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Shadows of Days Past Remain Event Story - Opening
Reminiscing About Old Friends

Chisato receives a phone call from Kaoru during practice for a performance at the agency.


Idol Agency

Chisato: "... I don't care about my childhood memories. I've rid myself of the past!"
Chisato: "So don't remind me of those old stories!"
Hina: Wow, that was intense, Chisato-chan!
Chisato: It's a line from my upcoming play.
Hina: Ohh, I see.
Chisato: Sorry if I gave you a fright.
Hina: I think if Aya-chan or Eve-chan had seen you just now, they probably would've gotten scared and run away! Ahaha.
Chisato: Yeah, they probably would have. I'm glad it was you that came in, Hina-chan.
Hina: ... But still, that's a pretty heavy line~. Childhood memories, right? I don't think I could ever stop caring about mine. I have too many precious memories with Sis!
Chisato: I'm sure you couldn't. I feel the same way.
Chisato: What's this? Kaoru is calling me...?

A Few Days Later
Hazawa Coffee

Kaoru: Greetings, Chisato! Thank you for making time in your busy schedule to meet with me.
Chisato: I really am so busy lately. You did make me look for recordings of that old TV show I was in, after all.
Kaoru: You must forgive me. Your effort is appreciated. I did search for them on my own, but I simply couldn't find them anywhere.
Chisato: Why did you want these old videos anyway? Surely you're not just trying to reminisce?
Kaoru: Fufu... Reminisce, you say? Truth be told, that is one part of it. I wanted to see the image of you in your youth, striving to perform your heart out... Ahh, how fleeting...
Chisato: I'll ask you once again. Why did you ask me to bring these old videos?
Kaoru: The truth lies in the show you appeared in... Theater Club has decided that it will be our next performance.
Chisato: That's right, the show has been adapted for the stage a few times, hasn't it?
Kaoru: Yes, it has. In fact, I shall be performing the role that you originally played.
Kaoru: That is why I wanted to watch your performance, for reference.
Chisato: You do know how old this show is, right? I was in elementary school when it came out.
Kaoru: Of course I am aware. However, no matter how many years go by, a masterpiece never fades. Isn't that so?
Chisato: You don't have to say that so solemnly. Why don't you try and find footage from a stage adaptation instead? I think that would be more helpful than my performance.
Kaoru: No performance would be more beneficial to me than yours, Chisato. To me, your performance is brimming with exceedingly precious memories.
Kaoru: I feel this way even though I myself was not the one performing. Fufu, what an odd sensation...
Chisato: ... I see.
Chisato: It was such a long time ago. I don't really remember it.
Kaoru: My, is that so?
Chisato: Yes. Quite some time has passed.
Kaoru: Fufu... In that case, may I share an old memory with you?
Kaoru: It is the story of this role... and how you played it with such dignified strength.

Shadows of Days Past Remain Event Story - Chapter 1
Chii-chan's So Cool

During elementary school, Chisato and Kaoru's relationship was completely different.


A Few Years Earlier...

