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Serious Disciplinarian Card Story - Episode

It's a Coincidence!


After School
Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Class 3A

Kanon: ... And then, Misaki-chan was like... Ah. That reminds me, she gave me an update yesterday on Rinko-chan and Arisa-chan.
Kanon: They're still a little nervous around each other, but they've also managed to open up somewhat.
Sayo: That is very welcoming news. Shirokane-san has seemed rather happy, as of late.
Kanon: You noticed it, too?
Sayo: Indeed. The quality of her playing has garnered praise from Minato-san, as well.
Kanon: It has?! That's great~. Did you hear that they're planning on going out somewhere again?
Sayo: Already? That's a pleasant surprise.
Kanon: Yeah. Arisa-chan is the one who proposed it.
Kanon: Now we can finally rest easy.
Sayo: Agreed. Well, not that I was particularly worried to begin with.
Kanon: Oh, really?
Kanon: I've been on pins and needles the entire time... Misaki-chan kept telling me that I need to calm down.
Sayo: We both know that Shirokane-san is a rather serious individual, but that also applies to Ichigaya-san.
Sayo: And according to the second-year student from the disciplinary committee that I talked to, she is not exactly the bubbly, energetic type.
Kanon: I see.
Sayo: They share such similar personalities. It follows that it would not be long before they started opening up to each other.
Sayo: Not to mention them both being at the mercy of someone's antics. You know, with Toyama-san and Udagawa-san in the picture.
Kanon: Hahaha. Yeah, that is the sort of relationship I imagine.
Kanon: When you put it that way, they would be almost certain to... Hm?
Sayo: Matsubara-san? What is the matter?
Kanon: Ah... never mind! It's probably nothing...
Kanon: ...
Kanon: Hey, Sayo-chan. I'm probably way off the mark, but... did you speak to the disciplinary-committee member because you were worried about Arisa-chan and Rinko-chan?
Sayo: ...
Sayo: I have no idea where this line of questioning came from... Y-you seem to have the wrong impression.
Sayo: That was... a mere coincidence! I simply acted upon an opportunity to speak with one of Ichigaya-san's classmates.
Kanon: I-is that so?
Sayo: Of course.
Kanon: Well, then... Fufu. What a fortunate coincidence.
Sayo: Fortunate? Yes... perhaps.
Kanon: Fufu. Hey, Sayo-chan.
Sayo: Yes, what is it?
Kanon: Let's all have lunch together again sometime!
Sayo: By all means. In the near future, perhaps.

Serious Disciplinarian Card Story - Special Episode

How to Give a Push


CiRCLE - Café

Sayo: Oh... Greetings, BanG Dreamer-san.
Sayo: Are you planning to take your break soon?
Sayo: My solo rehearsal session has ended, so I thought I would relax for a bit before heading home.
Sayo: Huh? You would like to spend your break together...?
Sayo: Thank you very much. Okay, please allow me to join you.
Sayo: May... I speak with you about something?
Sayo: The other day... I had the opportunity to have lunch together with Matsubara-san, Shirokane-san, Okusawa-san, and Ichigaya-san.
Sayo: Which was brought about by a discussion that Matsubara-san and I had with Shirokane-san.
Sayo: Shirokane-san is the student-council president, but she is unfortunately unable to speak with her fellow council members without becoming horribly nervous.
Sayo: Therefore, it was proposed that she remedy this by first learning to speak with Ichigaya-san, a person with whom she shares many qualities.
Sayo: So, Matsubara-san recommended that we have Okusawa-san, who is in the same class as Ichigaya-san, help coordinate the five-person lunch.
Sayo: It was initially a rather awkward affair, but the tension in the air slowly began to recede...
Sayo: And in the end, they were enthusiastically discussing books.
Sayo: Recently, I've noticed the two of them speaking in a much calmer, more casual manner, even at school.
Sayo: Fufu. Yes, I do believe this to be a successful mission.
Sayo: Although, I personally had little involvement in its success.
Sayo: If I had to say, the only thing I did was watch over them, and that was sufficient.
Sayo: What was important for Shirokane-san was finding that chance to take a step forward.
Sayo: I believed that, if given that opportunity, she would naturally propel herself forward all on her own.
Sayo: It is apparent that I... have faith in Shirokane-san?
Sayo: That goes without saying.
Sayo: She is an exceptional person, after all.
Sayo: Recognizing one's weaknesses for what they are, confronting the problem, then attempting to overcome it...
Sayo: Such a feat is not simple by any stretch of the imagination.
Sayo: Yes. I, too, must strive to reach such heights.
Sayo: ... It appears that I have spoken for longer than intended.
Sayo: I do not wish to take up another moment of your precious break time, BanG Dreamer-san.
Sayo: Therefore, I shall take my leave. Thank you very much for taking the time to speak with me.