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Shared Happiness Card Story - Episode

Tae's CD Choice


Kasumi: Hmm...
Arisa: What's with that face?
Kasumi: Today O-Tae left pretty early. Maybe she has something to take care of?
Arisa: Doesn't everyone?
Kasumi: Yes, I know, but...
Arisa: Wait, isn't that her right there?
Kasumi: Huh? Yeah! That is her!
Kasumi: Hey! O-Ta... I wonder where she's going.
Arisa: Who knows. Does it really matter?
Kasumi: Yes! I wanna know! Let's follow her!
Arisa: N— Hey! Kasumi! ... Ugh!

Tae: I'm definitely buying this... and this magazine.
Tae: Let's see what else they have.
Tae: Ah, this could be good.
Tae: Let's give it a listen...
Tae: ... Hmmm... Mhm, mhm...
Kasumi: Is this a music store?
Arisa: Looks like it. She's probably just buying some CDs.
Kasumi: ...!! Look, there she is!
Tae: ... Oooh, this one's awesome too.
Tae: How about this one...?
Arisa: Looks like she's checking out some songs.
Kasumi: I wonder what she's listening to, though. Gotta get closer!
Arisa: Stay back, she's gonna notice you.
Kasumi: Yeah, but...
Tae: Hm? Kasumi? Arisa?
Arisa: See! What did I tell you?!
Kasumi: O-Tae~, hey hey!
Tae: Did you guys also come to buy CDs?
Arisa: Uhh, well... No. Not really. We just happened to see you walking down the street...
Kasumi: We wanted to know where you were going so we followed you...
Tae: Oh, is that what happened?
Arisa: Sorry we were so sneaky about it.
Tae: It's okay. I'm happy to see you guys here. Also, I had no idea. Maybe you guys should start a detective agency.
Kasumi: Are you gonna buy that CD, O-Tae?
Tae: Yep.
Arisa: Ah, so you were planning on buying a CD.
Tae: And I've been wanting to buy this music magazine, too.
Tae: You guys wanna get something?
Arisa: Hmm, if I see something I like... Wait, looks like you already bought something.
Tae: Oh, this? Yeah, I bought it from the store before this one.
Kasumi: So this is your second stop?
Tae: Yeah. Just looking around music stores is pretty fun.
Tae: There are so many different genres that I never get tired.
Tae: So, when I have time, I like to take a look around a bunch of the shops.
Kasumi: Me too~♪
Tae: Could be fun. Since you guys are already here, I'll find something I think you'll enjoy.
Kasumi, Arisa: Really?!
Tae: I'm sure I can find something great. My taste in music is on the line here.
Kasumi: Hey, Arisa. Doesn't it seem like O-Tae is having a really good time?
Arisa: Yeah... I think you're right.
Tae: Hey guys, come over here. I think I found a pretty good one.
Kasumi, Arisa: Okay!

Shared Happiness Card Story - Special Episode

Happy Time For Three


Tae: ... Ah.
Tae: There you are, BanG Dreamer-san.
Tae: Good morning.
Tae: Did I keep you waiting?
Tae: No? You only just got here? I'm glad.
Tae: Do you want to get something? I think I'll have... a cocoa.
Tae: How about you?
Tae: Okay. I'll order.
Tae: ... Excuse me. Could we get a cocoa and... one of these? Thanks.

Tae: Phew... Okay, so.
Tae: Here's that CD I told you about, plus one of my favorites.
Tae: Let me know what you think after you listen to them.
Tae: Is that the one you were talking about?
Tae: Okay, thanks.
Tae: I can't wait to listen to it when I get home.
Tae: Is this the kind of thing you usually listen to?
Tae: Oh, you're into all kinds of music?
Tae: I'm the same as you. I listen to everything.
Tae: So let me know whenever your recommendations. I like finding new music.
Tae: It always makes me happy.
Tae: ... Speaking of things that make me happy, I went to the record shop the other day.
Tae: One of my favorite bands released a new album.
Tae: After buying it, I went around some other places too. Music shops, used record shops, that kind of thing.
Tae: I was just listening to this and that, looking for music magazines...
Tae: At first I was by myself, but before I knew it there was three of us.
Tae: Who do you think I ran into?
Tae: It was Kasumi and Arisa.
Tae: They said they spotted me on their way home, and followed me because they wanted to know what I was up to.
Tae: I had no idea that I was being followed. They were really good at it. They could be detectives.
Tae: I was so surprised to see them, but I was happy too...
Tae: We decided to find bands that Kasumi and Arisa would like.
Tae: The three of us when around the shop again and again trying to find something.
Tae: I didn't want to leave until we found the right thing.
Tae: It felt like the three of us shared a really happy time together that day...
Tae: It was the first time I'd done something like that, so it felt kinda refreshing.
Tae: We made a promise to do it again sometime.
Tae: I want to spend more time with the others, not just for rehearsals or at school.
Tae: I just felt really happy when the three of us were together.
Tae: ... Don't tell them I said that. It's kinda embarrassing.
Tae: It's a promise then.
Tae: ... Hmm, the band? It's going well. No problems.
Tae: We're meeting up to rehearse today too.
Tae: Right now we're working on a new song.
Tae: ... You want to hear it?
Tae: Hmm... If our song ever end up on a CD...
Tae: I'd like you to listen to it.
Tae: Shall we make this a promise, too?
Tae: That's two promises now.
Tae: The first promise is a secret, and the second promise is one that will happen.
Tae: It'll definitely happen, and I know it'll be worth the wait.
Tae: I'm sure of it.