Elementary School

Young Chisato: "If you want the vaccine, listen to everything I have to say. That is the rule of this city."
Young Kaoru: Chii-chan!
Young Chisato: Kao-chan. Hello. What's wrong?
Young Kaoru: Ah... Sorry. Were you practicing?
Young Chisato: No, it's fine.
Young Kaoru: You know, I watched it yesterday! "The City of Solitude"!
Young Chisato: Thanks. What did you think?
Young Kaoru: Chii-chan, you were so cool~...
Young Kaoru: You were so powerful when you confronted the main character, it was a little bit scary~...
Young Chisato: I never ever speak to my friends like that, so it was a really difficult scene to do.
Young Chisato: But I am an actor. I have to act out things I've never done before all the time.
Young Kaoru: That's so cool~...!
Classmate A: Chisato-chan! I watched yesterday's episode of "The City of Solitude"!
Young Chisato: Really? Thanks!
Classmate B: Chisato-chan, you're actually very scary~.
Young Chisato: Huh? What makes you say that?
Classmate A: You were fighting in the show. I didn't know you were so scary!
Young Kaoru: Ah...
Young Chisato: That was just acting. I wasn't actually fighting.
Classmate A: Kao-chan, did you watch it?
Young Kaoru: Ch-Chii-chan... isn't like that, you know...
Classmate B: Whatever! I'm gonna keep watching anyway!
Young Chisato: Thank you.
Young Kaoru: ...
Young Chisato: It was all just an act. I'm not bothered by what they said.
Young Kaoru: But...! Chii-chan, they have the wrong idea about you!
Young Chisato: Yes, but I can't tone down my acting just because of that. There's nothing I can do about it.
Young Kaoru: But you're a nice person in real life...
Young Chisato: Kao-chan...
Young Chisato: Thanks for saying that. But I'm okay, I promise.
Young Kaoru: Alright...
Young Chisato: I don't have any jobs tomorrow. Why don't you come over to my house?
Young Kaoru: Really? I would love to!
Young Chisato: Let's walk Leon together.
Young Kaoru: Y-yeah...! I'll try.
Young Chisato: Wait, what's wrong?
Young Kaoru: Leon jumped on me last time. I was so surprised that I fell over...
Young Chisato: You did?
Young Kaoru: Y-yeah~! That's why, this time, I want to try harder to stay upright when I get jumped on!
Young Chisato: Haha! Leon really loves you, Kao-chan.
Young Kaoru: That's what I thought! Okay, I will not fall over...!
Young Chisato: How about I let you hold Leon's leash?
Young Kaoru: B-but Leon will pull me over again.
Young Chisato: Ahaha! Mama will come with us, so it'll be fine.
Young Kaoru: You think so~? That sounds scary though~!
Young Chisato: It'll be fine! And I'll help you hold it if you need me to.
Young Kaoru: O-okay. Yes, please...!
Young Chisato: Leave it to me. I'm looking forward to it already♪

Shadows of Days Past Remain Event Story - Chapter 2
Lesson for Two

On one of their days off, Kaoru finds Chisato's script while visiting her at home.


