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Separate Paths Under One Sky Event Story - Opening
Losing Sight of You

Ran takes a break from the band to focus on a flower arranging exhibition.
Moca is moved by her friend's passion...


After School
Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 2A

Himari: Okay, guys! Time to decide our upcoming rehearsal dates!
Moca: Yeah, too bad Ran forgot to update her schedule again~. Moca-sensei even took the time to teach her how to update it~.
Ran: Ah, I can explain...
Tsugumi: What happened? Did your phone break or something?
Ran: No. You see, I've decided to take part in a flower arranging exhibition.
Moca: ...!
Ran: Starting next week, I want to focus on my entry for that... so I'd like to ask for some time off from the band.
Tomoe: An exhibition~! Ran, that's awesome! I'm behind you all the way!
Tsugumi: Me too! I say go for it! I hope you'll let us come see your art.
Himari: Ran, did you not update your schedule so you could tell us this in person?
Ran: I guess you could say that. Trying to explain it through text would be a pain. Something important like this should be said face-to-face, I figured.
Himari: Awww~! Ran, you're growing up so fast~!
Ran: Knock it off. Anyway, sorry for all the trouble, but I can't practice with you guys for a while. I'll get in touch once I'm done.
Tomoe: Roger that! Go do your thing, Ran!
Moca: Good luck, Ran~.

Several Days Later

Himari: ... Alright! Our time is almost up. Let's stop here for today.
Tomoe: Good job, guys.
Moca: Bravo~.
Tsugumi: I wonder what Ran-chan is up to.
Himari: Probably making a grumpy face while working on her piece. Maybe something like this. "Harrumph..."
Tomoe: Hahaha. You totally nailed it.
Moca: (I told myself I'd catch up to Ran.)
Moca: (And if I couldn't, I would at least never lose sight of her. But now...)
Moca: ...
Ran: Nice work, everyone.
Moca: ...! Ran, what are you doing here~?
Ran: I figured practice would be over by now, so I decided to pop in.
Moca: Awww, poor Ran was feeling lonely~.
Ran: Shut up.
Tomoe: Ran, it's nice to see you!
Tsugumi: Now that you're here, Ran-chan, why don't we go out and grab a bite to eat? I want to hear about your flower arrangement!
Ran: Sure, works for me. I want to hear how you guys are doing too.
Moca: We're the same as always, though~.
Himari: Fufu. Okay, let's head out!


Tomoe: Whoa~. So they're only letting young people take part in that event, then.
Ran: Right. I think most of the participants are in their teens and early twenties.
Himari: Are there any prizes up for grabs?
Ran: Not this time, no. It's just a chance to show off our art to others.
Tsugumi: Now you have me excited. I can't wait to go and see what you've made, Ran-chan.
Himari: Same! Right, Moca?
Moca: But of course~. Sad to say that flowers are beyond my scope of expertise, though~. I hope I can understand it all.
Tomoe: Me too. I mean, we know bits and pieces thanks to you, Ran, but I don't really know how I'm supposed to look at a flower arrangement.
Ran: Just look at it however you like. I want to make something that can appeal to anyone, no matter who they are.
Himari: Whoa...! Ran, you're so cool! A true flower arranging artist, for sure!
Moca: (No matter who they are, huh...? I wonder if that applies to even a girl like me. Someone desperately trying to not lose sight of her friend.)
Ran: Don't tease me like that.
Himari: I'm being serious here~! What you said really was amazing. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you take on flower arranging.
Tomoe: Yeah, I agree. Seeing you hard at work motivates the rest of us to give band practice our all.
Ran: Don't slack off just because I'm not there.
Tomoe: Who said anything about slacking off~?!
Tsugumi: Hahaha...
Moca: (Will I be able to appreciate what Ran made?)
Moca: (I feel like it'll only prove how far apart we are. Seeing how much work she's put into it would just...)
Moca: ...
Moca: Well, I can't wait to see Ran-chan's latest masterpiece~.

Separate Paths Under One Sky Event Story - Chapter 1
That's Why I...

Moca insists she's fine, but Himari can tell something is wrong. What could it be...?


