don't worry about little things like that~.
Eve: I feel like Hina-san is somehow in higher spirits than usual.
Maya: I'm sure she's just looking forward to our chocolates.
Hina: Alright, here we go! Valentine's Day chocolate making starts... now!

Valentine's Day Chocolate-Making Time

Eve: ... Just like that. Now I just have to cut them into shapes and bake them in the oven...
Hina: Eve-chan! It's interview time! So tell me, what're you making?
Eve: I am making gingerbread men! Since it is Valentine's Day, I would like to make them chocolate flavored!
Hina: Yay! I like those. They look delicious, and the shape is interesting, very boppin'♪
Eve: I said a lot of magic words today, so they should be even tastier than usual!
Hina: Really?! You should say even more then!
Eve: Leave it to me!
Hina: Will do! Next up, we have Aya-chan and Maya-chan!
Maya: With that, we are more or less finished with the prep.
Aya: Yeah! We have to leave them in the fridge for an hour, so should we move on to the next step while we wait?
Hina: A-Aya-chan, you're moving so fast...
Aya: Huh? What's wrong, Hina-chan?
Hina: I came over to interview you two, but... this is unexpected.
Aya: U-unexpected? Why?
Hina: I mean, you're doing so well, Aya-chan. I knew Maya-chan would, but- Anyway, what are you two making?
Maya: We are making bite-sized chocolates! We're being very particular about the texture, and of course, the taste!
Aya: You were talking about this during practice, right, Maya-chan? How you wanted to make glossy chocolates.
Maya: That's how I learned that tempering is the most important step. Made perfectly! Not a second or a degree off!
Hina: Ohh, you're getting into it. I hope it turns out as glossy as a mirror!
Hina: Lastly, we have Chisato-chan...
Chisato: ... Phew.
Hina: Chisato-chan~♪ How's it going?
Chisato: Hina-chan. It's going well. My wrist just got a bit tired from mixing the dough.
Aya: When that happens, you should hold the whisk in the center and use your whole lower arm to mix it.
Chisato: Oh, really?
Aya: Yeah! It's less tiring and gets lots of air in the mixture, so you can make a really fluffy pound cake♪
Chisato: I see. Thanks, Aya-chan. You're a great help.
Hina: This is rare. It's like you've switched roles or something.
Chisato: ... For the record, I practiced this thoroughly. I may have to play a patissier one day for work, so perhaps I should practice more regularly from now on.
Hina: Ahaha, Chisato-chan, you're so serious. But it looks like everyone is doing well.
Hina: Now, I wonder how the boomin' chocolates are gonna turn out. And what will they taste like? I can't wait to find out!
Maya: B-boomin'?
Hina: Yeah. You guys are making me all sorts of chocolates since I said eating lots of different things makes me happy, right?
Hina: Which means you're trying to make boomin' chocolates, right? I'm so excited♪ Anyway, I'm going back to my seat!
Maya, Chisato, Aya & Eve: ...


Chisato: I wonder how we didn't notice... She did say she wanted to eat something boomin' with us when we talked about going to that buffet.
Maya: It's like when we were thinking about "boppidy bop boppin'." We got too hung up on it and couldn't see anything else.
Eve: Wh-what should we do...? What should we make...?
Aya: Hina-chan was really looking forward to this... W-we have to come up with something! If we put our heads together, I'm sure we'll come up with a good idea!
Maya: Hm? 'Together', huh?
Hina: That's why this is so boppin'♪ Having everyone in the band do something together makes it feel special!
Maya: Hina-san... Huhehe... You're making me blush. But I'm also happy that we're all finally spending time together!
Maya: Yeah! Didn't Hina-san say before that having all of us do something together makes things feel special?!
Chisato: ... I believe she did say something along those lines.
Maya: So if we take that comment and give it a shape, can't we make some boomin' chocolates? Like this, for example...!

Sending You a Sweetheart Valentine♪ Event Story - Ending
Pastel✽Palettes Chocolates

The Valentine's Day chocolate for Hina is complete. How does Hina react to the chocolate
that the other girls have poured their hearts into...?