The Next Day
Shirasagi Residence - Living Room

Young Kaoru: Hello. Sorry to intrude.
Young Chisato: Come in! I got some tasty treats at a shoot. Let's eat them together!
Young Kaoru: Wow, thanks!
Young Kaoru: Yum! They're so sweet and fluffy~...!
Young Chisato: Yes, they are delicious. They're called dacquoise.
Young Kaoru: D-duck... waz... I see! It does look like a duck.
Young Chisato: Huh...?!
Young Kaoru: If it's called a duck-waz, then it must be because it looks like a duck, right? See, if you look closely, it looks like a duck's bill!
Young Chisato: D-does it...?
Young Kaoru: But I wonder what "waz" means. Waz... maybe it means...
Young Chisato: Means...?
Young Kaoru: Y-you know... It is but that!
Young Chisato: Fufu...! What does that even mean?
Young Kaoru: Maybe I'm wrong. Anyhow, where did you get them again?
Young Chisato: I got them from one of the older actors on the show. I love how sweet these are.
Young Kaoru: Chii-chan, you're amazing~...! You can talk to adults the right way, and you know about sweets that I've never even heard of!
Young Chisato: Fufu. I didn't know what dacquoise were at first either.
Young Kaoru: ... What's that over there? A script? Can I read it?
Young Chisato: Of course. But you can't tell anyone I let you, okay?
Young Kaoru: Sure! Thanks.
Young Kaoru: Hmm... "Hey, you! What're you doing out here?"
Young Chisato: "My name is Akane, not 'you'."
Young Kaoru: Whoa! Chii-chan, did you memorize all of these lines?
Young Chisato: Sure did. Try another line, then I'll say the one after it.
Young Kaoru: "Let's make a deal."
Young Chisato: "Fine. However, I have one condition. You must give all of the people living here free access to food, clothing, and shelter."
Young Kaoru: You really do remember them all~...!
Young Chisato: It's honestly nothing.
Young Kaoru: That's amazing. You memorize hard lines like these, all while still going to school... and you get good grades.
Young Kaoru: Chii-chan, why do you want to become an actor anyway?
Young Chisato: I don't want to become an actor, I am one!
Young Kaoru: Ah, you're right. Sorry.
Young Chisato: Why did I become an actor...? Um...
Young Kaoru: Oh? Was I not supposed to ask? Sorry!
Young Chisato: No, that's not it. I became an actor because I think that the more you can express yourself, the richer your life will be.
Young Kaoru: Your life will be richer...? That's kind of hard to understand.
Young Chisato: Right? Being an actor is a difficult job.
Young Chisato: That's why I want to become an actor who can play any role she's given. Because then I'll become a person who can live a great life.
Young Kaoru: I see...
Young Chisato: And if you're an actor, you get the chance to turn into many different people.
Young Chisato: You can be a cool person or a cute person... a kind person or a cold person... There are all sorts of people you could be.
Young Chisato: You can even become your favorite princess or prince charming. Don't you think that's just wonderful?
Young Kaoru: All sorts of people... Yeah, that sure is wonderful!
Young Chisato: Exactly. That's why I became an actor.
Young Chisato: You know what? Since you're here, won't you practice my lines with me? You can read the ones that aren't mine.
Young Kaoru: Are you sure? I do want to try...!
Young Chisato: Okay then, let's go from the beginning.
Young Kaoru: "You- How dare you say that?!!"
Young Kaoru: ...
Young Chisato: What's wrong?
Young Kaoru: I can't possibly say these kinds of words to you, Chii-chan~...!
Young Chisato: Fufu... Ahaha! We're just acting, so it's fine.
Young Kaoru: But...
Young Chisato: Kao-chan, you're so nice. Should we try a different scene instead?
Young Kaoru: S-sorry, Chii-chan... Thanks.
Young Chisato: Don't worry about it. Alright, let's try this scene on page ten. Are you ready?

Shadows of Days Past Remain Event Story - Chapter 3
Don't Cry

Kaoru sees Chisato being teased by a classmate. She is about to go help when...


A Few Days Later
Elementary School
After School

Young Kaoru: Chii-chan, let's walk home together...
Classmate A: I saw you on TV yesterday! You were lying and tricking people.
Young Chisato: Well, it's just that kind of show, so I had to.
Classmate B: You should just turn down those kinds of roles.
Young Kaoru: ...!
Young Chisato: ... Ah, Kao-chan.
Young Chisato: Why're you standing there like that?
Classmate A: Ah! I have cram school today! See you tomorrow~! Bye~!
Classmate B: Bye-bye!
Young Kaoru: ...
Young Chisato: ... Let's go home.
Young Kaoru: ... I watched your show yesterday!
Chisato: Really? What'd you think?
Young Kaoru: Well... in that one scene where you lied... I could tell that you did it for your friend, so you didn't seem like a bad person!
Young Kaoru: That kid in our class said those things, but I didn't feel that way at all!
Young Kaoru: And also, I know that the real Chii-chan is not a bad person. You're a very kind person.
Young Chisato: You're kinder than me, Kao-chan. You always say such nice things about me.
Young Kaoru: But I... couldn’t say them in front of everyone else. I'm sorry...
Young Chisato: They just don't understand acting, that's all. I don't really mind.
Young Kaoru: Chii-chan, you're so strong. I wish I was like that.
Young Kaoru: If someone said those things about me, I would be so shocked and scared... I wouldn't be able to say anything back.
Young Chisato: ...
Young Kaoru: I wish I could be strong like you.
Young Chisato: ... I didn't particularly want to be a strong person, you know.
Young Kaoru: Chii-chan...?
Young Chisato: I'm always scared the day after an episode airs, wondering what people are going to say about me.
Young Chisato: People say I'm scary and avoid me; they think I'm like my character in the show. But I didn't want to become someone that just puts up with this.
Young Chisato: I want to be friends and play with everyone! Of course I'm not okay with being told I'm scary!
Young Kaoru: Chii-chan...
Young Chisato: Ngh... Ngghhh...
Young Chisato: I was told I should never cry. I have to be responsible for my own work, so I can't cry over it.
Young Chisato: But if I just keep putting up with this, I think that I'm really going to forget what sadness feels like someday. What should I do? I'm scared...!
Young Kaoru: Chii-chan...! I-it's okay! I know the real you!
Young Kaoru: It's okay, it's gonna be okay...!
Young Chisato: ... Ngh.
Young Kaoru: Um, like I said...
Young Kaoru: It's okay...