Several Days Later
After School

Moca: Hey, hey~. Wanna stop somewhere on the way home~?
Tomoe: What, again? Didn't we do that after practice yesterday?
Moca: My cravings have been going nuts all week~. We've got nothing on our plate today, so what's the problem~?
Ran: I want to focus on my flower arrangement, so I'll pass. Maybe we can go together after the exhibition.
Himari: Okay... Take care, Ran! It may be just us, but let's get something to eat.


Tomoe: And then Ako was all...
Tsugumi: Tomoe-chan, look at the time! We'd better get going.
Tomoe: Whoa, my bad. I can't believe I went on for this long.
Moca: Say, that reminds me. Can we stop by Yamabuki Bakery on the way back? My bun supply is running dangerously low~.
Himari: Fufu. Alright, a quick stop by the bakery, then!

Yamabuki Bakery

Moca: Mmm~. The bread loaves smell so good, but this melon bread is calling out to me too~.
Moca: Hii-chan, which one would you get~?
Himari: Jeez, Moca~. That's way too much bread, even for you~.
Tsugumi: Looks like they'll be closing soon. Hurry, Moca-chan!
Moca: Hmm~... I'll get both, then~. Time to pay up~.
Moca: Sorry for the wait~.
Tsugumi: Welcome back! Well, Tomoe-chan and I are heading this way. See you tomorrow!
Moca: ... Ah, that reminds me. Did you all finish your homework for tomorrow?
Tomoe: Hm? Did we have something due tomorrow?
Himari: The due date is later this week, isn't it?
Moca: Huh? Oh, okay. Never mind~.
Tomoe: ...?
Tsugumi: It does covers subjects that I'm not too good at, so I had better knock it out right away. Thank you for reminding me, Moca-chan.
Moca: Don't mention it~.
Tsugumi: Alright, see you tomorrow!
Tomoe: Later~!
Moca: Okay~. See ya~.
Himari: Moca, it's not like you to forget when our homework is due.
Moca: Oh my, really~?
Himari: Moca! You're hiding something, aren't you?
Moca: My, oh my. Innocent little me would never do such a thing~.
Himari: There you go again~! Is something bothering you? I'd be more than happy to help out.
Moca: Thanks, but I'm just peachy keen~.
Himari: You can't fool me, Moca~! You're acting weird!
Himari: ... Ah! Sorry, I'm worried about you, is all...
Moca: Huh? What do you mean?
Himari: You don't seem like your usual self. I though you might be trying to carry some kind of burden for our sake...
Himari: Back when Ran was focusing on her flower arranging, I accidentally hurt her feelings by saying that she had changed...
Moca: ...
Himari: But never mind that...! Moca, if you're trying to do something for our sakes, then you should tell me! I don't want you struggling on your own!
Moca: Hii-chan, maybe you should focus on the homework due later this week instea-
Himari: Argh~! Come on! Sorry, but I just have to be there for my friends! I'm not going home until you tell me what's going on~!
Himari: Wh-which means my homework will never get done! You're way more important to me, after all~!
Moca: ...
Himari: There's nothing more important to you than Afterglow, right? Ah...! Aside from buns, that is.
Moca: ... Pfft!
Moca: Hahaha~. Thanks, Hii-chan. Here, you can have this.
Himari: Is this... one of the buns you bought earlier?
Moca: Yep. The one I was looking forward to the most~.
Himari: ... Moca, come talk to me when you're ready, okay? I really am worried about you.
Moca: Thank you. Having a friend like you around makes me as happy as can be~.
Himari: Ugh, there you go dodging the issue again. Oh well, at least it seems like you're somewhat back to your old self.
Himari: Sorry to keep you here for so long. See you tomorrow! I'll save this bun for breakfast.
Moca: Go for it. Bye-bye, Hii-chan~.
Moca: ... Back to my old self, huh...?
Moca: (Hii-chan, I'm not like Ran, you know. Being considerate of everyone isn't in my playbook.)
Moca: (I'm too self-centered to ask for everyone's help. It's beyond me.)
Moca: (So I'll just act like I'm the same as always. As much as I can anyway.)
Moca: ...

Separate Paths Under One Sky Event Story - Chapter 2
But I...

