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Serious Mind Card Story - Episode

Deserted Island Essentials


Pastel ✽ Palettes' Office
Eve: This will be my first time being recorded for such a long TV program... I have to prepare very carefully...
Eve: Where exactly am I supposed to start...?
Maya: Eve-san, is everything okay? If there's something I can help with, I'm here for you.
Eve: Ah, Maya-san. Actually, I was just wondering how I should be preparing...
Maya: Ah~, I see. I have the exact same problem.
Eve: Not to mention, I'm not even sure where I would get the kind of stuff I would need to bring to a deserted island...
Maya: Hmm... Ah, in that case, on our way home, would you like to stop by the mall? They just opened a new home-improvement store there!
Eve: Home-improvement...! That's a good idea!
Maya: Alright, then let's go and decide what to buy together!
Eve: Okay! Thank you, Maya-san!
Maya: No problem. I was hoping to get help deciding as well.

Shopping Mall
Home-Improvement Store
Eve: Ooo~, a lot of stuff here looks like it would be really useful, Maya-san!
Eve: If we do our preparing here, I'm sure we can overcome anything on that deserted island without a problem!
Maya: Yeah, but we should think carefully about what we buy...
Maya: Ah, looks like they have a bunch of useful things over there. Let's go, Eve-san.
Eve: Okay!

Eve: Hmm, this looks like it'll come in handy too... Ah, I think I'll buy this as well!
Maya: (E-Eve-san's basket got full really quickly...)
Maya: E-Eve-san... You're gonna buy all of this?
Eve: Yep! I was thinking I should buy everything that looks like it'll be helpful!
Maya: But Eve-san... They told us we were only going to be able to bring one item each...
Eve: This is... a bar... or a club... or something! I always wanted to see one in person!
Maya: (She's not listening at all...)
Maya: More importantly, why are you going to use something like a bar on a deserted island?!
Eve: Hmm, I can't come up with anything... But you never know when you might have to.
Maya: You will definitely not have to! You don't need this!
Eve: Hmm, if you say so, then I won't buy it!
Eve: Okay, what about this mosquito coil? I'm sure it'll come in handy!
Maya: It might if we ran into mosquitos, but should idols be burning a mosquito coil while the cameras are rolling...?
Eve: So this is no good too, huh...? This is quite difficult...
Maya: Also, this cat food?! When are you planning on using it? Are you going to be feeding the animals?
Eve: That's for just in case we run into a tiger...
Maya: Forget about the fact that this would do absolutely nothing for us in that situation, but we'll probably not be seeing any tigers in the first place!
Eve: Alright, so I'll put this back too, then... But you know what they say: "You can never be too prepared"...
Maya: That's a completely different story!
Eve: Ah, Maya-san! Over there! Something we can really use...! Let's go look!
Maya: M-More browsing? It'd probably be better at this point to just pick one thing from the stuff you've already seen...
Eve: Whoa! Look, Maya-san! This is called a monkey wrench, right? There might be ancient machines in a deep slumber on that island!
Eve: If we find them, we can use this monkey wrench to-...!
Maya: W-Were you listening? You won't need that!

Serious Mind Card Story - Special Episode

Deserted Island Bushido


Eve: Good afternoon, BanG Dreamer-san!
Eve: Yeah, I just finished rehearsal.
Eve: You might be right. It has been a while! Actually, up until recently, we were filming for the deserted island television special.
Eve: It was my first time doing something like that, so it was tough, but I had a lot of fun!
Eve: And I feel like we all got to see a new side of everyone!
Eve: But the one who left the biggest impression... would have to be Maya-san!
Eve: She was very dependable!
Eve: Like, she came up with a way for us not to get lost when we were searching for food...
Eve: And with almost nothing handy, she was able to figure out the direction we needed to go!
Eve: I always thought she was someone we could count on, but this was just another chance to understand what makes her great!
Eve: Yes! It was a lot of fun to be able to do something as a group!
Eve: I was actually talking to Aya-san about how we'd like to go traveling again!
Eve: Also... Well... I think our time on the deserted island was a very useful learning experience!
Eve: When you're in a place like that... You don't know what'll be helpful... You're not sure what might happen... I learned how important persistence and calm decision-making is!
Eve: I also learned that you need emotional and mental toughness! Yeah, just like bushido!
Eve: So I thought, I want to be able to keep calm when making decisions, no matter what happens!
Eve: I think performances are something that can be learned from, and I'll probably be spending a lot of time at CiRCLE...!
Eve: So if you notice anything, please let me know, BanG Dreamer-san!