Shadows of Days Past Remain Event Story - Chapter 4
The Real Me Is Inside You

Kaoru worries about a crying Chisato, but Chisato looks like she's made up her mind...


A Few Days Later
Elementary School

Young Kaoru: ...
Young Kaoru: (I wonder if Chii-chan is okay...)

Young Chisato: I want to be friends and play with everyone! Of course I'm not okay with being told I'm scary!
Young Chisato: But if I just keep putting up with this, I think that I'm really going to forget what sadness feels like someday. What should I do? I'm scared...!

Young Kaoru: (I feel like she hasn't looked very happy ever since that day... Maybe if I had said more to her... things would be different.)
Young Kaoru: (Or maybe if I... had the courage to tell our classmates that Chii-chan is really a good person...)
Young Kaoru: (But I am a coward...)
Young Chisato: Morning, Kao-chan!
Young Kaoru: Oh?! Chii-chan! Good morning.
Young Chisato: Today at recess we're going to act out "The City of Solitude." You should join us.
Young Kaoru: What...?!
Young Chisato: Everyone is watching the show, so I thought I could use it to become better friends with everyone.
Young Chisato: And when I asked, they all said yes!
Young Kaoru: I see... Okay, I'll join in too.
Young Kaoru: (Is she really okay with this? I have a feeling she's forcing herself...)
Young Chisato: Alright, I'll tell everyone you're coming too, Kao-chan!
Young Kaoru: O-okay...

Kaoru: "The City of Solitude" gained more and more attention as it aired, and went on to be recognized as an award-winning drama...
Kaoru: Your acting prowess was then acknowledged, which led to you receiving countless other roles.
Chisato: You remember it better than I do.
Kaoru: Fufu, that is because you are my cherished childhood friend. And then, on one fateful day, you took on the role of a kind-hearted and righteous detective.
Kaoru: Although it was the polar opposite of your character in "The City of Solitude," I remember how you played it spectacularly and changed the opinions of our peers.

Young Kaoru: It's not right. Ever since "Mako the Kid Detective" began, everyone has suddenly decided you're cool again.
Young Kaoru: I just... don't understand how they could do that...
Young Chisato: It doesn't matter anymore, Kao-chan.
Young Kaoru: Huh...?
Young Chisato: It doesn't matter.
Young Chisato: I have you, Kao-chan, and Mama, my little sister, and... Leon. As long as all of my favorite people know who I am, that's enough for me.
Young Chisato: Regardless of what other people think of me, I'm an actor, and I am me.
Young Kaoru: Chii-chan, what's wrong? You seem different from before...
Young Chisato: I was starting to wonder what I should do if I stopped feeling sad, and it scared me...
Young Chisato: But I can use this feeling, and every other emotion I've ever felt, in my acting. That way, I have nothing to be afraid of.
Young Kaoru: What do you mean... Chii-chan? Where are you going?
Young Chisato: You're so kind, Kao-chan.
Young Chisato: Don't ever forget that this kindness is part of who you are.
Young Chisato: Fufu, you can be a little bit of a coward, and you let Leon pull you around, but that is who you are.
Young Kaoru: Chii-chan...