Tomoe and the others are worried by Moca's strange behavior, prompting an investigation.


The Next Day
After School

Himari: Tsugu~! Tomoe~!
Tomoe: Whoa! What's wrong, Himari?!
Himari: Don't you think Moca's been acting strange lately?
Tomoe: Ah~... Come to think of it, I did feel like she was a little off yesterday.
Tsugumi: It's not like her to forget when our homework is due. Plus she's been wanting to take all kinds of detours on the way home...
Himari: So you sensed it too, then! I tried prying it out of her after you guys left, but...
Tsugumi: From the sound of it, I'm guessing she didn't tell you, right?
Tomoe: Moca's a tough nut to crack. Probably more so than Ran, even. Not to mention her temper is practically nonexistent.
Himari: This is serious~! Being more stubborn than Ran means she's more likely to suffer in silence. I'm worried...
Tsugumi: Do you think Ran-chan would know what's going on?
Tomoe: My gut tells me that... she hasn't said a word to Ran.
Tomoe: Moca is working today, right? I'll stop by her job and check on her.
Tsugumi: Thank you, Tomoe-chan. Text us if you find out anything.
Himari: We're counting on you, Tomoe! Good luck!
Convenience Store
Moca: Thanks for stoppin' by~. Welcome, welcome~... Oh, Tomo-chin~. What brings you here~?
Tomoe: Yo! Well, I... you know~...
Moca: Ah~...
Moca: I'm going on my break now, so come keep me company~. Pretty please, Tomo-chin~.
Tomoe: Huh...? Y-yeah! Alright! Can't say no to you, Moca!

Break Time

Moca: Hey, Tomo-chin~.
Tomoe: Hm? What's up?
Moca: How's Ako-chin holding up? Is she still her same old cool self?
Tomoe: You bet! I feel like the upcoming festival is making her more reliable! Something about being able to use the... dark something-or-other has her pretty hyped.
Moca: I see. That's Ako-chin for you~.
Tomoe: That energy of hers is contagious! Having someone like that around is really motivating.
Tomoe: I used to get nervous dealing with those kinds of people, but now... it just reminds me that I have my own path to walk.
Moca: ...
Tomoe: How about you, Moca? Feel like you've gotten cooler lately?
Moca: Hmmm, not sure~. What do you think, Tomo-chin?
Tomoe: Well... Sorry if this is way off the mark, but you've been acting the way I used to.
Tomoe: You know, back when I couldn't face the fact that Ako was growing up.
Moca: Ah...
Tomoe: I had no idea how to handle her back then, so I'd find ways to avoid her. Then if anyone asked what was up, I'd say it was my problem and clam up.
Tomoe: But that whole situation gave me an opportunity to learn how to approach her... as well as think about how I want to live my own life.
Tomoe: Moca, the way you've been acting reminds me of my old self... Could it be... that you're a little worried with how much effort Ran is putting into flower arranging?
Moca: ... That's not true. She's working hard, so I need to support her.
Tomoe: Is that really how you feel? Can you look me in the eye and say that?
Moca: ...
Moca: ... Well, looks like I ended up causing trouble after all.
Moca: I know we all promised to catch up to Ran, but here I am breaking that promise. This is all my fault.
Tomoe: Moca...
Moca: Hearing how you decided to faced Ako-chin and never look back only reminded me... of how I could never do that...
Moca: And despite knowing I'm the problem, I still can't bring myself to open up to you guys. I don't want to be a burden.
Tomoe: You...!
Moca: You guys are working hard. Afterglow is doing great. So forget about me and-
Tomoe: What part of this sounds great to you? Is this the kind of coolness you're aiming for? Bottling everything up and gritting your teeth...?!
Tomoe: You think you're a burden because you're in pain? Not a single one of us thinks that! Only we get to decide how we feel!
Tomoe: Himari and Tsugu are worried sick about you because you're our childhood friend, not because they feel like they have to be. You know that, right?
Moca: ...
Tomoe: I won't stand by and let you pretend that everything's the same as always, because it's not.
Tomoe: There must be some reason you feel like you can't catch up to Ran, right?
Moca: ... Sorry.
Tomoe: Ah...! M-my bad! Here I am barging in and acting like your boss or something... Sorry. Look, the rest of us are going to check out Ran's exhibition next week. You should come along.
Tomoe: Oh, and here... A little gift for you.
Moca: ... A croquette?
Tomoe: ... And a bun! They taste even better together as a sandwich! It'll cheer you up for sure!
Tomoe: Good luck with the rest of your shift!
Moca: ... Oh. There's a note inside...
Tomoe: "Moca, you're so cool! Never give up~!"
Moca: ... Hahaha.
Moca: No, Tomo-chin. You're the cool one.