All Fun and Games TV - Post Chocolate-Making

Hina: Good work, everyone! How're you feeling? Do you think you were able to make some boppidy bop boppin' chocolates?
Maya: We did everything that we could!
Eve: Yes! I channeled all of my bushido energy into the Valentine's chocolates!
Hina: Nice! In that case, let's have a look at your boppidy bop boppin' chocolates♪
Aya: O-okay. I'll bring them out now...!
Chisato: Aya-chan, be careful you don't drop them.
Aya: Here they are. These are our Valentine's chocolates, from us to you, Hina-chan!
Hina: Wow! The plate is covered in chocolates!
Chisato: Let me explain it once more. These are Eve-chan's chocolate gingerbread men, and these are Aya-chan and Maya-chan's bite-sized chocolates.
Hina: They're so shiny. And this chocolate pound cake is yours, right, Chisato-chan? It looks so soft and delicious♪
Hina: Yep! Just as I thought, you all did great. Now~, next up is the boomin' chocolate!
Maya: ...! Gulp...
Hina: It's this one here in the middle, right?
Eve: Yes, that is it...!
Hina: This heart-shaped box is so fancy. And it's really big! I'm even more excited to open this one.
Hina: I'm gonna open it now! ... Here I go!
Hina: ... Whoa...
Maya: Wh-what do you think?
Hina: The gingerbread men on top of these chocolates, are they...?
Eve: They are us! I drew everyone's faces with white chocolate!
Aya: You said before that it feels special when all of us are together, right?
Chisato: So we made Pastel*Palettes chocolates to express how we want to
keep this special feeling going forever.
Hina: ...
Maya: Hina-san, are these... boppidy bop boppin'...?
Hina: ... No... Not really...
Maya, Chisato, Eve & Aya: What?!
Hina: They're not boppidy bop boppin'... They're boppidy boppidy bop bop boppin'♪
Maya, Chisato, Eve & Aya: ...!
Hina: These chocolates are amaaazing~!
Hina: They really convey all of your feelings... These are the kinds of chocolates I wanted!
Aya: ...! Th-thank goodness~. You went silent for a second there, I didn't know what to do~, ngh...
Chisato: What a relief. It seems we lived up to your expectations then♪
Eve: When you said "boppidy boppidy bop bop boppin'," I felt like I was flying! I am so happy that you are happy, Hina-san!
Maya: Your words made it worth the effort, Hina-san. I'm so glad.
Hina: Ehehe, have I ever told you guys how much I love you all?!
Hina: I don't even know myself that well, but you guys tried your hardest to understand me and get closer to me.
Hina: Pastel*Palettes is really special to me.
Aya: H-Hina-chan...! W-waaah!
Hina: Ah, Aya-chan's getting emotional.
Aya: O-of course I am~...
Chisato: You'll ruin your makeup! Here, use this handkerchief.
Maya: Anyhow, the staff prepared a table over there, so why don't we get Hina-san to sit there and try our chocolates?
Hina: You've done all this work, so let's eat them together. That'll be more fun, anyway! Come on, let's do it.

All Fun and Games TV - Tasting Time

Hina: Are everybody's hands in? Okay then...
Pastel*Palettes: Let's eat!
Hina: Mmm~! Your chocolates are all so good~!
Hina: The gingerbread men, the bite-sized chocolates, and the pound cake! They're all so boppidy boppidy bop bop boppin'♪
Maya: They really are tasty. I feel like they're a little different from store-bought chocolates and other chocolates I've had before.
Chisato: I know what you mean. I wonder why they feel so special.
Eve: It is the flavor of our feelings! Because we put our energy into them when we made them!
Aya: Yeah, that's it♪ Okay, Hina-chan, it's time for the main event! Try these.
Hina: Awww, but those look too good to eat. I want to hang them on my wall at home.
Chisato: I'm happy that you feel that way, but we did make them just for you, Hina-chan. We want to hear what you think of them.
Maya: They say that food isn't really food until you've tried it, and we want you to experience all of the feelings that we put into them for you.
Hina: Hmm, I see. Okay, I'll eat them! I took a lot of photos anyway, so I'm sure I won't ever forget this feeling.
Eve: Then please, try them! Bon appetit!
Hina: Okay. Ready? Here I go! ... Hm.
Maya: How are they, Hina-san?
Hina: ... Do you even have to ask?
Hina: They are super-duper boppidy boppidy bop bop boppin'♪

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