Kaoru: Our friendship has continued to live on even to this very day. However, I believe that day was a turning point for you, one at which you became a professional actor.
Chisato: ...
Kaoru: Fufu, how nostalgic. You were like a bird leaving the nest.
Chisato: ... Now that you mention it, we've been through a lot together.
Chisato: But you know, it was just as shocking for me when you suddenly became the Kaoru Seta we all know now.
Kaoru: I have always been my authentic self.
Chisato: If you say so.
Kaoru: Fufu... Shall we continue reminiscing a little while longer then?

Shadows of Days Past Remain Event Story - Chapter 5
The Birth of a Prince

The two get accepted to different middle schools. What happens when Kaoru is invited to visit the theater club...?


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Middle School

Middle School Kaoru: (I'm a middle-school student now, I need to get a hold of myself.)
Middle School Kaoru: (I'm not at the same school as Chii-chan anymore...)
Middle School Kaoru: ...
Middle School Kaoru: (I haven't seen her at all since school began. Although I have been watching her TV appearances.)

Young Chisato: I was starting to wonder what I should do if I stopped feeling sad, and it scared me...
Young Chisato: But I can use this feeling, and every other emotion I've ever felt, in my acting. That way, I have nothing to be afraid of.

Middle School Kaoru: I wonder if she's doing okay...
Theater Student: We're Theater Club! Sign up for new members starts today!
Theater Student: Won't you come and put on a little play with us~?
Middle School Kaoru: Theater Club...
Middle School Kaoru: ... Okay.
Middle School Kaoru: E-excuse me! I would like to know more...!

Haneoka Girls' Academy - Theater Club

Theater Student A: Did everybody get a part?
Middle School Kaoru: Y-yes!
Theater Student A: Alright then, let's try a run-through! Read off of your scripts if you need to.
Theater Student B: "This is all a misunderstanding! Please, believe me!"
Middle School Kaoru: "Oh my... There seems to be a commotion over there. What happened here, exactly?"
Theater Student B: "They're saying I stole a loaf of bread. But I swear I didn't!"
Theater Student C: "You're poor, so it's obvious you'd steal."
Middle School Kaoru: "You mustn't make such rash conclusions if you do not have eyes that see the truth."
Middle School Kaoru: "I can tell just from looking into your enchanting eyes. You have strength bursting out from within."
Middle School Kaoru: "I recognize your beauty; you stand dauntlessly against misconceptions."
Theater Student B: "What kind words... Who are you, exactly?"
Middle School Kaoru: "I am a lover of pure hearts and justice... I am the prince of these lands."
Theater Student A: Great acting, guys! Seta-san, you really suit the role of the prince! How was it for you?
Middle School Kaoru: ...
Middle School Kaoru: Through acting, you can become whoever you want to be...
Middle School Kaoru: (For a coward like me to change... I have to become a strong person, like Chii-chan...)
Middle School Kaoru: I'll do it! I'll join Theater Club!

A Few Months Later
Station Entrance

Middle School Chisato: I'm going to be late...! Huh, what's up with this crowd...?
Student A: Seta-san, you're so cool~!
Student B: You're like a prince~!
Middle School Kaoru: My kittens. Don't let my beauty bewilder you.
Middle School Chisato: Wait... Is that...?
Middle School Chisato: Kao... chan...?!

Shadows of Days Past Remain Event Story - Ending
Two Actresses

The girls reminisce about old times. Their feeling for each other have not faded.