Separate Paths Under One Sky Event Story - Chapter 3
Because It's the Same as Always

Tsugumi stumbles upon Ran by chance. How will she react when told about Moca...?



Tsugumi: Let's see... Eggs, milk... and fall flowers to decorate the shop? I swear, Mom will ask for whatever pops in her head.
Tsugumi: (Fall flowers, huh? You know, I think it's been an entire year since Ran-chan taught us about great burnets.)
Tsugumi: (That takes me back. Ran-chan said she really likes that flower, but now... it means a lot to me too.)
Ran: Oh. Hey, Tsugumi.
Tsugumi: Ah! Ran-chan! I was just thinking about you~!
Ran: Huh...? Don't say it like that. It's embarrassing.
Tsugumi: Ah... Sorry. I was just thinking about how a whole year has gone by since you first taught me about great burnets.
Ran: I see... So it's already been a year since then.
Tsugumi: You're even more dedicated to flower arranging than you were in the past. Now you're even putting your own work on display.
Ran: Things were so different a year ago. The way I approach my flower arrangements is nothing like it used to be.
Tsugumi: How's your piece coming along? Everything going smoothly?
Ran: Yeah, don't worry. I'm just taking a break. Sounds like practice is the same as always too.
Tsugumi: Yeah, the same as always... I guess.
Ran: Hey... Is something up?
Tsugumi: Well... Moca-chan was...
Ran: I see. I didn't even notice.
Ran: Moca was passing me notes in class and sending me weird texts like usual yesterday, so I didn't get the impression that she was sad or anything...
Tsugumi: Yeah... It's hard to explain, but she's acting a little different from her usual self.
Ran: Her usual self, huh...? What would that be?
Tsugumi: Someone who does things at their own pace... and really, really likes buns. But deep down, her friends mean everything to her... That fits her pretty well, wouldn't you say?
Ran: Yeah, I can agree with that. Let's not forget that she avoids any kind of serious conversation or talking about herself.
Ran: And if you push the subject, she calls you an "idiot".
Tsugumi: Fufu... That nurse really gave you guys a hard time when you fought at the hospital.
Ran: ... The way I see it, if Moca wants to go on acting the same as always, then I want to do the same and keep being her best friend.
Ran: Having the same old pointless conversations, going to the same band rehearsals, and making the same bakery stops...
Tsugumi: But...! Don't you think we should ask her what's wrong? She is definitely going through a rough patch right now.
Ran: If she wants to keep it to herself, I think we should respect that.
Ran: Moca may be going through something, but... If she's acting the same as always, that probably means Moca wants to stay her usual self.
Ran: Moca's always been by my side... So it's only fair that I do the same for her.
Ran: If she doesn't want to talk about her feelings, then I don't think we should push the issue. If anything, I want to respect her wish to keep things as they are.
Tsugumi: Ran-chan...
Ran: I hope that doesn't sound messed up. It's not that I'm trying to avoid the problem. This is just my way of caring for her... if that makes sense.
Tsugumi: No, I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I understand what you're trying to say.
Tsugumi: I do have one favor to ask, though.
Ran: What?
Tsugumi: Could you please tell her exactly what you told me...? She's been by your side this whole time, after all.
Tsugumi: Saying absolutely nothing and going on like normal doesn't feel right.
Ran: Alright, I will. I'll go with "Thanks for always being there..."
Ran: ... Ugh, how embarrassing. I'm already blushing from saying it just now.
Tsugumi: But it is something that needs to be said.
Ran: Why does talking to you always make things easier to come to grips with?
Tsugumi: D-does it?
Ran: Pretty much. No one gets the ball rolling better than you.
Tsugumi: That's not true at all~!
Ran: Thanks, Tsugumi. I hope you're looking forward to my exhibition.
Tsugumi: I am!
Tsugumi: I'll... contact Moca-chan and get her to go see it with us. We should all be together for this.
Tsugumi: That is the best way I can help right now!
Ran: Yeah. That's right up your alley.
Ran: (Moca has always been there for me, and I took it for granted.)

