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Serious Panic Card Story - Episode

That Time in the Cabin


Deserted Island - Cabin
Aya: Hmm, I told the others I would believe in them and wait, but I'm still worried...
Aya: I wonder if anyone has gotten injured or anything like that...
Chisato: I've begun to worry that Hina-chan might bring back something weird...
Chisato: I hope they find something we can actually eat...
Chisato: ... Well, there's no use in thinking about it now. Why don't we rest?
Aya: M-Mhm, yeah!
Chisato: ...
Aya: ... Ch-Chisato-chan, how have you been lately?
Chisato: What's wrong, Aya-chan? That question seems kind of sudden...
Aya: Well, you know! Like Pastel ✽ Palettes stuff! Or idol stuff! Anything you're worried about?
Aya: It's just, you're always listening to my troubles, so I was wondering if anything was bothering you.
Chisato: Thank you. But, yeah... I don't think there's anything...
Chisato: Everyone is working so hard, and seeing that amount of effort has really helped me to learn a lot.
Aya: That's good, then... You've been in the entertainment industry much longer than any of us, right?
Chisato: I was a child actress... So yeah, I guess.
Aya: Doing this kind of work, as an idol and all, I started to think...
Aya: It's amazing that you've been working under such strict conditions since you were a kid.
Chisato: You think so? But you know, it's not like the thoughts I had as a kid were the same as now.
Aya: Really?
Chisato: If I look back at it, there are so many moments where I think, "Wow, I was such a child."
Aya: You're always calmly watching over us now, so I thought you might have been the same when you were younger!
Chisato: Fufu, not at all. In fact, wouldn't it be a little scary if a kid like that existed?
Aya: Ahaha~. Y-Yeah... Mayb-...?!
Chisato: ...? Aya-chan, are you okay? Why'd you get all stiff...?
Aya: Ch-Chisato-chan... D-Don't... freak out, but... Near your feet... Th-There's a bug...
Chisato: Huh...?
Aya: There's a giant bug near your feet!!
Chisato: ... Ah...
Chisato: ...
Chisato: ...
Chisato: ... Kyaaa~!!
Aya: Whoa whoa whoa, Chisato-chan! Keep calm! I-I'll p-protect you...!!
Chisato: Kya!
Chisato: Wai- Aya-chan? What are you doing with Eve-chan's wooden sword...?!
Aya: Yah, yah, yahhh~!!
Aya: G-Get away from Chisato-chan!!
Chisato: H-Hold on, Aya-chan! Calm down! At least open your ey-...!
Aya: Yah, yah, hiyahhh~!! Go away!! Get outta here, you bug!!
Chisato: Aya-chan! For God's sake, listen to m- Kyaaa~!!

A Few Minutes Later
Chisato: Huff... Huff... Huff... Looks like... the bug went away...
Aya: Phew, that was scary~...
Chisato: (At some point, Aya-chan became a lot scarier than that bug...)
Aya: Oh... What happens if it shows up again...?
Aya: I-If it does, I'll use this sword once more...
Chisato: (Aya-chan in a panicked state is extremely dangerous... I'm begging you, bug... Please don't come back... And please...)
Chisato: (Maya-chan, Eve-chan, Hina-chan... Hurry back...!)

Serious Panic Card Story - Special Episode

Chisato Shirasagi's Personality


CiRCLE - Reception Area
Chisato: BanG Dreamer-san, hey. Thanks for your help in the studio again today.
Chisato: The deserted island...? Ahh!
Chisato: So you watched our special. Thank you!
Chisato: How did you like it? I hope you found it to be interesting at least...
Chisato: I appreciate you saying that. As long as you enjoyed it, that's all that matters.
Chisato: I also think that everyone was able to show positive aspects of themselves during the shoot.
Chisato: Like when they were searching for food, Hina-chan and Eve-chan showed a very energetic and fun side of themselves...
Chisato: And Maya-chan took the reins and led the way for all of us.
Chisato: Fufu, certainly. Despite how she may seem, Maya-chan might actually have the spirit of a leader.
Chisato: And Aya-chan was, well... the same as always. That part where she had to yell though... I couldn't help but laugh.
Chisato: Although, to be honest, it'd be nice if she got a little better at ad-libbing...
Chisato: ... Huh? I don't seem very happy?
Chisato: No no, I have no complaints about the special itself. None at all.
Chisato: As someone who was actually there, I think they did a good job condensing the content, and in fact, I'm grateful for that.
Chisato: It's just that it made me think a little bit about a personal problem...
Chisato: I appreciate your concern, but it's actually not that big of a deal.
Chisato: ... If you're really that worried, do you mind listening for a bit?
Chisato: Really, I'm not sure this is something I should be telling you, but...
Chisato: I finally confirmed this after everything with the TV special. I realized...
Chisato: I probably have the least noteworthy personality of everyone in Pastel ✽ Palettes.
Chisato: Both Eve-chan and Hina-chan have something that stands out for them.
Chisato: Eve-chan is very attentive and warms everyone's hearts...
Chisato: Hina-chan has the power to drag everyone into something just by being active.
Chisato: Then there's Maya-chan, who was able to display the appeal she's always had during the show.
Chisato: And Aya-chan always works so hard that juts by watching her, you can feed off of her energy.
Chisato: Same happens to me. I feel like I should put more effort into things when I watch her as well.
Chisato: Seeing all of them forced me to think about what exactly I have to offer...
Chisato: I mean, I'm the only one who's used to being in the entertainment industry.
Chisato: And actually, during this shoot, I didn't really feel nervous, either.
Chisato: Yeah, that could certainly be a good thing...
Chisato: But because I'm so used to it, compared to everyone else in the band, it feels like I'm kind of just, there...
Chisato: Normally, I talk as if I know everything, but this time, I wasn't really able to do anything and just ended up following along.
Chisato: ... Huh? Yeah, I do tend to warm them about things they're doing because of their unfamiliarity with the industry, but...
Chisato: Is that really that helpful? If it is, then that's great, but...
Chisato: ... I don't think that can be the only thing I can offer.
Chisato: Everyone's making use of what makes them unique, and Pastel ✽ Palettes is continuing to grow, but I, with all of my experience, am just staying the same...
Chisato: Fufu, you're right... I can't be completely down about it.
Chisato: I think this TV special was a good opportunity for me to rethink things about myself.
Chisato: Every member has something that is special about them, and I, as a member of Pastel ✽ Palettes, will search for something of my own.
Chisato: Yes, I will do my best to find it.
Chisato: No, I should be the one thanking you for listening. Talking to you about this has made things kind of clear.
Chisato: Also, I have a favor to ask you, BanG Dreamer-san. Is that okay?
Chisato: From now, when you see us perform, or you're watching us do things as a band... I'd like for you to tell me if you notice anything.
Chisato: It might be something I won't be able to realize on my own... And I'm sure there's something...
Chisato: I knew you would say that.
Chisato: You always end up doing stuff to help me out.
Chisato: Thank you so much.