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Serious Swinging! Card Story - Episode

Come With Me Next Time


Hikawa Residence
Living Room

Hina: Sis, I'm home~! I'm back from filming on the deserted island!
Sayo: You don't have to be that loud for me to hear you... Welcome back, Hina.
Hina: Hey hey, were you all lonely without me here?
Sayo: Not at all. In fact, it was very quiet and relaxing.
Hina: Aww~, you're so mean~.
Sayo: ... But I'm glad you made it back okay.
Hina: Were you worried about me, Sis?
Sayo: No, not really... So? How was the shoot?
Hina: Fufufu~, it was super fun! We, like, completed a bunch of missions!
Sayo: I see. That's good.
Hina: For example, searching for food and looking for a flower field! Those are the types of missions we had to take on!
Hina: I played a big role in everything too~!
Sayo: Really? You didn't give the other members a hard time, did you?
Hina: Come on, I didn't~... Ah, but the other girls might have been scared when we were crossing the bridge and I started swinging it...
Sayo: What do you mean you started swinging it?
Hina: And then, and then, Maya-chan was so cool! I'm not sure how to describe her... It was like she was boppin', and she was getting through other missions really fast!
Sayo: Looks like we're not talking about the bridge anymore, huh...? What exactly did Yamato-san do to be cool?
Hina: Uhm~... Well, she was like a survival master! Making sure we didn't get lost and helping us figure out which direction we had to go!
Sayo: Just from hearing that, it seems she has a lot of knowledge regarding survival.
Hina: Mhm, she was amazing! I felt boppin' just looking at her♪ It was so fun~.
Hina: Ah, but Aya-chan was probably the most fun to watch.
Hina: After we reached the finish line, the staff members prepared a special mission...
Hina: And it was for someone to yell from the highest place on the island about our new CD's release!
Hina: When it airs, that scene will definitely be in the show. I'm sure of it. We should watch it together, okay? Promise!
Sayo: ... Seems like I don't have much choice. That's fine.
Hina: Yay~! Watching TV with my big sis ♪
Sayo: Is that really something worth being so happy about?
Hina: You know, the shoot was great and all, but if you were there, it would have been so much more fun~. When's the last time we traveled somewhere together?
Sayo: I'm not sure. At the very least, I can say we haven't in the past several years.
Hina: Alrighty then... Can we go somewhere together? It's been so long!
Sayo: A trip... Us two?
Hina: Mhm...! Is that okay?
Sayo: ... It has been a while, so it probably wouldn't be too bad.
Hina: R-Really?! Really really?!
Hina: Wahoo~! Okay, when should we go? And where? And what will we do~?
Sayo: Hmm... I wasn't really thinking about it, so I don't know if you should be asking me that now, but...
Sayo: We could go look at prized, vintage guitars...
Hina: Mhm, mhm♪ A guitar shop, right?! What else, what else?!
Sayo: Could be nice to go see a concert together.
Hina: A concert?! Ehehe, sounds fun ♪
Sayo: If we happen to do those things as well, there'd be no reason for me to not join you on a trip.
Hina: Huh? But that's not really traveling!
Hina: Alright, we can do those things, and while we're at it, go to the deserted island I went to! Doing survival stuff together would definitely be fun.
Sayo: ... I think I'll pass.
Hina: Aww~!! Come on~!!

Serious Swinging! Card Story - Special Episode

I Want to Go on a Trip


Station Entrance

Hina: BanG Dreamer-san! Oi~!! Over here~!!
Hina: Weird, I never run into you here.
Hina: Ah, great timing though. I know this is sudden, but give me some advice.
Hina: If you were gonna travel, where do you think would be a good place to go?
Hina: My sister and I are gonna go somewhere together! But she said we can't go to a deserted island, so~...
Hina: I wanted to go to a deserted island because the girls of Pastel ✽ Palettes and I went to one for a TV shoot, and it was fun... So I wanted to go with my sister too...
Hina: Oh, so you watched it! Thanks!
Hina: Filming? It was fun~. Maya-chan was an absolute superstar.
Hina: And I did my best with the food gathering and stuff!
Hina: Yeah, yeah! Everyone was super scared when we were on the bridge!
Hina: I really enjoyed myself. I'd love to go again~ ♪
Hina: But Sis said a deserted island is definitely a no-go...
Hina: Sigh, but I'm so sure being there with her would be tons of fun.
Hina: But, but... She said she'd think about it if I chose a different place, so now I'm trying to put together a travel plan for us!
Hina: So~, you should help me think~! Please~! I need a place that'll be like... boppin'!
Hina: Mhm, mhm. A theme park is pretty common. I can imagine us riding a Ferris wheel together!
Hina: Yeah, just like that! More, more thinking! It's okay, I know you'll think of something, BanG Dreamer-san!
Hina: I see. Sightseeing might not be such a bad idea! It'd be kinda like a school trip! That's boppin'!
Hina: ... Hot spring! Yep, I'll be taking that idea too!
Hina: My sis and I in a hot spring, huh? It's been so long. That'd be nice.
Hina: This is awesome. You came up with so many ideas~... Ah! I just thought of something!
Hina: While we're at it, we can just do all of it! Sightseeing, go to a theme park, and then stay at a Japanese-style inn with a bath! Doesn't that sound fun?!
Hina: Hmm, yep! Sounds like we put together a great schedule! Thanks, BanG Dreamer-san!
Hina: Since you got the ideas flowing, I have one more thing to ask you...
Hina: Huh? Come on~. You've already done so much, let's think about a bit more~.
Hina: What would be a good way to invite her?
Hina: Considering her personality, if I just come out and ask her, I don't think she'll go for it!
Hina: And I'm really not good at figuring out this type of thing. Does anything come to mind?
Hina: You know, something that'll make her say, "Sure I guess that's fine"... Something like that!
Hina: Amazing, BanG Dreamer-san! So basically, a tour of live houses around the country, right? I see~. Look at that, I knew you were on a roll today!
Hina: That reminds me. She did say she might be up for it if we happened to go to a concert or stop by a music store!
Hina: ... Ah, but actually, I'm not sure if I know which bands she's into!
Hina: What do I do, BanG Dreamer-san?
Hina: Really?! You'll ask her for me? That's so sweet~! Thanks!
Hina: ... Ah! While you're at it, if you come across a concert that seems like it'll be good, get us some tickets!
Hina: Yeah~, I'm not so good with that type of thing, and it's kind of a pain...
Hina: Please! I'll be the one to actually invite her! I will!
Hina: ... Yay! I'm counting on you!
Hina: Wow, thanks for today~!
Hina: I might have another favor to ask you in the future, so I hope you'll help me out then as well!
Hina: Alrighty, time to go home and put together this travel plan!
Hina: ... Ah! Speaking of! I almost forgot something important!
Hina: How did you like the special? Did you feel boppin' when you were watching it?
Hina: Ehehe, you did, right? I mean, of course you did!
Hina: Thanks for everything! See ya later!