Separate Paths Under One Sky Event Story - Chapter 4

After much deliberation, Moca decides to attend the exhibition.
Ran's arrangement has a very special touch to it...


Hazawa Residence - Tsugumi's Room

Tsugumi: "Hi, Moca-chan! I just wanted to remind you when we're meeting tomorrow."
Tsugumi: "Ran-chan and all of us are worried about you..."
Tsugumi: ...
Tsugumi: (No. This isn't what I really want to tell her.)
Tsugumi: Ran-chan is working really hard on her piece, so let's go check it out together!
Tsugumi: Hope to see you there.
Tsugumi: And... sent.
Tsugumi: Moca-chan... Please. We want to see your smiling face again...!
Moca: ...
Moca: (I'm scared. Talking to Ran and seeing her work is terrifying. But if I don't go, everyone will be even more worried.)
Moca: (And that... is something I really don't want.)
Moca: "Okey-dokey~. Thanks, Tsugu~."
Moca: Alright. I'll go.
The Next Day
Flowering Arranging Exhibition - Venue

Himari: I thought a flower arrangement exhibition might be kinda stuffy, but it looks like I was way off.
Tomoe: It's impressive how many cool pieces are on display here.
Moca: What do you mean 'cool'~?
Tomoe: You know. Don't these all look fresh and cool?
Tsugumi: Hahaha... I think I get where you're coming from.
Ran: Over here, you guys.
Tomoe: Yo! We're here~!
Himari: Yeah, we only just arrived. This exhibition is a lot more inviting than I thought it'd be, even for beginners like us.
Ran: The participants are all young, so their entries have a fresh sense of style while still being refined. It makes them easy on the eyes.
Tomoe: Y-yeah, that's exactly what I said~! A ton of cool stuff everywhere.
Tsugumi: Which one is yours, Ran-chan?
Ran: Over here.
Moca: ...
Ran: This is my arrangement.
Moca: ...
Himari: Whoa...!
Tomoe: It, uh, definitely looks like a flower arrangement. Very elegant and... Uh, how should I put this?
Ran: Compared to the other entries, my arrangement is probably a little old-fashioned.
Ran: Since I've spent a long time away from the art, I decided to aim for the most basic form of beauty possible.
Ran: So Tomoe's impression is actually right on the mark.
Tsugumi: Knowing the basics is always important. I think it's a very dignified and gorgeous work.
Ran: I put some thought into my flower selection too. Did you notice...?
Himari: They're really big and beautiful! Very pretty!
Ran: Sure, but that's not what I meant...
Tomoe: Wait... What were these flowers called again?
Ran: Sasanqua! Come on, how could you forget? Especially you, Moca!
Moca: Huh...?
Ran: The day we first met... This is the flower I gave you as money when we were playing bakery.
Moca: When we played bakery...?
Ran: You don't remember? Give me a break...
Moca: N-no, I remember getting a flower, but not the name... Sorry.
Ran: You calling out to me that day is the whole reason we all became friends... That was the start of everything.
Ran: This could never make up for how much you guys have looked after me and kept me going, but...
Ran: Believe it or not, this flower is even more important to me than my namesake flower. This is the flower that helped me meet you guys.
Himari: Is that why you used it...?
Ran: Pretty much. Not that any of you remember.
Tomoe: S-sorry...
Ran: Well, it was a long time ago. Haha.
Tsugumi: Ran-chan, you must really care about us for you to go to such lengths. I...
Himari: St-stop, Tsugu~! If you start crying, then I'll start crying...!
Ran: Whoa, hold on! I was just kidding, okay? It's just a flower with no special meaning. Come on, stop crying.
Moca: ...
Moca: (Ran was the only one who treasured this flower... Even I had completely forgotten about it.)
Moca: (She pushed herself with flower arranging, created this new art to show us, and even used a flower that only she remembered.)
Moca: (From the day she gave me that sasanqua to now, Ran has always been there for us.)
Moca: ...
Moca: Oh no, the tears are contagious~. Boo-hoo~.
Tomoe: Moca, stop ruining the moment~. Hahaha.
Moca: What beautiful flowers. I'm so glad I came~.
Ran: ... Thanks. I'm glad you did too.