Hazawa Coffee

Kaoru: ...
Chisato: I hadn't seen you in such a long time... I'll never forget how shocked I was.
Kaoru: My apologies... The fleetingness of our memories is making me tear up... Ahh, how fleeting...
Chisato: Sigh. You're right, they really are fleeting.
Chisato: But they made you into what you are today.
Kaoru: Chisato...
Chisato: You became the person you wanted to be, so I don't think this "fleetingness" is such a bad thing.
Chisato: That's how I have come to feel anyway.
Kaoru: ... Yes. I am who I am. Thank you, Chisato.
Chisato: No need to thank me. All I did was say what came to mind after all this reminiscing. I might regret it tomorrow, who knows.
Kaoru: Fufu... That is fine.
Kaoru: Just as I have now, Chisato, you too have this unchanging strength.
Kaoru: While you no longer call me by the nickname you once did, the kind and strong core of you has not changed. This is why I can continue to support you, no matter the endeavor.
Chisato: ... When I first saw the new you, I felt unbelievably angry. I wondered, why did she pick the same theatrical path as me?
Chisato: I thought that, eventually, you'd just become like me, unable to cry or feel anger. I thought that the Kaoru I knew would disappear.
Chisato: But at heart, you are still the Kaoru I know.
Kaoru: Fufu... So you remembered?
Chisato: You're still just as sensitive as you were when we were little. Perhaps the only difference now is that you have gained confidence.
Chisato: ... Sigh. Even so, I can't help but feel that you're like this now because of me.
Chisato: You really didn't have to look out for me like that.
Kaoru: Don't say such things. Thanks to you, I discovered the path I wish to tread in life. I procured the life I desire to live.
Chisato: You're exaggerating. We just happened to be childhood friends, that's all.
Chisato: ... But if you like yourself better now, then I'm glad.
Kaoru: ... My, we sure did have a long trip down memory lane. I am going to examine your videos and uncover a way to metamorphose into this character.
Chisato: ... When is the performance?
Kaoru: In a month and a half. Won't you come?
Chisato: If my schedule is free, I will. If it's the theater club, Maya-chan will be there too, right?
Kaoru: Yes. We're already in the midst of preparations.
Himari: Hello~. Is Tsugu here?
Kaoru: My... If it isn't my little kitten.
Tomoe: Yo, Himari. Seta-senpai and Shirasagi-san are here.
Himari: Wow, they are! Kaoru-senpai, Chisato-san! Hi!
Chisato: Good to see you, Himari-chan.
Kaoru: And it's lovely to see you too, Tomoe-chan. Were you two having tea?
Tomoe: Yeah, something like that. Is that what you two were doing?
Chisato: Yes, we were actually. Alright, Kaoru, I've done what I came to do, so I'll be leaving soon.
Kaoru: Ahh... Why must you say such sorrowful things, Chisato? Just as these two kittens have come.
Kaoru: If it pleases everyone, why don't the four of us spend a few more fleeting moments together?
Himari: What?! Are you sure?
Kaoru: Yes, of course.
Tomoe: Ya hear that, Himari?!
Chisato: Sigh... I guess I don't have a choice then. I do want to keep talking with you two, so I'll stay for a little while longer.
Himari: Yay♪ Tomoe, aren't you glad we came?!
Tomoe: Yeah! What were you two talking about anyway?
Kaoru: What, you ask? Just a few stories of the past.
Himari: Oh yeah, you two are childhood friends, right? I want to hear all about it~!
Kaoru: Himari-chan, I'm afraid I... cannot share these stories. They are our little secrets.
Himari: What~?! They are? Now I'm really curious~...
Kaoru: That reminds me, Himari-chan. Theater Club has a performance coming up. If it pleases you, I would be delighted if you came. You too, Tomoe-chan.
Tomoe: Oh! Really? Thank you!
Himari: I will definitely be there! What kind of role will you be playing this time?
Kaoru: Yes, perhaps I should tell you the story of my role. Chisato, Tomoe-chan, do you care to hear this tale?
Chisato: Fufu, sure.
Tomoe: I wanna hear it too!
Kaoru: Ahh... What a fleeting time. First, let me begin with this.
Kaoru: This is the story of how...

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