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Shining Through the Rain Card Story - Episode

Everyone Altogether


Misaki: Phew~. Sorry I took so long. Did you guys already start?
Hagumi: Ah, Mii-kun! You're late~!
Misaki: I know, I'm sorry. Something came up.
Kokoro: Hey, Misaki, is Michelle coming today?
Misaki: Ah, actually, she told me she couldn't make it today, I guess...
Kaoru: Ah, such a pity. I bet she would have loved to see this...
Misaki: Huh? See what? I don't see anything... Kanon-san, do you know what she's talking about?
Kanon: Uhm, well... Do you see what's next to the drums?
Misaki: The drums? Is there someth--
Misaki: Huh?! Taiko drums?! Why are those here?!
Kokoro: We had so much fun with Tomoe the other day, I wanted to try adding taiko drums to our show!
Kokoro: And I was hoping Michelle could do the honor!
Misaki: (N-now that I think about it, she did say something like that, didn't she...?)
Kaoru: Who would think to incorporate taiko drums into our performance? As always, dear Kokoro, you are a visionary.
Hagumi: Yeah, what she said! I'm sure Michelle's gonna be thrilled! Isn't that right, Mii-kun?!
Misaki: Hmm~... I'm not so sure about that~...
Kanon: M-Misaki-chan... Sorry about all this...
Hagumi: Ah, hey! Let me give it a shot! Just to get things started! Here I go~!
Kaoru: Ah~, so distinct from the regular drums, so fleeting. My emotions overwhelm me. With but that single beat, I have been captivated by the allure of taiko.
Kokoro: I'm so glad you guys like it! Alright, let's start practicing!
Misaki: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait. You can't just expect us to start playing just like that...
Kanon: Sh-she's right, Kokoro-chan... We don't even know how to play the taiko drums...
Kokoro: It's totally easy! You just gotta beat the drum with all your heart and a smile on your face!
Hagumi: That's it?! Kokoro, you sure know a lot about taiko~.
Kokoro: Tomoe taught me everything I know! We've already decided to perform together again someday!
Hagumi: If you're going, Kokoron, I wanna go too!
Kaoru: I shall also attend, Kokoro.
Kokoro: Sounds great! I'll let Tomoe know! You're coming too, right, Kanon?
Kanon: I-I...
Misaki: Oh boy, I can't even imagine what that would be like...
Kokoro: Alright! Now let's get started!
Misaki: H-hold on, Kokoro. We can't practice without a song. We don't have any that use taiko drums...
Kokoro: Then we'll just have to make one! Help me write it, Misaki!
Misaki: Y-you make it sound so easy...
Hagumi: Hey, Kokoro? If Michelle's not here, who's going to play the taiko drums?
Kokoro: You're right... Then we'll just need a stand-in for today!
Kokoro: Who wants to be the taiko drummer?!
Array: Me!
Misaki: Yeah~, with these three, I knew this would happen...
Kokoro: Then it's settled! Today Hagumi, Kaoru, and I will be our taiko drummers!
Misaki: Huh? You mean all three of you?!
Misaki: Wait, does that mean the only instruments will be Kanon-san's drums and taiko drums? You can't really call that a band, can you...?
Kaoru: Hmm~...
Hagumi: Hm? What's wrong, Kaoru-kun? Is something bothering you?
Kaoru: Kokoro... Forgive me for saying this, but I believe there might be a flaw in your plan.
Misaki: Oh... Kaoru-san, so you noticed too? I figured you would.
Kokoro: What's the problem?
Misaki: Isn't it obvious? Anyone would question having three of you playing the taiko drums.
Kaoru: My thanks, Misaki. I couldn't have said it better myself.
Kaoru: Just as Misaki said, leaving Kanon on her own feels wrong. She may get lonely. For such a rare opportunity, shouldn't she join us as a taiko drummer?
Misaki: ... Huh? You want to add more drummers?!
Kokoro: You're absolutely right, Kaoru! Alright, Kanon, grab some taiko sticks!
Kanon: Fueee~, I've never played the taiko drum before~...
Kokoro: Okay, everyone ready?! Soi-ya~!!

Shining Through the Rain Card Story - Special Episode

Give Me Stress?!


Kokoro: Ah, Marina! BanG Dreamer! There you are! I've been looking for you!
Marina: Ah, Kokoro-chan! Did you need something?
Kokoro: I have something I want to ask you!
Marina: Me...? What is it?
Kokoro: I really, really want taiko drums! Do you know where I can get them?
Marina: Taiko drums...? I think they sell them at Edogawa Music... Why do you suddenly want something like that?
Kokoro: Tomoe and I played the taiko drums at a festival the other day, and it was so much fun!
Kokoro: Banging the taiko drum put a huge smile on my face! So now I love taiko!
Marina: Taiko, huh~? I suppose pounding away at one would serve as good stress relief.
Marina: Fufu. Hey, BanG Dreamer-san. Maybe next time you feel extra stressed, you should give taiko a try.
Kokoro: Hm...? 'Stressed'? Marina, what's this 'stressed' thing?
Marina: .. Huh? Kokoro-chan... You've never heard of stress...? I-I guess you do live a pretty stress-free life...
Kokoro: This is the first time I've ever heard of stress! What a fun sounding word!
Marina: Hm~... I wouldn't exactly call it fun...
Marina: How should I put this...? Stress is something most people have, it's--
Kokoro: I don't! I want some stress too! Do they sell it at the music store?
Marina: H-hold on, Kokoro-chan, calm down. Stress isn't something you want. In fact, it's better if you don't have any.
Kokoro: I don't get it. BanG Dreamer, do you have any stress?
Kokoro: ... I see! So where did you buy yours? Tell me more about it!
Marina: Let's see... When you're stressed, you feel extra tired, I guess you could say?
Kokoro: Tired?! So then is stress some sort of sport?!
Marina: N-no, it's a little different from that...
Marina: I suppose you could say stress makes you feel sort of... down...
Kokoro: Cool! Then it's kinda like a sad picture book, too!
Kokoro: It sounds like a lot of fun! Now I want it even more!
Marina: ... Huh. I've never thought about it like that before...
Marina: Fufu... From that point of view, I suppose stress isn't so bad after all.
Marina: Don't you agree, BanG Dreamer-san?
Marina: You know, talking to you makes me think that maybe stress just has a bad reputation! Thanks, Kokoro-chan!
Kokoro: You two have such big smiles on your faces right now! So stress makes you smile! Oh~, now I'm super interested!