Separate Paths Under One Sky Event Story - Chapter 5
You Were By My Side

On their way home from the exhibition, Ran expresses how grateful she is to have Moca by her side.



Tomoe: Alright, we're heading this way! Later, Ran!
Ran: Yeah, see you.
Himari: I'll upload the photos to our album later. Bye-bye!
Tsugumi: Ran-chan, Moca-chan, see you later!
Moca: Bye-bye.
Ran: ... Thanks for coming today, Moca.
Moca: Sure. I'm glad I got to see it.
Ran: Tsugumi filled me in. I heard you've been a little down lately?
Moca: Oh~? Is that how I seemed~?
Ran: I take it you're the same as always, then?
Moca: Pretty much.
Ran: ... Alright. I won't ask.
Ran: If that's the case, then I'll be my same-as-always self too. End of discussion.
Moca: Uh-huh. Topic closed.
Moca: ... Sorry for forgetting about the sasanqua.
Ran: You should be. That flower means a lot to me, you know.
Ran: I can't believe I was the only one who felt that way.
Moca: Ran... You remembered when no one else did. Thank you.
Moca: I'm... glad I called out to you that day.
Ran: Remember how we said it must have been fate that we all met that day...? I really do believe that.
Ran: Everyone was saying that we would've eventually met, if not that day, then some other time, but...
Ran: If we had met some other way, I doubt I would care about flower arranging as much as I do now.
Moca: That's it~?
Ran: Is there more?
Moca: We probably wouldn't have formed a band, and you wouldn't have that red hair highlight of yours. You probably wouldn't be as strong as you are now either.
Ran: Probably.
Moca: If so, then I'm glad I met this Ran~.
Ran: ... Moca. Thank you for everything you've ever done for me.
Moca: Huh...? What was that about~?
Ran: You approached me at the park when we were kids, and we even skipped class together. You stuck it out with me through thick and thin...
Ran: You went with me to check on Tsugumi when she wasn't feeling well and argued with me even though you hate drama...
Moca: Ran... That's enough. You don't have to say anymore...
Ran: When I was having trouble getting everyone to understand my lyrics, you're the one who reached out to me.
Ran: You've always been there for me, Moca.
Ran: Let's see, what else...?
Moca: Alright, I think we can stop...
Ran: That time we snuck into school for Himari's textbook... Oh wait, you kept messing with me. Hey, didn't you wake me up to go on the Inoshima trip? You even share your homework sometimes.
Ran: ... Having you around became the norm, and it meant I stopped worrying so much. But it didn't just, you know, happen. You brought that peace of mind to me.
Moca: ...
Moca: (I was scared Ran was leaving me behind for so long. I thought focusing on never losing sight of her meant I couldn't help her anymore.)
Moca: (But... I was wrong.)
Moca: Ran, I'm going to stop trying to catch up to you.
Moca: ... I assumed that was something I had to do, but now I realize I don't.
Ran: Sounds good to me. That's the Moca I know best. The one who does what she wants, when she wants.
Moca: Ow, cheap shot. You make me sound like a spoiled brat~.
Ran: It's that attitude that got you to call out to me while you were running a certain pretend bakery.
Ran: Just like there are some things only I notice, I'm sure there are things only you notice as well.
Moca: ...
Moca: I'll start viewing life through my own lenses, then. If I can manage that, it'll be best for you, the others... and myself.
Moca: Wow, I'm such a sap when it comes to my friends. Look, I'm crying~.
Ran: Haha. You sure are. That's the Moca I know.
Moca: All this serious talk has made me hungry~. I'll need to fill up on ten times the buns to recover~.
Ran: Yeah, that was enough heavy stuff to last a lifetime. I'm beat.
Moca: Then let's never discuss it again. Case closed. No more hunger pains that way.
Ran: Huh? Are you being serious?
Moca: I'm here, and so are you. Just knowing that is enough, don't you think~?
Ran: Yeah, you have a point. Thanks. Looking forward to our future.
Moca: Yeah, me too~.
Moca: Uh-oh, looks like we can understand each other without saying anything. Didn't Ako-chin mention something like that~?
Ran: Yeah, yeah. Whatever.
Moca: ... 'Looking forward to our future', huh? That's good, because there's still one more thing I wanna do~.
Ran: What is it?
Moca: Not telling~.

Separate Paths Under One Sky Event Story - Ending
Looking Up to the Same Sky

At long last, Ran rejoins her bandmates at the studio.
Moca gives a response that is far from her usual self.


Several Days Later

Tomoe: Ran, good work on the exhibition! Glad to have you back.
Ran: Thanks. Now that I'm back, I'd like to get back on stage.
Himari: Nice idea~! Let's plan our next show after we're done!
Moca: Members of this reborn Afterglow, I have an important announcement~.
Tsugumi: What is it, Moca-chan?
Moca: Ta-dah~. The genius mind of Moca Aoba-sensei presents a gift ten years in the making... Behold my completed creation~.
Tomoe: Creation...? Moca, did you write your own song?
Moca: Bingo~. I was so picky over the details that it took a whole decade to finish~.
Ran: Wait, you wrote the lyrics and everything?
Moca: Uh-huh~. My impressive language skills are on full display here~.
Ran: You know, Moca, this isn't exactly the "same as always."
Moca: Hey, cut me some slack~. Hurry and come check out what I wrote~.
Himari: Let's see... It's nothing like what Ran makes, but it has that same Afterglow feel!
Tomoe: I can't quite put my finger on it, but it's got major Moca vibes.
Tsugumi: Your word choices give off a real sense of happiness.
Moca: Hehehe~. Flattery will get you everywhere~.
Ran: Not bad. I'd like to give singing these lyrics a try.
Himari: Is it just me, or do these lyrics seem like they're about Afterglow from Moca's perspective? That's the feeling I get!
Moca: Yup, that's exactly right~.
Moca: Oh, that reminds me. I've decided to stop trying to catch up to Ran~.
Tsugumi: Huh?! What do you mean?
Moca: Then again, maybe I was never doing that in the first place~. But either way, I'm going to walk my own path. I guess you could say I want to treasure everything I see.
Moca: But don't worry. My path still lets me keep a close eye on Ran and the rest of you guys.
Tomoe: Moca... Did you decide all of this on your own?
Moca: Sure did. I finally found my cool side. Hehehe~.
Tomoe: Yeah... I think you did, Moca. As cool as they come.
Moca: Wearing myself out to match someone else's pace... That's not my "same as always."
Moca: Trying to be something I'm not wouldn't be good for me or for anyone else.
Himari: Hey, Moca. Why don't you try making more songs in the future?
Moca: Huh~? Why~?
Himari: I mean, the lyrics you've got here are amazing, and seeing you make music means we won't lose sight of you either!
Himari: Besides, I'd love to get a better glimpse into the world that you see.
Moca: ... Hii-chan...
Ran: Yeah, that sounds good to me.
Moca: Goodness~, how can I refuse? However, the brilliant mind of Moca-chan-sensei is very particular, so it may be another ten years before my next single hits shelves~.
Tsugumi: Fufu. I think we can wait that long, Moca-chan!
Himari: Alright~! I say we get back on stage together as soon as possible. Oh, and I vote that we use this song in our next performance!
Ran: Sounds good. Why not close the show with it?
Moca: Whoa~, are you sure you wanna give my song such a big spot right away~? You flatter me~.
Tomoe: We'll just have to make it into the perfect song before then!
Tsugumi: Yeah!
Moca: Hii-chan-kun, put more oomph into that bass! Ran-kun, raise your voice!
Ran: Uh... Who are you supposed to be?
Moca: Moca-chan-sensei, world's greatest composer, of course.
Himari: Jeez, we haven't even started playing yet~!
Tomoe: Hahaha. Let's get started, you guys!
Moca: Hehe~. Okay~.

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